A Gift of Gratitude

Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude. “ A.A Milne

I bought myself a gift back in October and today I finally opened it! My newest Gratitude Journal for 2023.

Inside are pages of inspiration, uplifting quotes and astrological moon charts. And 365 empty pages with each day a chance to record a new story. Somehow in 2023 it feels more significant than ever, a new opportunity to expand, create, evolve and open up to remember more of who we truly are.

I’m excited to start this new journal but, like any new book, don’t know how it’s going to unfold. Nothing is picture perfect, guaranteed or written in stone. BUT we can begin with an attitude of gratitude.

I AM grateful for all I have and all I am. A work in progress who doesn’t quite know where she’s going, yet trusting I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.

We’re currently at Lyonville near Daylesford, doing more work at my sister in law’s place. In the past month we’ve been away to South Gippsland and, more recently, spent five days in Mildura celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. Christmas was with family at Macedon where our van’s been parked amongst the roses. I’m still having mouth/tooth issues. But beyond that, it’s a blank canvas.

Everything feels different and some days I wonder what the heck we’re doing. But I trust in the path we’ve chosen. I am grateful for all I’ve let go of, for in letting go I’m allowing more to enter my life. I’m grateful for my family, for my friends, old and new, and all who read my words and all whose words I read that touch my heart. I focus my energy on the here and now.

Looking back at this year, I wrote every single day, in my Gratitude Journal and for myself. Publicly I published 22 blog posts, most of them from the road. The first one, fittingly, was called “Gratitude for the Journey”.

I had 18 articles in print, in magazines like On the Road, 4×4 Australia and Caravan World. This is my latest column in the current Summer edition of On the Road Magazine. In it I recap my journey this year and look ahead to new adventures in 2023. I’m thrilled each and every time one of my pieces are published.

Forging a path in 2023

So what lies ahead? The last three years have been like a roller coaster ride: challenging, emotional, tumultuous and life changing. It’s a ride that’s kept humanity hypnotised by the ever changing mainstream narrative. But amidst it all I feel a gradual and profound shifting and a sense of finding ourselves.

Life rolls on and one day something happens and we stop and ask those big, deep questions about who we are and why we’re here. We search our hearts for what’s important. These three years have awakened me more than I could have imagined, to a whole new perception of reality.

It’s been one of the most transformative periods of my life and it continues every day.

Dana Mrkich describes these paths:

This 3 year journey has been one of revelation and migration, seeing clearly the two pathways and choosing which one to be on. In our day to day life it isn’t as black and white as that. You may feel in total alignment with the new pathway, but have to participate in the old for one reason or another. This is why the old pathway seems stronger and more populated – most people are dependent on it in various ways.

Yet millions are slowly migrating over to the new, emotionally and energetically. Millions of souls are anchoring to the new, gradually becoming a silent, unseen, invisible majority. It is inevitable that one day, sooner rather than later, there will be a Tipping Point, a flip, where the new pathway becomes the dominant reality. There is less and less energy available to hold the old.

What a time to be alive on this planet. What a time to be forging new paths. May the year ahead be one of focused intention, where love and kindness paves the way to greater clarity and where we can put to bed any old heaviness and wounds and start anew. Amongst the ups and downs, the lessons and learning there’s always something to be grateful for, every day of our life.

Look up and be thankful. Look down and connect to Mother Earth. Above all, look within and find that divine connection to yourself..

Sending love and good vibes your way and ending the year with one of my favourite songs by Josh Groban.

“When we focus on gratitude, the tide of disappointment goes out and the tide of love rushes in.” Kristin Armstrong
“Be curious, be adventurous and be authentically yourself in 2023”
Christmas evening walk with Harry in Macedon. May love, light and joy follow us into the new year.
Celebrating 30 years of marriage with this human and grateful for every single day.

58 thoughts on “A Gift of Gratitude

  1. What beautiful gratitude, and it obviously comes back to you in love and light. Congratulations to 30 years – my guy and I celebrated 38 years in June and are gobsmacked, because it seems like 3. Seriously. And yes, I write in my own gratitude journal every day, first thing in the morning, and find it sets up my day beautifully. Here’s the best wishes to you for 2023.

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    1. Hi Pam, fellow gratitude journal writer! Thanks for the nice comment and kind wishes. A big congrats to you and your guy too, 38years is a great effort. Happy writing and happy new year! 🙂

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  2. Miriam, congratulations for so many things – your anniversary, your success as a writer, for the strength to follow your own path, and for acknowledging gratitude. This post is a beautiful summary of a life well lived. I had not heard that Josh Groban song. Thank you for sharing that. Best wishes for the new year.

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  3. Hi, Miriam – Thank you for sharing your journey with us – it is very inspiring. Congratulations on your article publications – that is an awesome accomplishment. Wishing you a joyous 2023 which allows you to continue to expand, evolve and create!

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  4. Dearest Miriam, Ah such a lovely positive , hopeful post. Honest and true, Inspiring and Joyful.

    22 blog post, 18 for the magazine on the road – literally ‘On the Road’. I am SOOOOO happy for you Soooo happy for your that your dreams are unfolding and you and hubbie are living your dreams and passions.

    Yes we are WIP, and that is the best way to be. Then we can always improve.

    I love your gratitude jouranl habit and love you buy a new one- Do you buy form amzon? can you link it for me.

    You are a true inspiration and I am so glad you are here and we met here on wordpress.com

    Wishing you a fantastic 2023 and speak to you in the new year, and look forward to hearing all your new adventures.

    lots of love and hugs bella

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    1. Hi Bella,
      Thanks so much for your kind words and well wishes for the new year. I hope you have a restful blogging break in Jan and a wonderful year ahead. I’m also grateful we’ve connected here, so long ago now, and love all the uplifting posts you share.
      Here’s a link to the journal I’ve been writing in for the past ten years. You can buy it from Amazon, but I get it direct from the maker. She’s based in QLD Australia:


      Happy new year Bella. Sending big hugs! xx

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  5. Hi Miriam, Happy New Years Eve, I’m just about to head out poolside with a glass of Chandon Orange bitters spritzer, but couldn’t go before wishing you and hubby All the Very Best for the New Year.
    2022 may be coming to an end but nothing like a new year/beginning, to get the juices flowing and I know there are many more adventures to come for you both. I loved seeing Harry in the photo’s which were magnificent as always. You have had a wonderful and exciting year Miriam and I have loved and enjoyed every moment vicariously. I look forward to many more. Take care my friend. 💛💚💜

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    1. Hi Barbara, how lovely to hear from you. Thank you so much for thinking of me and sending your good wishes. It has indeed been an exciting and eventful year for us. Definitely more adventures to come but where they’ll be I have no idea. I guess that’s half the adventure! Enjoy your Chandon spritzer, by the poolside which sounds perfect for our weather today. Hubby and I will head into Daylesford later. Enjoy your night and the year ahead. May it bring you all your heart desires. Big hugs and happy New Year’s Eve 🥳 💗💜

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  6. What a lovely uplifting post to read this New Year’s Eve day, Miriam! I’m wishing you and yours good health, lots of joyful moments with a sprinkle of new adventures and possibilities in the coming new year…

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  7. The older I get, the more I realize just how important it is to be grateful. Attitude matters so much! Thanks for always reminding us of that, in both your eloquent words and how you live your own life. Also, congrats on all those articles being published! That’s a big accomplishment! Happiest of new years to you and yours, and I look forward to reading more of your wonderful posts in 2023!

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  8. Congrats on all the publications Miriam, well deserved … I seldom make $2 for those reviews I do for weekend notes! You are very wise to stick to the more upmarket mags that actually pay you 🙂

    Love all your photos but that purply one across the water, wow!

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    1. Thanks Kate. Yep, started years ago and was fortunate enough then to make early connections that have endured. Your words I’m sure are appreciated but you deserve much more!

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      1. they claim you can make $140 a month but at one cent per read one is lucky to make $50/year with a hundred articles … the personal interaction on WP is far more rewarding even if I pay to keep their ads off 🙂

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  9. Super congratulations upon your 30 years of togetherness Miriam.. What a fabulous photo of you both… Cheers my friend….
    I loved everything about this post.. The Quotes and LOVED the gratitude journal… and Excellent your journalistic career seems to be flourishing and expanding, and I can see why..
    You write so well, and those places you visit are astounding.. No wonder those magazines jump to print your articles Miriam..

    I am so grateful to have you in my circle of friends Miriam.. As you live by Example…

    I too am sure 2023 will be a memorable year.. for many reasons… Least not that more I am sure will dive deeper within to discover new truths about themselves as we lift ourselves out of the shadows into the Light..

    Sending HUGE hugs across the miles… May the Sun shine down upon you both as this New Year begins,
    Happy NEW Earth Year to you Miriam…
    May it hold every expectation, love, and gratitude in all your adventures…

    Much Love your way, Sue ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Many thanks dear Sue for your kind words. My published articles are a labour of love for me so having them in print is the icing on the cake! The Gratitude Journal, well that’s become like a best friend!

      Happy new year to you Sue! I’m grateful to have you in my circle of friends as well. You’re like a beacon of light that I know I can always count on and I do feel blessed to have connected with you. May 2023 be a year of miracles and magic and a deeper remembering of who we are. Sending you good wishes and lots of love and hugs across the ocean. 💫🙏❤️

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  10. There are a few names I have not forgotten who has been reading my blog from time to time when I started this journey and you are one of them. Thank you so much, Miriam.

    Congratulations on your 30th Anniversary. It’s a huge blessing to celebrate this milestone.

    All the best to many more.

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  11. Miriam, I couldn’t agree with you more. We who are the adventurers, the inspirers, the freedom lovers, we who insist in living from a Higher Perspective, many days have no idea where we are going or what we are doing. Yet we KNOW we are on the correct path and nothing will knock us off of it. Loved reading your words about your life! And congratulations on 30 years of marriage! We just celebrated 39 years! These are real accomplishments!

    May you find someone who you can trust to help you with your mouth. I know from experience how painful mouth issues are.

    According to someone who I respect and admire and somehow “trust”, we have passed the tipping point in that we now have the Peace Timeline which has now become stable. This woman who is VERY different who is from France mixes with our galactic families. I leave you with the link from her latest video AND transcript which I encourage you to read due to her heavy accent. It will truly lift your soul!!


    Know I love you and am sending you many many hugs your way!! Stay lit, full of courage and JOY. BIG HUGS!!! xoxoxo

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    1. Amy, thank you for letting me know about your comment, you were right about being in Spam! Thank you especially for resonating and for your warm words and kind wishes. Congrats to you and your hubby too, on 39 years. What an amazing journey we’re on and I couldn’t be happier that we are travelling along the same timeline. Looking forward to listening to (and reading) the link you sent me. Love you too my friend and sending you many hugs in return. xxx

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      1. Ah yes that yellow Rose must be so threatening to WP. I’ve ended up in SPAM often when I’m on WP. If I don’t laugh I would get upset. About the link …. I know you will really enjoy it. Love you, Miriam!! xo

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  12. Happy Anniversary, Miriam!!! What a blessing to be able to share your life with a soul that sings with yours!! You can see the energy of love surrounds you both ❤
    Your journey is such a testament to faith. I know the last few years have been tough, and yet you took the reins to your life and even though you are not absolutely sure of each step…you keep moving forward with love and faith in your heart. Congratulations on all your published work…that is an amazing accomplishment, and I am so happy that you still get excited!
    This new year ahead feels a little unknown for me too. But instead of being fearful, like I would have in the past, I look forward to the adventure and I know that so much of it will be WHAT I EXPECT IT TO BE!
    Sending lots of love and light and laughter to you in this first month of the new year ❤

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    1. What a beautiful way to start my day today, reading your words Lorrie. Thank you so much! Your words hit my heart … “even though you are not absolutely sure of each step you keep moving forward with love and faith in your heart.” That’s exactly how I feel. YES to facing the unknown with excitement and expectation. I wish you a year filled with wonder my friend and send you much love. ❤️🙏


      1. Received, Miriam…and with a giant smile!! Yes…you are an inspiration to me and, I suspect, to many who read your words and know you. Keep on keeping on and watch as each little miracle unfolds!! Sweet Blessings, friend 😊💜

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  13. A beautiful post. My daughter wears a silver necklace with the word Gratitude and gifted me a gold one for which I am truly grateful. I am also thankful for life experiences that expressions of love and gratitude demonstrate daily. Enjoy the journey. 💖✨🤗✨

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