A Few Good Stories

“Life is not about being safe and secure; life is about growing, learning, transforming.” Sharon Blackie.

The last few weeks have been a mix of learning, of cleaning and renovating, and helping family plus a bit of travel. There’s been challenges too, and I guess that’s where the transforming comes in.

I had a tooth extracted after months of pain and a nasty infection that left me with no option but to have it removed. I’ve painted the inside of my sister-in-law’s house and we’ve recently come back from a five day road trip through Gippsland, finding a nice balance between family commitments, writing assignments and leisure. I guess that’s the beauty of stepping off the hamster wheel and choosing how we want to live.

I’ve had more stories published, in the latest On the Road RV Touring Guide. And I was thrilled when I saw the front cover

That’s one of my photos from our nine nights on the Nullarbor. Inside are two of my travel articles from our trip, which is exciting in itself, but to have an image chosen for the cover was extra special.

My dream when I was little was to write and travel and create travel brochures. Thankfully I never became an “official” journalist (because I question just about everything they report) but today, to see my words and pics in print is my own vision of truth and I’m so grateful.

Never give up on your dreams. Write them down and act on them.

Whilst these are my current stories in print, every day is a chance to create more pages of joy, more connection to our landscape and more of a sense of belonging, wherever we are. It’s a part of our own life story. Everywhere we go becomes part of us, as we feel the grounding and support of Mother Earth.

I’ve just finished reading The Enchanted Life: Unlocking the Magic of the Everyday by Sharon Blackie. It’s a soul enriching read, a journey into our relationship with life and landscape. In her writing Sharon offers suggestions on how to slow down and explore a wilder life, one of magic and enchantment. It’s a glorious read which leads to a greater understanding of our connection to nature and our sense of belonging to the world.

I believe we can make our lives richer by finding a closer connection to the world around us and by approaching life with a sense of mystery and wonder.

In her book Sharon offers a list of ways to “Manifesto for an enchanted life“. These are the ones that really spoke to me:

1. Everything around you is alive, believe it. Tell stories to stones, sing to trees, start conversations with birds ( I do that all the time). Build relationships. You’ll never be lonely again.

2. To be fully in your body is to be fully alive. Get out of your head and into the world. (I’m guilty of thinking too much.)

3. Look for the wonder wherever you are. Be all your life, as American poet Mary Oliver suggested, ‘a bride married to amazement’. (Life expands when we live in wonder)

4. Embrace mystery – don’t be afraid of what you don’t know. (Surrendering to the unknown is both terrifying and exquisite.)

5. Know your place. Learn to belong, because wherever you go, there you are. There’s nowhere else real to be. (Here I am at Tarra Valley, at home hugged by nature.)

6. Slow down. Create. Buy handmade. Live folklorically.

7. Don’t have a career, have a life. Find your calling – but above all, find your meaning in the community of the world.

8. Foster meaningful ritual; make each day a ceremony or make a ceremony in each day.

9. Treasure change, it’s the stuff from which lives are forged. Stop looking for the eternal and immutable and enter into the daily dance with the transitory.

Life these days seems to be all about change but we can be the driver in the seat or the dancer taking the lead. I recently contacted an Editor and suggested a story on South Gippsland. He said Yes which lead to a wonderful mini road trip from which we’ve just returned. It didn’t all go as planned but how amazing when our thoughts create our reality. I envisioned it and it happened.

We can always redesign our lives and we can start small. We don’t have to travel far. Small steps and simple intentions foster change.

Here’s Walk off the Earth and Brett Cassell singing A few Good Stories. I love the joyful vibe and the lyrics that epitomise freedom and a simple way of living.

Here.s the chorus:
I’m gonna soak up the sun, keep the wind in my sails
Try to get to heaven while I raise a little hell
When it’s all set and done, I’ll know I lived it well
If I ain’t got nothin’ but a few good stories to tell

Living an enchanted life isn’t something airy fairy. It’s not fantasy and escapism. It’s living authentically, and humbly, opening our heart to the wonders around us. It’s allowing all that comes, being open and receptive to the power of the divine and the Universe, remembering our connection with nature and who we really are.

Life is always a choice and what we create is up to us. Empower yourself and think for yourself. In this disenchanted world which has always told us how to live, maybe it’s time to turn our back on the old ways and throw out the rule book. Perhaps it’s time to step out of what’s expected and into a life of our choosing. What do you choose?

Make every day into a good story. Be aware of your focus, be enchanted, be yourself and be in LOVE. Take your life and make it the best story in the world.

Align to your body, your soul and your higher state of awareness.
Align to the moment and feel the enchantment. 💙 (Taken at Whisky Bay, the Prom)

60 thoughts on “A Few Good Stories

  1. “ In this disenchanted world which has always told us how to live, maybe it’s time to turn our back on the old ways and throw out the rule book. ”

    Amen, sister Miriam. It’s long past time. Thank you for being one of the courageous ones. 💖

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  2. Great post. Ninety miles straight reminds me of our Jornada del Muerto that the Spanish traveled on their way up El Comino Real. The Spanish followed the Rio Grande most of the way, but the area where Elephant Butte Lake is today was impassible close to the river in the 17th and 18th centuries. They had to follow the Jornada del Muerto, a 100 miles of desert with no water and little to game to hunt lying on the east side of the mountains that separated them from the Rio Grande. Those people were tough.

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    1. They certainly were tough! Traversing 100 miles of desert with no water would be no mean feat. Thanks for the interesting comparison. Our journey across the Nullarbor was long but it wasn’t quite as challenging!

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  3. every word of this post resonates deeply and you say it so well! Guess I’ve got a few good stories to tell, you articulate it better … thinking I should copy a few sentences down to throw back at others who constantly try to clip my wings with their expectations 🙂

    Congrats on the publications and for scoring the feature pic … your life is immortalised in print as many will read these stories for years to come and those lovely magazines will be selected by someone in the markets 10, 20, 30 years from now and read again … people will marvel at the freeing adventure and simplicity of it all. And the photos will always blow us away Miriam 🙂

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    1. Kate, I’ve no doubt you have many, many good stories to tell too And you articulate them poetically in your own unique way. The best bit is you’re living your life authentically.

      People will always try and clip our wings, those who don’t understand and think that their way, the mainstream way, is the only way. One day it will be different as people realise the freedom in simplicity. Thanks for your lovely words here my friend, you made me smile. Much love.

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      1. I agree they do believe their way is the ‘right’ way but I also wonder if their put downs don’t also come from a place of jealousy … that I dare to live as I wish … their loss either way 🙂

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  4. I hope dear Miriam you are now fully recovered from your tooth trauma… And WOW…. Love the front cover and you dear Miriam are the living example of manifesting your dreams…
    Its wonderful to see your words in print again, and so deserving ..

    The book looks something I would love to read Miriam… and again when we embrace the Enchantment and Magic within ourselves and within Nature. We experience Magical happenings..
    I came across a lovely quote by Pam Gregory some months ago.. I think she got the quote from someone else but I forget who..
    Which said

    ” Creation is fuelled by Magic,
    And I am a Magical Being of Creation!”

    Keep creating your Magic dearest Miriam…. for love all you create.. ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Thank you dear Sue and yes, I’m mostly healed from the tooth trauma but a few ongoing issues. All is fine however for the moment.

      Thanks so much for your kind words. I loved that quote by Pam Gregory, we all need to adopt that philosophy don’t we, for it’s so true. Wishing you a peaceful and happy weekend and sending you much love my friend. ❤️


  5. First of all, I’m glad you got your tooth fixed! Mouth pain makes life very difficult, and I speak from experience. And congrats on getting your travel articles published again, with a cover photo to boot. That’s a great accomplishment! But most of all, I love your philosophy and how you are putting your beliefs into action. I’m going to try that book, because I’ve found myself yearning to also “let go” and follow my heart much more than I do now. Life is indeed what we make of it!

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  6. Kudos again to you, Miriam! You have made your entire life into a celebration – thank you for sharing your stories & photos to inspire the rest of us! I am adding this book to my must-read list. I adore your paragraphs on living an enchanted life & choosing what we create. Bravo, my soul sister! 🌞

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  7. What a wonderful piece about enjoying life. I love this advice, by Blackie “Slow down. Create. Buy handmade. Live folklorically.” It reminds me of my own words on Real Life of an MSW ” Slow down, loosen your grip, breathe, look around, observe creation and your reaction to it.” and ” The better you are at resting, the better you will be at working.”

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  8. Miriam, you sound so good!! Thank you for setting the example of how to live life! We do create our life and when we set the intention, we do it! It happens! There are times I just am agog for my fav saying lately …. I think it, I know it, it happens. Just like that!

    Oh to be free as you …. I have so many responsibilities, that at times I feel so weary. I want to fly, to be free yet the Universe directs me to anchor LIGHT where I’m at by serving and loving others. In between I make sure I fly and I also fly within my day as I attach to the higher frequencies that are sparking my life!

    I bought the book you recommended but have yet to read. My nose is in a book by Elana Danaan, called “The Seeders”. I cannot put it down. It is all about our galactic families and origins and the true history of humanity. I am blown away by this book (600 pages!) with not only info but artistic drawings of the galactic beings Elana talks about. She is an artist as well.

    SO it seems I’m in a learning crunch, so hungry to learn my abilities and sink in more and more into the higher energies. I wouldn’t want to be alive on any other timeline than what I am on now. I AM witnessing miracles!

    So much love to you and your hubby. Have fun. Envision living hundreds or years without ever getting old and then choosing when to go from here. I know we can do that. We just have to remember how.

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    1. Hi Amy, “we just have to remember how”, so true. We all have our individual journey and responsibilities in the meantime don’t we. Clearly your focus now is witnessing these miracles in nature and all around you, making the most of each day with its highs and lows.

      I’ve heard of Elana’s book and I’ve listened to a couple of her interviews, she’s fascinating. Who knows what lies in front of us in this mixed up, multi dimensional reality we’re part of. Truly it’s exiting to be alive in these times. Keep flying my friend, soak up all that knowledge and stay agog!! Big hugs and much love from me. xx

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  9. wishing you all seasonal greetings, a fun family gathering … but where? Sisters I’m guessing. And all the best for 2023, may it bring good health and even more adventures and creativity 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Kate. We’re away at the moment celebrating our anniversary but will be back in Macedon for Christmas. Yes, spending it with family before eventually hitting the road. May 2023 bring you much joy, peace and happiness my friend. 😊💗

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  10. I enjoyed reading this post a lot, Miriam. Sorry about the painful tooth. Looking back on it, the experience seems to be a small little bump in the grander scheme of things. That is wonderful one of your photos made the cover of the magazine, and your travel stories too. What a wonderful achievement where you got to write and create authentically. There was a time when I wanted to be a journalist in mainstream media…like you, thankfully that never happened and it’s not for me. Indeed life is a choice and stepping off the hamster wheel is a choice. Stepping out there into the unexpected can be daunting but with grounding, sensibility and optimism, who knows where your journey will take you. Best wishes for the year ahead 🙂

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    1. Hi Mabel, life is indeed full of choices and I’m so grateful I didn’t become a fully fledged journalist in mainstream media. For many reasons but largely because if I had, my life would have gone in a completely different direction. Sliding doors I guess. Warmest wishes to you too for a wonderful year ahead. 😊


  11. An enchanted life ~ I love this, and there is not a more important pursuit 🙂 Your writing is special, so it is not surprising to see it come to life with this publication ~ you do take to heart the idea that life is about growing, learning, and transforming. With the last part being the most difficult, but in the end, the most fun and wishing you an excellent start to ’23, Miriam!

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    1. Thanks so much for your very kind message. Yes I do believe life is all about growing and learning and I feel like every day is another chance to step into a new and better version of ourself. I don’t always achieve it, but the intention is there. Wishing you much happiness and all good things in 2023 Randall.


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