From Rescue to Retirement

Mum’s been so busy lately she asked me to write this post. I’m taking inspiration from my mate Finn over at Muddling through my Middle Age.

For those who don’t know me, my name is Harry, and mum and dad adopted me from a shelter 15 years ago. I was only one then and a bit of a nervous pup, but you can read all about my early days here.

My life’s been happy and full of fun and adventure for the past fifteen years but I’m not a scared young pooch anymore. I’m a lot older and wiser, a bit slower and greyer around the edges too. Let’s fast forward and I’ll tell you my current story.

Last year my owners went on a big road trip around Australia and left me home with Daniel, my young master. We formed a big bond. Mum and dad finally came home after ten months but things became kinda weird. They began disappearing for days and weeks on end, to work somewhere they called Halls Haven. When they came home they were always happy. And I was always excited to see them. I still got my walks, but they were shorter. I’m slowing down a bit these days but I’m happy with short “sniff strolls”, as mum calls them.

Things around me started changing and disappearing. Furniture was vanishing from the house, the outdoor table became the kitchen table and other strange stuff was happening. I wasn’t fussed. I still had my bed, my favourite orange blanket and I got plenty of hugs and food. Life continued. In fact, it got really interesting for a while when the table and seats disappeared completely and mum and dad ate their meals closer to my level. There were opportunities for thieving but, lucky for them, I’m well behaved.

Then Daniel moved out and things got really weird: one day my bed was gone, my food bowls were taken away and my favourite orange blanket disappeared. Wait on!!!!! Something serious was happening and it wasn’t just a holiday. I had my suspicions when dad lifted me into the back seat of the Ute. Surely I wasn’t going back to the shelter!

I reckon it was an hour later that I smelt the familiar scent of the trees, and remembered what mum and dad had talked about. Macedon, that’s where they were taking me. My human Granny’s big green property where Momo the cat lives and Alan the scruff hound visits. It’s always been my second home and I get to sleep on the couch or wherever I want. Granny’s pretty relaxed. The best bit is, when mum and dad move out of their house they’re coming up here to live for a while in their van.

So life is not too shabby for this old Staffy Terrier. I’ve gone from being rescued to the best home and now a comfy retirement in the hills. Change is okay, actually it can be fun, even for an old dog. I might even learn some new tricks, I reckon I’ve learnt a few along the way.

Woofy Wisdom

1. Love is the best thing in the whole wide world. It melts hearts, it can heal rifts and it gets you out of trouble if you’ve done something naughty.

2. We don’t need much stuff. So long as we have the basics, shelter, food and drink life’s sweet.

3. Go slow. Sniff the roses and all the other good stuff around. Humans rush too much.

4. Don’t sweat the small stuff. There’s too much doom and gloom in the world but who wants to get caught up in all that drama?

5. Be silly sometimes and have fun, play chasey with a dog, laugh a lot, run barefoot on the grass and don’t be too serious.

6. Meditate and get quiet, lying on your back is very therapeutic. A bit of down time to dream, contemplate the purpose of life and the next meal!

7. Change is part of life, it can be a bit scary sometimes but it’s also exciting and full of amazing opportunities.

8. Trust that something wonderful is going to happen. Every day. It always does for me when I wake up.

9. If you want love, give love. Don’t hold back, pretend or hold a grudge. Be yourself. No one can resist a big smile and a smoochy kiss.

10. Happiness has more than one address. I got that one from mum!

So, they’re my simple words of wisdom. I might not be the smartest or most handsome dog in the world but I reckon I’ve got the basics figured out. Focus on pure love and be grateful for everything, even the not so great stuff, cos there’s lessons in everything.

Stay out of the prickle bushes everyone and enjoy life. It’s a big beautiful world out there.

Love, Harry

“Smile and the world smiles with you”
My owners and mum’s sister having a last coffee in our old place yesterday. I loved that view! Today 11/11/22 was the official settlement

72 thoughts on “From Rescue to Retirement

  1. A well-written account of human weirdness, Harry. I would wonder about going back to the shelter, also. I’m happy you are with Momo the cat, and Alan the scruffy hound instead in the shelter. Here’s to your continuing adventures.

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  2. Oh what a glorious post, Miriam!!! This is it!!! Finality you cannot change! Oh the wonders ahead of you have only begun. I LOVE how you wrote this post and I agree with the Woofy Wisdom. I wish you and your hubby all the enchantment this Change will bring ….. love, beauty, awe, wonder, wandering in a New World. I am SO excited for you!! Adventure here come Miriam and Hubby!!! Oh for the JOY!!! I do love you, dear friend. SOOOOO happy for you! xoxoxo

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    1. Oh Amy, you are so gorgeous. I can feel the excitement through your words. Thank you for the good vibes my friend. Yes, there’s no going back now, it’s done! Everything feels different, new, unknown, expansive and exciting. Strangely however, I felt really heavy and dark energies yesterday, on a day when I should have been so light, but I know, in my heart and in all my being, we’re on the right path. Yes, adventure here we come, eventually! Just a fewthings to get through first.
      Love you too Amy and am so grateful for you. Big hugs xxx

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      1. Aw, Miriam!! Your words came through with such sincerity and love. THANK YOU! There was a day this past week where I felt heavy and dark energies as well and I believe it was from the collective, nothing on the personal front. I know you are on the right path, with absolutely no doubts in my heart. I so look forward to hear about your next adventure which is just around the corner. Oh to be free like you, to come and go wherever I pleased, OH my friend, you have so much to be thankful for. Much love to you which I send upon a Rainbow. FYI …. I heard today from someone who supposedly knows that Rainbows can be used as portals …. it is part of the Knowledge that has been taken from us. I ponder, I wonder and than I say I want to know how to do so. GRIN. Here I come upon a Rainbow. xoxoxoxoxo

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        1. I do believe you’re right Amy, I feel there’s a lot of the collective energies coming through, heavy and all consuming. But knowing that I always try and push through and look ahead to the bigger picture. Yes, I AM grateful, so very thankful, for each and every day, even for the challenges along the way, which are all part of our soul growth. Thank you for the love my friend, I LOVE the sound of that rainbow portal. When we get all that Knowledge back let’s go! Lol. Big hugs xxxx

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  3. Oh, Harry, you are such a wise dog that I know you appreciate your big, loving family! (And there’s no way they would have taken you back to the shelter.) I’m so glad you settled in nicely at Granny’s house, and will still get to see your mom and dad a lot. I bet your young master visits often too! It sounds as if you are living a great life! And thanks for sharing your wisdom at the end of this post…we humans need to be reminded of those things from time to time!

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  4. Hello my gorgeous friend, awww how I adored this post! Such a cute and clever idea to write from Harry’s perspective 🙂 LOVED it! Made me smile big time:) I have been thinking of you, and it’s so good to read this update! I myself am just sitting here between my suitcases and the last boxes that need to be packed up – my move is in 2 days, so we are once again well aligned, lol. I agree on ALL of Harry’s wisdom bits here:) I am going to google Macedon now to see where u will be in the next time! Love u lots my friend! Your fellow mover slash loveaholic xoxo tanti baci! 🤗🤗🤗

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    1. Hey gorgeous, thanks for your lovely message, yes we’re certainly aligned again. Hope your move’s going well. We’re all up here at Macedon at the moment, including Harry, and I’ve finally had a chance to reply to your voice mail! Sending you lots of love and big hugs, my fellow mover and shaker. Tanti baci and once again, good luck and happy moving!!! 💕🥰

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        1. 🙂 Yeah I just got such a happiness-boost reading your lines, too!!! Yes, am so happy to be at the new place!!! Will leave you a message later. Love u lots 💕💕 hope all is well with u too!!! Photos on Insta are looking lovely as always!!! xoxo

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  5. Absolutely LOVED Harry’s perspective on all the goings on during the MOVE of a Life-Time… So enjoyed this post Miriam… and loved Harry.
    So happy for you as you settle into your new reality away from fixed Bricks and Mortar into your Freedom Carriage of Future Possibilities.

    Such as auspicious day of settlement too… 🙂 The Universe is smiling upon you giving you its seal of approval in my book..

    Those Ten Wolfie Wisdom Tips from Harry, well, what can I say, he is a Wise 15 yr old who has gained some of his Mum’s wisdom over the years 🙂
    Such a delightful read Miriam… I am delighted things went well, and I know such a lot of hard work and effort went into the move, and letting go of the past..
    But I also know deep within my heart that you are both heading in the right direction that many more I feel will soon be feeling the call, as you follow your hearts as you both step into NEW EARTH..

    Much love dearest friend…. ❤ Sue ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Oh dear Sue, your words always hit my heart big time and this was no exception. Thank you So much and I’m so glad you enjoyed this post, written through Harry’s eyes. I swear this dog’s been here before, I often look into his eyes and see such an old beautiful soul. It’s great to still be around him for awhile, before we take off in our “freedom carriage of future possibilities”. I love that! 😃
      Yes, our settlement date was definitely auspicious, though I’ll admit to a lot of sadness on the day of departure. Still, I’m sure it’s normal after so many happy memories there but I’m also VERY excited at all the possibilities that lie ahead and I’m certainly ready and trusting in creating many more stories. Thank you again my friend. Sending you lots of love and big hugs back your way. ❤️❤️

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      1. I am certain that our animals are often wise old souls here to direct our hearts in teaching us many things about ourselves…
        I truly enjoyed your post and I am happy you enjoyed the ‘Freedom Carriage’ reference Lol .. 🙂 I look forward to many more adventure stories
        Much love to you both for your exciting future possibilities 🙂 ❤

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  6. Miriam, you capture the spirit of living perfectly with this piece – or at least you got your inspiration from Harry. If we could all believe in those around us as Harry believes in you all, then changes would be exciting and comforting with their rewards. Great way to tell this story from the perspective of Harry, all these amazing things happening around him – and while it is something to be so excited about, he remains rooted in his happiness. 🙂

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    1. Yes, he does! For sure the beauty of perceived wisdom from our four legged friends is their wonderful ability to live each moment to it’s fullest and with unconditional love. I loved writing in this perspective and I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it. Big thanks. 💙


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