Our First West Australian Home Stay

It was our first ever home stay. I registered with Mindahome a couple of months ago and this was our first “assignment”: a week of looking after a place and pets: one dog, two rabbits and some chickens. I felt suitably qualified to care for them as I’ve had all of the above and more, even a lamb!

We met the owners a couple of weeks ago, a lovely young family on a large semi-rural property 15 minutes from Geraldton. The dates fit in well as our car was booked in for major works mid-week. We had no other plans, maybe visit the museum that we hadn’t yet seen, but we weren’t fussed. We figured we’d use the week to relax

We certainly did that, but in a way I wasn’t expecting. I hadn’t counted on the other half getting sick and ending up in hospital. He spent four days in there and it turned everything on its heels. He’s better now, thankfully, but I honestly believe that it all happened for a reason. The fact that we were in a major town and he was able to get the care he needed and I was able to see him every day was a blessing.

At the homestay I slept in our van and not in the house but we were able to use their wonderful alfresco area. Within that space was a garden, an inviting outdoor pool and comfy lounge gazebo and a large undercover eating and cooking area. That’s also where the rabbits lived, as well as Marty the dog. Inside the house was a huge theatre room and Doug especially had his heart set on streaming the latest James Bond movie. It would be a novelty for us, at least since we’ve been on the road for six months, and it felt somewhat decadent.

But mostly we were outside. The resident rabbits, Snowy and Thunder, loved a good pat but especially loved their food. The chooks, further away in their pen, were happy little scavengers. And Marty was, well Marty was perhaps the most aloof dog I’ve ever met.

He didn’t seem interested in being patted at all and have you ever heard of a dog that doesn’t want to go for a walk? He seemed nervous, shy, aloof, it’s hard to know what he was. And yet he warmed to me. He was always close by when I was cooking and eating and when I baked a cake to take into the hospital. Then, on the third day alone with him, as I saluted the sky with my early morning yoga pose, he suddenly got down on his haunches and began playing. I was delighted. Maybe it was a universal play pose I’d struck because from then on he seemed to realise I was no threat. And actually quite the opposite.

Our first homestay was not what I’d expected but it was a memorable introduction to what I’m sure we’ll do more of down the track. It taught me not to stress so much, to accept what is and to trust that things always work out. Though it can be easier said than done at times, I like this advice “don’t use your energy to worry. Use your energy to believe.”

“If things start happening, don’t worry, don’t stew, just go right along and you’ll start happening too.” Dr Suess

Maybe next time I’ll mind a dog that likes a cuddle but still, I grew to love Marty, with his big dopey grin and gazelle like bounding. When I returned from the hospital at the end of each day, he was there, waiting for me and so was the van on their property and it all kinda felt like home.

So, although we had a pool we hardly swam in, a barbecue area we rarely used and a rather kooky dog, it was a pretty successful introduction to house minding.

And I’m grateful for it all.

The night before Doug came home I sat outside under the fading night sky, watching the clouds drift above me and I journaled. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude, knowing he was okay and that I was also okay. I was in a good place. Sometimes the Universe knows what we need and the simplest things can make us happy.

This week we move on. Who knows what awaits us but I’m open to all the unknown paths, the roads less travelled, the detours and new adventures on this ever evolving journey. I’m ready for all the happiness in unexpected guises.

Although it’s good to have an idea of where we’re going, we don’t always need a definite plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.

Have a listen to the short video below. it’s John Butler Trio’s badass bluesy version of Pharrell Williams “Happy” and I love it! I woke up and found this clip on the morning I picked up Doug and it was so apt. I danced to it outside while Marty bounded about me, in his usual way. Can you picture us? Wherever you are I invite you to embrace the energy of the song and the feeling of hope and happiness.

As John says in the intro and in words that I totally resonate with “I still get frightened … but I trust myself more …I love what I do and I’m so thankful to do it. I enjoy every millisecond of it“

Oh, and by the way, we DID get to the museum and we did watch the latest James Bond movie on their big screen.

Wishing you all joy, love and lots of happy vibes. Here’s to embracing a spirit of trust and adventure.

In love and light.

Update as at 20 January 2022: On leaving Geraldton we stopped for a night at Milligans Island on the coast before heading down to Bunbury for a new set of tyres and a wheel alignment. We’re currently at Big Valley, a farm stay, that is central to the Margaret River area.

59 thoughts on “Our First West Australian Home Stay

  1. Hi Miriam…what a week! So happy Doug is home and feeling better. Life has a way of happening sometimes and it can take our breath away! Our health is so important!! Sending lots of love and light and beautiful white healing energy 😊💜

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  2. Kudos on your attitude and wild start to home sitting. I’m glad that Doug is better, and you were able to enjoy some of the fruits on the home and big city. Clearly, like John Butler, you have deep trust. To more adventures and flowing with life in love and trust.

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  3. Oh your first homesit sounds a great place to relax, you certainly are taking care of yourself, or should I say trusting the journey. Glad Doug is better and you’re back together❤️ AND now for the next leg of the journey. What a big dog! Take care of yourselves, enjoy🥰

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    1. Thanks for your nice words Barbara and yes, I’m glad we’re back together too. And I’m definitely trusting the journey. It’s certainly been a wild and wonderful one and we’re looking forward to hitting the road again. Take care too. 💗

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  4. Hi Dear Miriam, so glad to hear that Doug is ok, but how fortunate you were in a place where help was at hand. A blessing indeed. All dogs are amazing, we just have to find their sweet spot sometimes I guess. He liked yoga and dancing, definitely not all bad. The bunnies were divine, and I very well remember Lamby who could be a handful at times I recall. So pleased all is well in your world. And if I haven’t already, I wish you and Doug All the very best for 2022.

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    1. Thanks so much Barbara. So true, all you said and especially how fortunate we were to be where we were. All things considered, the whole week’s been a blessing. Hope all’s well in your world too. I wish you a wonderful year ahead. xx

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  5. Hello dear Miriam, what an emotional post. It must have been very frightening for you having your hubby in hospital so far from home. I’m very happy he’s better now and you can resume your big adventure.
    Your home stay sounds just wonderful. I had a friend do it too, and her and her hubby were able to do it in the UK as well.
    Have a fun ‘next’ whatever that may be…
    Much love from Dianne 💕

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    1. Hello Dianne, how lovely to hear from you. Yes, I’ll admit it was pretty frightening having him so unwell and then when he was admitted. I did have a bit of a meltdown. But it’s amazing how we pick ourselves up and carry on. Everything always works out eventually. Hope all’s well with you my friend and life is treating you well. Much love. xx 💗

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      1. You’re welcome dear Miriam. I can only imagine how you could be feeling in those circumstances. Yes, the strength we find when we need to is quite something. I’m sure you are finding joy in the smallest of things even more.
        Thank you, all is well here. Grand parenting takes up a little more of my time these days. We have a fourth g’child arriving in March. So, yes, life is treating us well 🙏🏼
        Until soon, take good care and enjoy every moment.
        Lots of love 😘💖

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        1. That’s wonderful news! Congratulations Dianne, sounds like there’s even more love and joy headed your way. Warmest wishes to you and all of your family. Have a great week ahead. xx 🌹💕

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  6. I’m so sorry to hear your husband was sick and in the hospital! Believe me, I can relate…mine was in the hospital 23 days this year, and that’s hard to deal with. But it sounds as if he came through it okay, and that you had a great attitude about the whole thing. It really is all about how we look at it. We can be upset they’re sick, or we can be grateful they’re getting the care they need. I’m so glad to know you have found a new path…taking care of people’s houses sounds like a great idea! Take care, Miriam..sending good vibes your way!

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    1. Thanks Ann, and yes I know that you can relate. It’s always a worrying time when our loved ones are unwell and in hospital but you’re right, the difference is in our mindset. It’s just getting to that stage which sometimes doesn’t happen right away! The house sitting I loved and I’m looking forward to doing more down the track. Hope you’re both well. xx

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  7. Blimey, what a mixed week for you and Doug but your positive spirit never fails to shine through. It is serendipity you were in a town with a good hospital and great news that Dough is back with you. The house sitting sounds interesting, the rabbits so cute and even making a connection with the dog! I’m loving the music video and lively sparky cover of ‘Happy! Wishing you a great time on your new venture … and look forward to reading about all your encounters along the way! xx❤️

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  8. It took me a while to catch up on what you & Doug are doing, but I think I’ve got a better grip on the adventure you are on!

    How wonderful that there is a service like Mindahome – every body wins!

    I always thought Dr Seuss had so much wisdom and depth … I love this quote! I will chill because I “will start happening too!”

    Glad to hear Doug is much better …. a reminder yet again that good health is not to be taken for granted.

    Happy travels – looking forward to hearing more!

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  9. what a beautiful share Miriam and what an adventure. I love these lines you share:

    “Although it’s good to have an idea of where we’re going, we don’t always need a definite plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go and see what happens.”

    You made the best of a challenging situation and I’m soooo happy to hear that your other that Doug has recovered. That would not have been easy for sure but what a wonderful way you dealt with all of the challenges and blessings. Wishing you love and health on the next leg of where and your beautiful musings my friend!💖👏🤗

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  10. Hi Miriam, I’m really enjoying following your adventures on your big trip. Your blogs remind me so much of our years on the road and particularly reaching that point where plans are no longer needed and you just go with the flow. Glad you enjoyed your first house sit, they can be so much fun and its nice to spread out in a house after a few months in the confines of the van! We did quite a few sits and most of them were very enjoyable, some even becoming highlights of our travels. We are about to start a new adventure, leaving this Friday for a 12 month assignment in Geraldton where Deb has a graduate traineeship at the hospital after retraining as a nurse. Our paths may cross if you are still in Geraldton?

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    1. Oh, that’s fantastic Bob! What a wonderful opportunity for you both. We’ve moved on from Geraldton and are currently in the south west region of WA but you just never know. It’s a small world. Warmest wishes.


      1. Enjoy the SW Miriam. As you know, we moved to Margaret River after we stopped travelling in 2019. We are looking forward to spending a year in Geraldton, but Margaret River is home now. Enjoy your trasvels down here, so much to see and do and the weather is lovely at the moment.

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        1. Yes, it is, and much cooler than we’ve been used to! Such a beautiful area. We’re now close to Denmark and definitely experiencing cooler temperatures. Good for grape picking perhaps!


        2. Enjoy the south coast, its so beautiful and the summer weather is lovely down there. Tall trees, beaches, rivers ……so lovely. Albany is a favourite of ours, make sure you go to the Anzac memorials and if you have timer, a cruise on the Kalgan river is wonderful. Grape picking is a fun job if you are interersted in wine and how its made, but don’t do it for the money! ha ha.

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  11. I am so happy that things went well for your first home stay and that your beloved recovered from his illness!

    Trying very hard to get back into a groove here, and wanted to pop in to wish you joy and blessing on your journeys. I pray daily for you.

    Always light and love! xoxox ❤ *hugs*

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    1. Hello my lovely and kind friend. I do hope you find your groove again soon, you deserve to be happy my dear friend. Sending you much love and warmest hugs. xx. ❤️


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