Gratitude for the Journey

I’ve been keeping a diary for most of my life. On and off I pen musings, memories, what’s happening at the time, places I’ve visited and people I’ve met. I’ve chronicled heartaches, joys and silly stuff I’d have otherwise forgotten. And I’ve often poured out my heart and vented on paper when times were hard. Always for myself and no one else, for journaling is a place of sanctuary, solitude and freedom. Then I got out of the practice and stopped for awhile.

Nine years ago I discovered a purpose made Gratitude Journal, created by Melanie Spears right here in Australia. It combines not just gorgeous daily pages for journaling, but moon orientation charts, inspirational quotes and an astrology guide. It’s a beautiful companion that I cherish like a friend. I don’t have to pretend with it and I can tell it anything. I’ve been writing in one ever since.

So this year’s diary is dedicated to the freedom that exists inside all divine masculine and divine feminine beings, irrespective of external realities. Bring it on.” Melanie Spears says.

Today I start a new year and a new Journal.

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.” Edith Lovejoy Pierce

Are we ready to start creating our new story?

The Power of Gratitude

We all know that giving thanks for our blessings cultivates a rich and fulfilling life, that acknowledging even the smallest gifts can have huge effects. And we also know how the Universe aligns with what we put out there. Think positive thoughts, give thanks for what you have and receive more. Think fearful and negative thoughts and you’ll likely receive more of that too.

So it’s important that now, more than ever, as we enter 2022, we put our focus on what we do want and not what we don’t want. We’ve been conditioned to live in fear and not faith, especially over the past 18 months. When we let go of past programming and align ourselves with our inner power and intuition miracles can happen.

For me journaling is something I do at the end of the day. But it doesn’t matter how you do it, whether you journal to prepare for the day or to review what’s passed at the end of it.

There’s no rules. This is for your eyes only, unless you want to leave it for your grandkids. But if not, be weird, be wild, be curious, be fun, be whatever you want to be.

Fill the paper with the breathings of your heart.” William Wordsworth

Journalling to me is more than simply rehashing the day. It’s a way to open up to what my soul yearns for. It creates calm and stillness and in a way, it’s a form of meditation.

I can’t think of a better way to start a new year than with an attitude of gratitude. It opens us up to all sorts of opportunities.

The Road Ahead

This is a photo of our car and van, our Outback Jayco Journey, taken on the Oodnadatta track in July 2021. It’s the cover of the current On the Road Magazine which has my travel story on Oodnadatta inside, plus many other great pieces. However it was my photo of our rig on the cover that was unexpected and an absolute thrill.

Preserve your memories, keep them well, what you forget you can never retell.” Louisa May Alcott

To me, these printed articles, including my regular column, are another form of journalling, except these stories I share with the world. I intend to keep creating more content this year and Im always grateful, no matter how many times my stories are published.

As we begin our new year in Geraldton, I look ahead and see a long stretch of unknown territory we’ll be heading into in a couple of weeks. I feel anticipation, excitement and a tinge of uncertainty, but mostly a deep sense of gratitude for where we are.

I trust and surrender in the knowing that we’re exactly where we’re meant to be and that our journey on this Earth is evolving all the time. The best we can do is live life as best we can, keeping our energy and vibration high and giving thanks for the moment because, ultimately, that’s all we have.

Wishing you all blessings, hope, peace and love this year. Cherish each moment and remember that life is a storybook of wonder and we’re all the authors and creators of our own story. So let’s make it a magnificent one.

In love and light always

Seagulls at sunset, flowing with the tides and the breeze and seemingly at one with nature.
Sunset on the first day of 2022 in Geraldton

50 thoughts on “Gratitude for the Journey

  1. Such a beautiful in-depth post Miriam…. And yes our hearts should always be grateful for our journey.. Even the bumps and detours and knocks all have substance in giving us strength and perhaps directing us onto new roads so we can then meet and greet new people in our lives..
    I know the detours you have made as you have explored Australia these past few months, had you not embarked upon those travels you would not have greeted and met the people you were meant to meet…

    Your passage here spoke clearly to me Miriam..
    “So it’s important that now, more than ever, as we enter 2022, we put our focus on what we do want and not what we don’t want. We’ve been conditioned to live in fear and not faith, especially over the past 18 months. When we let go of past programming and align ourselves with our inner power and intuition miracles can happen.”

    Exactly that… When we let go, of the old, we allow room for the new to enter…
    I am always optimistic that if we let go… We help create room for New ideas, New Systems, and New friendships and relationships along with New Careers to Manifest…

    Have a Blessed New Earth Year dear Miriam… Stay Blessed my friend.. Following your heart and intuitive guidance… We are nearly at the end of the road for change to manifest into the open..

    Love and Light.. Sue ❤

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    1. Thank you Sue and I think you’re right, we’re nearly at the end of the road for those changes to manifest. Though I have a feeling there may be more bumps, pot holes and detours before we get there, but we’re definitely getting closer. Huge thanks for your wisdom, love, support and friendship. Looking forward to lots of changes and an enlightening year ahead for all of us. Happy new year, sending you much love. ❤️

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      1. While that feeling may as yet not be reaching down under Miriam, Know it is crumbling and soon to be exposed and Justice will be served of that I am sure. Laws of Cause and Effect are not going to be escaped.. Here I see clear signs of crumbling… ( Andrew for One )… UK Parliament Dancing another, along with Spies now being discovered. lol… Yes Lots of changes and I feel the Dominoes are going to soon start to fall one by one in quick succession.. Sending lots of love as you stay true to yourselves..
        Much love dearest Miriam… Sue x ❤

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        1. Thanks Sue and yes, I feel those dominoes will start to fall soon and am starting to see the signs. So much happening just beneath the surface. What an interesting year we have ahead of us. Big hugs and much love my friend. ❤️ x

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  2. I was wondering if you’d arrived at your new destination! Beautiful thoughts for this 1st day of 2022 and inspiration for journaling. As I know this is my year, I ordered a diary I still have to pick up and intend to flow more with my words, visit more blogs and comment! I feel the renewed energy to band together with likeminded friends in real time and online! I’m asking for a new word and to remember what this years word was. I believe when my dad died last year it jolted me out of the norm and now I feel its time to get back to me, the new me that is emerging oh so slowly. The new me who’s leaving behind old friends and volunteer jobs that are not good for me anymore. Clearing the way for new friends to come together in a new and unknown way. Oh so excited iAM we get a whole new year to play and inspire one another on our unique journeys. Much love and blessing for this year Miriam. Enjoy it all, love Barbara ❤️

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    1. I can feel the excitement in your words Barbara. I’m sorry for the passing of your dad but feel that it also sparked some kind of awakening in you, which has to be a good thing. Have fun on your journey this year, rediscovering yourself, aligning to like minded people and living life on your terms. Oh, and enjoy your new diary. Sending you lots of love and good wishes for a wonderful and enlightening 2022. ❤️

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  3. I am nodding my head in agreement with many of the gems you share here, Miriam. I love many of the words and phrases: sanctuary; cherish; opportunity; …align ourselves with our inner power and intuition miracles can happen; …we’re exactly where we’re meant to be…

    I am pressing “pause” on blogging at the moment for personal reasons. I still visit and read blogs and I look forward to catching up. I am glad I found some of your articles through the Libby app. Always great to read. Happy New Year! “So let’s make it a magnificent one.”❤️

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    1. Hi Erica, great to hear from you and I’m so glad my words spoke to you. Hope all’s well in your world. I wish you a wonderful year ahead, full of good health, happiness, joy and truth. Sending love and warmest wishes your way. ❤️

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    1. Happy new year to you too my lovely friend! Thank you for your heartfelt words and kind wishes. I’m also super grateful for our friendship across the miles, very special. Stay well, happy and inspiring. ❤️

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  4. “We’ve been conditioned to live in fear and not faith, especially over the past 18 months.” So true, Miriam! How can we allow our government this much power? We have this one beautiful life. The choice is ours, and it shouldn’t fall into the hands of political leaders who are motivated by money. Think of all of the time that people are losing waiting for the “official” word that they can resume living THEIR life. Thank you for sharing your heart today. Wishing you and your husband a peaceful and blessed new year. xo

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    1. Thanks so much Jill. And yes, I so agree with your words. People have forgotten. If they could only see that they already are ‘free’ because freedom begins in the mind. But of course we know this has been psychological, this 24/7 fear mongering that’s been perpetrated. I pray this year more people wake up and start thinking for themselves. It’s time! Sending you love and warmest wishes for a happy and peaceful year. xo

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  5. I know I’ve told you this before but you, your life, are proof that miracles do indeed happen if you practice gratitude. Your life of pure freedom in the midst of unbelievable oppression and fear is such an incredible inspiration. I love your rig.😎 May 2022 bring you many luminous words on those blank pages, dear Miriam. I have followed your blog via email now. I may not always chime in, but I’m here, traveling that road with you.

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    1. Thank you so much Julie. I love that you’re travelling with me virtually and sharing in my joys and adventures. I wish you a wondrous 2022 full of the things that make your heart happy. 💗


  6. I wish I had your faith in the positive Miriam. Maybe I need to practice more gratitude. I think the momentum of our world seems headed in the wrong direction and I don’t see enough people awake and willing to make conscious loving choices to turn the tide. I hope you and the other optimists are right. 🙏

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    1. I understand what you’re saying Brad. But I think you’d be surprised at just how many people are awake and how many are awakening daily. Remember, we have to go through the darkness to find the light. Hold firm my friend. 🙏

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  7. I’ve been dismayed by how many blogs I’ve read recently by people who are feeling totally hopeless and fearful. They’re listening to the wrong things, I think. The world has always been a challenging place and there have always been things to be afraid of, but that shouldn’t stop us from living our lives fully and enjoying what we do have. Or from making our own choices and refusing to “follow the crowd,” especially when the crowd is determined to be angry and frightened. We only get one life, we need to live it! Thanks for being such a shining example of that!

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    1. Thanks so much Ann. And I think you’ve summed it up perfectly. Everyone has their own path and choices to make. I only hope that as we get into 2022 more people learn to trust in themselves rather than listening to authorities that don’t really have their best interests at heart. Wishing you and your family all the very best this year.


  8. You live such an adventurous life, Miriam. And your journals must be gold from all these experiences.

    I myself journal every day, but they’re mostly whiny stuff (which I’m also grateful for, because it helps me retrospectively see what I need to address), and I really go full-on petulant in my morning pages, which I have the most freedom in since I discard the pages after.

    I enjoyed your thoughts here. Lovely stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thanks Stuart. I used to do morning pages, years ago, and I agree, they’re a great way to get lots of stuff off your chest. I could fill my gratitude journal with whiny stuff too and sometimes I do but I always swing it back round to what I’ve learnt from my day. It’s a great wrap up and review exercise. Thanks heaps for dropping by! 😊

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  9. Just the inspiration and positive message I needed to read. I started journaling in March of 2020 as I thought in years ahead it would make historical reading. Lately I just couldn’t do it anymore but you have given me new inspiration. Instead of focusing on all of the challenges we face, to focus on the gratitude for what we have in spite of the challenges. I’m picking up the pen again this evening. Thank you!

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    1. Oh, I’m so glad to hear that Sue! For me there’s nothing better than finishing my day with a heart of gratitude. Even if it’s been a ho hum sort of day it forces us to look for the positives. Happy Journalling!

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  10. What a gorgeously written post, Miriam. I couldn’t agree with you more in that this year, 2022, all of us need to hold deep Gratitude in our hearts for all we do have, and focus on the positive as we dream our dreams, prepare for what we hold to be true for ourselves, and then trust in the Universe that is exactly what shall unfold. I tried to order the journal book but the site would not accept my Credit card number. Oh this is not the first block not by a long shot so I’m learning to let it be, let go, and go on. No more fighting. No more fuss. And just flow. I’ve actually put my sword down and instead just bask in peace. Perfect Peace.

    I am so very happy for you with your magazine success … what a feeling it must be to see your camper and truck on the cover! How exciting for you! I am so proud of you I could just burst! Both of us will be flying high this year, dear friend, while so many finally are forced to do the inner work that the Universe has been trying to get them to do. We’re ready! Let’s fly, high as an eagle as we both let all the ruckus fall away. Sending you much love!! xoxo

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely words Amy. I wonder why you couldn’t order the journal. Well, never mind, you’re right, sometimes it’s best to just accept, let go and flow with whatever’s happening. I love your attitude, “no more fighting, no more fuss …” its how we need to be now. So yes, I resonate with all you said, let’s fly high as an eagle and let all the ruckus fall away. There’s far too much BS out there. Much love and hugs sent to you my friend. xxx


  11. I love your rig, what a beautiful way to travel! I’ve thought of selling my home and traveling similarly myself. Throw things I want to keep into storage and just explore. I’d like to build a new, smaller home which would be more earth friendly and healthier anyway. The “traditional” builds are way too much repair and maintenance and is a never ending cycle of expense. I wish you all the very best in the time ahead, a New Year, a new beginning, a new YOU! Cheers to you, Miriam! ~x0x~

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    1. Thanks so much Donna. Yes, we do love our set up. Mind you we’ve still got our place back in Melbourne but big decisions to be made when we return. This trip has been a life changing one for me, on so many levels. Definitely a new beginning and so much more, it’s scary but exciting. Much love to you and warmest wishes as well. xx


  12. Miriam, congratulations on making the cover of the magazine and all your magazine articles! I’m delighted about your success and wish you lots of fun with travelling and writing this year. I love your thoughts on journal writing and totally agree and for me, it is also ‘creates calm and stillness and in a way, it’s a form of meditation.’ The Wordsworth quote is precious! As always I love all your photos, your words and images lifting the spirit!

    Wishing you a wonderful 2022 filled with love, light and laughter, my friend! xx ❤️

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    1. Many thanks Annika for your lovely words and well wishes. I’m not surprised you resonate with the idea of Journalling creating calm and stillness, like a form of meditation. As you’d know in writing it literally spirits you away. Wishing you a wonderful year as well my friend, filled with joy, peace and all your heart desires 💗

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