Big Blessings and Small Joys on the Coral Coast

A birthday is just the first day of another 365 journey around the sun.” And so our road trip continues as I celebrate my birthday and give thanks for all the blessings in my life, big and small.

We’re currently on the Ningaloo/Coral Coastline of West Australia where you’ll find some of Australia’s greatest marine life. Here you have the unique opportunity to swim with whale sharks, enormous but harmless creatures that grow up to 18 metres long. You can swim with manta rays, on eco snorkel tours and cruise the waters, submersing yourself in the magical, underwater world of the Ningaloo Reef.

We didn’t swim with whale sharks, or scuba dive the underwater reefs from a cruise boat. But that’s okay, because, as I discovered, the joys don’t have to come in big ways. In fact it’s often in tiny synchronistic moments that open the heart and make us appreciate how full of wonder life is. I’ll give you some examples:

Ways the Universe is always listening, and responding

A week or so ago, the other half said to me “We’ve met lots of great people on this trip but it’s been a while since we’ve actually had drinks with anybody.”

Of course, straight after he said that, it happened, right on 14 Mile beach, on the first day of our Coral Coast leg of our road trip. We’ve settled in, swam and enjoyed our absolute beachfront camping when we meet our friendly caravanning neighbours who invite us over for drinks.

So that night after dinner we join them by the campfire, Matt, Pauline, their friends Louie and Shawna and Donkey the dog. Matt and Pauline and their kids are in the first week of their year long trip around Australia.

We drink spiced chai tea and enjoy hours of laughs and conversation before retiring to our respective vans.

The following day we say our goodbyes and vow to return to this paradise, or at least somewhere on this coastline. From 14 Mile we travel onwards, towards Yardie Creek Homestead Caravan Park where we have a booking for the next week.

Here we’re close to pristine beaches and awesome snorkel spots. we’ve checked out eco tours and whale watching tours but decide it’s out of our budget. Still, we figure we’ll snorkel at some stage.

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” Albert Einstein

Yardie Creek is a great base to explore the area. On a day trip out to Yardie Creek Gorge we’re walking along the gorge rim, looking down into the water. A couple is canoeing and both the hubby and I say to each other, “how awesome would it be to kayak down there!”

The next day, back at camp, I meet fellow traveller Sue at the laundry (blokes bond over cars, women over washing!) We talk for ages, end up meeting both her and hubby Steve for pizza that night, we have drinks another night and forge a friendship. On the third day they offer us their kayak for the day. And, you guessed it, we end up canoeing down Yardie Creek Gorge!

What we put out into the Universe, whether consciously or not, is what we attract back to us.

The next day we talk about how great it would be to snorkel. We find out the best place is Oyster Stacks. When we mention that to Sue she says they’re going out and invite us to go with them. So we hire all the gear and off we head, early in the morning at high tide, as that’s the only time you can snorkel this section of the reef.

We float over schools of huge fish, brightly coloured parrot fish, purple coral and an underwater world that’s mesmerising. Sue took these underwater shots of us, the fish and the reef.

We may not have dived with whale sharks but I was enchanted nonetheless!

The night before my birthday our new camping friends come over for drinks. I’d vaguely mentioned it was my birthday, however I didn’t expect her to come over with a chocolate mud cake, a scented candle, a bottle of Prosecco and a bunch of West Australian wildflowers she’d picked just beyond our caravan park.

I’ve been awe struck at these prolific wildflowers along the way and here they were, hand picked, gorgeously bound together and presented to me in a birthday bouquet. Wow!

Our thoughts are so powerful. I’m constantly reminded, and often in unexpected ways, how what we focus on can become so real. And it works the other way too. John Assaraf says “Most people are thinking about what they don’t want, and wondering why it shows up over and over again”. We’ve been conditioned to focus on what we don’t want, to resist change instead of being a deliberate creator. When you understand that, everything shifts.

I choose to focus on kindness, love, unity and harmony. Yes, I still have my moments but I try and pay attention to what I want, to give energy to what brings joy and to remember that we all have the power to manifest a life that is sovereign and free.

Try it. It’s empowering. Imagine what could happen if we all did that collectively.

Stand in your light

As for those whale sharks, these majestic creatures of the ocean, we saw them breaching in the distance. They’re epic moments, even from afar, and for me that’s good enough.

As our time at Yardie Creek slowly comes to an end I reflect on the week that’s been, all those synchronistic moments and I’m thankful for it all. My birthday will pass, the days will roll on, both extraordinary and ordinary, but I remind myself it’s all in the perception. And I’m thankful for each and every part of the journey.

So today, with my heart full of love and gratitude, I send that out to you, wherever you might be. And my wish is that we all find the beauty, the wonder and the joys in those simple moments.

In love and light.

A neighbourly campfire at 14 Mile
Sunset walk before my birthday dinner in Exmouth
Small moments. WA wildflowers on the beach

63 thoughts on “Big Blessings and Small Joys on the Coral Coast

  1. Happy Birthday! And here’s to another great 365 days flying around the sun. What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. The water, the sand, the fish, the critters all look marvelous. That is a real fire pit in the sand. Thanks for sharing your birthday and wonderful adventure with us.

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  2. Happy Belated Birthday Miriam! What a wonderful place and way to celebrate your birthday with your husband, friends, and the universe supporting your desires. Clearly, you’re in the flow. I’ve had moments in the past, particularly when traveling, but not much in recent years living my daily life. Oh well, I still find some simple joys to appreciate.

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  3. Happy Birthday! And what a gorgeous place to celebrate it, even better with new-found friends. Thank you also for the important lesson in this post: to think about what we want, rather than what we don’t want, and to always remain open to the good things all around, and dare I say also ahead, of us!

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    1. Thanks so much Ann. Yes, I’m sure there’s many wonderful things in store for all us as we move ahead. We just need to stay focused on our visions. Sending you much love and good thoughts from afar.

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  4. “What we put out into the Universe, whether consciously or not, is what we attract back to us.” I love this, and it is always amazing when the universe lines up things. I always take it as a moment to pause, and think this is where I am supposed to be. Happy Birthday.

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  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU GORGEOUS HUMAN!!! 🥳 Miriam, your birthday will be one to remember; what a lovely turn of events. I am thrilled for you. You manifested good people, new friendships, and beauty…so much beauty. Your photos melt my heart, it’s like a fairytale, and I can’t think of a better person to live it. I hope the year ahead is full of more magic and love, my friend. ❤️

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  6. Happy belated birthday, Miriam!! And what a gorgeous post, full of life and love, and beauty and light! What you said about being conscious of our thoughts that is exactly where I’m at and let me tell you, as you know, the Universe does listen and almost immediately when we change our thoughts and actions, change happens. It is amazing!! I so so enjoyed seeing Australia in her organic form and it brings Great Joy to my heart knowing there are many people in this world who refuse to bow to evil. Bless you and your hubby. You both look so healthy and happy!!! xoxoxo

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    1. Thank you so much Amy and I know you resonate with how the Universe responds and listens to us. It’s truly amazing what can transpire when we consciously state what we want and choose good isn’t it. It’s happening to me more and more these days. And on my travels I’m also discovering more and more people who think the same way that we do. It’s truly heartening. Much love to you my friend. xxx

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      1. When you told me there are more and more who are thinking and living like us, OH for the JOY!!! My life is very quiet and small right now as I just follow my heart to anchor Light wherever I go. I was actually shocked to discover how much I was blocking myself in my Inward Travels! Still working on that for it is a Journey all by itself to let go, release and maintain health. Please get some sleep you. It must be very late there!!! Much love!! xoxoxo

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        1. You’re right it is late and I’ll be signing off soon. But let me first just assure you there absolutely are LOTS of people just like us. Yesterday I met two women at the market and by the end of our hour chatting together I felt as though I’d met my tribe. Truly, there’s a lot of hope and light out there. We’re not alone. Have a great day Amy. xxx

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        2. I’m meeting soul family as well, Miriam, yet they do not seem [yet] to stay in my life. When I meet people like that, I’m lifted SO high with a grin on my face and a bounce to my step. Agreed. Lots of hope!! xo

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        3. I believe these people come into our lives for a reason so allow yourself to be uplifted, even if it’s just fleeting. Keep smiling my beautiful friend. Love ya. xxx

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  7. Happy belated birthday, Miriam! I so envy your adventure, but it also makes my heart soar to know that you are living it. May it continue for eternity.

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  8. Happy Belated Birthday 🎂. Sounds like you had a great one! Love this article! I agree. Love and celebrate all the good things in life, both large and small! And manifest the positive things in life and enjoy and share experiences! Love reading of your adventures! Keep shining your light , energy and smile! I appreciate them from way over here!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Both for your warm wishes and your wonderful words. It’s so lovely to hear from you. Hope you’re both doing well. Big hugs from down under. xx


  9. Ciao beloved rockstar amica!! Awww I loved this post so much. I got a bit teary-eyed when reading the last bit of the post, as I can just feel your wonderful heart, so full of love and positive vibes, from here. What a privilege to be your friend, gorgeous! I am so excited for you, that you get to witness all of Western Australia’s magnificent sights and natural wonders for yourself. Those pictures are just heavenly, and the kayaking adventure looks super fun!!! And how cool that you get to meet so many lovely souls while out and about. Keep inspiring us with your wonderfully positive perceptions and zest for life! Sending you so much love, and the biggest hugs ❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗

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    1. Hello my beautiful friend, how wonderful it is to hear from you! I know how much you love west australia so you absolutely know how amazing this state is. We’re having such a magical time and I truly feel blessed to be here travelling at this time, and sharing. It’s a privilege to be your friend too cara truly. Thank you for your beautiful words. Hope you and Lucky are well. Sending you huge hugs back and a world of love. Tanti baci. xxxx ❤️❤️

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      1. Thanks gorgeous rockstar amica!! It’s Lucky’s second birthday today, am about to throw him a party. I will also sing Elvis Presley’s “Hound dog” to him 😛 We are both well, thanks lovely. Love ya lots, keep having a blast!!! ❤️❤️ will pm you soon via FB. xoxo

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        1. Ohhh, what fun! A very happy birthday to your gorgeous scruff ball Lucky. Give him some extra birthday pats and smooches from me!!!! Look forward to chatting very soon! Love ya 💜 xx

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  10. Happy Happy Belated Birthday Beautiful Miriam!! 🙂 Love this post because it shows everything that we just talked about. Yes…what we have in our minds and what we think about is what will show up!! And I agree that most people constantly think about what they DON’T WANT! I used to be guilty…heck I still am probably…just a little. But life is so much better when we can keep our focus on the good…on the things that we want to show up in our life…because they do!!
    I’m so happy for your wonderful blessings around your birthday. May you have a wonderful week ❤

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    1. Thanks so much Lorrie. My birthday feels so long ago and so much has happened since then but I still continue to focus on those small joys and blessings. Mind you, there are days when I fall into a slump and feel despair at what’s happening to this country, but I manage to pull myself out before I get too low. Nature always helps. Hope you have a wonderful week too my friend. ❤️


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