Heart Centred at Uluru

From the moment we started our current big trip I’ve felt a sense of heart centred connection, a feeling that somehow, despite having virtually no plans, we’re being guided to exactly where we’re meant to be. And so our journey has continued.

We finished the epic Oodnadatta track (which I’ve yet to write about but which was amazing) and were thrilled to be back on bitumen roads. After restocking with a big bag of fresh vegetables at Marla we realised that, oops, we’re not supposed to take fresh veggies across the border. So, what do we do? We pull over into a rest stop and start cooking of course. You can do that in a van. We make the biggest vegetable curry casserole ever. And we nickname the Stuart Highway the Stew Highway!

This time the police were at the border and checked our permits, but not the vegetables. Ha, typical! But all is good. About ten minutes before we arrive at the border I said to Doug, “I really feel like an apple”. Well, lo and behold, when we stop to stretch our legs and take a photo, a guy walks up to us holding a plate of fresh fruit he’s trying to get rid of (bit like our veggie stew). “Would you like an apple?” he asks?

Don’t you love the way the Universe responds to our vibrations?I know I do.


We cross the border and our next stop is at Erldunda for refuelling and a light lunch. Before leaving we notice a young guy holding a sign to Yulara. He’s hitch hiking and looking for a lift to the rock. Doug and I look at each other, initially undecided, then agree. I wind down my window. “We’re only going to Curtin Springs” I say “but you’re welcome to a lift till there”. He jumps in, grateful, knowing it’ll get him three quarters of the way to his destination.

Us and our unexpected hitch hiker Felix

For the next hour we have an unexpected passenger in our back seat. His name is Felix, he’s a 24 year old Uni student doing a double degree and he’s from Benalla, where our daughter got her drivers license. We share our respective stories and conversation flows easily. The hour passes quickly.

Felix was a breath of fresh air. He has no Facebook or Instagram and he’ll likely never see this blog. He was a person who clearly lived in the moment with an attitude of genuine care and respect for this planet and for others.

When we discussed hitch hiking and why few people do it these days and even fewer are inclined to pick them up, he asked my opinion. It was safety I mentioned, people are naturally cautious. He then said something that stayed with me “I believe in kindness and trust. Most people are good” Imagine if the whole world was like this.


We said goodbye at Curtin Springs and left Felix to find a new lift the rest of the way. Our home for the next three nights is here, a pastoral station that offers all the facilities a camper needs. It has a huge unpowered camping area that’s free. There are showers and toilets, a rustic alfresco eating restaurant and bar and a laid back peaceful atmosphere. Best of all it’s less than an hour from Uluru, the star attraction and the spiritual heart of Australia.


Some people call Uluru the heart centre of the world and I can understand why. It’s a sacred place that’s hard to describe. The red colour of the soil, the history of the land and the rock, the indigenous culture and the dreaming stories. The sense of connection with earth and the all encompassing feeling that there’s so much more to this life. Uluru evokes all that and more.

Have a listen to the lyrics of this classic story of the rock.

We spent the morning at the Cultural Centre and were privileged to catch an indigenous experience. It was hot and we walked along the base of the rock and enjoyed drinks at sunset.

The energy is powerful at Uluru, as were the feelings I had as I walked around the sacred rock. Even the clouds above me felt surreal. It was a feeling almost of being watched and protected. I was filled with a heart opening gratitude and love for the moment and everything that lead me here. Perhaps you’ll get a tiny sense of it by the photos below.

Wherever you are in the world my wish for you is that you can find some of the peace and beauty that each day offers, knowing that, regardless of the past, the future is ours to make.

Breath into your heart, close your eyes and imagine you’re in Uluru, or somewhere special that you love, breath deeply and feel the expansion.

We create our own path so why not pave it in kindness and trust, sprinkle in some fun and fill it with wonder.

See you on the next leg of my journey as we continue our road trip around Australia.

With much love

When we open our heart to love everything flows and feels centred.

65 thoughts on “Heart Centred at Uluru

      1. Similar to you, I am finding my peace and well-being in nature – both inside and out. Gifts that we will take with us, long beyond the pandemic. (taking a deep breath as I write this, grateful for the lessons) xoxo

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        1. Oh, yes, me too! I’ve just been to read you Andrea and I can see how we’re so on the same level. Looking up, finding our higher connection through nature, it really does keep us in touch with what matters doesn’t it. Much love. xx

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  1. I agree something does come over you at Uluru and I always feel the need to be silent and breathe it in. It has the same affect as being in a cathedral to me. Have a great trip, and good on you guys for picking up the hitch hiker, it is a big decision. 🙂

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    1. Yes absolutely, thanks Glenys. Uluru is such a spiritual place and really has to be experienced to fully appreciate it, doesn’t it. It was just as special the second time round, if not even more so. 😊

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  2. We had a similar experience with too many vegetables on our way into WA. I cooked up a huge casserole and used them all up, but then we had to eat it for the next few days. The campground at Curtin Springs would be worth knowing about. It sounds ideal as a base for exploring Uluru.

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    1. Curtin Springs was fantastic. The trick (like anywhere I guess) is not to get there too late in the day as it gets pretty busy but we got a great spot. It’s a wonderful base and very peaceful.
      And yes, we’re still eating the casserole! 😁

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  3. The views are absolutely incredible. Great photos, Miriam. Thanks for sharing. I’m glad that you had such a great time. That vegetable casserole was a clever idea indeed. I like Felix’s way of thinking that there are a lot of good people in the world. Kindness and trust are key indeed. If only everyone thought like that. I hope that you find much peace and happiness too. Happy travels! Stay safe, take care, dear Miriam 🤗❤️

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    1. Thanks for your lovely words and well wishes Shweta. I agree that there are lots of good people in this world, already on this trip we’ve met many of them. Wishing you love, happiness and peace from afar. 😊🙏

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  4. What a beautiful journey Miriam, so lovely when you can go with the flow and an apple and new friends appear! Uluru looks like a very special place and I love the Goanna song too 🎶 Thank you so much for sharing and enjoy the rest of your trip! 💛

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    1. Thanks so much Xenia. It’s been such a wonderful journey so far and yes, I love that Goanna song too. We had it on full blast as we were driving through Uluru and it was so very fitting! Hope you’re well. x

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      1. That’s so good to know. I wondered if it would feel more spiritual now people can’t climb on it. It seems like it has. I hope I get there sometime in this life but as you, say, meditating on the energy is a journey itself. Thanks for getting ‘out there’ and reporting back. 🙂

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  5. I audibly gasp when I read you picked up a hitchhiker. I am so glad your husband was with you. Felix is correct ““I believe in kindness and trust. Most people are good” he is correct, but most individuals focus on the word “most”. – I love the last image so serene and breathtaking.

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  6. I have been to Uluru. There is something more than a rock there, it made me feel different Maybe the gigantic rock reminded us there is a much higher power and we are here and enjoying what was given to us and so respect is the least we can have for this amazing planet we live in. I love the colours and how they change throughout the day and depending on light. You are so brave giving him a lift and I wish I had the same feeling and trust in strangers I definitely do not and it takes me so much time to trust anyone. Glad all went well and he seems amazing. Yes, I believe ask and you will receive. Soemtimes I wish we receive as fast as your apple but I am patient so I keep visualizing. Have a wonderful weekend. Much love.

    Strong, Single and Human

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    1. Hello dear Cris, I agree with you that Uluru is more than just a rock. There’s a very special and deep spiritual connection to the earth here and such a palpable energy that surrounds it. The colours are gorgeous and always take my breath away. As for being brave and trustworthy, I probably would have thought twice if I was alone. It’s a big decision picking up a stranger but I’m glad we did it. Hope all’s well in your neck of the woods. Have a fabulous week ahead. Much love back. xx


  7. Hello dear Miriam, what a delicious story. Sharing your drive with Felix and experiencing Uluru…you are on an amazing journey for sure.
    Wishing you many more serendipitous moments and meetings.
    Much love 🙋🏻‍♀️😘💞

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    1. Thank you so much my lovely friend. Thinking of you back there in Victoria and hoping that the current LD ends soon. Sending lots of love and warm hugs your way from the NT. ❤️ xx

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      1. A beautiful reply. Thank you so much my dear Miriam. And hello up there. Enjoy your freedom. Perfect timing for you to begin your journey of adventure. Much love and hugs to you too 💖🌸

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  8. I completely understand your feelings at Uluru Miriam, we loved it too. I hope to get back there on day as it’s a beating heart. I look forward to reading more of your trip but am enjoying your photos along the way on other platforms. :). Enjoy as I know you will!

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    1. Great to hear from you Deb and yes, we’re having a fantastic time, such a big beautiful country we live in. Hope you get back to Uluru one day, it’s something very special. xx

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  9. Cara amica, ahhh what a treat indeed. Aboriginal magic and you mesh together superbly… both strong as mother Earth…I absolutely loved taking in your wonderful words of hope, love, and kindness, as well as those INCREDIBLE photographs!! I truly feel like you are taking me along and girl, do I love it!! Beam me right to Uluru:) Also loved hearing about that amazing synchronicity re the veggies – we do absolutely co-create our reality, present, and future. And the more cleared and high-vibing we are, the quicker our desired results can manifest…I feel. Plus, some locations do contribute with their specific energy fields to make it happen quicker… I can feel Uluru’s strength from here, dear! I remember how magical and synchronistic my time in Bali was, too (Ubud). Another magical hotspot… Ahh cara, you got me dreaming! I truly LOVE you and your fab inspiring work, cara. 1000 baci and keep enjoying your magical adventures. Love ya. ❤️❤️✨✨✨

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    1. Hello my beautiful amica, sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. We’ve been off the grid camping in a National park with limited service but having such a wonderful time communing with nature! Oh, you’d love it here my friend, the walks and waterfalls, the birds, sights and sounds truly are connecting me to what really matters. Love what you said about creating our own reality through our thoughts. I hope you’re well cara and keep dreaming hey. The future is ours to make. Sending you much love, lots of big warm hugs and tanti baci from the tropical top end of Australia where I’m absolutely loving life. ❤️❤️

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      1. Ciao cara amica, no worries at all gorgeous! Your trip sounds and looks absolutely divine! Thanks for taking us all along with ya… such a delight!! Yes, dreaming is so important. Dream time:) ❤️ Would love to pop over for a walk and talk in nature with ya cara!!! But so happy for you to be living these adventures. I am in full on work mode… but reminding myself to also enjoy some of the lovely Mediterranean summer vibes here. The future is ours to make ❤️ OMG gotta check out your other posts on tropical top end Australia soon. The furthest north I got was the Sunshine Coast- loved Queensland back in 2014!!! Enjoy your adventures for me cara!! Tanti baci xoxo❤️❤️

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        1. Grazie my lovely, yes today it’s meant to get to a very hot 38C so I think we’ll once again be staying close to the water. You take care, don’t work too hard and make sure you’re doing what you love. Sending big hugs ❤️


  10. Ah how beautiful is our Earth! I feel the magical energy permeating from around the rock… I think I read once it was a giant tree! Very powerful energy! Beautiful pictures and I’m sure you’re having a ball! Hitchhiking is what was quite normal when I was younger, now we must discern everything that comes our way. Love your journey Miriam… I must also get back to writing, but arrived in England last week and looking after my mum❤️ take care, love Barbara x

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    1. Hi Barbara, yes, our earth is incredibly beautiful and so precious. Uluru was very special, almost otherworldly. Hope your mum is well and you too, take care. Sending lots of love. xx ❤️

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  11. Oh Miriam! So beautiful…
    When I scrolled down and came to the photo of Uluru…I was immediately moved and tears came up from my soul and the connection to a place I have never been or seen before was astounding! I have had that feeling before when visiting a truly sacred place…but never before from a photograph! Thank you for sharing not only the photos…and words…but a piece of yourself as well ❤

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    1. Wow! What a comment Lorrie, truly I’m so touched. And it goes to show how connected we are because I had tears in my eyes a few times around Uluru and even when putting this together, it’s hard to explain how spiritual the place feels yet you caught that from my photos. Thank you. Sending so much love your way. xxx ❤️


  12. What a beautiful post which really resonates with me. The story of the Apple is a perfect example how when we lead with our hearts, trust the universe will provide and ask for what we need… Voila. I’m not saying this always happens, but very often the energy we put out there is what we receive back and I have found that knowing what one wants, be it an apple or something else, is helpful to the process. Your photos are gorgeous and it looks and sounds like a very wonderful trip.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more. What we put out is often what we receive back, especially when it’s heartfelt. You would know better than anyone with your recent wonderful news how the Universe often conspires to give us exactly what we need and desire. Thanks for your lovely comment and yes, we’re having a fantastic trip! xx


  13. you both look very happy and love this spiritual sacred space! My favourite song about it and great shots 🙂 I’ve been there twice, walked the complete base and saw it in rain … awesome 🙂

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