A Year of Clarity

What a journey 2020 has been. This time last year we were camped on the South Australian Yorke Peninsula. Bushfires were raging through parts of Australia and there was a sense of foreboding in the air. In my first post, written from our van in Marion Bay, I chose Clarity as the word for 2020. However, little did any of us know what was to follow.

My story on the Yorke Peninsula was later published

Opportunities and Timing

In late February we spent five timely days escorting Canadian blogger Cyranny and her partner to some of our favourite places in the Grampians and along the Great Ocean Road. I wrote about our adventures in my column “When wishes become real” and now, ten months later, it’s finally appeared in the Summer 2020/2021 edition of On the Road Magazine. What a cycle life is.

In mid March, just weeks after their return Covid turned the world on its heels as international borders closed and travel plans worldwide were cancelled. Overnight cities and countries closed down. In March I wrote five posts reminiscing on our recent trips. It was virtual travel at its purest as the real thing ground to a halt.

May saw us in lockdown and for many it was a time of going inward and appreciating the gifts and blessings close to home. Walks every day, photos taken along the way, capturing moments of peace and joy and the miracles of nature would ultimately turn into my first ebook.

Every challenge contains with it the seeds of opportunity and growth.

In June we had a short reprieve from lockdown and over three weekends we made the most of our freedom going away with friends to the beach and enjoying a couple of camping adventures. It was all about taking in the good.

Life is all about grabbing those opportunities when they present themselves and not taking anything for granted.

Then ‘the second wave’ hit and we were plunged into even stricter stay at home restrictions. Fast forward through winter, into September, October and finally, after a marathon 111 days our confinement was lifted.

Reflecting on the Illusion of Reality

It’s interesting looking back. Whilst for me, writing from home, I was relatively unaffected and cocooned, life in Melbourne’s CBD became unrecognisable. A ghost city with surveillance, curfews, isolation, fines, closures, a rogue imported police force, masks and mind control … the latest (believe it or not) is a ban on New Year’s Eve kisses, despite NO cases in Victoria for over two months. A cross between The Truman Show and George Orwell’s 1984? I had to turn it all off.

I stopped watching mainstream news and indeed all television months ago. I took myself away from the repetitive and manipulated fear mongering of the mainstream media. Life has become simpler and less stressful.

In fact, when the box of programming is turned off and we decide to do our own research and trust our intuition, suddenly the spell is broken and things begin to make sense. We start to discern what’s real and what is illusion. The veil is lifted.

For me, reality is a show in which I’m the star. That’s not ego speaking, it’s simply acknowledging our own power and authenticity. It’s living in the moment, feeling deeply and opening our heart to the energies of the Universe. It’s being true to ourselves, regardless of what anyone else thinks. Passion, feeling intensely and expressing ourselves is part of that.

Outside of myself I know that what’s real is what is in nature: animals, mountains, the earth, fire and water, all the natural elements that we connect with and that realigns us with source and our self.

Clarity is the moment we see without opening our eyes and when we look into our heart. As Carl Jung says “who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakens.”

Embracing nature last weekend.

There’s change in the air, I can feel it, the winds of a new timeline are here, skies are bright and clear and somehow life seems calmer. Outside my home I also sense peace. But it’s not complacent. Many of us are aware of what we lost this year and that it could have been much worse.

Unexpected Gifts and Lessons

What has 2020 taught us? I believe it’s brought us many unexpected gifts and lessons. It’s taught us to slow down, to appreciate the little things. It’s taught us work-life balance and to take stock of what matters. It’s taught us to be proactive in our own self care, seeing the importance of honouring ourself. It’s given us time to contemplate and see with different eyes, a clearer perspective. Maybe that’s the basis of clarity.

As the year ends, as we let go of all that’s gone before us and look forward, I feel a quiet but profound sense of optimism. Huge change is imminent and some of what’s coming will rock our world and what we’ve always believed in. But stand grounded in your own strength, because the outside narratives no longer need to take us off course. Remembering to keep the faith amongst the uncertainty is part of the ride.

This is a time to live in love and gratitude, to let go of limiting beliefs and give thanks for all we have and all we are. When we recognise our sovereignty in the grand picture we take responsibility for our own story and our own future.

Here’s to making 2021 a big comeback year, one that’s as epic and amazing as it is unwritten.. Let’s take what we learnt and rewrite the story, where the prize is love, unity and healing. We’re all in the same adventure, we might be in different scenes but we can each be a scriptwriter, so flip the script and let’s write a blockbuster. Shine brightly and never play small.

WE are the creators, WE hold the power, WE are the ones who manifest our ever unfolding reality”. JC Kay. Let’s make that reality as clear, as meaningful and as magnificent as we can.

Happy new year everyone. Let the adventure continue.

In love and light

74 thoughts on “A Year of Clarity

  1. Miriam, I’ve just got my cope of On the Road and as always I flip to your story; I look fwd to reading it.
    Thank you for the words of hope for the year ahead. I watch you struggle through this year and sensed the ups and downs you experienced as did so many others. I was fortunate to have escaped Melbourne just before the big lockdown and spent 5 months immersed in nature in East Gippsland. It was heavenly. As you say nature is the reality.
    I wish you a peaceful year and my hopes for the world are that it rights itself on it wobbly axis and can settle into a new rhythm.
    I watch my inbox for your messages of hope.
    Warmest wishes that you are back out there, out and about, with relish very soon. We hope to spent 6 months the glorious outback this year.
    Happy 2021 xo

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    1. Hi Heather, how lovely to hear from you. I lknow East Gippsland well, being a born and bred Sale girl by heart. Happy to know you spent a large chunk of the year out there and glad to hear you’re doing well. How fabulous to have a huge outback trip planned too. It’s my happy place, as is the beach and the mountains …. We have many plans ahead too so here’s to an exciting and fulfilling year of travel for both of us. And a world that, as you say, can right itself. I do believe it will but we all have to play a part I feel. Take care Heather and I wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful year ahead. xx


  2. I loved this beautiful and inspiring post, Miriam. You nailed it! Turning off the mainstream media is key to keeping our peace. My plan in 2021 is to hold on as tight as I can. I refuse to allow anyone or anything steal my peace. This will pass and like you said, hopefully we can learn from the experience. Wishing you and your family a shiny new year! And that first photo…STUNNING! xo

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    1. Hi Jill, yes I truly believe that turning off the news and television has made a huge difference. So much of what’s on there has kept us controlled and in fear for too long. Love that my post resonated and I love the strength and conviction in your words “I refuse to allow anyone or anything steal my peace.” Yes!! Have a wonderful new year and may 2021 be the beginning of a new era of blessings. xx

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  3. Your optimism is contagious, Miriam. I don’t know what the future holds, but one thing is certain – I plan to do everything in my power to write my script, the one I have been dreaming about. The only direction is forward and into the unknown, and there is simply nothing more exciting than that. Never again will I take for granted one moment of my life. I vow to live the crap out of each second. When I am finally able to ascend high in the sky again, off on another adventure, I will be grateful to have been gifted the opportunity and won’t waste a moment of it. Happy New Year, you beautiful human. May the year ahead be filled with only blessings and love and magic and good health. You deserve only the best. Big hugs and lots and lots of love from this side of the world. ❤️🥂🎉 💕

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    1. Your words hit me in the heart Tanya. Amen to all you wrote, to writing our own script, to flying high and living the crap out of each and every day. Here’s to a wonderful year ahead my beautiful friend. May it be the beginning of the rest and the best of our life. Sending lots of love, big hugs and warm wishes your way. xx 🥂❤️💫

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  4. Absolutely, yes to all. Happy New Year and may the new & unexpected challenges of 2021 be taken in our stride with confidence in ones self!

    and I hope to be able to get out in our van with our boys soon for some much needed perspective!

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  5. We are united by a common destiny across the globe, evolving in a circle Miram. I agree with every word on how 2020 has taught us so many things on how to be one with nature, shed this myopic belief we have as humans. May we all heal and embrace the unlimited.

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  6. Hi Miriam! Clarity indeed 😉
    Congrats on all of your publications…just awesome!!
    And thanks for the clarity in your words that lead us to dig deeper into the year that is passing. I know that we could probably spend quite some time analyzing exactly what happened and how it will continue to affect our future.
    P.S. LOVED the quiz about reality…and found it comforting that we chose the same answer 😉
    “Reality is a show in which I’m the star.”
    Here’s to this new year on the horizon…may we direct it from our souls!!! ❤ ❤

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    1. Hi Lorrie, thanks so much for your lovely words and wishes. You’re right, we could spend ages debating and analysing what transpired this year. But to what point. I’ve realised we’re all on our own journey and what’s important is being true to ourself whilst still respecting others opinions. ☺️
      And happy (though not surprised!) that we chose the same answer on the reality quiz. So in sync. Loved your last line too … directing it from our souls, beautifully said. Big hugs to you ❤️❤️


    1. Haha, washing hands indeed! How could we ever forget? Thanks for your kind wishes L. As it happens I’m typing this sitting on a camp chair, surrounded by big beautiful trees, overlooking a lake with the sounds of birds nearby. Happy new year my fellow camper! 😊


  7. “A Year of Clarity” what a brilliant title for your year end post!

    And so on point, given all your life lessons. And how the universe divinely time how 2020 unfolded for you Miriam.

    So often people will assume that successful people are ‘lucky’ when in fact we make our own luck.

    You worked hard. You tuned it. And you created!

    And now we all benefit from the unwrapping of a year of gifts disguised as adversity.

    Keep Shining My Aussie Friend.

    I can feel your light all the way to my wintery Canadian Home.

    Andrea xoxo

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    1. Hi Andrea, your words made me smile, as I sit here on my camp chair, on a balmy New Years Day, surrounded by a shimmery lake, gum trees, birds and nature. I do feel blessed but you’re right, we all make our own luck don’t we?
      As 2012 unfolds I wish you happiness, good health, creativity, laughter and many blessings as we make this year one to remember. Big warm summer hugs from me. xx

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  8. Travel may have been curtailed but you’ve certainly made it a productive year in any case! I really like your observation that there is a sense of peace out there now but it’s not complacent. We are all so acutely aware that things could change at any moment and I think there is an increased appreciation for what we have and a preciousness about it. Here’s hoping for a wandering 2021 for you, Miriam!

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  9. You’re right, we are the ones who decide what matters in our lives, and it’s so important to make good choices. (I have to say that I was shocked by reading how strict your lockdowns were: 111 days, with imported police to enforce the restrictions? I admit I would have a very hard time dealing with that!) But I love your attitude and your can do spirit! Here’s to a much better, saner, and happier 2021 for all of us! Happy New Year, my friend!

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    1. Thanks Ann and yes, I have to say I’m happy our restrictions are eased though after New Years more measures have been put in place. Seems it’s not over yet but I try and steer clear of all the fear mongering. As you said, here’s to a better, saner and happier 2021!

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  10. Clarity was a perfect them for 2020. Our eyes opened to what is truly important. I had considered clarity as my word for 2020 before I settled on prune. Then just this morning I read this quote: “Clarity is the most important thing. I can compare clarity to pruning in gardening. You know, you need to be clear. If you are not clear, nothing is going to happen. You have to be clear. Then you have to be confident about your vision. And after that, you just have to put a lot of work in.” Diane Von Furstenberg. It was interesting to see clarity compared to pruning. I love how you pointed out how life is about grabbing opportunities when they present themselves. I’m sure that the ability to get out mid-year before the lockdowns began again was refreshing. A ban on New Year’s kisses? That does seem pretty surreal. I limit my news intake as well. The spins on stories very rarely seem to be towards the positive. Here’s hoping that 2021 is less bumpy and the shift brings peace to our souls. Happy New Year, my friend!! xx

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    1. What an interesting analogy, I’d never thought of clarity like that but it’s true, we have to be prepared, have a vision and do the work. Reminds me I have a bit of gardening to do when I get home lol. But yes, so true. There are lots of stories flying around at the moment about new strains etc but I just tell people to use a bit of discernment. If it wasn’t for the news sometimes I think we wouldn’t even be aware of this flu. Makes you wonder. Anyway, take care Amy, keep smiling and looking for those blooms amongst the chaos, cos that’s where the truth really is. Hugs xx

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  11. Dear Miriam, once again a lovely thought provoking post. I too feel the awakening that is happening all around us. I agree with all you say about mainstream news, which I too turned off months ago. No good was coming out of all that. I like this from Jordan Peterson – “Have the Day you want” not the day you think you should have or the day you have to have. What is the point of that. I also like the idea of being mindful of the little details of life and not consistently bored by them. They are what make up our days and we can embrace them and enjoy them. That is from Eckhart Tolle’. But most of all and because of the simplicity of it., Dr Seuss “Be Who you are and say what you feel, Because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”
    I loved the song and the quotes in your post.
    My word for this year is Release I plan to use it in my art and journalling this year. It has a lot of meaning at this moment in my life.
    Happy New Year Miriam. X

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    1. Hi Barbara, I love all that you wrote here and the quotes that you shared. “Have the day you want …” oh yes, if only we could all start each day with intention and vision. And of course that quote by Dr Seuss is so true and so wise.
      Thanks for your continued support and kinship. Here’s to living a year of purpose and clarity and making the most of each day. Release. What a great word! Warmest wishes and love from me. xx

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  12. Wow, a sense of foreboding in the air. I have had the pleasure of getting to know you and your blog this past year, Miriam, and I have learned to pay attention to your words and the multi-layered messages. I am also greatly sensitive to the “energies of the Universe.” It is a difficult concept to put into words.

    I have been contemplating the ‘Illusion of Reality’ recently and interesting how you discuss this concept here. I get it on the Truman Show and 1984.

    I realize I have been inundated with many news sources and one word my husband and I often use is “weary.” And, yes, “…take responsibility for our own story and our own future.” And, yes, “…at peace.” A timely and beautiful post, Miriam, filled with hope and possibility where we are the creators. ❤️

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    1. Hi Erica, I’m so glad to hear that my words resonated with you. I agree with you that it’s hard to conceptualise in words the energies of the Universe, however it’s all very real.
      Here’s to looking ahead with optimism and hope. I think we’ve all been weary and battle scarred through all this but it’s time to turn that around and take control of our own reality. Warmest wishes and a very happy new year to you my friend. xx ❤️

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  13. This sums it up “Life is all about grabbing those opportunities when they present themselves and not taking anything for granted.” I also loved that your word was “clarity” mines was “conversation” and let me just say, 2020 put a me definition on it for me…

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  14. I like the word you gave to this year. Clarity !!!!man sounds classy. With everyone giving negative titles, this one being the last puzzle of the maze making it the beautiful picture, clears all the dirt. Greatest job ☺️.

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  15. So beautifully said, Miriam! I’m searching for renewal and lighter times ahead. Happy New Year to you and your family! Not sure if you’ll recognize my name/photo (previously Jenny Marie, Peace from Panic)… I just wrote a new post (on Peace from Panic) and changed the name of my site administrator, so I’m not sure if you recognize this comment as that. Kind of confusing, hopefully I did it right! Anyway, I’m back to the blog and excited about it! Take care xo

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    1. Hi Jenny and happy new year to you too! Yes, I did recognise you, as I saw your blog name straight away. So glad you’re back to blogging and I can’t wait to read. Hope you have a wonderful, renewing and exciting year ahead. xx

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  16. Happy New Year! I agree, it had been a year of clarity. It’s a shame that it took a global pandemic for me to finally look within myself to follow a path I want to walk. I always wished I had a pause button for life and covid kinda gave me that. I’m glad I’m here and grateful for what is. I hope 2020 has created a collective consciousness of gratitude which will create a brighter tomorrow!

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  17. 2020 has taught me that the real problem in this world is the human mind and how easily it can be manipulated by those who seek power. “Never let a crisis go to waste” said a politician in this country not long ago and I think many took hold of this crisis and pushed this country to the brink of civil unrest not seen since the civil war of 1861. Are we headed for another war? I certainly hope not, but if the lying and cheating continue something will have to give. I believe Covid is really a serious problem, but I also believe this problem has been used as a wedge to push one agenda of politics against another. Neither of which I totally agree with. I’m thankful in a way that I only have me to care for at this time and I truly feel for those with a family as their plight could become very troubling if things go bad in the future. Let’s pray nothing happens and it’s just my imagination running away with me, proving the human mind is the weakest organ in the body of mankind.

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    1. You’re right John, the human mind is very easily manipulated by those who seek power and last year was a prime example of that. Although I do believe the virus is real, I also believe that the real issue was all about control and a political agenda which is still being played out. And honestly, I think we’ve been in the midst of a war for the past year, a spiritual war between good and evil. I’m holding tight onto faith that good will win. Time will tell I guess but I’m quietly optimistic.

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