Bringing colour into December

As I write this from my van it’s raining outside. We’re camped on the edge of a lagoon near Gunbower Island in Victoria and the sky is grey. There’s no sunshine and who knows what the next 24 hours will bring. That’s the unpredictability of nature and, indeed, of life. The heat disappeared an hour ago and made way for persistent summer rain.

But I’m not complaining, far from it. It’s the second weekend in a row since lockdown ended we’ve been out and about in our Journey. How could anyone complain about this view?

When it comes to camping, and the weather, you get what you get. From one moment to the next, life is changeable, unpredictable and all we can do is roll with it.

It was the same last weekend when we travelled to South Gippsland, just for the night. 24 Hours in Port Albert, that’s the title of my latest travel article. I love the place and it’s amazing how much you can fit into 24 hours, without even trying.

Port Albert used to be one of the busiest ports in South Gippsland but these days it’s all about fishing and tourism so this quiet village welcomes travellers with open arms. We parked our rig right on the wharf area, in a designated free RV area, with prime water views.

I caught up with an old school friend who lives nearby and we enjoyed fish and chips from Castim on the Jetty, a fabulous new waterfront kiosk. It was great to support a local business that had struggled to stay afloat during Covid. Their prawn twisters were the best! As we sat enjoying lunch on the waterfront my friend Jane commented on how calm it was. Port Albert, as we were to find out, can get mighty windy.

Later that afternoon we drove into Yarram, a nearby town that’s had a huge facelift during Covid. Facing uncertain economic times a couple of locals commissioned well known street and silo artist Heesco Khosnatan to transform the streetscape and that’s exactly what he did, painting 15 vibrant and colourful murals on walls throughout the town. It’s now affectionately known as HEESCO town and has brought this regional community to life.

That night, back in Port Albert, we enjoyed a peaceful barbecue before a walk out on the jetties. The air was still and the lights from the pier shimmied on the water, it was so calm and mesmerising. Almost too calm.

The following morning I woke to dazzling light breaking through cloud. Change was in the air, I could feel it. Throwing on a coat, I left hubby sleeping and was lulled out to the pier … and then the next pier … and before I knew it I was down at the wharf. I walked the entire length of the town and the foreshore, all still wearing my nightie underneath my coat! Good thing it was only me and the early birds about!

I remember looking up, into the sun and feeling such a burst of love, such gratitude for life, such wonder at our world. My heart was overflowing. Have you ever had those moments of pure joy, that reduce you to tears because of their sheer beauty? Moments that make you feel so alive, so at one with creation. That’s how I felt. It was overwhelming in its intensity.

I stopped, closed my eyes. Stood and breathed it all in.

At the still point

Where the Calm is

In the eye of the storm

Amidst the chaos of reality

There I found myself. (Tusasi Menon)

By the time I got back to the van the colours and the light were disappearing. As quickly as the light had shone through the clouds and lit up the sleepy port, they had darkened. The waters now resembled a rippling and rumbling beast. Such is mother nature’s unpredictable moods.

Then the winds came, so ferocious I thought we would be blown from Oz to Kansas. Trying to pull the pop top roof down caused some colourful language from the other half. Then a huge gust lifted the top and shifted the roof and things fell into place. Hubby, who’s not religious, told me afterwards the Jayco Gods must have been looking out for us. I told him, by crikey, I sure as shit was praying! And someone up above listened.

Life’s rarely perfect. It’s not all sunshine. We all know that as we navigate this strange year. As I type this (one fingered and completely on my IPhone) I’m grateful for it all. Here the only distraction is the cosy sound of rain on the roof of our van and cockatoos in the distance.

The sun will come out again. We’ll sit outside (I hope) and hear the birds, maybe catch some stars if the clouds lift and, if they don’t, life will go on. The sun will still rise tomorrow.

Now, I’m writing again, it’s nearly seven hours after I started this post. It’s nearly midnight. Earlier the rain bucketed down, the winds came and afterwards so did a faint rainbow. Then, as though the angels decided to give us a reprieve during dinner, the clouds morphed to blue sky and sunshine dazzled across the water. The light was beautiful and dinner was another glorious moment to give thanks for.

When grey skies turn to bliss, who needs a five star restaurant when you have a view like this?

What lights you up and brings you joy? Whatever it is, do more of it. Look for the colour amongst the grey. A silver lining amongst the clouds. The empathy amongst the division. Wherever you are, my wish for you is for colour, love and light to fill up your world.

Stay well and don’t let the storm clouds dull your path. Remember the truth of nature, that light always shines through the darkness. Faith always triumphs over fear. And love always wins.

In love and light

Early morning awe in Port Albert

161 thoughts on “Bringing colour into December

  1. Miriam, your post is beautiful and harmonious, as life should be at its best.

    I know the feeling you talk about at that morning walk. You suddenly get overfilled with joy, gratitude and the wonder of how beautiful all is just then. I do fell tears at such times, warm tears.


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  2. Miriam, I hope it was okay that I tagged along!! 😀 Such beautiful views, moments of overwhelming joy one feels all complete. Oh yes, I’ve experienced such moments in life and they are a true blessing! I’m happy you can get out and about again … safely supporting local businesses along the way. Take care and continue to find those spiritual moments of epiphany! love & hugs xx

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    1. Hi Annika, of course it was okay you tagged along, the more the merrier! 😁 Don’t you just love those moments that truly make us feel so alive and connected.I know you feel it too. Sending big hugs and blessings your way. 💙🙏

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  3. Pff to a 5 Star restaurant, nothing tops that view! 1000 times over I would choose it over a table at the fanciest restaurant in the world. I’ll take the breathtaking beauty…and the bugs, thanks!! When I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge once, I had a moment like the one you experienced on your walk. An indescribable feeling that I was more alive than I had ever been. My heart felt as though it would burst from unadulterated bliss. That moment changed the course of my life, and I haven’t been the same since. I love that you experience those moments, too, Miriam. And that you see the world through such a passionate and appreciative lens. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, my friend. ❤️

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    1. I know I’ve said this before Tanya, but when you get your butt out to Australia I will take you camping and we’ll live the night life outback style. You’d love it and we’d have so much fun! Thank you for coming along with me virtually. Your experience on the Brooklyn Bridge sounds life changing. Bliss and joy, that’s what it’s all about. Here’s to more of them for both of us. Big hugs my friend. xx

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      1. You can count on that happening, Miriam. It is one of the things I am looking forward to most when the skies open once again. No more pissing around; I am booking a ticket and getting my butt to that side of the world. I know I will have the time of my life camping with you!! I can’t wait. ⛺️🍷😍

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    1. Thanks Glenys and yes, you’d love Yarram. It was even a surprise to me having grown up not too far away. Seems this art form of rejuvenating towns is taking the country by storm.

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  4. what a joyful uplifting post, I know those ‘moments’ and we both feed off nature!

    That artwork will bring much joy and many more to the town, smart idea! If only all our blank walls could have such beautiful scenery 🙂

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    1. Yes Kate, I agree. Art form on this large scale not only looks fantastic but is such a boost for these rural communities.
      Thanks for your kind words, we both do indeed feed off nature. Sending love. 😊

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  5. Goodness, two weekends in a row with rain. At least that bodes a little better for the fire season. I can imagine that you were so keen to be anywhere, out of lockdown. I remember saying that I didn’t care if it rained every day in my two weeks in Tasmania, after not having a holiday for 8 years. Did it feel as liberating as that holiday?
    I am lucky to experience that same light and magnificence in the early morning on the beach where I live. It never ceases to inspire awe in me. Now I practise a form of Tai Chi, daily on the beach with a group and we are spoilt with those morning vistas. So glad to see you getting “out and about,” again. ( notwithstanding the strong wind).

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    1. I love Tassie, in fact I mentioned it to hubby over the weekend that I’d like to take the van over and see it again, if it wasn’t so expensive! Rain doesn’t bother me, especially if it rains during the night leaving the days free to explore. Yes, travel is always liberating, no matter where we go and whatever the weather!
      Lucky you living near the beach. Enjoy that Tai Chi Amanda, what a great way to start each day.


        1. I imagine so. A similar situation when we want to take our car over to Stradbroke island a 40 minute boat trip. $10 pp as a pedestrian passenger on the catamaran flyer – more than a hundred bucks on the vehicular ferry.

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  6. Just beautiful Miriam. I love the image of you wandering the streets in your nightie under your coat and yes life is never perfect. I have cried at nature’s beauty on occasions and I appreciate the imagery in your post. So true with lovely quotes too. Enjoy your journey my friend xx

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    1. Thanks Deb. Gosh, just the memory of wandering around in my nightie kinda makes me chuckle. But yes, nature can be mind blowing can’t it, so beautiful. I know you understand. Big hugs my friend and you enjoy the journey too. xx

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  7. Such a beautiful location! I’d have been away out of the door too, Miriam. I can never understand how the other half can stay in bed on sparkling mornings like this, but then, to have those moments to yourself, when the world is all yours, is rather fabulous, isn’t it? 🙂 🙂 Love the mechanic’s institute lady! Trying not to be a misery boots this Christmas but I’m often lacking ‘the spark’. Have a beautiful festive season!

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    1. Aww Jo, you sound like me. I’m always the one that’s out walking each morning (gosh I should have tagged you in my walk shouldn’t I?) wanting to catch that sunrise and early rays. You’re right, that alone time is pretty special. BTW everyone celebrates the festive season their own way, I’m feeling more quiet than usual. Nothing wrong with that. Hugs. 😍


  8. This post was a breath of fresh air, Miriam. There really is light after the storm. The storm here has gathered force and it is taking me everything I’ve got to stay afloat. I believe another huge shift happened and we will soon see the light with more force. Bless you for this glorious post! I’m so happy for you and your husband that you can enjoy life. It is in the simple things we find sheer JOY. Much love to you!! xo

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    1. Hello Amy, yes I believe another shift has happened too. Over here I’m staying in my happy place and away from the politics. We will see the light soon, indeed I believe we already are seeing it, because we ARE the sunshine behind the clouds. It’s all in our perception. Stay well my friend and keep focusing on those simple happy things. Sending much love. ❤️

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      1. Good news, Miriam. The post I published yesterday fully red-pilled my husband. Now he presently doing research going down rabbit holes. What do you know. Do not give up on your hubby. It was a wild ride! Sending much love to you!! xo


      2. Good news, Miriam. The post I published yesterday fully red-pilled my husband. Now he presently doing research going down rabbit holes. What do you know. Do not give up on your hubby. It was a wild ride! Sending much love to you!! xo

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  9. Hey Miriam! It was fun to take this little trip with you…and boy do I get it how fast nature can change. My sister moved to Kansas and I always fear for her…and pray that she won’t take a trip to Oz 😉
    I know exactly what you mean…that feeling that is so hard to explain…but it hits you at your heart center and it is the most perfect love and it allows you to feel connected to every single thing…every single person…animal…sound!
    Also love how you hit upon colors and their connection to our emotions…seems to be theme for me and something that I am noticing a lot lately.
    Hope you are yours are well!! Stay safe…keep living. May you always feel perfect love! ❤

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    1. Thank you Lorrie, both for your warm wishes and your beautiful words here. You and I both feel intensely, I can sense that, and how wonderful that is, to feel that deep connection with it all. Love and blessings to you. Have a great week ahead.❤️

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      1. It is so wonderful to connect, Miriam. I know we have not had a long relationship here, but it feels as if I have known you forever! That instant kind of ‘My soul recognizes your soul’ connection…and it is quite beautiful!
        Here’s to a new week filled with great things…many Sweet Blessings! ❤

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        1. I feel the same way Lorrie, as if I’ve known you forever, and it’s such a special feeling. When we find our soul tribe we know it to the core. Enjoy your week too my friend. May it bring lots of colour and love. xx ❤️

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  10. All the photos were good, but that last one was incredible! And I loved the message of this whole post…you’re finally able to travel a bit again, and you’re doing that and enjoying it, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Because you’re right, life doesn’t always give us what we want, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the good moments when they come, and make the best of the bad situations too. Sometimes those dark moments not only remind us that we’re stronger than we think, but they make us appreciate the light ones so much more. Take care, Miriam!!!

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    1. Yes, so true Ann. If we didn’t have that contrast we wouldn’t enjoy all the good times nearly as much. And you’re right, we’re all much stronger than we think. All the best to you over there, in the lead up to Christmas. x

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  11. Kudos to you Miriam for your dedication in typing one fingered to get this post out.. 🙂 And what a joy to read, as you travel and enjoy such lovely places.. Meeting old school friends… So happy you are able to travel and get out to enjoy your brighter Summer weather….
    And yes not all days are full of sunshine… as we know… But even after a storm or those heavy showers… We know the Sun is always there, ready to shine once again..
    So too will our world shine again..
    Much love dear friend… ❤

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    1. You’re so right Sue, the sun is always there, ready to shine, even after the darkest day. Thank you for all your comments and the lovely visit today. Wishing you a happy and peaceful week ahead. BTW, I’ve read all the emails between you, Amy & Donna and, though I’ve been quiet, know that I’m thinking of you. Sending lots of love and warm wishes. Take care. 💜


  12. So happy that you can get out and about the sense of freedom and joy is felt in this post. Glad to know you were safe in the gust of wind and the views here are to die for. Love the art work too. keep doing more of things you love as life is short and gratitude is for sure necessary to remind us all we are and have. wishing you a wonderful week Miriam

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    1. Thank you Cris. You’re so right, life is short, too short to not do the things that we love to do. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead my friend, filled with all the things that make you happy. 💜


  13. There is little better in life than ‘Van Life’! We really missed being able to adventure in ours this year. Thank you for a wonderful post and igniting some excitement for the future (hopefully in a camper again)!

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  14. No way do you need a restaurant with amazing views like that. Love the phrase ‘blown from Oz to Kansas’, not heard it before and it perfectly describes the weather. Brilliant.

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        1. Yeah, there’ll be a lot of people on the roads. Hub’s working hard and long hours in the new job so we won’t get away for a little while. But no rush … next year and WA beckons!


  15. I’m so happy that you’ve been able to get and travel, Miriam. Nature always shares so many lessons, doesn’t she? It looks like you are visiting some gorgeous places. I love that they’ve done those murals. I’m always a fan of any that I see. 🙂 Thank you for your beautiful wisdom. My wish for you is for color, love, and light to fill your world as well, my friend. xx

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    1. Oh Amy, you’ve just expanded my heart tenfold! Thank you so much for your beautiful words. I wish you the same my friend and trust that your world right now is happy and peace filled. xx

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