Superstitions and Signs

Are you superstitious? Tomorrow is Friday the 13th, a day many believe is unlucky. But truly, how can any Friday be considered unlucky? I’ve always thought of it as the best day of the week, especially when I was working my 9-5 job. Still, I do believe in chance, I have a bit of a thing with numbers and if you sneeze round me I’ll likely bless you! So, does that make me superstitious?

What even is luck?

In 2016, on another Friday the 13th, I published a post called Fortunes and Flashbacks. In it I reminisced about my good fortune in winning an all expenses paid gourmet culinary trip to Tuscany, back in 2002. Now that was pure luck personified!

Fast forward to 2020 and I think about all the folklores and concepts that have, over time, influenced how we feel about certain things. Superstitions that often shape decisions and actions that colour our lives. Like these …

Walking under a ladder is bad luck.
So is having a black cat cross your path.
Don’t stand on the cracks in the pavement.
Don’t open umbrellas indoors.
Cross our fingers and toes (and whatever else) if you need extra luck.
Itchy palm? It’s most likely good luck.
Do you throw salt over your shoulder when you spill it?
Or knock on wood?

Some cultures take it to extremes. For example, in Romania if your palm is itchy you’ll either receive money or, on the other extreme, get beaten. If you sit in the corner of a table you’ll never get married. And never make payments on a Monday or else you will give money all week. Never leave your purse on the floor in Romania or you’ll lose money. However, if you spill your coffee you’ll receive money.

Whistling indoors supposedly leads to financial problems in Russia. In Norway, whistling at the sun is said to cause rain. And in Romania it’s meant to rain when cows raise their tails.

It gets weirder. We all know that if a bird poops on you it’s meant to bring good luck but did you know that stepping in dog poop is actually considered good luck in France, but only if you you do it with your left foot. Maybe someone can explain that one to me.

As I wrote in my post four years ago I’m not superstitious although I do believe in signs. I love black cats and believe in the synchronicity of angel numbers. I think many symbols of our time have been inverted to make us doubt, fear and question what we don’t understand.

For example 666 has always been considered the number of the beast. But why and is it really? Have a listen to this short explanation by Jason Shurka.

Superstition comes from a time when life was uncertain and you felt you didn’t have control. People needed hope. Does that feel familiar?

For me personally, in the four years since I wrote Fortunes and Flashbacks life has been filled with the perpetual ups and downs, with many blessings and a few hardships. The greatest was losing my beautiful mum to a prolonged brain injury. Even in that time of grieving and loss there were lessons and she left me a legacy of kindness, gratitude and compassion.

Today, in November 2020, I look at the world through awakened eyes and feel the energy that is continuously shifting. If we can let go of the fear and the uncertainty there’s so much earthly wonder beyond what we can imagine. So much infinite possibility for a better world.

The truth, I believe, is that we create our own reality and our own “luck”. We know that thoughts create our beliefs. Like attracts like. Love attracts love or, at the very least, a peaceful heart. Our world is an illusion and when we take note of the signs things begin to make sense.

Look beyond the exterior and find your focus. At a time when things seem to be in disarray we can find a sense of calm and stillness within. I liken it to around my home at the moment which needs a mountain of maintenance. I could become overwhelmed or I can see what I have, a sanctuary that keeps me active, co-creating with nature and her miraculous cycles.

Life is all about perspective.

2020 has been a year like no other. It’s tested us, challenged our beliefs, made us question what’s real and what is illusion and, fundamentally, what is important. And it’s not over yet. There are signs all around us, of the bigger picture, of what’s to come, if we keep our eyes and minds open.

Signs and superstitions. Call them harmless, spooky, fun or frivolous, it’s all in our perception. Believe in the power of the Universe and open yourself to its laws of luck, synchronicity and abundance. It’s all there, within us.

Wherever you are in the world I wish you peace, happiness and an open heart filled with unwavering hope and love. And an extra dash of good ole fashioned luck!

In love and light

Close your eyes, make a wish and blow!

87 thoughts on “Superstitions and Signs

  1. I enjoyed your post, Miriam. Thank you so much for it!

    “What is luck?” I’m rather uncomfortable with the notion of luck as a meaningful concept. Perhaps it’s just me, but I distinguish between chance and luck. Chance we have no control over. Luck is the notion that we can in some sense or way influence chance by being ‘lucky’ or ‘unlucky’, but throwing salt over our shoulders, etc.

    To me, believing in luck is messing with one of the most precious things about life — that it is to some extent unpredictable. It’s that unpredictability that encourages us to make the most of every moment, to cherish what we have (for we can lose it), and so forth. It’s the foundation of passion for living. So, when for whatever reason we deny the unpredictability of life, we are dulling down our lives.

    Now, as I say, that’s just my opinion. I wouldn’t go so far as to claim everyone’s psychology is the same here. Most likely, many people don’t find the same benefits as I do from embracing the unpredictability of life. But that’s cool. Innocent differences are the spices of life!

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    1. I know what you mean Paul. I wished my 19yo son good luck today, as he sat in our kitchen doing his online first year Uni science exam, and I realised it was wrong. Because luck implies a lack of control, as you said, and he was very much prepared. So it’s a notion (and saying) we’ve become accustomed to using, maybe falsely.
      But winning that trip to Tuscany, yes, that was pure luck! Or meant to be, who knows?
      Regardless, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I’m with you on embracing the unpredictability of life. Totally.

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  2. A lovely post, Miriam, and some weird and wonderful superstitions. If I were French I’d never want to put either foot into dog poo, no matter how much luck it might bring me. I wonder if that also applies to them when they’re barefoot at the beach?

    Another one for you: some here say it is unlucky to put new, unworn shoes on a table – go figure!

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    1. Hi Clive, that French idea of one foot in dog poo being good luck does nothing for me either! Not a nice thought, especially at the beach. And yes, I HAD heard of that strange superstition about not putting new shoes on the table. What a weird world.

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      1. Lol, how funny, if you guys don´t mind me interrupting – that happened to me too once! I was on the way to a dance class and boom – the bird pooped straight on my head just before getting there! Cheers for the reminder, had totally forgotten about that unique experience😂 😂 😂 Lol

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  3. I think fo Friday the 13th as a lucky day. Black cats are my favorite. And since I was called the Antichrist in a public meeting once, I love 666.

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  4. Thanks for a calm view of our interesting times. I’m not much for superstitions either but agree that we can watch for feedback from the universe. I love this part of your post “If we can let go of the fear and the uncertainty there’s so much earthly wonder beyond what we can imagine.” This is the continual challenge and dance in life.

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    1. Thanks Brad. You’re right, letting go really is the challenge, letting go of old ways of thinking and opening up to new ideas and possibilities. In many ways it’s an exciting time.

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  5. While I was reading your post, I kept trying to think of just one thing I am superstitious about I can’t think of anything! What’s that about?? *head scratcher* I do have a tendency to select seats on the left hand side of the bus or airplane and I don’t know what that’s about. Perhaps it requires further examination. Tomorrow I am going to walk under a ladder and seek out a black cat just for the heck of it! Ha. Hope your 13th is going well so far, Miriam! Big hug, beautiful lady. xo

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  6. One thing I found odd. I lived in a highrise , and the thirteenth floor was missing. I mean the floor is there, but the name it fourteen. It’s so silly that these superstitious beliefs can affect something like a buildings floors. Some apartments do this, amd not only the one I lived in. Are people really that afraid of ge number 13?? Lol

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    1. I’ve actually heard of that, where the 13th floor is missing, or rather isn’t named. How absolutely weird. It’s like something out of the Twilight Zone isn’t it!


  7. True, life is all about perspective. I’ve learnt so many beliefs that people hold from this post. I can only imagine the reasons that gave life to the superstitions. I’ve had a keen interest in numerology lately and the video you’ve shared makes perfect sense of the two numbers mentioned. Its genious really, to blind masses through fear and myths. Loved the post.

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  8. Life is indeed about perspective, and that perspective shapes how we feel about everything. A conscious effort to shape our perspective and control our thoughts can lead to better health and a better outcome in all we do. My mother said to me once that I was a control freak, and she was right. I wish to control me for a better me.

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  9. Ciao cara amica and lioness extraordinaire, grazie tanto for another uplifting, fun, hopeful, and very insightful post:) ❤️ Wow that´s so cool that you won that competition and went to Tuscany! What a fabulous thing to experience. Yep, just like you I am a big believer in magic, in synchronicities, signs and in the bigger-picture-view. And superstitions are something I´d probably rather look at as culturally interesting phenomena! How interesting that the French believe stepping into dog´s poop with one´s LEFT foot is lucky – I´ll try that out with…drumroll… Lucky 😛 I definitely do not believe in Friday the 13th bringing bad luck – at least not consciously, lol. Thank you so much for once again helping me focus on the bird´s eye view, on love, hope, and positivity! Big hug and molto amore per te, cara ❤️❤️❤️ Tanti baci xoxoxo

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    1. Hello gorgeous, finally getting a chance to catch up on all your comments! Thank you for your lovely words here. Signs, synchronicities and superstition are all pretty fascinating aren’t they. Glad to hear that things are smoothing out for you at your end. I hope you have a beautiful weekend. As I mentioned I’m off to visit my daughter this weekend which I’m pretty excited about. Take care you and we’ll talk real soon. Big hugs and tanti baci xxxxx ❤️ P.S Careful where you stand lol 😁

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  10. I have to admit that I can’t ever think of stepping in dog poop as lucky, no matter what foot! I really wonder where that one came from? But I agree with your post and really relate to it. There is so much change around us that it can be natural to react with fear (and goodness knows that’s encouraged these days). But we don’t have to be afraid, we can be positive and hopeful, and tap into the natural goodness that is already around us. And I agree that like attracts like…if we look for good things, we will find them!

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    1. So true Ann, it seems that fear is really perpetrated and ramped up these days, especially in the media, which I prefer to stay away from. Better to create our own reality of what we do want, and that includes NOT stepping in dog poop lol. Have a great weekend. x

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  11. a quirky and different post Miriam, what a blessing to win that! Your message of love hope and connection are eternal and crucial for us all at this time, thanks 🙂

    Hope the lad did well, expect he did 🙂

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    1. Hello dear Kate, it was indeed a blessing. A long time ago now but I still have many fond memories.
      Thanks for your kind words. And yes I think Daniel did well. Have a lovely weekend. 😊

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  12. Great post on superstitions. The examples are fun. (I cannot explain the dog poop/left foot/luck thing–very strange.) I do believe superstitions were used as an attempt regain control and deal with uncertainty. We do what we can do, I suppose, in a world where we have little control. Happy World Kindness Day, again, to you. Hope your day was full of kindness. ❤

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    1. Hey Sarah, thanks for your great comment. I agree, there are some weird and whacky superstitions around and no doubt invented from weird and uncertain times. Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!! 😊


  13. What a fun post, Miriam. Friday the 13th has always seemed lucky to me, too. I know that the “7 years bad luck when a mirror breaks” belief came about because, at that time, mirrors were so expensive that it took seven years to be able to buy another one. I’m a dual French citizen, so I’d heard of the French dog poop superstition, but I don’t know how that one originated. Don’t get me started on angel numbers, haha. There are a couple that literally hound me to the point of being comical 🙂

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    1. Hi Julie, glad you enjoyed my post but still no one’s been able to enlighten me on that French left footed superstition of stepping in dog poop, how funny! Yes, those angel numbers tend to follow me around too. Lots of signs everywhere. Hope all’s well in your world. Take care. x


  14. Now talking about luck, my sister in law won a trip to Tahiti on a Cadbury wrapper…it was the time of the nuclear tests. After much kerfuffle she chose London instead. While there she books a tour to Ireland, sits next to a nice bloke on the bus and what do you know it’s hubby’s brother ( who you’ll know as Woody the Elder) and the rest is history. I guess eating chocolate is akin to Tinder and we’re all lucky she opened that chocolate wrapper.

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    1. Love it! What a wonderful story. Life is so mysterious and wonderful isn’t it. Clearly she was meant to eat that chocolate, go to London and find herself on that bus. 😊


  15. I love to read about folklore, traditions, and superstitions. I find it all so fascinating. I can see how it would make them feel like they had some sense of control. Synchronicity and signs are some of my favorite things to notice. Sending you much love and light, my friend!! xx

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    1. Thanks Amy, this was a fun post to write. Aside from the superstitions, signs and synchronicities really are fascinating and these days I seem to be seeing them more and more too. Stay well my friend and have a great week. xx

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  16. Miriam, you know me being a rebel and all I consider Friday the 13th lucky! Reverse psychology or something like that. I DO create my own luck TRUE yet there are days when I seem for example drop a lot of things and I roll my eyes and say …. don’t tell me it’s gonna be one of those kind of days. LOL And then I quickly change that to …. oh this is a great day and I AM not dropping anything! LOL
    Soooooooo BIG (((HUGS))) about your Mom. Honey, I know how deep that pain goes yet the blessings involved I know too. Hugely. I’ve yet to fully be able to talk about my Mom, but that’s OK. Some day perhaps.
    Thank YOU for having a backbone and knowing which side of the fence you are on. Of late I’ve seen so many who insist on sitting on the fence. Oh no! Not us! When the blessings do come, those of us who have been fiercely holding on to integrity and love, refusing to allow the lies to control us, we will SO appreciate those very same blessings. I wonder what those who a) have hate in their hearts right now or b) have fear in their hearts right now or c) have cowardice in their hearts right now, will feel when ALL is revealed. Glad to be NOT in their shoes. I wonder, gee I wonder if those of us who have been faithful to not allowing this evil to control us, IF somehow we get a reward. LOL Now that would be cool beans!!
    It seems the insanity has been rising rising rising here the states so I leave you with a little humor …. enjoy!! The latest mandate is we cannot have more then 10 people in homes for Thanksgiving with our governor going so far as saying cancel Thanksgiving. I had to laugh when I heard the Sheriffs will NOT enforce this at all. What a shame!

    PS Getting in a tad bit of trouble over on Twitter so I’d best ya know, chill. LOL

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    1. Amy, you rebel woman, I’m grinning from ear to ear. Thanks for the clip and the laughs this morning. Honestly, it’s a world gone mad and there are some days when it really does feel like we’re watching a Chevy Chase movie. I say watching because I don’t really feel a part of it, I feel as though I’m on the sidelines watching it play out. Crazy. I keep waiting for the good guys to come in and show their hand! I guess in the meantime, in the midst of all this craziness, all we can do is hold our own and keep the faith. And know that In the end love will win.
      A reward? Hmm, I’d be happy if my home mortgage disappeared lol.
      Take care, look after yourself and try and stay out of too much mischief. Then again, just keep being you! Big hugs from me xxxx 😍

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      1. LOL Giggles. I too am watching the movie feeling removed from it. Oh yeah the good guys are coming soon. Have faith and I know you do. Imagine cleaning up the swamp worldwide. Yes love wins hands down all the time. SOOO happy you liked that clip from Chevy Chase. OMG! I roared when my brother sent it to me. Teehee ….. As for me being me …. gee. I know no other way. 🤣😜💞

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        1. Yay, go you! And as for cleaning out the global swamp, my backyard, the never ending maintenance etc it seems to be the focus of the moment but far out, it’s gonna be a whole new reality when it’s done. 😊💕

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  17. I do not think I am superstitious, yet I pay attention to coincidences, numbers, serendipity and synchronicity. I wonder if this is the positive end of superstitious?

    I read further in your post about synchronicity of angel numbers. This came to my attention for the first time about 5 years ago when my granddaughter was born on January 11th and a nurse mentioned to me how she is watched over by angels. I still get goosebumps. One of my daughters is a January 1st baby.

    A huge wow, on your culinary trip in 2002! A fascinating and thought-provoking post, Miriam. Many wise words “…our world is an illusion…” “….life is all about perspective…”. Thank you for sharing you and the ripple effect you create.❤️

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    1. Hi Erica, what a lovely comment, thank you. I think you and I are similar in that we take note of the signs and synchronicities as opposed to the superstitions! It’s amazing how often Angel numbers follow us around and how often I see triple numbers, eg 111. But I guess we all notice that at some stage. Goosebumps indeed about your granddaughter.
      Hope you’re keeping well and happy in your part of the world. Enjoy the coming weekend. x💜

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      1. One of my first few posts on my blog was about seeing 11, 111’s everywhere. There were some initial worries about my granddaughter, and the ICU nurse was trying to comfort us. This conversation is making me aware how the timing may be right to further share this story. Calmkate and I just had a mini conversation about how she met you in real life. I have met Kate recently through my daughter. Our planet is not too big at all. 🙂 Have a great weekend, too, Miriam. xx ❤️

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        1. Oh, that’s wonderful, on all counts. Please do share that story again if you can Erica. I’d love to read it. And yes, Kate and I met a couple of years ago and shared some wonderful time together. Our world and planet seems to be getting smaller all the time! I love it! 💜 xx

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