Disclosure in October

It’s happening. The veil’s being lifted as more and more truths are being uncovered, as high profile figures are being exposed and long held systems are beginning to crumble. Huge changes are underway.

As these changes surface there’s going to be shock waves that challenge us. Our world, our earth and our humanity is moving headlong into a new future and there’s no turning back. Ready or not, we’re all on board for the ride.


We’ve lived in a multi layered existence for so long that we’ve become used to it. However, as the months have passed and our level of awareness has deepened, at least for many of us, things are slowly coming out. The heavy energy is changing, it’s becoming lighter and more transparent. Can you feel it?

Here in Melbourne, as spring settles into the Southern Hemisphere I feel the subtle shift of energy and a resonance with the changes around me.

Time seems to be moving so quickly. Days, weeks and months are flying by and the seasons have morphed from autumn to winter to spring seemingly overnight.


So what’s coming out? Well, right here nothing overtly monumental. That will be revealed by other sources, in due course. Everything has its timing

But in my world right now I can tell you what IS coming out. It’s the buds and bulbs pushing out of the dark soil of winters past. It’s the fields of flowers and daisies that Harry and I traipse through.

It’s a sense that the whole frequency of the planet is shifting and illusions are lifting as the collective consciousness is rising.

Up above I swear the birds are happier, closer and more melodic. On the ground there’s a hint of civil disobedience as people are slowly breaking out of this stranglehold of fear.

My focus this month has not been on the outer dramas and madness of the world but rather that inner place of sanctuary within myself.

Whilst I’m well aware and not immune to all the senseless restrictions still ramping up around us, I’ve chosen to focus my attention on what I can control and that’s a place of acceptance, self love and healing.

I’ve found this place in nature.

Walking my 10,000 steps everyday, listening to the music of the natural world, the birds, the whispers of the wind and feeling the warmth of the spring sun on my cheeks.

I’ve found this place in the grounding of the earth.

In my garden and in the growing of new seeds, vegetables and spring growth. Tending my patch and waiting patiently for the harvest, just as we wait for our collective freedoms to be ‘officially’ restored.

I’m found this place in meditation.

Every morning I start my day by going within and sitting in quiet stillness. Sometimes it’s a hard slog getting out of bed but, making time for energy and breath work exercises (thanks Maria Elena!) and a guided meditation before getting on with my day is always worth it.

I’ve found this place in connection.

Within myself, with nature around me, with people close to me and with like-minded kindred spirits on line.

The world is unfolding as it needs to. The script is written, is being played out and we all have a part in shaping it. What part are you playing? Are you reconnecting with what matters and taking time for self care?

At the moment there’s so much external stimulation out there so the best gift we can give ourself is to simply be.

I’ve found this place in music

Close your eyes, put your head set on and let the music and the words transport you in this uplifting song …

You’ve found yourself alone in a room
Total devastation
In the darkness you must enter the code
And crack the combination all on your own
Pick yourself up and search for the light
Hungry for a new start
It’s your chance now to stand up and fight
Take the next step now a day at a time
Open up, open up
Everybody’s waiting
From high above
Feel the love
Open up your windows
Let in the sun
Let in the sun …

Good to see you with your feet on the track
Waiting for a restart
Leaving all that once what was holding you back
Want you to see the sun rise as fast as you can
Pick it up, turn it round
Want you to see the sun rise as fast as you can
Open up, open up
Everybody’s waiting
From high above
Feel the love
Open up your windows
Let in the sun
Let in the sun
Let in the sun
Just let in the sun
Feel the air and breathe it in
Feel the warmth upon your skin
Looking out and looking in oooh
Every colour in your eyes
In reflection of the light
Every minute, every night
Open up, open up ..

So much of the world, our collective beliefs and upbringing has been scripted and dictated, without us being aware. This quiet period we’ve had these past six months has allowed us the opportunity to reflect, go within and just BE It’s allowed us to open up to a new level of awareness and let in the sun.

Remember we always have power, regardless of whatever’s going on in the world. We are free but we need to be willing to be courageous and confront all our layers. Turn inward and you’ll find your own strength.

Settle into your core as the larger stage plays out it’s story of darkness. Know that when the curtain lifts and the illusion falls away the light will shine so bright it will birth a whole new existence.

Life is rarely perfect but when we can observe the bigger picture without being triggered we begin to understand that everything has a purpose and a lesson. That’s not easy in itself but it’s an opportunity to realign.

Focus on love and let the music, meditation and motivation lift you up to live each day with an open, loving and grateful heart.

Sending you all a big virtual hug as we all navigate this crazy, amazing journey together.

In love and light

In nature nothing is perfect and everything is perfect.
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83 thoughts on “Disclosure in October

  1. I agree with you there Miriam. Time’s flying by really quickly, especially this year I feel. I do some meditation too, but usually in the evening and I tend to fall asleep without finishing. I think I should do it in the morning like you do. Thanks for sharing this inspiring post, Miriam. — Amor 🙂

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  2. This is a wonderful post from you. The awareness of shaking and shifting is definitely happening in the USA. I loved the song and the meditation. I need the focus for prayer and peace and for writing. I have started using an ancient practice called the Daily Examen from St. Ignatious at the end of the day to review, reflect, and let go and it has helped our sleep.

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    1. Hi Deb, thanks for your lovely comment. Peace and prayer is so important. I wonder if that ancient practice you mentioned is akin to gratitude journaling. That’s what I do at the end of each day as well.


  3. I like your post a lot and find peace in very similar pursuits. Like you I have a feeling that some big disclosure is coming. Every now and then the feeling gets so strong I have to break off from what I’m doing and check the News. There I find nothing much has happened but the inner feeling grows stronger. I’m convinced something huge that will really upset the apple cart is going to happen any day now. I’m wondering if it’s a whole lot smaller disclosures in various places across the globe that will lead to a big shift in the way people think about things globally.

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    1. Yes, always trust that inner feeling Suzanne. I think you’re right. There have been small disclosures all over the globe now that are coming out and making people question the narratives. Bit by bit. I do have a feeling however that something monumentally big is coming and it won’t be from the mainstream news. What extraordinary times we’re in.

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      1. Oooh I like the idea that it won’t be in the mainstream news. I have a feeling something is coming that will be so big and undeniable it will throw many people off balance and make them question the mainstream. Like you say – extraordinary times!

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  4. I just finished a relaxing yoga session in my living room with a friendly crow who did some stretches on our balcony railing…your meditative post (and sweet Harry) and gorgeous photos are the icing on the cake. Thank you for reminding us to seek the light, Miriam! X

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  5. Miriam, you truly are one of a kind and your perspective is invaluable. You always offer words of wisdom and inspiration, and I am so grateful for them. Thanks for being the amazing human you are. Hope this weekend is full of love and beauty for you. And maybe a glass of wine or two. 🌼❤️🍷

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    1. Tanya! How lovely to hear from you. You’re always so generous with your words and your love, thank you beautiful lady. I hope you’re doing well, you’re happy and staying sane in these crazy times. You have a wonderful weekend too and yes, I’ll likely have a glass (or two). Cheers my friend. Big hugs xx 💕🍷

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    1. Glad you had a bit of a catch up, hopefully with your brother soon too. Here, well, I’m not holding out hope for any major lifting of restrictions tomorrow. Some breadcrumbs to taunt us perhaps … but we’ll see, we’ll get there.

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  6. What a beautiful post, Miriam! And such wise advice as we struggle to live in these crazy, turbulent times. All we can do is to look inward and to control what we are able to control, and let go of the rest. Our area will soon be under tighter restrictions, as the local politicians are just “champing at the bit” to impose them. And we have the national election spewing hatred and division across the country…which just makes me wonder: who, exactly, benefits from having us so divided? I agree that the future will bring some very strange things to light!

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    1. I think you hit on a key point Ann and that’s the division that those in power seem to be perpetrating by imposing all these restrictions. And maybe that’s our greatest challenge, holding our own truths whilst not condemning others. It’s challenging times for sure but we will get through them. And I truly believe we’re heading into brighter better times. Take care. xx


  7. There is a line in the novel I just finished reading: “Do we eventually become what we were always meant to be?” Reading your words made me think of them again. Wishing you a beautiful spring, Miriam. Here, it is deep autumn, with our first dusting of snow. Nature moves within again. And so the wheel turns.🙂

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  8. Miriam, love and light. You are on a major journey of transformation. That is clear from this post.

    Yes we are in a major shift in terms of the outer world. But also our inner world.

    Whilst you are in spring. We are in autumn and it is all going mad here with the pandemic.

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post. Sharing your journey and outlook. I am glad you are meditating. Meditating loosen the dirt, that we begin to see and think clearly.

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    1. Hi Bella, lovely to hear from you and yes you’re so right, we’re in a huge shift of both our inner and outer worlds. Not just in the physical but the metaphysical. Crazy but also amazing times we’re in.

      I hope you and your mum are both well and keeping healthy and sane in these unsettled times. I know how important meditation is to you. I loved your last line!

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  9. Lovely post Miriam and I echo your sentiments. Over the last 6 months I have been reading about druidry and following some guided meditations like you. Sacred spaces in nature, becoming grounded, the energy of the earth and sky… all these are helping me find peace in a troubled world. Blessings to you!

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    1. Hi Denzil, how lovely to hear from you. Sounds as though you’re in a good space amid all the turmoil … all of what you mentioned resonates with me totally. Stay well and at peace and thank you for your lovely comment.

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  10. Beautifully said Miriam… Time has flown this whole year faster than any other that I have know… Our perception I feel is altering.. And your beautiful images along with your thoughts and philosophy to be present within Nature’s Now Moments I couldn’t agree with you more..

    Without Natures Healing balm to escape the Drama’s being played out right now, I doubt I would be sane lol… I keep reminding myself of my part, my incarnation at this time to be a witness to all that is playing out… And my roll or purpose within this time frame..

    Some days, I could curl up in bed and not get out lol.. At other times I am firing on all cylinders ready for action…
    My Hubby says the world will carry on you know without you….. Yes I know….. I just want to help create a world where my granddaughter can grow up safely in which she has free will and choices…

    Thanking you Miriam for your love and friendship…. Keep enjoying Nature’s Music.. Oh and loved that Song of Take-That… When it first was played on radio here, I had to look it up as the lyrics especially spoke deep to my heart…

    Love and Blessings… Stand Tall, and Stay Strong.. ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙏

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    1. Hi Sue, yes our perception really is changing in such a big way. Each and every day it seems to be getting clearer and more transparency is coming to light. Who knows where we’ll be in a couple of weeks but I feel lighter each day, even amidst all the ludicrous senseless restrictions. People are waking up here.
      I agree too that nature has been a godsend. I’ve spent all morning in my garden, preparing the soil, weeding, being amongst the buzzing bees and everything feels so ALIVE. Such a blessing. Stay well dear Sue, have a wonderful new week ahead and keep sharing your wise words and posts. We need them all now. Big hugs 💙 xxxx

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    1. I believe the world IS waking up John, albeit slowly but it’s happening. And when we realise that we, the people, had the power all along, that’s even we’ll really be free. Time will tell.

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  11. I’m so happy I read this post, Miriam. And I just love how we both are feeling how important self-care is at this time. The other thing is that your photographs are beautiful…and the rainbow at the end…ah! I feel like my Mom tries to communicate with me through rainbows and this past week two days in a row there were beautiful rainbows out my back door. The 2nd day it was a double rainbow! As soon as I saw yours I felt like we probably saw our respective rainbows around the same time…even though we live so many miles apart!
    Here’s to self-care…and rainbows…and a world that is willing to transition to love! Have a wonderful week my friend…keep noticing the beauty that surrounds you.
    Much love💜


  12. Ahhh dear lioness and inspiring lighthouse-writer friend, once again your writing soothes my soul and resonates with me on a very deep level. Thank you for another spectacular piece of writing. I a, so happy to read that the exercises are helpful, its my pleasure gorgeous:) Thank you for assisting us in shifting our awareness back to peace, love, patience, and trust here, and for birthing a new type of media, something I am so passionate about as well. YES to finding our grounding and peace through turning inward, meditation, music, like-minded beings and a conscious focus of our awareness. Loved how you emphasized here that everything has its timing… yes, feels true and so soothing to me to read this! As the outer world seems so full of noise and acceleration, hearing the truth of the soul is just what´s needed. Sending much love, big hugs, and gratitude, your friend Maria Elena who always thinks you are AWE-some:) tanti baci ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Hello Maria, love that you loved this and that it all resonated. We’re both very clearly on similar journeys, albeit at opposite sides of the world. Lol. But what is distance hey, when hearts, minds and souls are aligned. Thank you for your gorgeous words my friend. Sending you big hugs and baci from Melbourne. ❤️😍


  13. “Time seems to be moving so quickly.” Yes! I cannot believe it’s been what(?) 4 days since I told you I’d be back. I’m all turned around it seems NOT able to keep up with the massive flow of time that is screaming by. Summer just started …. but now it’s Fall(?). What happened?
    I shared with Sue a very brief synopsis of my journey from darkness to self-empowerment. Scary, hard as hell, and almost one that killed me. Now apply that to the majority today and they are facing growth at super speeds. We all had the opportunity to do it over years worth of time, yet there again the majority ignored their chances. Now they no longer can and believe me, I would NOT wish to be in their shoes. For example, hubby has been like living with a cyclone for this new energy has turned him “manic”, leaving him running hard and fast all because he will not look within. To be subjected to that energy is exhausting so I depend on my trips to the forest now more then ever. When I do break away from the energy that emanates from him, yes the energy is lighter. I’ve witnessed people just laughing for no reason at all, just because of joy. There are definitely areas that resonate with this New Energy like pockets of treasures. I LOVE your picture of the creek ….. I could feel this New Energy right through your photo. I too like you, have within the limitations forced upon my life, have created a life for myself according to me. Much GOOD is coming and is right at the moment, revealing horrific darkness that YES will be dealt with. Here is to RAINBOWS for they are most definitely a SIGN of what is coming and in fact, already here. Keep your mind and body at all times protected in light and keep on shining in your own unique way. I’m proud of you, dear friend. When we all look back at these times, and yes they will end, we will ask ourselves how did we come out alive? I know I will!!! Much love to you! xo

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    1. Amy, I’ve read your message at least three times. There are words within here that resonate so deeply and an uncanny resemblance to what has been unfolding in my hubby’s life as well these past three weeks. It wasn’t until I read your words that I understood and could see. I’ll email you separate and elaborate more. In the meantime take good care of your energy my friend. It’s so important we stay in tune with ourselves and carve out that special time in nature. It truly is my saviour! And I know it’s yours too. Big hugs and much love. xxx

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  14. Stunning photos, Miriam! I’m glad you’re finding peace and solace in meditation and the world is waking up for you. Here in the US, things feel heavy still, and soon we will be in the depths of winter. No amount of yoga, meditation or hiking can completely shake the heaviness I and many people I know feel. But as always, this, too, shall pass. Enjoy spring’s awakening!

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    1. Hi Kim, I can sense the heaviness in your words. As cliched as it sounds, and as much as we’re on different continents and in different seasons, we really are all in this together. And we WILL get through this. Sending much love and warm wishes. xx

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  15. I am so in love with this post! It is as if you had a glimpse inside my soul. I relate and am inspired by so much in this that I almost have no words to fully express myself 😂 and I LOVE words. Absolutely phenomenally written. ❤️ I am going to save this one also. I will revisit it often!

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    1. Wow, Christine, I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again lol, you and I are clearly very much aligned. I always feel the same way about your posts too. Thank you soo much for the love. ❤️


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