Lost and Found in Autumn

It’s the last week of May 2020 and the final days of Autumn here in Australia, a perfect time to reflect on the season before winter barges in.

The last three months have seen big shifts and a huge pause in the world. Here in Australia, a tiny speck amid a big wide world battling the same invisible enemy, we’ve become one. Now, as we slowly emerge from our cocoon and the world continues to play out this pandemic of “fear or faith” the seasons roll on.

In my own neck of the woods life has continued peacefully.

Daily walks have nourished me, on local trails that look like a rainbow, with Harry, my faithful canine companion, alongside me.

Last week, with the easing of restrictions, and the ability to be able to see family and friends again, I caught up with my sister. We walked together, close to home, amongst the bush paths that I know like the back of my hand.


Somewhere along the way she lost her car key and automatic door remote. We only realised much later when it was time for her to leave. We retraced our steps, with no luck. As a result I ended up taking my first drive out of the cave of my hometown, to drive her home, across town.

Not willing to give up, I’d posted a notice on our local Facebook community page. A day later, bingo. Someone had found her key. Imagine the relief.

Exactly one week later, I was walking again, by myself, and along the way decided to stop and film a short testimonial for Mindful in May. I found a quiet spot where I don’t normally go and, when I finished recording, I looked down. There amongst the colourful foliage was a car controller remote, half buried and almost oblivious. Someone had clearly lost it, just like my sister had.


I picked it up and took it home. And, like the following week, I posted a notice on the local Facebook page. Within 24 hours I was contacted by a very grateful owner. It had been missing for two weeks when I’d found it.

What are the odds?

On the same day, believe it or not, I lost my new Bluetooth earplugs. Go figure!

I realised late that day and so again I retraced my steps. Nothing. The next day, not giving up, my intuition lead me back to the spot where I’d done the videoing. I said to Harry “come on boy, let’s find them”. I looked down and there they were.

Cue dance of delight here!

Nothing’s ever truly lost. Until we give up and stop searching. Even then, sometimes it has a way of finding us. Luck? Serendipity? Or meant to be.

Autumn walking trails look like a rainbow


The world may have paused but nature keeps moving. We’ve seen it in videos around the world with clearer skies and cleaner waters and nature rejuvenating.

Here Autumn has been a time of catharsis, of letting go. Of losing not just keys, but vibrant golden leaves, changing, falling, dropping to barrenness, fears and worries making way for grounding earth. As things drop off it makes way for an emergence of the new.

To survive do what seasons do – change. Saru Singhal.

In these uncertain times many of us feel we’ve lost our freedom and we’re grieving for what’s changed.

But perhaps along the way we’ve found a more important type of freedom, the ability to appreciate the simple things.

Perhaps we’ve found strength we didn’t know we had and a part of our natural self that we thought we’d lost.


Love is our nature.

So is peace, joy and strength. These are the qualities perfumed by true nature.

This challenging time is offering us a new path, and it’s not necessarily a difficult and fearful path, but a path of grace.

Pay attention. As we give our attention, not to the fear and confusion of main stream media, but to the presence and stillness of everyday moments, we become grounded in calmness, even in times of chaos.

For me Mindful in May has been part of it.

This month long meditation challenge has been a time to look within, an opportunity to explore and delve deeper.

Our true nature is never lost. It’s right here in the core of our heart, we just have to lean into it. Through this unique time in our history, it’s my deep hope that what’s lost will be found. And perhaps, through it all, a more compassionate and kinder world will emerge.

What we practice grows stronger. So I’ve decided to extend what I practised in Mindful in May by joining a six month programme called The Mind Life Project.

It aims to help us stay grounded, connected, present and centred, just like the massive trees I walk past (and occasionally hug) every day.

Here’s to practising, not just mindfulness but kindness, compassion, understanding and love, as we all continue this journey.

Stay well everyone. No matter what’s happening, and how lost we might feel, step outside today and look up (and even down). Who knows what amazing things you’ll find.

In love and light.

Amazing side note: In another serendipitous moment … after videoing my Mindful in May testimonial … I crossed the road and started chatting with a fellow dog walker. Turned out, she was also doing Mindful in May! What are the odds?

What a small world we live in! Here’s my video.

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