A Slow Awakening

How can we be at peace in a time filled with so much uncertainty? How do we balance the need to keep informed with the massive amount of fear based mis-information that threatens to overwhelm us.

Who would have ever imagined such an enforced pause on the busy-ness of life, that cities everywhere would go quiet, like the volume of the world has turned off. Life as we know it has stopped.

There’s no doubt these are dark days.

This was last Sunday, about 4pm

As a freelance writer working from home for the past few years, I’ve become used to a fairly quiet way of living, but nothing could have ever prepared me for this.

We’re living through a historic time of human evolution. As everything closes down around us and the outer world is turned upside down, our inner world seems to be taking precedence.

Do you feel the shift of energy? Something bigger than ourselves. We all feel the same emotions, love, fear, anger, passion, humility, compassion, hope, grief, uncertainty, all of it.

There are no borders for this virus. For the whole world, the entire planet, to be living through this crisis tells us we’re in the midst of something new. And huge.


Surrender doesn’t mean giving up. It means to accept what is right now and going within. The earth is changing as we’re being forced to rest. It’s renewing itself. We have the opportunity to do the same.

What a gift we have, if we choose to see it like that.

This is the same sky, two hours later

Don’t get me wrong. Like everyone, all around the world, I’m scared, worried for the future. And I feel lonely. I miss my family and friends. I miss hugging them and feeling their physical presence. I get pissed off and some days it all feels surreal. But I also know this time will pass. And whatever happens we’ll get through it.

“Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” Sonia Ricotte

So in April, and the days, weeks and months ahead, I’m going to nurture my patch, both my inner and outer, so when the time comes, we can rejoin the world and move to a higher joy and consciousness.

And as much as we’ve withdrawn and had to isolate ourselves, social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distancing.

Our relationships continue with others, even though we’re not physically present. We feel that when we read each other’s blogs. And when we reach out to others, via our phones, zoom or Skype. Connecting and staying in contact is so important.

Yes, the world has paused, but birds still visit. Our hearts still beat. The sun rises each morning. The world is alive and beauty is still there, all around us. We can choose to lean into it.

Don’t think too far ahead. Plan for the foreseeable future and make sure you have enough supplies but don’t go crazy hoarding or project what we don’t know.

Instead have a vision for what you want. See it in your mind.

Nature knows the way. She’s shedding old ways, like these trees close to home I walk past.

Feel the love that’s emerging and trust in your heart that there’s a purpose in all of this. And make use of this slow down time.

At the end of this, whenever that may be, I hope we can look back and say, “this is what I did with my time. I made it count.”

For me, routine is important. I’m up by 9, dressed and good to go, even though I’m going nowhere. I head out for a local walk with Harry, past the wetlands, then home again.

Amongst the usual household chores, I make sure there’s stuff in my days that lights me up.

Embracing the light
A past photo. Adventure lights me up but so does writing

So, amongst the writing and journaling, I’ve made a commitment to create my book. It’s one I’ve envisaged for years, spurned from my blog. It’s taking shape, one page at a time. Why has it taken me so long to start it?

I’ve dusted off my guitar. I’m enjoying virtual dance parties, online concerts by my favourite artists and Zumba classes by zoom. Last week I re-oiled the front decking. My garden and backyard has become my sanctuary.

Our world might feel restricted and turned upside down, but I believe there’s a purpose in all of this and a new world waiting on the other side. A more compassionate and kind one where we don’t take things and people for granted.

Silver linings are there. These reflections on my morning walk remind me that our acts, what we feel and the words we say mirror into the world.

Let that be kindness and love.

Through social media now we can see outpourings of love and compassion and the way humanity is uniting. My belief is that we’ll come out the other side of this stronger, more resilient and much more grateful for the comforts we possess.

But it won’t be easy. Lately my dreams are vivid and I’m remembering them. Some are disturbing and just plain weird.

I’m selective about what I read, enough to be kept up to date and informed but when fear starts to take over I turn it off. I listen to uplifting podcasts and YouTube videos. I meditate. I’m starting to declutter lots of shit.

My focus is on ‘now’ but I’ll also write and reminisce on past trips and look ahead to new ones for when this madness is over.


Oh and I coloured my hair at home the other week. Pandemic or not, a woman still has to look and feel good, even if no one else can see!

This experience will change us all. It will change the way we live and the entire world … and I believe that, one way or another it will be for the better.

The earth will thank us after this rest. Things will be different. Perhaps we’ll be a more unified human race, one that will operate more from faith than fear, from compassion and acceptance.

So, how do we find peace? Is it simply by making friends with the stillness and the present moment. I guess it’s always our choice.


Breathe. Accept what is. Trust in a bigger picture. Everything will flow from that.

Sit in the great unknown as you prepare to Awaken.

The world is waking up at a rate that can’t be ignored or denied. As humanity gets off the hamster wheel and we relax into the quiet and deep healing perhaps at the same time Mother Earth can replenish.

We’re discovering a slower way of living.

What I feel in my heart is that, through this enforced stillness, big transformation is coming. A shift. The uncertainty of it all is unnerving, but it’s also a reminder that what we’re all going through collectively , this oneness, is all part of our journey, our connection and our growth.

We are truly all in this together and, yes, this too shall pass.

We will all hug and kiss again.

In love and light

A bush of wild berries I passed on my walk. It looks like they’re weeping.

Shedding tears for the old but shedding fears for what’s to grow from this.

122 thoughts on “A Slow Awakening

  1. Such a lovely post, my dear friend! It’s really a dark time and we need to take care of ourselves, we need to make our inner-light shine more than the darkness out there. Hugs and love your way!

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  2. Wise words from a wise woman 🙂 Miriam, keep sharing your light, because it is contagious… Dear friend, all the best for your book!! I am pre-ordering a signed copy right now 😉 Can’t wait to flip through your pages… *Big hugs* keep safe and away from cockies Mouahahahahahahaha

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    1. Aww, thank you dear friend. These sure are strange times aren’t they. I haven’t touched my book for a few days but you’ll be top of the list when it’s done, however long it takes. 😍 I’ve just finished an online Zumba class which sure got the blood pumping! Big hugs to you too Catherine. And yep, no cockies around here today. xx 🤣

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  3. ‘Breathe. Accept what is. Trust in a bigger picture. Everything will flow from that”

    This is a beautiful mantra Mirriam.

    I love that you emphasized that like anyone else yoo too is afraid and scared but you however is trying to accept the new normal..

    Keep safe

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  4. Great advice Miriam.
    I guess it’s one day at a time. Like you said, we are just on pause, the world does not stop.
    I’m so grateful we have our space and beautiful back yard to enjoy and relax in.
    Sending you a big virtual hug. Xx

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    1. So good to hear from you Lorelle. Yes, we’re on pause but I have a feeling it’s going to be a long wait. Still, you’re right, we have space and our backyards which is a godsend. Big virtual hug back. xx

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  5. Miriam,
    I too believe there’s a purpose in all of this and a new world waiting on the other side. I am embracing this quiet and letting my heart lead me.
    As a person who has had anxiety all my life I am used to dealing with fear. I refuse to let it control my life. My practice is to feel what needs to be felt, forgive, trust and evolve. I often fumble and bumble but I always learn something new.
    Stay well my friend and keep on writing. Love from Oregon.

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    1. I love your words here Ali and how you embrace all you’re feeling. It’s little wonder you’re such a light to others in dark times. Keep writing, keep learning those lessons and stay well. Love and hugs from Melbourne.

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  6. Miriam, what a beautiful post to read this morning. Your positive, warm words are like a balm and you have energized me to finish my unfinished projects.
    Lovely pics too. Keep spreading the sunshine and stay safe. ❤️

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  7. Beautiful words Miriam. For me the key is to take each day as it comes and not look too far ahead at the moment. I’ve formed a routine which I’m loosely following, doing a small domestic job every day, going for an early morning walk and just enjoying the quiet time at home. There have been so many work days when I have thought, at the start of the day, I would just love to be able to stay home. Now I can, so I’m going to make the most of it. Best wishes to you.

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    1. Hi Carol, your routine sounds very similar to mine. I think taking it one day at a time helps keep everything is perspective, just doing what’s in front of us. Who would have thought we’d have so much time on our hands. Yes, make the most of it. Take care and best wishes to you too.

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  8. Wise and insightful words Miriam and I wish you well in the use of your time during these lockdowns. Indeed I believe the world is on the cusp of great change. But I am sometimes fearful. Not of change, but that the world’s leaders, whether political, economical or religious, will simply return to the status quo. Even now efforts seem to be focused on “this will soon be over and we can get back to normal.” Instead of digging deep and taking this time to think what kind of world do we want post-corona. From a personal point of view, you and I share similar challenges. Freelance writing on travel is not going anywhere in the next couple of months! But post-corona? Maybe we and many others will be ideally positioned, if there’s a surge of interest in local discovery of walks and routes rather than the exotic. If people choose to do their exercise in the forests instead of crowded gyms. Or meditate in the meadows rather than crowded churches? Let’s remain hopeful that such changes will be beneficial and long-lasting. Best wishes to you and the family.

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    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment Denzil. I know what you mean about those changes from the political and economic perspective. Seems that many of our leaders are not really thinking long term, and messages are very inconsistent. Perhaps as time goes on that will change and there’ll be a more unified and sensitive approach.
      For us as writers, I think this time will be interesting and potentially in the future we’ll actually have more opportunities evolving. I think you’re right and travel may look very different down the track. Time will tell. Take care Denzil and best wishes to you and your family as well.


  9. Your hair looks great! I think I’m going to have to get brave and try that!
    You are right, this is an enforced break away from our chaotic lives. I am even finding my Aspergers teenager is settling into her new routine, and chilling out! The break, away from our hectic lives, has done wonders for her – no more yelling, no tantrums, no breaking things. Just calmly settling into our new routine, and I’m really enjoying spending time with her again 🙂

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    1. Hi Ange. It’s so good to hear about the positives in your life from this crisis and that your daughter is settling into a new routine. It’s interesting isn’t it, how we’re all adapting so differently. There’s no rights or wrongs. Stay well and happy and enjoy the slower pace. Oh, and why not try a new hair colour. I just bought my refill last week online! 🙂


  10. Beautiful words Miriam and all so true. You are so right about the world seeming to slow down. We’ve suddenly had all of those inconsequential distractions removed and appear to have been presented with more time. Time to catch up on those things we’ve been putting off or trying new activities. I think the key to surviving in one piece is to see the positives and the opportunities that this has given us and not to be negative. I hope we all learn from it and the world appears from the crisis as a better place.

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    1. Yes, I hope so too Jonno. It’s certainly a strange world we’re living in right now and I think many of us are still processing the fact that we have so much time. And yet with that time what we can do with it is restricted. But you’re right, it’s all about our perspective, looking at the positives and the opportunities that could come from this. Stay well.

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  11. Life as we knew it is no longer in existence. We all have choices as to how to live during these times and your attitude is a great example of how to rise above the fear. Good for you! I am waiting to be able to see my hair stylist …. my hair is complicated and no way will I mess it up. So I wait. There are worse things then dark roots. LOL LOVED this post!! Keep on shining your brilliant light and keep contributing your beautiful thoughts out into a world that is being created right now. Bless you! This too shall pass. I plan on giving a lot of people bear hugs when I can! I miss those who are in my life! Much love to you! xo

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Amy. We are indeed in a completely new world and I hope that when we get to the other side of this, it will be a better and kinder one, for all of the distance we’ve allowed and the changes that are bound to come from this.
      Yep, there are worse things than dark roots, for sure, lol. Can’t wait for the day when we can give bear hugs to our loved ones again. In the meantime sending you a big warm virtual one. Take care xx

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  12. I am enjoying every day as I can, now that I’m prepared (that took a few weeks, as I also got up to speed on what was happening, what to do, and waiting for governments to say they’re closed, etc.). I agree with you — this could lead to a huge awakening. Every day, I hope that’s true. There’s a message in this “madness.” I just hope people who normally wouldn’t hear such a thing will listen.

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  13. Thanks for this, Miriam. We’re reading, writing, walking the dog, wondering if each day of snow is the last for this season. Oh, and hoping I can grow enough grey hair so I can then colour it. Probably not…
    Take care!

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    1. Haha, you made me smile PC. Keep reading, writing, walking Scout and enjoying those last days of snow. Spring awaits you no doubt while here, we’re heading slowly into winter. Take care too.


  14. So much wisdom in this post, Miriam! I do believe that we are in a moment of awakening and hope that the outpourings of compassion and kindness for fellow humans and for mother earth continue as we pass to the other side of this. Colette Baron Reid has taken to calling it “physical distancing” instead of “social distancing” as a reminder that we are social creatures. Just because we can’t physically be near someone, we can still be social with them. I quite like that term. Hugs to you! xx

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    1. Hi Amy, thanks for your lovely comment. Yes, I much prefer that term too. We can still keep in touch with people even though we can’t physically be with them. Hugs back my friend. xx

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  15. Gorgeous post. It is a time for mindfulness, to relax and to just chill and clean! Crazy, crazy times but gee the ukulele helps and those of us with gardens are luckier than we ever realised. Take care blogger mate and one day we’ll be back exploring this wide brown land of ours.

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  16. Just beautiful, Miriam! Your post is a breath of fresh air for those of us who are so done with listening to all the fear-mongering and judgements. This is very serious, and this is very hard, yes. But I do believe we will get through it and we will learn some valuable lessons in the process. And the best thing we can do right now is to turn inward in search of calmness and peace and to turn outward to help and comfort others. Your post did exactly that!

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    1. What a wonderful affirmation Ann. Thanks so much for your kind words. As I’m sure you gathered in my post, that’s exactly what I believe too. As hard and challenging times as we’re going through, we will get through this. Hope you and your family are all well. Take care. xx

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    1. Now that’s an interesting way of looking at it. I guess it is really. A slow new birth.
      Hope you’re well my beautiful friend. Love you too Ness. xxx 💕


  17. It’s dark and light right now and everything in between, isn’t it? It’s a rude interruption and also a sorely needed respite. Tend ourselves, yes, for sure, because in time we’ll link up again and outside of badly needing a haircut, I hope to join back the world in much better repair than when I started this new-world order.

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    1. Yes Eli, your beautifully articulated words ring very true. And I feel very much the same way. My hair will be badly in need of a cut too but, in all seriousness, my wish too is that we’ll re-enter the world with a whole lot more compassion and empathy, for everything and everyone. Stay well.

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  18. Such wise and calming words. Good for you that you will take this time to focus on your book. After the first week of slothing about, I felt the need to get back to some normalcy of routing, to set at least small goals each day and to keep reaching out to others. It will be fascinating how the historical record reads five years from now but for now not getting too far ahead seems like an excellent plan.

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    1. Thanks Sue. Yes, I think having some small goals will help us get through this, something to aim for, without looking too far ahead. And reaching out to others, most definitely. Who knows how this phase will look back in our history. A time of fraction and fear or a time of coming together and making humanity and our world a better place? I hope it’s the latter.

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  19. I was struck by your words, ”making friends with the stillness and the present moment”, which may have been a rarity for many in the business of their past lives. Thank-you for sharing your positive thoughts on this difficult time in the world. ❤ Stay safe, Miriam.

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    1. Thank you Olga. I think many of us are being forced to make friends with that very thing that we ignored for so long. Hope you’re keeping well in these challenging times. Take care x ❤️

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  20. Heartwarming and eloquent post. Congrats on starting your book. We too are finally getting around to that, now that we have found a new home in a new country as a result of being corona refugees! It has been quite a turbulent period for us as we had to quickly make plans and quickly book tickets and make our way through airports, and borders. All done just in the nick of the time and so now finally we can relax and focus on being healthy, grateful and all that good stuff that will get us all through this challenging time in history.

    Thank you


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    1. Hi Peta, thank you. I do recall seeing your posts and pictures on Insta about the last minute dramas you had in relocating and finding somewhere new to bunker down in. I’m so glad it all worked out for you. Yes, now you can relax and focus on staying well and healthy. We will get through this. Keep safe and take care and good luck with your book too. xx


  21. Awaken, surrender – such beautiful and wise words, Miriam! Your post is the reminder I need when I’m feeling the birth pangs of mother earth, breathe and this too shall pass…you’re right, our planet needs this pause, I just wish we didn’t have to lose so many human stories while we all heal.

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  22. What a beautiful post. I feel infused with peace from your words and photos. This time is so strange, so unusual, and so full of possibility for the future. We, as human beings, may come out of this better than we went into it. ❤

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  23. Hi sweet lady!!! Long time since I visited you! First I love the coloring of your hair, you look fabulous!!
    I have been working the whole time this has been evolving. We are an essential business so we remain open. I do not watch the news at all, have read just a couple of news stories but mostly have just observed the change in my day to day world. The traffic is much lighter on the way to and from work which is great. I’m still up every day at 5:30a.m., feed the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and any other critter that may stop by. Go to work, get home at 5:30 pm, eat supper, put out the “night” food for the raccoons, oppossums, skunks and again whatever else may wander thru, watch my ghost shows or Youtube go to bed and start all over again thd next day.
    I am aware of what’s going on, how can one not, but I am not allowing it to enter into my world. I go grocery shopping as I always have, there’s an eye opener…where’s the damn toilet paper??? Seeing all the shelves empty at the store was disconcerting but I let it go. I did run out of TP but fortunately a friend had squares to spare. I repeat all day long…perfect health flows thru my body…perfect health flows thru everyone!!! Sending out positive vibes daily can only help. Nature seems unaffected by this, its Spring here and everything is beginning to bloom. Its such a reassuring site and one that makes me smile. I know of a friend who had the virus, he was in the hospital for 13 days. He had it all, he infected his family and 15 other people. All survived and all are well. Thank you God!! Go to Youtube and watch Some Good News episode 2 is particularly good. Just believe perfect health flows thru and that all will be well, its better than the alternative. Boy guess I had a lot to say. Miss you my dear friend, stay safe and healthy. Big virtual hugs xoxo 😘❤

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    1. Well hello gorgeous, what a lovely surprise to wake up to on Easter Saturday. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately Deb so it’s great to hear from you.
      Sounds like life is continuing as normal for you, which is good in these weird times. Your daily routine made me smile, a bit like Groundhog Day hey! 😁 I think you’re better off not watching the news. I rarely watch it too now. Sometimes I catch the headlines cos Doug likes to stay informed but mostly I listen to uplifting stuff like you. His work will finish in a couple of weeks, like many others, but we’re hopeful that once this passes he’ll still have a job. So glad that your friend and his family recovered from the virus. That’s encouraging to hear.
      As for me, I’m writing and playing my guitar more often these days. How’s your piano going? Oh and that reminds me, I’ve just rewritten Planting Dreams so stay tuned.
      Keep well my lovely friend, enjoy all those critters and nature. Being outside is so good for the soul. We’re heading into winter here so our days are getting shorter. Yes, I miss you too but sending big hugs and lots of love your way. xx ❤️


  24. My dear sweet, wise, and strong lioness friend, oh what a joy to read this post! Well, no surprises there, as you are an incredibly wonderful creatrix of marvels, insights, love, and light! I SO resonate with what you write here… I do feel this crisis aka transformation now HAD to happen… its all been speeding up so much over the years… I have been watching lots of movies from the eighties and nineties, and you can SEE and feel how much movies, information, and also consumerism have sped up… how things have become more and more removed from Mother Nature´s rhythm of inhale, exhale, be active, then rest, etc… I look a lot to indigenous wisdom in my life, and feel that thats where more answers lie… the old, too controling and fear-based structures don´t and won´t work anymore I feel… Love your authenticity dear friend, the way you describe your emotional reaction to everything (mine are very similar), and love how you also create space for hope and positive future visions. Yes, this is a massive shift! And I believe everyone needs to commit to do their own inner and outer healing work now… have always felt that way, but now, its becoming more apparent then ever… Its crucial to appreciate and care for the gifts we are given… instead of always just wanting more… humility is so needed, and YES, LOVE you re-membering and reminding us of the power of conscious VISION…powerful!!! Thanks for another just MAGNIFICENT post my lovely!!!! Sending much love and big bear hugs! You are an absolute queen and rockstar!! Mil baci 💖💖💖💖

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    1. Maria, your words are like a sweet tonic of joy and affirmation. I love that you resonated with this post. I wrote from my heart, as I always do, and as I know you do as well so it’s little wonder we’re in sync.
      I agree with what you said about the world shifting and how everyone needs to do their part to commit to doing that inner and outer work. It’s a time for deep soul searching and digging into answers to how we want our world to look in the future. I’d like to think this global pause has put us on the path. Thanks again my beautiful friend for your wonderful words here and for validating what many of us believe. I wish you a safe, happy and peaceful Easter. It’ll be a quiet and very different one that’s for sure. But we can still make it special. Big hugs and love sent your way. xx. 💕🌸🥰

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      1. My lovely amica, I concur wholeheartedly! You are wonderful my friend. So happy and grateful to know you and be connected with you! Wishing you a peaceful and love-filled Easter as well my dear. So much love – and yes, we can make it special – every day is special! 🙂 Mucho amor from me to you in my beloved Australia and Melbourne!! Abrazos gigantes 💕🌸🥰 xoxoxo

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        1. Yes indeed, every day is special. And now, as my day ends and yours no doubt gets underway I wish you a beautiful and blessed one Maria. Filled with love, peace, hope and of course a bit of dark chocolate!!! 😊 Mucho love and hugs back beautiful you. xxxxx💕🐣🙏

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        2. Awww Miriam you are SO sweet!!! Much sweeter than a sweet easter egg hahaha. Yes I ll make my own healthy chocolate sauce out of cacao, ginger, tahini, almond milk and honey. SO yum and takes like 3 minutes! 🙂 Thanks for your shining spirit lovely!! Sweet angel dreams and visions of a bright future for you! Much love anam cara:) 💕🐣🙏 Muak 2020 hugs!

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        3. Oh, yummmm, my taste buds are practically drooling over the thought of your chocolate. Enjoy my lovely friend. Grande hugs and amore xxxxx 💕😘


  25. Yes indeed this time of uncertainty is for us all to look deep at what is important to each of us. I’m going to find you on Instagram to hear your playing guitar and singing… how cool! And a book, wonderful to write to. I’m finishing off a children’s book and researching for a novel I seem to want to write. Such an exciting time. Sending you love. Barbara x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree Barbara, it is an exciting time, embracing new possibilities and, as you say, looking deep at what’s really important to us. It would be great to connect with you on Insta! Happy writing my friend. Enjoy! xx

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  26. While I see your point about keeping a healthy routine now, I believe you are reaching beyond such daily happenings to stretch your mind to try new experiences. Thanks for the inspirations.

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