When a Dream becomes Reality

“You have to dream before the dream can come true.”

Very recently I spent five very special days with two new friends from across the other side of the world. One of them many of you may know, the lovely, fun loving and kind hearted woman behind Cyranny’s Cove.

First let me back track a bit … to late last year, when I organised a five day camping trip for my sister to Mungo and the Pink Lakes. I wrote about it in An Outback Itinerary.

I remember wondering what it would be like to organise a trip for tourists. As I wrote … “who knows, maybe one day I’ll run a fair dinkum tour in the outback. For now I’ll stick to organising our small group of five. Hopefully I won’t get us too lost!” 

Who would have thought that barely three months after writing that post I’d get a request from a fellow blogger asking just that. “We’re coming to Australia. How would you feel about taking us on a mini trip …”

I was super surprised, then I felt flattered and then it faded to … ‘hell yeah, why not?’

We’ve been on hundreds of trips over the years and I’ve organised just about every one of them but I’ve never done anything like this before, not with anyone other than family and close friends. The seed was planted.

Talks ensued with the hubby, time off had to be confirmed and an itinerary created. Once we knew we could do it I contacted Cyranny and told her, yes! Things were set in motion. We were both so excited to be meeting.

When you really want something, you strive to make it happen.”

I’ve met and become friends with a number of bloggers since I started my website in 2015, all of them from Australia and all of them lovely people with shared interests. Our blogging connection means that when we meet up we already feel as though we know each other.

This meet up was on a whole new level. Having someone come to Australia partly as a result of what they’d read on my blog both surprised and humbled me. I wanted to make it a special trip, one that Catherine and her partner would always remember. I’d like to think we achieved that.

Over the course of five days we had the full camping experience. We travelled from the wonders of the Grampians to the splendours of the Great Ocean Road. Along the way we experienced all of Australia’s crazy weather, from the heat in the mountains to the wet cool Otway rainforest. 

Plus a lot of other fun stuff in between.

I will, in future posts, share our adventures, however I know that Cyranny will want to share her own stories when she returns to Canada. If you’re not already following her, do yourself a favour and venture over to the Cove.

Suffice to say it was a special time we spent together. And all because she asked. If you don’t have the courage to ask for what you want in life, you don’t get. And, as for venturing to far away lands, you’ll never know just what’s around the corner, or across the ocean, unless you’re brave enough to step out of your comfort zone.

So dream, and plan, and always imagine that something wonderful is going to happen.  It might not always turn out the way you imagine, in fact, it might turn out even better.

Wishing you all love and light as we continue the journey.

When dreaming becomes real. Enjoying a magical sunset together in the Grampians

96 thoughts on “When a Dream becomes Reality

  1. Wow how fantastic, chalk another one up to genuine friendships thanks to blogging. I’ve visited Cyranny’s site and had to laugh that you both expressed the same kind of surprise that it all came about. Just goes to show you have to put yourself out there, what’s the worst that could happen? Well done.

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    1. Thanks Glenys. So true and, as a fellow blogger and travel writer who’s also turned into a friend, I thought you’d appreciate this. Here’s to blogging, friendships and new adventures.

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  2. Sounds absolutely wonderful Miriam. Good for you and hubby being up for it. My Nanna always said “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” so true.

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  3. Wow!😀 Miriam, look what you’ve got yourself into! 😀 I can see this becoming a full time professional job for you and your husband! It is wonderful that Catherine asked to meet up and to join your tour! It looks like five amazing days … and ones I’m sure seemed much longer! What a special time for you all. I look forward to reading more on your and her blog about the travels … and knowing you and your country the internal journey will have been as powerful and profound as the physical treks! Hugs from across the world. Xx ❤️

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    1. Oh Annika, how right you are! It was a very special time away and not just because of the places we visited. The bonds that were formed and the memories created will last a lifetime.No doubt you’ll hear more of our adventure down the track but for now, thank you so much for your lovely comment. A full time professional job? Well, you just never know. Stranger things have happened. Hugs back from down under. xx ❤️

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  4. I tried to ”like” this post twice, but WordPress just won’t let me! 😉

    It’s already been two and a half days since we left Victoria, but I feel like a part of my heart has decided to stay with you, the roos, the sleepless koalas, the emus, the rosellas and even the cocky cockies 🙂 🙂 🙂 Please let Doug know that after dipping in the salted sea water for hours today while snorkeling over the reef, my finger feels almost healed.

    This mini trip was without a doubt the highlight of our Australia tour, and if you ever decide to do this on a regular basis, you’ll have a serious advertizer in Freezingland!

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!

    Tonight, I’ll raise my glass to friendship, and allowing our inner children to play as if the years had never passed!!

    *Love you*

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    1. Hey lovely, WordPress probably wouldn’t let you ‘like’ this post because you “loved’ it! Doug and I were just talking about you both over dinner tonight and I mentioned that you’d most probably have been out on the reef today. I hoped you’d had a wonderful day and it sounds like you have. Yay, for your finger healing, just what the doctor ordered. Enjoy the rest of your trip. And know that if you ever come back, we’d do it all again, minus the cocky attack! Cheers to you, to friendship, blogging and the connections that enabled us to meet. Love you too. xx


  5. That is so cool! I’ve only had the privilege of meeting one blogging friend in person, when she was in St. Louis and asked to stop by and see the animal shelter I write about from time to time. Paula was a lovely person and I’m so glad we had the time to make that personal connection. But to actually get to plan a trip for a reader who is visiting Australia! That’s wonderful, in so many ways. First that she worked up the courage to ask you, and then that you were willing to take the risk and say yet. I really look forward to reading more, but knowing you, I’m sure it was a fabulous trip!

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    1. Yes, it really was a fabulous trip Ann and, like I said to her, I’m so glad she asked me because otherwise we wouldn’t now have all these wonderful shared memories. More stories to come down the track!

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  6. What a way to formulate a beautiful friendship, adventure and dare I say a new business venture. You would be an amazing (paid) guide. I also love your line about dreaming I like to believe my dreams are the outline, and the story is Gods bigger dream for me…

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  7. what a wonderful outcome grew from your online connection. it looks like a wonderful trip for all. like you, I have met other friends around the world, who began as fellow bloggers. I met one who lived in my own hometown (a mutual friend who I never connected to my current friends,) one from the east coast of the u.s. traveling in my town, one in New York who helped me with travel on a trip to my brother’s wedding, and one in Ireland when there for a pleasure trip, one of the amazing benefits of meeting people from all over the world in blog world first.

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    1. How absolutely wonderful Beth. Who would have thought when we began blogging that it would expand our world so much. I know I didn’t. Makes us realise that it’s not such a big world after all. Love it!

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  8. “When you really want something, you strive to make it happen.”
    I couldn’t agree with you more, Miriam. I LOVE this post and I am so very happy for you that you succeeded at what you intended to happen did. There are so many wonderful people I’ve met here through WP and here you got to meet one. YAY for you!! xo

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    1. Hi Amy, I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. WP has been an amazing journey and having the opportunity to meet like minded bloggers and make new friends has been one of the best parts. Indeed meeting Catherine and sharing this trip with her was simply another wonderful highlight. Thanks so much my friend, hope you’re doing well. xo

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  10. I can see it happened, Miriam. One blogger said she talked to her blogger friends more so than her family. I may not call or email my family every day but I blog every day. It was fabulous you met up with Katherine and had a wonderful time together. I surely would like to meet up with some blogger friends when traveling in the future!

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    1. Yeah, it was a wonderful experience Miriam. Such a great trip and because we knew each other’s blogs it was like we already knew each other. Blogging’s fantastic like that. Hope you get to enjoy some meet ups too in the future.

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  11. Miriam my absolute amazing lioness-inspiration!!! Awww!!! I LOVED this – I love all of your posts and I am honestly not exaggerating one bit… I do feel as if you are directly talking to me when I read this, and your message of allowing oneself to dream, to ask for what you want, and envision something wonderful to come from it is incredibly timely for me at the moment!!! Can you read my mind or what, my enchanting and out-of-this-world-gorgeous friend? Even copied your words into my G-drive as a reminder haha!! Love that you dreamed your vision into being here, and share your beautiful shining light and spirit with your friends from near and far. Bloody lucky ones!! I WILL start dreaming more again. I was a pro at it, until a few things happened, as they sometimes do in life. Thanks for reminding me, that where attention goes, energy flows!!! LOVE ya heaps. Big cuddles, y mucho amore siempre. THANKS for being you, and all you share!!!! 💖💖💖💖

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    1. Hello Maria, my equally enchanting lioness! Thank you, what a gorgeous thing to say. I’m so glad that my words spoke so deeply to you. Sounds like they were just what you perhaps needed. I know what it’s like to dream and then let it slide, as you yourself said “I was a pro at it, until a few things happened, as they sometimes do in life”. Yes, I know that all too well too but the beauty is, once you let those dreams in again, and believe in them, amazing things can happen. Go for it my friend, the world’s your oyster, all you have to do is believe and trust. As you said ‘where attention goes, energy flows’. Sending you big hugs and lots of love and light from my corner of the world. xxx 💕💫🌈💝

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      1. Ah my lovely and powerful friend, yes, your words soothed my soul and feel like a guiding light and a fountain of sparkly colorful encouragement all at once! Thank you so much for that, and for all YOU are and share with us. Thank you for your beautiful love!!! Love ya. 1011 hugs and much love and light 💖💖💖

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  12. Why am I picturing plane loads of people headed to Australia for one of your tours? I’d love to take one someday. It’s amazing what beautiful things develop when you have a good heart and an open spirit.

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  13. wow you met Catherine, how blessed is that! Love her writing and her personality … wondering if she met up with pops RR. Going over to see what she has posted.
    Great adventure, now you are a tour guide 🙂

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  14. Miriam,
    How fabulous for all of you to connect and travel together. As you shared so clearly, the possibilities are endless and we will never know unless we put ourselves out there and try. Bravo to you for stepping up and planning the trip. Creating connections across the globe can help us understand each other better and the world definitely needs that. I hope that you will visit me in Oregon if you ever make it to the USA, West Coast.
    Sending you love and strength to continue to be the wonderful you that you are in the world.

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    1. What a beautiful comment Ali. I agree that travelling together brought us closer and helped forge an even deeper connection. I loved it. And yes, if I ever travel to the USA West Coast I’d definitely look you up. Thanks my lovely friend. xx

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  15. What a fabulous thing to happen, Miriam! 🙂 🙂 I’ve often been asked for advice on good places to go over here but never to act as hostess for more than a day. Sounds like you did a great job, as well as having a good time. I’m off to meet the lady now 🙂

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    1. Hi Jo, yeah it was a huge surprise to be asked but I’m thrilled she did otherwise we never would’ve met. And I wouldn’t now have these special memories. It was a great experience. 😊

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  16. Last year a blogger friend planted an idea in my head to dream to think and finally to expect it was my lucky year. It was a bit of an experiment for a month that rolled into a year. As much as it probably became a self-fulfilling prophecy, I care not, for it was my luckiest year yet! So reading your words, ” Where dreaming become real,” struck a chord with me. In many ways, we create our reality via our interpretation of it. Catherine spoke so fondly of her time with you, and reading this made me want to read more about your mini trip. And how wonderful that is came about from a small question in cyberspace.

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    1. Oh, absolutely! I love what you wrote and I remember that Catherine actually mentioned that blog post of yours during our time together. I’m a big, big believer that our thoughts create our reality and if we dream big and believe we can achieve we will. So glad to see you here. Hopefully this year will be as good as last year, or even better.

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      1. Oh it is great to hear that my bumble of words have had spread positivity in the world. Catherine is such thoughtful to mention it! I agree about the influence our thoughts have. If we in fact do have that meansure of influence, as it seems we do, then why think anything other than kind thoughts that spread happiness.
        The lucky thought experiment continues!

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  17. This is a great example of those wishes when we send them out into the Universe are being heard.. And how wonderful that you were able to bring this trip together for your blogging friend and partner… I am sure her trip of memories you helped create will last for a long long time…
    So nice to read and view your lovely photos Miriam… 🙂

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    1. Thanks Sue and I totally agree with you about how the Universe hears our whispers and wants and conspires to make it happen. It was all wonderful and I’m thrilled we were able to make it happen. xx

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  18. Hi Miriam,
    What a wonderful WordPress story. It took a blog but it took a “Why not” response which you had and gave it your all. Look forward to reading the other posts about this adventure. Home today resting trying to ward off an oncoming virus. Work has taken over in answer to your anticipated question. Louise x

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  19. How wonderful!

    I think you are the perfect person to ask to organize a tour of Australia! Your love for your country shines through in every place you visit, and really, when you want to see a place, you want to see it through eyes that love it.

    xoxox *hugs*

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