Seduced Down Under

You’re burning me up
Hot and then cool.
Wild, intense
and unpredictable
But I can cope with your moods.

It’s your nature
and I adapt to your pace.
Ravaged, scorched
but still in tune
Your seasons have their place.

You’re in me,
our visions intertwined.
Everywhere I go
imaginations merge
As we journey aligned.

Can you feel the heat? Let me help with a few double tinged words and untapped poetry in honour of love and desire, our crazy summer and my wild home land down under.

This sunburnt country knows no bounds,
though fires have scorched her,
she’s a bloody resilient land.

This coming Valentine’s Day I’ll be on the road, on a very different sort of road trip, through some of my favourite places in Victoria, from the Grampians to the Great Ocean Road. I’ll be with a couple of special (and unexpected) guests from Canada. More about this in later posts.

For now this largely pictorial post is dedicated to both this country (that’s taken a battering this summer but survived) and the love of a universal kind.

Take the words into your heart, read them as you want, and let the images transport you. From the beaches of South Australia to the outback of Mungo, settle in, travellers and lovers, as we explore down under.

Your crashing waves. flooding tears and hailstone wars might bring me to my knees. But they also make me strong, gutsy and resilient.

This is Australia. Be seduced.

Fall in love with her turquoise ocean waters, golden beaches and dazzling white sands and the way the waves kiss the shoreline. Gentle, soft and nourishing, she allows you to relax.

Along the way ocean winds change and gentleness can transform to thunderous fury. Treat her with respect and give her space to breath, sometimes from afar.

Stand in awe along the Nobbies at Philip Island and simply watch.


Her moods shift as clouds form, tides turn and new days roll in, ebbing and flowing into a mirrored momentum. As the sun sets, heaven reaches down to caress the earth. As dawn breaks we have a chance to renew and forge a new beginning.

Look deeply into her red tones, her dirty earth and the way it seeps into your soul. She’ll dazzle you with her outback colours and mesmerise you with a nothingness that’s really everything that matters.

Be awed at the rich sunlit colours of ancient Mungo and feel the call to be still.

Look up and see the infinite, those blue fluffy cloud eyes from above. Dare to dream, to laugh and conjure up imaginary kingdoms in the sky. Embrace the moment. You’ll never have this time again.

Beneath the salt lake surface is a world of wonder, one of balance, reflecting our inner desires and dissipating fears.

Life flows easily and peacefully at Lake Albert in the Coorong National Park, as it can wherever you are. Like ripples of sparkle in the flow. The freedom to notice beautiful, every day details is everywhere.

Travel is like love, mostly because it’s a heightened state of awareness, in which we are mindful, receptive, undimmed by familiarity and ready to be transformed. That is why the best trips, like the best love affairs, never really end. Pico Iyer

So dare to dream, to love and to fuel that wanderlust. That blissful state when you’re totally in the moment, lost in a kiss, enjoying a sunset or crafting a piece of art.

That state of mind when you’re just about to set off on an anticipated journey, wherever it might be.

Those feelings when you’re about to reach somewhere or someone or something thrilling are intoxicating and exciting. It keeps us longing, dreaming and imagining. Anticipation … it fuels our desires and makes us feel alive.

When our imagination becomes reality

That’s what travel and adventure does to me. My vagabond soul knows no limits.

Here’s to it all, and love, that thing that stirs the soul and makes the world go round, today and every day.

Enjoy the journey wherever you are. And remember, for all you solo travellers out there, the greatest love we can ever have is the love we have for ourself.

In light and love

“As soon as I saw you I knew you would be the adventure of a lifetime.” Winnie the Pooh.


All you need is love … and a little bit of chocolate … and some frothy coffee.

“Play a little and laugh a lot. The world is your playground and it’s also your Valentine”

94 thoughts on “Seduced Down Under

  1. Beautiful post, Miriam – and poem. Your land is indeed stunning with such variety in nature and
    climate. It burns and it storms, it charms and …. it has crocodiles. 🤗.

    Have a wonderful trip with your Canadian friends. Here we are being battered with storm Ciara.


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  2. Great words and images! Coffee, chocolate, (beer) and a road trip with friends? Sounds pretty good, especially through an Australian wonderland.
    Winnie the Pooh is a wise little bear!
    Have fun out there!

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  3. Ah, sweetheart! All of life sewn up in a bag of beautiful words and images 🙂 🙂 I hope your Canadian visitors are who I think they might be. But in any case, a happy and fulfilled month ahead 🙂

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  4. a worthy tribute to our wild and rapidly changing country Miriam!

    Your poem, photos and words resonate deeply, you have captured it superbly 🙂

    Safe travels, your Canuk friends have the best possible guide 🙂

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  5. I just love this post! Great job Miriam. Travel is seductive, and the land has such a unique draw. There are some places that just give, comfort, peace, and romance.

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  6. You know, I have yet to find what is “home” for me. I don’t belong where I am; never have. But when I think of you, I think that of all the places in the world where your family might have ended up, they landed in the perfect spot for you. That fills me with joy for you, and if I’m honest, a teeny bit of envy, too. 🙂 I’m so glad you have your spot and love it so dearly. It shows! ❤ xoxox

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    1. Oh Ness, my heart literally swelled at your comment. I know I’m blessed to live where I do and I’m so grateful that my wonderful parents, bless their souls, chose Australia to call home after they emigrated from Italy. 💙 I hope that, wherever you live my friend, you find happiness, love and peace. Much love. xx 💕


  7. Thanks for continuing to be a voice of hope and inspiration! I hope that the fires and the floods are over soon, and that the process of recovery can begin. Because I believe you are right, Australia is a strong country and it will get through these dark times!

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  8. “Seduced Down Under”.. Quite apt a title, and supplemented by equally beautiful pictures of Australia.
    Heard that Australian beaches are unique and charming. One lifetime might be insufficient to explore all the beaches of Australia, at the rate of one per day..!!
    Can’t wait to plan my trip to Australia. Would definitely look up to your articles for more information.. 🙂
    Thank you Madam for sharing..!!


  9. Miriam, I’m totally seduced by the beauty of your country which you present with such alluring clarity and life! You live in a stunning place and the joy of your trips shine through all your posts. The turquoise of the ocean is mesmerising … how I would long to travel there! I love the quote by Pico Iyer and all your reflections upon the magic of dreaming, travel, and ultimately life itself! A powerful, profound and heavenly post, my friend! ❤️

    Ps. Happy Valentine’s Day and wishing you all a fabulous time with your unexpected guests – and I can’t wait to read about their visit!

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    1. Hi Annika, thanks so much for your lovely comment. We’re currently in day three of our trip and having a wonderful time. A quick check in here found your comment. Yes, there’s so much to love over here and I’m particularly enjoying sharing it all with bloggers fast becoming real friends. Look forward to eventually sharing it on my blog.
      Happy Valentines Day to you too my friend. ❤️

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        1. Absolutely! Tonight we’re at Kennett River and for my Canadian blogger friend seeing all these koalas is a dream come true. Such a great place. Hope you’re having a great weekend too.


  10. Oh la la, I can feel the amazing passion in this one…sizzling hot like your deep and burning love for your stunning country! Love the poem, to me it speaks of the human and ephemeral dimensions of devotion for Australia in all here fierce beauty meeting and merging…and your amazing passionate personality is palpable here when reading it!!! You enchantress you! Also adore all the photos, and your phrase “Embrace the moment. You´ll never have the time again” really spoke to me!! As well as that freaking amazing quote by Pico Iyer! How accurate is that one?? I can totally vouch for it! THANKS once again for your amazing soul-stirring journalistic art!! It lights me up! Have taken a few days off this week my friend, that´s why my comment is a bit later. 1011 hugs and mucho mucho amore!!! You rock come sempre. xoxoxo ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ciao cara Maria, oh how I love hearing from you. And. it’s my turn to apologise for my late reply. I’ve taken off for a few days with two new friends, one a blogger from Canada who came over here to experience Australia and asked me to show them around. It’s been a fantastic five days camping together and tomorrow we arrive back home again. Being on the road and sharing my gorgeous country just re-emphasises how much I love it and I’m so glad it came out in my post. Always love your stirring and supportive words so thank you cara amica. You know I love your writing so your words mean a lot.
      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend and doing what stirs your soul. Big hugs and lotsa love from me. xx ❤️🌻

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      1. Ciao bellisima, aww same I love hearing from you and reading you always!! So happy to hear you had such an amazing camping experience with your Canadian and other friend – well they won the lottery with you, the best Aussie tour guide ever!! 😍 Your love for Australia and your loving caring, cheeky, and wise nature always shines through in your writing! I had a beautiful and exciting weekend my friend! Connecting with some new likeminded people which has been good. Wishing you a blissful start to your week! SO much love and 1011 hugs ❤️xoxoxo

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        1. Haha, love it and yes, it was a lottery win for all of us Maria. I’m exhausted tonight after a whirlwind five days away but I loved every minute of it. Come over and be my co-tour guide! Can you imagine how much fun we’d have. 😍 I’m so glad to hear you had such an exciting weekend. Connecting with like minded people sounds absolutely perfect to me. Have an amazing new week my friend. Sending you tanti baci e amore. xxxxx ❤️

          Liked by 1 person

        2. Ah my lovely, I can only imagine! You know i LOVE how you live life to the fullest by still taking care of yourself and your many friends and loved ones. Amazing, my lovely lioness!! Yeah I know we would have SO much fun as co-tour guides!! I want to! Hopefully in the future someday… meeting you in person is definitely on my wishlist!! 😍 😍 Thanks for your sweet words and wishes my friend, love your presence in la mia vita! Muchos besos, baci, e amoreee xxxx ❤️

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        3. What a gorgeous comment to read just before I head off for the night. My bed is calling! It’s saying, “Miri, cone to me …” lol. Yep, I’m totally beat! 😴 Love and big sleepy hugs to you my wild lioness friend xxxx ❤️

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    1. Thank you Otto. Yes, from bushfire to floods and, just last night storms, Mother Nature is certainly throwing everything at us! I’m hopeful too that things begin to settle down. Thanks again.

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  11. This is a wonderful post Miriam. It inspires me, yet another solo traveller, to pack the car and head off somewhere new soon. One place I’ve long wanted to visit is Lake Mungo. I’m curious – did you drive there in a 2WD vehicle or does it require a 4WD?

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  12. This is a wonderful post Miriam. It inspires me, yet another solo traveller, to pack the car and head off somewhere new soon. One place I’ve long wanted to visit is Lake Mungo. I’m curious – did you drive there in a 2WD vehicle or does it require a 4WD?


  13. Australia has always been intriguing and appealing to me… and your stunning photography makes me want to go see it all for myself one of these days. My husband dreams of us exploring the country by motorcycle one day…with Jett along for the ride in a sidecar of his very own, of course! 😀

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    1. Wow, you’ve painted such a picture that I have a big grin on my face. 😁 I think both Jett and your hubby would love seeing Australia that way. Do you get your own side car too? 😂

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It sounds brilliant! You’d love it over here. We just had some Canadian bloggers over (do you know Cyranny) and recently came back from a mini tour together. So much fun. 😊

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