Going back to Lake Tyers

I think I’ve found my new favourite country pub. Awesome food and entertainment, great views and super friendly bar staff. Oh, and did I mention the free camping out the back? Free power, free shower!

Yep, the Aussie spirit is alive and well here and I love that we’re helping to support local east Gippsland communities doing it tough this holiday period. Head on out if you can, these places need it. Happy Australia Day!

This is where I was last weekend, on our Australia Day long weekend, and what I posted on FB, after our two night stay in East Gippsland.

The holiday town of Lakes Entrance was just one of many areas evacuated during the recent bushfires. At its busiest time of the year, after New Years Eve, when so many rely on seasonal tourism for their livelihood, the normally bustling town resembled a ghost town.

So our plan was to go back, spend some money and show some support.

The Waterwheel Tavern in Lake Tyers, just ten kilometres from Lakes Entrance, is where we ended up. The tavern has a huge decking with prime views overlooking the lakes and it’s only a stones throw to the spectacular stretches of the Ninety Mile Beach.

Behind the Tavern, down a laneway, is a free camping area. It was once a small caravan park but last year tavern owner Kevin removed the cabins and turned the space into a camping area, complete with free power and free showers. It’s a brilliant (and generous) idea and and our thought was we’d camp there and ‘support’ the Tavern.img_1586

So … we enjoyed drinks on the decking that afternoon,some  more drinks and dinner that night (with the best Pork Belly I’ve ever eaten in my life) and back again for drinks the following night. I think we did our bit to inject some funds into the place.

I had to laugh at the kids menu.

Add some lively music into the mix by an awesome spunky Irish band and, bonus, I doubled my 10,000 dancing steps!

Nearby at Lakes Entrance at the Fishermen’s Co-op on Bullock Island we stocked up on fresh seafood for our Australia Day dinner/picnic that night.

Fresh produce sourced from Lakes Entrance for our own lakeside picnic dinner 

It was great to see people getting out and about again in Lakes Entrance, shopping, visiting cafes, taking cruises and enjoying the waterfront activities that Lakes Entrance is well known for.

We took a drive out beyond Lake Tyers to the town of Nowa Nowa, where we stopped at the General Store for directions and a few more supplies.

I spoke to the owner who told me the fires were heading directly for them before the wind changed direction. They were incredibly fortunate.

We continued on our drive and made our way up to the top of Mount Nowa Nowa. Under a blue but hazy sky, looking out to the vastness below, it was a stark and somber view to the charred forests down below. Around us were the ashes and burnt remains of picnic tables.

It felt surreal imagining how it must have been, barely a month ago.

The tower at Mt Nowa Nowa was saved. Thankfully, not too far away, so was the Stony Creek Trestle Bridge. At 247 metres long and 20 metres high, it’s one of the largest of its kind in Victoria. It stands there, almost like the embodiment of survival.

Yes, it’s tough in many parts of Australia and there’s no doubt parts of the country are hurting. Yet Australia is resilient, hope reins in the area, the human spirit is strong and nature, though fickle and unpredictable, is forgiving and ultimately restorative.

And then, whilst we were walking around the Trestle Bridge, a young family, laughing and waving, cycled past us on the rail trail, perhaps a testament of our ability to not just endure but to love life and keep going.

May we embody all that the world needs in order to heal our future. And make it strong.

Enjoy the journey, wherever you are.

In love and light

If we lose our hope that’s our real disaster. Dalai Lama

Do you want to donate to communities that have been impacted by these devastating fires. Click here to be taken to the Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund.

129 thoughts on “Going back to Lake Tyers

  1. That bar looks fabulous Miriam, what a great place to spend Australia Day. Sounds like you had a wonderful time eating, drinking, dancing and having fun. Brilliant. Great to hear that the fires had died back now and that bridge was so lucky wasn’t it?

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  2. Sensitive and beautiful post, Miriam. Your words :”perhaps a testament of our ability to not just endure but to love life and keep going.”

    It is great to see people out and about again and fighting on in spite of so much loss.


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  3. Those fires…..how sad the destruction. It will be wonderful to see it come back. Your weekend looked fun, and that seafood was just beautiful. I’m sure you enjoyed it!

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      1. We’ve had our share of fires, floods, tornados…..what I find amazing is what blooms and comes back after a fire. Like nature rallying a victory after a terrible defeat.
        In Yellowstone Park, after a devastating fire, they found dozens of new plants that hadn’t been seen in generations. The fire actually woke up the dormant seeds and presented a new gift. I hope that Australia gets the same experience.

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        1. That’s so true Wendy. And what a great find in Yellowstone Park, let’s hope the same thing happens over here. As they say, rising like the Phoenix from the ashes. We can only hope. 🙏

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    1. Thanks PC for your kind words. I’ve no doubt it’s going to take a long time for many but you’re right, Australia will bounce back. And yes, this was a top spot. An absolute ripper of a menu hey! 😁


  4. Hi Miriam, Beautiful post as always. Great photos. Australia is amazingly beautiful. But those fires – gosh. that last photo is amazing and so wonderful it got saved.

    ps… this Sunday i am holding a my first blogging party, do pop over.

    love bella

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  5. Horrifying times for many, Miriam. My lovely blogging friend, Meg, is still only 4km from the fires, but they are, as you say, pulling together and trying to stay positive and cheerful, while doing all they can to create a fire break. Sincerely hoping the worst is over. Good to have your thoughts. 🙂

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  6. Wow it all looks amazing, especially the seafood. We are thinking about heading down that way later in the year, also to support the region. We spent a fantastic couple of weekends in Stanthorpe after they were hit by fires, the locals were just so pleased to have us, since the drought and the fires devastated local agriculture but then losing tourism on top of that was a big blow.
    The pub and camping sound awesome!

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    1. Hi Sharon, hope you make it down there, you’ll love it. Always a great thing to support the local communities, especially when they’re doing it hard.


  7. Just another beautiful post Miriam.. And Kudos to you for going to show your support to the town where so much had happened during those fires..
    And it sounds as if the Landlord of the Pub, Kevin, certainly has his vision quest in sight in the alterations he has done to attract welcome visitors.
    Such a stunning view and the food looks scrumptious..
    Its amazing isn’t it just how resilient are those who face such traumas.. Nature too showing us how she continues to thrive despite all the hurt and wounding..
    I am amazed how that bridge survived and how you described at the end that young family laughing and enjoying once again natures gifts from what must have been a terrible experience in the height of the fires..

    Your words here say it all Miriam.. ” Yet Australia is resilient, hope reins in the area, the human spirit is strong and nature, though fickle and unpredictable, is forgiving and ultimately restorative.”….
    Beautifully said my friend…
    Loved reading seeing how when we co-operate and share, give and show empathy and support to our fellow beings who have been less fortunate than ourselves.. Shows the true Spirit of our Human Nature.. Its just sad that it sometimes takes these horrible traumatic times to bring them out of each other..

    Sending Huge hugs Miriam… a delightful interlude as I drank my afternoon cuppa today.. ❤
    Much love your way and enjoy your weekend.. ❤

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    1. Thanks so much Sue for your heartfelt and thoughtful comments. And it’s sadly true that sometimes it takes a disaster to bring out the best of the human spirit. These fires have shown how generous the Australian people, and indeed people from across the world, are and continue to be. Hope your week has been a good one and the coming weekend is restful and happy. Big hugs and love xx ❤️😊

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      1. Thank you Miriam, yes our week was a good one ending on a high note, as we celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary yesterday and we had a drive out to one of our favourite pubs for an afternoon lunch… Perfect Day thank you.. Much love right back ❤


  8. Aah sweet friend, you did it again – you are a testimony to and embodiment of the amazing Aussie spirit my friend! I thoroughly enjoyed this post (no surprises there ;)). I just love that you guys headed out to East Gippsland/ areas that were affected by the fire to give us a report of how it truly is right now over there, and that you paint a picture of hope, resilience, and support. Lol, the kid´s menu is genius! So funny. Another testimony to the awesomeness that is the Australian mentality. Adore the pictures and just the whole vibe of this post! I honestly felt as if I joined you guys for your fabulous Australia day celebration. I especially loved your lines “Yet Australia is resilient, hope reins in the area, the human spirit is strong and nature, though fickle and unpredictable, is forgiving and ultimately restorative.” How wonderfully you have captured nature´s majestic essence here – wild and unpredictable, yet ultimately restorative indeed! Love it love it love it! You rock, my strong lioness amica. Mucho amore y besotes 🙂 Thanks for all you give!! It always brings a replenishing and gorgeous vibe to my day. 10000 hugs;) 💖💖

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    1. Hiya Maria from a weary me after a long Saturday, it’s always so nice to hear from you. Love that you felt like you were with me as I relived our adventures last weekend, it was such an enjoyable Aust Day. Yes, my country is amazing, tough and resilient which is just as well with our strange weather patterns and unpredictable Mother Nature. Thank you for your beautiful words and generous spirit my friend, they always make me feel wonderfully uplifted. I hope you’re having a restful and enjoy and weekend. Sending you much love and infinite hugs. xxxx 💕🌸

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      1. My lovely Miriam, it´s honestly such a pleasure and blessing to connect with you my dear, and I am always so grateful for your irreplaceable presence nella mi vita 💕💕 So much love from me, and hugs, hope you are more recovered by now – I am still figuring out how to balance my ambition and passion for expression with enough rest (and all the other stuff haha) Big hugs cara xoxoxo

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        1. I know exactly what you mean Maria,about trying to find that balance between rest and continually writing and wanting to write. The golden up side is that we love what we do! Big hugs cara and take good care of yourself this week. The most important thing is being kind to yourself and just doing what feels right. So grateful for you and our friendship. Lots of love from here. xxxx. 💕

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        2. You are right! We are very fortunate that we do what we love – and I know in my bones that we both have fought for this privilege and passion of ours! But what a great feeling of aliveness springs from pursuing one´s passion – and I feel that alive and inspiring vibe coming through in everything you write! Thanks also for your beautiful, timely, and so important reminder of kindness to self…💕💕💕 Grazie grazie grazie cara! I like the idea of adopting the F it mentality more often, haha :P. So much love amiga! You are magnificent!! xxxx💕💕💕

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        3. Amen to all your words cara amiga. Indeed we are very fortunate in what we both do and I feel too, in my bones, that every word you wrote is true. Oh my, now I’m a poet lol. 😍 Seriously though, you rock, my gorgeous talented lioness. And you also are magnificent. Enjoy the rest of your week. Sending big hugs and love your way. xx 💕

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        4. Lol welcome to the mini-poet-club lol 🙂 Thanks so much for all the love, I can feel it and am forever grateful for it and you! Wishing you a beautiful rest to your week also, Superbig cuddles e molto amore per teee …. Eros Ramazotti singing in background… Piu bella cosa non c eee…piu bella cosa di te… nanana lol 😍 Muchos hugs e a presto lioness supergirl 🙂 xox

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  9. I’m so glad that you were able to visit Lakes Entrance and show you support for the people there! The fires are just awful, but you’re right: people are resilient and this is exactly the time to reach out and support each other. I’m glad at least some of the landmarks have been spared…and it sounds to me as if you have found the perfect tavern. Thanks, as always, for sharing your travels with us, Miriam. And thanks even more for sharing your positive spirit. It is an inspiration to us all and a reminder to never give up hope or stop trying to help.

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  10. What a beautiful place to visit Miriam, and to support the local businesses. The fires have wreaked devastation. I so hope you never witness them again. We had our hearts in our mouths here last Easter with more bog fires, which were a bit too close for comfort. I applaud all those terrific firefighters who put their lives at risk to help others.

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    1. Yes, it’s been a horrific time for many countries with all manner of fires, floods and other natural disasters. Here’s to a year ahead that’s much calmer. And I agree with you Brigid, those fire fighters and emergency services do an incredible job. xx

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  11. A wonderful post letting others know how people are bouncing back after such a horrific time.
    I love the Waterwheel Tavern and have visited a few times. I will need to pay another visit now that things are settling down here.


  12. Fabulous Miriam! I think we’re a resilient lot too and the bushfires have been unrelenting. I’m so glad you could go back and that people are out riding on the rail trails! Our Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail opens on 3 April so we’re very excited to have people come visit us as well.

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  13. MIriam,
    I somehow got dropped off your following list. I am glad to be reconnected. I have been thinking of you with all the fires and wondering how you were doing. Thank you so much for the update and photos. I am not surprised that you have ended your post with a message of hope. “May we embody all that the world needs in order to heal our future. And make it strong.” – I am with you my friend. Take good care. Sending love and rain your way.

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    1. Thanks so much Ali, it’s lovely to hear from you. Dumped hey, how rude! Yes, we’re absolutely fine here. Others not quite so fortunate but it’s amazing how people are banding together and also how much of a difference a bit of rain makes. Still one month of summer left though. Thanks again for the love and rain! xx

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  14. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Australia Day long weekend trip, Miriam. I agree that Kevin’s idea is brilliant to remove the cabins to open up this incredible campground with all the free services to attract business. The large prawns and oysters looked delicious. The bushfire in Victoria was tragic and heartbreaking. With global warming, it’s hard to say whether it will recover in ten years.

    My husband’s family is Aussie. My sister-in-law is planning a family trip to Australia and New Zeland next year and will be in Tasmania. Is that lily pond with huge lotus flowers near Tasmania?

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    1. Thanks Miriam. Yes, it’s hard to know whether this bushland will recover fully although my daughter sent me some photos the other day (she works on the field in land management and is in the thick of the forests) and there was already growth blooming on burnt trees, which I find simply amazing.

      That lily pad you mentioned was in the Yarra Valley, in Victoria.


  15. Miriam, the resilience and spirit of the Australian people shines through your post! After so much tragedy and destruction I am touched how you all pull together,supporting each other in so many ways. The photo of the burnt trees is devastating and they were lucky the wind direction turned. As for the bridge, it is classic and thankfully reprieved! A special and moving weekend for you. Hugs xx

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    1. Hi Annika, yes it really was a special weekend, to be there knowing we were helping just a little bit with the economy. People are amazing, how they pull together. For many the rebuilding will be a long process but resilience shines through here. Thank you my friend. Hugs back xx

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    1. Thanks Suzanne and I couldn’t agree more. It’s been wonderful to have a break from the crazy incessant heat. And more rain on the way which is good. Enjoy the weekend.


  16. So pretty place, I’m glad the fire didn’t reach there. We here in Canada followed close by this tragedy. Poor animals and vegetation!
    The food seems yummy, I can feel the freshness all the way here.

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  17. Lake Tyres looks beautiful and humongous.. I mean there are quite big waves along it’s shore.. I can imaging the exhilaration you might be having while camping in such a beautiful natural environment.. ☺️
    Loved this place.. Can’t wait to visit Australia and see this for myself.. Thank you Madam for sharing.. ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s my absolute pleasure. Thank you for reading and your lovely comments. Australia is indeed a wonderful country with many seascapes and landscapes. I hope you make it over here one day. 😊

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