2020 Clarity

Happy new year everyone! I’m writing this from our Journey, camped on the beautiful Yorke Peninsula on the South Australian coastline.

It’s the first day of a new year and a new decade and (typing this one fingered, on my phone) I wanted to wish you all a beautiful new year, one of joy, peace and going after your dreams.

I hope 2019 was a good year for you but if it wasn’t ideal, it’s time to say goodbye to it. Just remember to be kind and proud of yourself for getting where you are. We all have our paths in life.

Last year was a game changer for me. My word was “open” and it was a sentiment that saw me keep my mind open to many opportunities. It was a year that expanded so much. My freelance writing flourished, I made some amazing new contacts and I took a six month course on Life Mastery which opened up my mind to even more possibilities.

This year … I’m not going to choose simply one word. That feels limiting. Instead I’m embracing a new way of thinking, an alignment I know is true. I’m believing in myself, honouring my vision and owning my dreams.

I know what I want and feel driven. To shine my own light, inspiring through this blog and through new ventures, through my continued freelance projects and my ultimate vision of creating my own book and magazine. Yes, I’m working on it all, but mostly I’m working on the most important thing, each day, and that is, being true to myself.

Seems 2020 is the year of having perfect vision. Or at least aiming for it. It’s the year of clarity.

Like all of us, I’m a work in progress and it’s a constant ebb and flow. I’m loving the journey, even though it’s fraught with failure which are really lessons in disguise and fear which can be very real and life changing.

As I write this much of Australia is burning. There’s so much loss and devastation it’s hard to find words. I touched on it briefly in my last post. The hardest part for me is being so far from home right now where my 18yo son is. Fortunately I have family and friends who are close by and a big support.

My other concern is charting our way home in a few days. We’re over a thousand kilometres away and need to get back down to Victoria, being mindful of the upcoming heat again and of the bushfires that seem to be springing up everywhere.

It feels a bit like life in general. We have to make decisions and one turn off course can change our way dramatically. So we weigh up our plans, options, all the possible scenarios. We can’t possibly know all the outcomes, turns and details but we can make wise choices, as best we can. Each day is like that.

On a lighter note there are things to look forward to, like meeting up with fellow blogger and friend Glenys from Caravanning Correspondent on Friday and a day on Dolphin Beach tomorrow back in Innes National Park.

I’m looking forward to writing up lots of stories both from this trip and our recent outback trip. I’ve taken so many photos!

This is a place of such beauty and breathtaking coastal vistas. Together with my hubby I’ve swum amongst pelicans, explored shipwrecks and ruins. We’ve had lunch in the company of stumpy tail lizards, met fabulous people, trekked to lighthouses and walked with emus. Makes me sound a bit like a wild woman!

So many adventures and so many more still to come.

Wishing you a joyful start to the decade. May it be filled with all that you love and may you have a clear vision that 2020 is going to be simply brilliant.

Light and love always.

A new year brings renewed hope, new opportunities, new adventures and new ways to give, love and shine your light. May 2020 be your best year ever.”

52 thoughts on “2020 Clarity

  1. Happy Happy New Year Miriam! As always I love your words of wisdom. I feel so connected to your words and outlook as I constantly feel I’m in the same boat. I too am glad I was more open this year and started two part-time jobs which was the best decision I could have made. I needed it. Perhaps as I approach the big 5-0 the journey becomes a little more clear? Anyway, I always love following you around and reading your blog. Wishing you the best in 2020!

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    1. Thanks so much Nicole. What a lovely comment and yes, we’re often on the same page with regards to where we are in life. Sounds like you had a pretty good 2019. I hope 2020 is even better! Lots of love and warmest wishes sent your way. xx

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  2. Happy new year . Oh life mastery course sounds fab. I agree a word for the year sound limiting. I like the feeling, the belief, to be brighter. Very nice. Hope 2020 is fabulous and that you remain safe. I hope it rains in Australia very soon and makes everyone safe. Lovd bella

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  3. Miriam, a very Happy New Year to you and may 2020 be a year where your visions and longings are fulfilled! I’m taken with a thought of a book and a magazine by you! Wow! That is so exciting! Your post has a certain quiet tranquility, certainty… yes, it is so important to always be true to ourselves. That can become lost along the way as other life elements encroach. Your peace radiates as your bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new one by your writings in the sand.

    May your son and family be safe … I’ve been thinking of you and others I know in Australia, following the news of the fires aghast, apocalyptic is the word I feel! How the firefighters work in the midst of this beggars belief. Keep safe, my friend.

    Love, light and laughter for the New Year. Hugs xx

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    1. Thank you so much Annika for your beautiful words. They’re like a tonic. Yes, I must admit I wrote the post in a very quiet contemplative but peaceful mood whilst I was away, no plan, just writing from the heart. So I love that you gauged my feelings of peace and certainty. I’m home again now, happy to be here but also feeling a sense of sadness and heartache at all the loss and devastation, knowing that it’s far from over. Yes, those firefighters are true hero’s.
      Thanks again for your kind wishes. I hope you’ve had a beautiful start to the new year and that 2020 brings you much peace, joy and fulfilment. Hugs and love from here. xx

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  4. Cara amica, beloved wild woman-sister, and brilliant light: This was a wonderful read, with such beautiful and hope-filled images! Thank you for sharing hope and inspiration once again, and especially in times like these, where we/ beloved Australia face these big challenges… I have thought of you very often in the last week, hoping you would get home safely and praying and visualizing rain for you guys. Sometimes things just make you speechless, and it´s so wonderful that you keep spreading your light, love, and inspiration throughout these times, when they are most needed! OMG swimming with pelicans sounds so incredibly cool!! I can´t wait to read more about all the mindblowingly cool Aussie adventures you´ve had on your trips. Also, I love love love your vision of a book and magazine! I can SO see that working out brilliantly!! Love it!! Great reminder also for me to get specific on new visions for myself for this year. Dear friend, I hope you and yours are alright, sending so much love and hugs and hope! 2020 hugs hehe. 💖😘

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    1. Hello lovely friend, it’s so wonderful to hear from you. Your words always lift me and warm me with your gorgeous, generous spirit, thank you so much. And thank you for your prayers of rain, seems that some of them were answered today in the form of some cooler conditions and light rain, though we need so much more. Yes, I’m home now Maria, where it’s so incredibly smoky and yet we’re safe, just watching and hearing about so many others who aren’t. But I try and stay positive and pray things will eventually pass. Looking forward to sharing more of my journeys and reading about your own vision and hopes for the year ahead. May it be a truly wonderful, soul enriching one. Big hugs and lots of love. xxxx 😘

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      1. My lovely, so glad to hear you are back home safely! I wish words alone could put out flames, but I am happy to hear that there is a slight improvement in conditions, I have kept checking the weather info on Melbourne and Sydney, where I have some more friends as well… Read a beautiful post of a Buddhist monk the other day, who highlightet exactly what you said – things will eventually pass, everything is impermanent, the good, the bad, and the ugly… So yes, let´s just do what is in our power and surrender the rest, while spreading hope and love like you did so beautifully in your post here once again! Thank you for your sweet and gorgeous wishes my friend! Thinking of ya. Hugs and so much love! xxx 😘 😘

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        1. Thanks so much Maria, I’m not surprised you’re checking weather info here in Melb and Sydney if you have friends there. Hard times for so many. Yet it will all pass, so true, though I fear it will take a long time and things will perhaps never quite be the same for many ever again. Life is so fragile, and precious. Wishing you love and laughter my friend. Thanks for always brightening my days with your warm words. Hugs and lotsa love xxx 🥰

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        2. My pleasure. You know, I wanted to read and comment on your post much sooner than I did, but I just got a puppy (small enough to be travel with me) and he has kept me much more on my toes than anticipated 🙂 Yes, I can only imagine regarding the changes people are going through… I do hope it will bring big shifts in consciousness, towards a more environmental-friendly lifestlyle. The big movements like Fridays for Future or Extinction Rebellion give me hope. I have been changing lots in my life these years (really the last 5 years) to cause less negative impact, and I want to travel more mindfully in the future than I used to when I was younger. Offsetting emissions when flying, and traveling to destinations for longer periods of time, as well as in general being very selective about flying…I just feel in my bones that the earth is hurting and I can´t bear contributing to it…so trying my best… Sending SO much love, big warm hugs and smiles your way. So happy to be connected, and grateful to be able to brighten your day – you brighten mine too!! You rock! Mucho amore xxx

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        3. I love the way you think Maria and your intentions towards world travel and lessening your impact on the environment. If only more people thought (and acted) like you. Who knows, perhaps they already have started. I think there’s a greater awareness these days of what we’re doing to our planet. Surely it can only increase, we can only hope can’t we.
          Aww, a puppy, that’s so sweet, how wonderful! I’ve no doubt he’s keeping you well and truly on your toes! I remember what it’s like to have a pup, it’s like having a newborn baby, always needing attention (and getting up to mischief). Enjoy your days with him and I hope he brings you much happiness my friend. Big hugs and love cara amica. xxx

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        4. Thanks my lovely, for your beautiful kindness and wishes. Little Lucky is already transforming my life and infusing it with so much laughter, it´s great. Animals are wonderful teachers! And yes, I agree, I think the awareness regarding our planet is increasing- finally!! I once was fortunate enough to visit the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Australia, and I think it was there were it stated “The earth is not only for humans”. I could not agree more… Big hugs and mucho love cara xxx

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        5. That’s so very true. I visited a wild park park in Kangaroo Island many years ago, where they take in orphaned koalas and care for them. I fear now on the island most of them have perished which simply breaks my heart. So very sad to think of so much of our defenceless wildlife gone. Enjoy your precious puppy my friend, animals are indeed our best teachers. Life’s meant for love and laughter. xxx 😊

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        6. Yes I agree. It´s very sad. Love all animals and wish humans would respect them more. I love Steve Irwin so much also, for all he has done for wildlife. Visiting Australia Zoo was one of the highlights of the 4,5 years I spent living Down Under…sigh. Thanks for your beautiful words – yes, I am enjoying the wise lessons imparted by Master Lucky haha. Big kiss xxx

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  5. Happy New Year Miriam! You’ve been on my mind, as I keep hearing news of the fires in Australia. Absolutely devastating. Hope you and your family are safe. Wishing you the very best for 2020 and your plans for creating your book and magazine. How exciting! Take care and be safe💕

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    1. Thanks Jenny. We’re safe though I’m worried for my daughter, her boyfriend and their animals in the High Country. Happy new year to you too my friend. May 2020 be all you desire and more. xxx

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  6. I love your positivity and optimism, Miriam. Not easy to hold onto with a State of Emergency declared. It’s a very cruel way to bring people’s attention to the need for change, but I so hope that some good can come out of the current awful situation. Wishing you a safe journey home and the fulfilment of your plans. 🙂 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much for your thoughts and kind wishes Jo. I’m safely home again now and praying that in time things might slowly recover. It’s a sad and difficult time in Australia right now. Hugs to you for a great 2020. xx

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    1. Thanks so much Deb. It’s been a great personal start to the year. Hope yours has been the same. From memory you’re “jumping” into 2020, which sounds awesome. Hugs my friend. xx

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