Reason to Celebrate

Just recently my hubby and I celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. He likes to tell me he’d get less for murder!

So much jail time (just kidding), so many years and adventures, two beautiful grown children I’m very proud of. We’ve had loads of ups and a fair share of downs. Life’s not perfect but we’re incredibly blessed.

It was a day to celebrate, just as every day is. But I do like to make it special, a bit different each year, kinda like a date night. This time I chose a city overnighter combined with a stage musical Come From Away.

On the day we woke to a prediction of one of the hottest days on record. Deciding against taking the train we drove into the city and opted for the convenient valet parking at the hotel.

Royce front

The Royce

Once renowned as one of Melbourne’s most glamorous automobile showrooms, today The Royce is one of Melbourne’s luxurious boutique hotels.

Outside it’s understated and exudes an old world charm, but step inside and you’re enveloped in a world of luxury.  And blessed coolness.

It’s chic and classy with charming period features of the former Rolls Royce era still intact in the lobby. We received a warm welcome and later, settled inside our upgraded spa room we flicked on the TV screen to read “Welcome to the Royce Miriam“. How cool! As was our room. Outside the temperature was 40C and climbing. Phew.

Pretty cool when you see your name pop up!

We lolled about, as you do in a swish hotel room, watched half a movie before deciding to venture out and enjoy our complimentary glass of wine and beer in the gorgeous lobby. It was quieter than their restaurant “Dish” where scores of happy noisy people had gathered at the bar for Friday afternoon and end of year Christmas drinks.

Here it was just us.

Stepping into the Furnace

Eventually we stepped out of the coolness and into the heat of the day where we trammed it into the heart of the CBD. Walking to the Italian restaurant The Spaghetti Tree was like walking through a sauna, or worse, an inferno.

It was sobering thinking of all the fire fighters on the front line battling all the bushfires that are, right now, devastating so much of this country. I couldn’t stop myself from thinking of the people who have lost so much.

I brought my mind back to the present. We do what we can from what we have and from where we are.

Dinner was fabulous and before we knew it we were at The Comedy Theatre, the venue for the show I’d been eagerly anticipating.

Come From Away

Do you remember where you were when 9/11 happened? I think most of us do. It was a day that changed history and the world.

On that fateful day as the horrific events unfolded, thousands of passengers were still in the air, oblivious to what had happened, when American air space was closed down.

When 38 planes were diverted to an island in Newfoundland Canada up to 7000 people were stranded.

The town and people of Gander opened its arms, heart and homes to house and feed these strangers who suddenly descended on them. Kindness was reborn as was a restoring of faith in the human spirit. This is that extraordinary true story.

Welcome to the rock if you come from away,
You’ll probably understand about half of what we say.
They say no man’s an island but an island makes a man,
Especially when one comes from one like Newfoundland.
Welcome to the Rock

It was uplifting and inspiring, clever in its creation and the 12 cast members who played multiple characters were phenomenal.

I laughed and I cried. It was thought provoking, funny, heartwarming and true. The set was minimal but effective and the music was rousing. It was one of the best original musical shows I’ve ever seen.

We left on a high. At 10pm it was still hot, though without the blazing sun the heat was less intense. Somehow it didn’t matter anymore. We’d been on a journey to Gander and been touched by something far greater.

We enjoyed a late night iced coffee and the sparkling city Christmas lights before eventually making our way back to the Royce.

There’s always something to celebrate. For us it was our wedding anniversary. For many it’s the coming of Christmas.

It’s whatever we believe in.

For the people on those planes who felt stranded, scared and confused and who lost their identity for a few days but were taken in by a community, it was re-discovering and celebrating the kindness of the human spirit.

For those in many parts of Australia battling drought and the effects of the fires it’s about hope and resilience. It’s about people coming together and helping each other out when times are tough. The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.

Yes, there’s always something to celebrate. Life.

I wish you all love, good health, happiness and hope during this festive season, and always.

“Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion.”

Thank you all for being with me this year on my Aussie adventures, for the friendships that l love and appreciate so much. There’s so much more still to come.

Enjoy the journey. Pray for rain.

In love and light.

Step into the light and live the life you dream.

87 thoughts on “Reason to Celebrate

  1. Dear Miriam, congratulations on your 27 year jail sentence-lol ! No seriously well done on 27 years of marriage. Happy for the both of you. The Royce sounds lovely. I had no knowledge Grander or its connection to 9/11 how amazing and sad at the same time.

    Thanks for sharing this post with beautiful photos, much to learn and to be grateful for and to send out a prayer for all suffering in the fires.

    Wishing you many more years of a blissful marriage.

    Merry Christmas.

    Regards Bella

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    1. Hi Bella, thanks for your heartfelt comment though I laughed out loud at your first sentence! It’s not been a bad sentence really lol. 😁
      I must admit I didn’t really know the story of Gander either, not in any detail anyway. Quite an extraordinary story and very uplifting.
      Thanks again for your kind wishes. Hope you and your mum have a lovely and peaceful Christmas. Hugs from here. xx

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      1. 🤗 hugs. Of course it is not a jail sentence!! You are so lucky to companionship for that long and more many years to come. Wishing you and your family health. wealth and happiness.

        Thanks for your kind wishes. Love bella
        Ps.. I am going to share a daily meditation for rest of 2019.

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  2. Congratulations on 27 years together. He’s right, you know, so you must both be doing something right! I mentioned to you on Facebook the book on which the musical is based, but thought I’d leave it in the comments here in case anyone wants to follow it up: The Day The World Came To Town, by Jim Defede. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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  3. Miriam, first Happy Anniversary!!! There is indeed always a reason to celebrate. Life is so full of amazing surprises and I’m continually awed every time I experience an interconnection with others around the world. Why? well for starters this line: “We do what we can from what we have and from where we are.” is one I continually say with slightly different wording but the meaning is the same. When I remember to work with what I have I’m not only grateful I’m overwhelmingly content because I know the only control I have is how I react. This post really touched me especially because my son was recently watching a 911 movie with Nicholas Cage which I hadn’t seen so I watched it. As you say nearly everyone who lived through that horrific day knew EXACTLY where they were. It’s strange how awful tragedies can bring us all together and I’ve wondered so often why we can’t sustain this togetherness in good times. “Come From Away” sounds so intriguing and I’m happy you enjoyed the show. Merry Christmas Miriam, to you and your family. 🎄 Oh, and by the way, I love your photos.

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    1. Hi Steph, thanks so much for coming by and your good wishes. I wish the same to you and your family. Thanks also for leaving such a great comment. I do agree wholeheartedly that there’s always something to be grateful for. And I love what you said about how when you remember to work with what you have you’re not only grateful but overwhelmingly content and that the only control is how we react. It’s so true. Adversity does bring people together no doubt and it is curious how people can’t sustain that togetherness as much in good times, almost as though we’re afraid it won’t last. What’s the name of that 9/11 movie with Nicholas Cage?

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  4. Congrats on your 27 year (and counting) sentence 😉 Happy anniversary, happy holidays, happy Christmas and happy new year 🙂 Stay cool! We are just ending a nasty cold snap, so the record breaking heat down there seems unbelievable.

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  5. Congratulations to you both, and here’s to the next 27. I also hope the heatwave isn’t too bad for you, and that you stay safe from the fires. I read today that an area the size of my country (Belgium) is burning! Horrendous.

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  6. wow – 27 years is amazing and maybe even moreso in today’s culture where folks don’t even always get married anymore.
    but you reached the silver and then a couple – woo hoo
    and the photos show the celebration joy

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  7. This post touched more than most!

    27 years in this throw away era is no mean feat, congrats to both of you!

    The Royce is certainly an upgrade from camping, a well deserved one but nothing beats the wild 🙂 Human resilience rises to it’s best in times of crisis … lets all pray for rain and end to this inferno!

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    1. Thank you Kate. Yes, the Royce was definitely an upgrade and we loved every minute of it but I suspect you’re right, nothing quite beats the freedom of the wild. 😊 Praying always for rain and an end to these scary times. Stay safe my friend.

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  8. What a beautiful place the Royce Hotel looks to be. So well written and heartfelt as usual Miriam. What a tough summer it’s been already, it’s so hard to believe that fires are still going in so many places. All we really want and need for Christmas is rain.

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  9. Seasons Greetings Miriam, I love your take on life. What is happening in our country at the moment is unprecedented, I pray for the firefighters and the people living in those affected areas. Doing my raindance too.
    Wishing you many more adventures in 2020. xx

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  10. What a wonderful way to celebrate the anniversary, Miriam. 🙂 🙂 I love it when a show or film carries me away. It’s hard to believe the scale of what’s happening in your country right now. There’ll be many a story to tell, of bravery and endurance. Let’s all hope there’s an end in sight. Meantime the Christmas hugs are winging their way across the world to you and your lovely man. Merry Christmas!

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    1. Aww, thanks so much Jo. The scale and enormity of the fires is unprecedented and even though we’re not directly affected here we all feel for our neighbours. Rain dancing for sure. Thanks for the Christmas hugs. Right back atcha my friend. xx

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  11. Congratulations on 27 years Miriam, what a wonderful way to celebrate it too. Not sure about the heat but the hotel looked great and the show sounded inspiring. Here’s to the next twenty seven!

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  12. Awww! How can I express how much I loved this post?? Wow Miriam, you sure are a guiding light, and so beautifully tuned into higher places, viewpoints and neverending, flowing fountains of hope and inspiration. Love it love it love it!!! Yes – the human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it. I would give you a freaking award for this phrase alone love!! And YES, every day is a reason to celebrate. When you connect to the peace within, it’s like finding rest even in the middle of a (heat-) storm, isn´t it? Loved everything about this post. I feel ya – too much heat is not fun for anyone, but as you said – there are things that supersede these temporary phenomena. Happy 27th anniversary to you and your husband, my lovely, powerful, wonderful friend! Thanks for YOU! Feel so much love for ya mate. 1006 hugs (was that where we stopped? :P) and Merry Christmas to you lovely 💕💕

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    1. What a beautiful comment you’ve left me Maria, I feel like you’ve just gifted me the best pre Christmas present ever with your kind and lovely words. Thank you lovely lady, I’ve just finished reading your latest beautiful inspiring post. I’d say we’re both shining our light and love into the world which makes me so happy. Yes, every day is a reason to celebrate so I hope you’re enjoying your day as you read this, whatever’s going on in your world. Enjoy the Christmas season and big hugs to you. I think I got the count wrong in my comment on your blog lol. 1007 hugs ❤️ and loads of love swinging to you from Melbourne. Merry Christmas Maria. xx 🥰

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      1. Aww Miriam, thats just how I felt about your comment on my post as well!! Our friendship is, and you are, SUCH a blessing for me, honestly, I am super stoked about it! Yes I agree on your beautiful remark regarding shining our light and love. You know, I also worked as a teacher and healer before, but writing and this blog specifically, and the connections I´ve been blessed to forge here (like OURS!) really feel like coming home, or the real deal/on track thing in a way! A great feeling 🙂 Thanks for your beautiful wishes love, am having a lovely time, wishing you wonderful festivities as well – yes, lets celebrate every day:) Big big hugs, more specifically, 1008 hugs haha. Mucho amore y amor from Andalusia to you in Melbourne. Buon Natale cara! xx 🥰 Love love love.

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        1. Aww, I love this. It’s nearly midnight here, Christmas Eve and I’m almost ready to hit the sack after a big night at home with my family but I couldn’t go to bed without replying to your wonderful comment. YOU are a blessing Maria, amazing how connected we’ve become. So you were a teacher and a healer before, how interesting, but not really surprising. Coming home is a great way to describe writing on this blog. It’s a special feeling when we write from the heart to the world, you just never know what you’re going to get in return. Like our friendship, yes, it’s a great feeling. Enjoy your Christmas festivities lovely. I wish you all the happiness in the world. 1009 hugs to you and tinsel to boot!! 😊🌲 xxx

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        2. So sweet, thanks my amazing friend! I agree its wonderful how connected we´ve become! And yes, I think others can feel instinctively when one writes from the heart and a place of authenticity like you do so wonderfully and I aim to do as well. And it surely feels wonderful to share some love and individual viewpoints, experiences and lessons learned with beautiful people from all around the globe. Quite a miracle, really. Ok my lovely, I´ll be offline for a week or a few days now, will reply to your beautiful comment on my blog when I am back. Enjoy Christmas, all the best en el mundo for you, and talk soon!! 1010 hugs and so much loooove xxx You are amazing all around xxx Mucho amor!

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  13. Happy Anniversary, Miriam! And thank you for this post…amid the horrible fires your country is experiencing and all the devastation and heartbreak, it was good to read your reminder of how good people can be to each other and your message of hope. Even in crisis, there is always something to celebrate. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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    1. Thanks Ann. It’s especially in times of crisis that people often show their true colours. There’s still a lot of good in this world. Christmas blessings to you and your family. xx

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  14. Hi Miriam,
    I’ve been anxious to see “Come From Away”…we are originally from the Boston area where 9/11 flights originated, and remember looking into the sky for days – empty of all planes. Very weird, you don’t notice that they are ominpresent until they are not.
    And we know of the generosity of that little Canadian town for the folks stranded there.
    Every day should be a celebration, you are right, but it is also special to recognize milestones like that 27 year together.
    I’m behind on my blogging stuff, but hope you had a Merry Christmas and that 2020 is happy and healthy for you and your family.

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    1. Hi Nancy, firstly a belated Merry Christmas to you as well. I know what it’s like to be behind in reading and blogging, I’m guilty of that myself but I guess that’s life isn’t it. Thank you for your lovely comment. I wasn’t aware that you were from that area. And yes, I can imagine it must have been pretty surreal seeing the sky empty of planes for that awful period of time. I hope you get to see Come From Away sometime. I’m sure you’d enjoy it as it really touches on the best of humankind.
      Best wishes to you Nancy and your family for a wonderful 2020. xx


  15. A very (belated) Happy Anniversary to you both! You look great and so full of joy and togetherness! What a fabulous way to celebrate and I’m taken with the musical. I’d never heard of the island that took in so many thousands of stranded travellers … and now want to know more! Hopefully this will come to the U.K. and I’ll keep a look out for it!

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  16. Wonderful to read your time here Miriam and to see you both so happy.. I had no idea about this towns welcome arms to so many diverted planes that day.. I think most of us remember where we were that fateful day.. I was at work when the news came in at around 2pm our time.. When I got home I stood in shock with my coat still on watching the towers collapsing.. Something I think which is imprinted in many of our minds..

    On a much brighter and lighter note.. A very big congratulations to you both on your 27th Wedding Anniversary.. So lovely to see these wonderful happy smiling photos of you both enjoying yourselves..

    We have a big one coming up at the end of the month.. 45th… 🙂 Doubt I will get any Sapphires lol though.. hehe… I had to look up what symbol it represented… A meal out together is all we want… I stuck Gold when we met… 😉

    Have a super New Year both of you and many more Happy years of togetherness full of love and good health.. ❤

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    1. Aww Sue what a heartwarming comment. Thank you for those beautiful wishes. And you, 45 years! Wow, that’s an amazing achievement in today’s world. I love what you said “I struck Gold when we met”’ Thats so beautiful and also how I feel about Doug. May life always bless you both and keep you deeply in love.
      I hope you’ve had a wonderful start to the new year Sue. Many hugs, love and blessings flying your way xx 🥰

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      1. Many thanks dear Miriam and the same love and blessings returned to you both ten fold my friend… I have been very blessed in my life… And the older I grow the more blessing I see… 🙂
        Love and Hugs my dear friend.. ❤

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