April Awareness

What you focus on grows?

We all know that, right? Our thoughts are so powerful, why then do we often let them plummet and scatter into piles of pessimism instead of guarding them like seeds of hope.

I look back at March and (thanks to my journal) remember many highlights. The month started with a beach getaway with my hubby, then a camping weekend with the whole family and, mid month, a wonderful night of music and dinner with friends. I was inspired at a motivational workshop and I’ve been reading a number of mind blowing books, most recently Joe Dispenza’s “Breaking the habit of being yourself”.

I’ve written and submitted a couple of articles and, aside from a head cold that put me out of action for a week, feel pretty awake.

Yet, I’ve not done much to advance my dreams.

Harry’s constantly working towards his dreams!
My old family home

Mum’s house has finally sold and now, after two years, we’re finally clearing it out. It’s proving an emotional and exhausting job but, amid the memories, I’m focusing on the gratitude of what was and my vision and hope for the future.

However, some days the grey thoughts hover like persistent clouds. What with hubby working interstate more these days and a close family member battling a serious health concern, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

It’s these times I feel like I should be doing more. More writing, more earning, more learning, more working towards my vision, more caring, more of everything … but then I catch myself.

Whoa, STOP.

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves? Why do we have a mindset that thinks we have to “do” all the time and why is it so hard to shift it? What’s with the unhelpful, wasted thoughts. Because that’s what they are …

So in April I’m trying to be more aware of where my mind is taking my thoughts.

Aware of when those thoughts start to overwhelm.

Aware of the need to step away and into a different environment, to find that stillness and perspective.

Yet also aware that, even if the environment’s not perfect, we can still keep our thoughts positive and our dreams alive.

Things don’t need to be perfect, we don’t have to have it all figured out and we don’t have to rush. There is no time frame. We can create something out of nothing. Nature knows that.

An early morning visitor last week

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had so many visitors from nature. Black and yellow crested cockatoos, kookaburras, a tawny frogmouth, an alien looking stick insect that latched itself onto my kitchen window when I was trying to paint and a magpie that flew onto my decking and nearly landed on me.

Perhaps it’s nature’s way of telling me to chill out or fly high and not to be scared to fall.

What we focus on does more than grow, it becomes our reality

One blogger on Instagram recently left me a comment in response to a post. He said “Jump and build your wings on the way down”. How I love that. Trusting. Having faith. Believing and starting rather than waiting for things to be perfect before taking action.

So that’s what I’m doing. Yesterday (and again this morning) on my usual walk with Harry everything felt enhanced. The wildlife in the wetland ponds, the noisy birds in the gum trees. I felt in the flow and mindful of everything around me.

I saw a guy flying his remote controlled plane. Watching it, knowing he was operating it reminded me that we have some control over our destiny. We can chart our course, it might go a bit haywire sometimes, but as the pilot we can choose where we want to go.

So much awareness dawned on me and as I looked up I was filed with a huge sense of hope and possibility.

Then just before my walk ended I met up with someone I hadn’t seen for ages and, as our dogs played, we chatted and caught up on life. Small moments that leave a big impact.

Yes, our thoughts create our reality. Every single one of them has an impact on us. If we make a conscious decision to be more aware of them, maybe, in that awareness, we can create a new reality. One that breaks free of old ways of thinking and replaces them with a new version. One that’s joyous, adaptable, spontaneous and open to receiving.

Here’s to breaking free and living the life we deserve.

Wishing you an April that’s full of abundance, openness and awareness.

In light and love

Sunrise and more visitors this morning from my back decking
Wetlands magic on my walk

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75 thoughts on “April Awareness

  1. Hi Miriam I am always inspired by your posts. We have been preparing my MILs home for sale over the last few months and it has been such a difficult time on so many levels. She is in aged care now and very happy and hopefully with a contract Mike and I can move on with our lives. Sometimes I feel I have so many ideas that I want to put into action and then I take a step back and ask myself Why the rush? Enjoy the moment. This month I’m all about encouraging others to Get Active and Feel Alive in Body, Mind and Soul so your post is very complementary to that. Have a great weekend xx

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    1. Thanks Sue. All the best with preparing your MILs home. I totally understand how hard it is and I must admit I’m looking forward to when it’s all finalised here. At least your mum’s in good care which must be reassuring for you.
      As for those ideas of yours, you’re right, no rush. Things always happen when we make them happen. I know how active and inspiring you are but you’re allowed to take your time too so, as you said, enjoy the moment. And the weekend. xx


  2. Meditation, or more specifically Mind Training, is about just that Miriam, disciplining our thoughts and emotions. Giving energy to the healthy and helpful so that the harmful just fade away. The more we practice it the better we get, catch the harmful quicker and waste less time and energy there 🙂
    Must be tough seeing your Mum’s home go, hope your relative is going ok with treatment, email if you want …

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    1. So very true Kate. You of all people would know the benefits of disciplining thoughts and emotions and training the mind to choose helpful thoughts. I find it all very fascinating.
      Yes, it’s tough seeing the house go but it’s been a while now so to me it’s “stuff” (granted some is sentimental). To my sister though it’s proving harder. She’s finding it hard to let go.
      Thanks for the support. I know where you are. 🙏

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  3. Powerful post. The opening lines are so great.
    It’s a a bitter sweet time to clean out and sell something that held precious memories. I’m sure that cathartic exercise brought up the “do more” episode. But how wonderful that you caught it before it took hold.
    Wishing you a peaceful and happy weekend. Thanks for sharing what’s going on in your world. Very inspiring.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks so much Wendy. It’s definitely an emotional time at the moment but I have to admit I’m looking forward to getting through April and moving onto new things. Have a lovely weekend. xx

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  4. Firstly, great pictures. Lovely sense of frame. Secondly, I resonate with your thoughts for the life is short and should be full of experiences, devoid of major regrets and a completed to-do list.

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  5. So good to see you back Miriam with such a detailed, uplifting post. I am just back from a couple of days away after helping take my brother & his bike through part of his cycle route as weather was too cold & rainy to cycle. Got Abit despondent with blogging before I left and also saw Janet Thomas ‘elixir, footnotes from third age’ has come off word press site. Janet was my original inspiration.
    I will return to this post & read more closely.
    Thanks 🙂❤️

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    1. Hi Margaret, I understand that despondency with blogging too. I’m going through my ups and downs as well. Plus it’s hard when we lose some of our blogger friends and inspirations. I hope you get your mojo back and enjoy the month ahead. Thanks for dropping by 💙


  6. I have read your post with deep understanding and know how the feelings swing.
    You met people when you most needed it and wisdom and deeper thought followed.
    Life is not just an easy slide, you will find strength through some resistance.

    As you say ”
    Here’s to breaking free and living the life we deserve. ”
    By the way, your photos are beautiful


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  7. Oh Miriam, what sound advice you have given.. I just loved your narrative, as you took us through your thoughts and your walk..
    I can so relate to you is so much of what you have spoken about.
    And echo much of your inner feelings. It seems I have had to take my own self in hand and give myself a good talking to as I give myself permission to just BE, and let everything take its course..
    Some days I allow too many outer things into my awareness, instead of just breathing and letting it all go..
    Which is why I have been purposely spending more Me Time and not so much time on line..
    Enjoy your April, I know we have lots to do on our Plot, and love Spring Time, when we watch nature, birds nesting, and sow seeds..
    Many thanks for the seeds you sow in our minds Miriam..
    Enjoy your April and the freedom to enjoy the life you deserve..
    Happy Creating!..
    Much love and Peace my friend
    Take care.. 🙂 ❤ ❤

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    1. It’s not always easy to allow ourselves that permission to just be, is it Sue. But it’s so necessary, especially now I’m finding. Hope you’ve been able to switch off a bit more this weekend. I’ve just returned from another huge day of clearing mum’s house. So much to do but we’re slowly getting there.
      Thanks for your kind words. Enjoy your ME time Sue and the peace in being outside in your blooming spring. Big hugs and love to you ❤️

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  8. I feel for you Miriam, you have a lot to deal with and yes I know exactly how overwhelming things can feel. You are insightful and resilient, you can see what has to be done and you feel so much of it. I’m glad you pulled yourself up and said stop, as you can only take on so much. Another lovely honest post. Wishing you all the best through these hard times xx

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  9. I love how life supplies us with wisdom and perspective when we least expect it :). In cleaning out your mums home, no its okay to hire a professional the memories of cleaning up behind a love one can be emotional and slow…

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh yes, it can definitely be emotional and raw. However, enough time has passed for me to have her in my heart and not in the “stuff” we’re clearing. Thanks for your caring words.

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  10. Miriam, this post is so beautiful and rings true to me at this point in my life. Waiting for everything to be perfect before I do something I long to do. I’ve realized lately that I was putting undue pressure on myself… like you said, to do more. But there is no time frame, and it isn’t worth putting yourself through the stress of needing something to be done (like reaching a dream or goal), right NOW. Because it truly may not be the right time, but it will be…. in time. Thank you for this. xx

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    1. I’m so glad this resonated with you Jenny. We put so much pressure on ourselves at times and I simply think sometimes we need to realise it’s unnecessary and things WILL eventually get done. Things are rarely perfect but we can make do. Hope you’re having a good week. xx

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  11. Firstly Hugs.
    Yup we put pressure on ourselves -why?
    Nothing is perfect it all wip.

    Most definately where our attention goes energy flows.

    I sometimes think a bit of space is needed, and time to heal and let go. And that process is a process of years i feel. I feel colds just put in dont great emotional place and oh man it is all doom and gloom. And then we start to get better and it is like what was the fuss about.

    I love your posts always, so beautifully written, punctuated with great photographs, and so much food for thought.

    Let your journaling, gratitude and affirmation practise do their magic and meditate a bit .. you will be back in full force in no time. I havent posted a meditation in two weeks, but search on my blog..

    Take the time you need.. i say.

    Hugs and more hugs. Love bella

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    1. Thank you so much Bella, I could feel your words of caring and friendship from way over here. And you’re so right, I need to keep journaling, being grateful and especially meditating. That’s the missing ingredient I think, the meditation. Why do I find it so hard to keep a consistent practice up? I know I need to push through that. Big hugs and thanks again xx

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  12. Hi Miriam,
    A powerful post, and one I can relate to in many ways. In the last couple of years we had to deal with my parents’ belongings – really the icons of our childhoods, my brothers’ and mine – and it was a bittersweet process, exactly as you described.
    And we do put so much pressure on ourselves to “be and do” and “whoa” is a needed exclamation for me, too, at times.
    I particularly like the quote “Jump and build your wings on the way down” …or just do it, fake it until you make it. Don’t wait for that perfect moment as it will never arrive.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Nancy. Yes, it is very much a bittersweet process, and one that we’re still going through. So many memories and so much stuff to sift through. For me, I’ll be honest, I’m looking forward to getting through the next month and moving on. You’re right about that ‘perfect moment’ too. I’m not sure there is such a thing. My motto these days is ‘just do it.’

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  13. I love your writing, here and on Instagram! And yes, the small moments can end up being the most satisfying. I also feel the need to slow down. I hope I can do it before the animals start attacking me like they’ve been doing to you 😉

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  14. I’ve really begun to notice lately how much of my depression is directly linked to my thoughts. It’s like a downward spiral but I don’t always realize it until I’m at the bottom. So, I join you this April to “spring” forward into an awareness of what I am telling myself throughout the day.

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  15. Oh you are so right Miri…we put way too much pressure on ourselves. We could be straight out for weeks straight and take one day for ourself and feel “I ought to be doing something”!!! NO NO NO we ought to be doing more of nothing….let our body and mind rest when it needs to and not feel guilty about it. All the messages from Nature are the Universe’s way of saying…Ask me and I’ll help you…I won’t interfere, you need to ask me for help…surrender to me, let me show you the way for awhile. We don’t have the all the answers, but the Universe does…so put it on His/Her’s shoulders and relax. See what comes to you…it will be what you need! But we have to remember to ask…and we can never ask too often…the Universe has been screaming at you and so has the Magpie…ASK ME!! So do it! Take a deep breathe…hold it…release repeat two more times…ahhh now ask! Big asking hugs lovely lady!! xoxo 🙂

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    1. Hi Deb, I’ve read your message once, twice and then again and each time it’s sunk deeper into my core. I’m breathing better and easier. How did you know I needed this today? I’m sitting in the back seat of the car coming back from Easter with Tash and Kyle (Dan is driving and Doug’s in the front) and my energy has plummeted. Feel so depleted and I realise it’s cos I haven’t asked for something! And I’ve put myself last. It’s crazy. So I’m taking your advice and asking. Thank you my wonderful friend. We may not have spoken for awhile but as always we’re on the same wavelength.
      I Hope you’ve had a beautiful Easter. Big hugs to you xx 🙏💕


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