What makes you feel alive

When do you feel alive? Truly alive. Is it in nature, in music, when you’re immersed in your art or when you’re enjoying a delicious moment? Or is it when you feel you’re in the presence of something greater than yourself.

In the presence of something greater!

A week ago I saw English-Australian singer songwriter Mark Wilkinson perform again in Melbourne. His voice is as smooth as gelato and his lyrics have a depth that stirs you long after you’ve heard them, including this song, “All I ever wanted”.

“All I ever wanted was to be someone

More than just a shadow from a fading sun

And you tell me I’m here

And you say I’ll survive

But I’m searching for more

To know that I’m alive …”

The next day I woke up with a massive head cold and aches all over. So much for feeling alive! Slowly I’m feeling myself again but for all of last week I felt as sick as a dog.

I had no energy whatsoever.

So what makes you feel alive?

Is it music? For me, it doesn’t matter if it’s Ed Sheeran, Phil Collins or home grown artists like Mark Wilkinson, Lior and James Mark. When the words and music hit me in the heart it’s like a fire is lit.

Who hasn’t stayed in their car after reaching a destination just to hear the end of a favourite song (or is that only me?)

Then there’s the music found in nature, the sights and sounds of our beautiful world, conquering a mountain, finding peace …

Take a step out

You know you’re alive when you take a giant leap of faith into the unknown. In January, harnessed and suspended high above the ground, I flew! The thought of it was terrifying, the actual experience was exhilarating.

You know you’re alive when your feet touch the ground again and then you climb to the top of a tower and wonder how the heck you’re going to get down.

Yes, stepping out of our comfort zone definitely makes you feel alive.

It’s the same when we do a random act of kindness, the ultimate feel good boost.

Writing, travelling, watching the sun rise, meditating, cooking with love, enjoying a massage or a heart to heart conversation …

Be bold and say something you’ve always wanted to say, try something you’ve always wanted to try or go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go.

The point is to do something that makes you feel passionate, excited, exhilarated.

Immerse yourself in life.

Feeling invigorated at Port Elliot earlier this year

Searching for more

Then there are the big things. Passion, purpose, a sense of meaning in our life … we can spend our life searching and think we’ve found it. And then it can fade, so quickly with routine, self doubt and uncertainty. But feeling alive means pushing through blocks, facing fears and doing it anyway.

When things are scary, don’t back off. When you find things that make you happy hold onto them. Along the way don’t be afraid to break a few rules, dare to take risks and even to fail. Failing means you’re striving and doing more than just surviving.

That’s when you know you’re truly alive.

Life’s too short to settle for a half lived life, so live it bravely and have no regrets.

In light and love

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101 thoughts on “What makes you feel alive

  1. Miriam, I hope you’re much better now after your cold and shivers – not fun at all! Maybe your emotions went into overload the evening before, becoming so immersed with the music, feelings, that you ‘crashed’ for a day or two. Or is it just me that happens to? I loved hearing Mark Wilkinson’s singing and you’re right about his voice… wow! (And no, you’re not alone – I too will sit in the car in the drive when I arrive home to finish listening to a song!)

    It is amazing when you have those moments have absolute life, clarity, fulfillment … precious and nearly anything can trigger this sensation. You’re right though, it involves one becoming fully immersed in the moment!

    An inspiring post, Miriam … one that will stay with me as I head outside to the garden, a day with rare sunshine and warmth! Wishing you a magical Sunday that makes your soul soar! Hugs xx ❤️

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    1. Hi Annika, glad I’m not alone with sitting and listening to the end of music in the car, lol. Thanks so much for your good wishes and yes I’m finally feeling much better, which is just as well as I have a big week coming up. Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friend and especially that sunshine and warmth in your garden. xx

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  2. Glad to know you are feeling better, Miriam!! I agree life is too short. I feel alive when I am focused on assisting our special needs cats when they are struggling. (service and healing) I feel alive in Nature. I feel alive with my camera in hand. I feel alive creating anything. I feel alive walking in the woods. SO much of my life right now is in chaos yet new is coming from out of that chaos. Hard place to be yet exciting as well. Beautiful post, dear friend. Thank you!! 🦋🦋🦋

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    1. I can so relate to you feeling alive in nature Amy. I’m also sorry to hear that chaos is a big part of your life right now but you’re right, out of all that turmoil I’m sure will come new and renewed pathways and zest for life. There are always challenges aren’t there. I wish you well my friend. 💙 xx

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  3. I am so glad you are on the mend Miriam. You write so well and you are always an inspiration. I read Phil Collins autobiography last week. It was very poignant. Thank fully, he has regained his footing but he almost died from alcohol addiction after winding down his musical career. His music is so good.

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    1. Thanks for your kind words Brigid. And yes, though I haven’t read his biography, I know Phil Collins has had a difficult life. Yet he’s amazing and still touring, I agree, his music is brilliant. 🙂

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  4. Such a wonderful and uplifting post, other than the being sick part. At the end of all days, don’t we want to know we lived life to it’s the fullest extent and that there is nothing left in the well? You wrote so many great lines, but the best for me is your last one, “Life’s too short to settle for a half-lived life, so live it bravely and have no regrets.”

    Thanks for taking the time to put this together and sharing it with us.

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  5. This post is coming to me at a time when I’m really re-evaluating where I’m going. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I can’t say more because I’m not there yet but your words are just what I needed.

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  6. Thank you for such an excellent post, Miriam. I strongly suspect that the question, “What makes you you feel alive?” is what most of us really are trying to ask when resort the cliché “What is the meaning of life?”

    When I can’t get out in the Colorado wilderness I fall back on people, passion, purpose, and art. They seem so closely related to me.

    Like most folks, people now and then tell me they do not feel alive. When they tell me such things, I almost always hear after discussing it with them, “I am not being true enough to who I am.” An easy thing to fall into these days, I think.

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    1. Wilderness, people, passion, purpose, art .. love it. You seem to know what you love, which is a good thing. Thanks Paul for your wonderful comment and also for sharing my post on your blog. I suspect you’re quite right “what makes you feel truly alive” is indeed another way of asking what’s the meaning of life. Cheers to being authentic and true to who we are.

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  7. Hi Miriam,
    I love the part about “Searching for More”…I’m finding myself there more and more, and it does make me appreciate the big and small moments, as well as motivating me to be my best version of myself.
    Great post.
    Going sail this week – that will go a long way towards feeling alive!

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    1. Yes, it’s both those big and small moments that make up that tapestry of treasured memories isn’t it. Enjoy your sailing Nancy, sounds like you’re in for a great week. 🙂

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  8. I love this MIriam and actually your post will be perfect for me to share for my #ActiveApril – Being Active to Feel Alive! I feel alive in many ways – after I’ve been for a run or workout and my body is tired but buzzing, listening to my favourite songs, playing with my grandsons, stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things. It can be a great life if we life in the moment and enjoy. Thanks for starting my Monday with such an inspiring post.

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  9. Beautiful and uplifting post Miriam. I was setting out to do an essay answer but realised
    that all the things you mentioned make me feel alive.
    Just now it is a simple thing, sipping my morning coffee and looking out, seeing it is a sunny day and my big Rose bush climber is about to burst out.

    Or just a smile as you meet a stranger on the road. 🤗 .


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    1. What a perfect response Miriam. I agree, it’s often the simple everyday ordinary things that put a smile on our face that makes us feel alive. Thank you so much. Hope you have a beautiful day. ❤️

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  10. I feel truly alive when I am doing something that I love and/or that is meaningful. It’s so easy to get stuck in the mundane, but you’re right, it’s only by taking risks that we really live. PS: Glad you’re feeling better!

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  11. So many things make you feel alive but youre spot on with music. It can take you away to all sorts of places and fill you with all sorts of different emotions. Mountains and lakes in the sunshine do it for me, beautiful.

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  12. Traveling for sure, and my son.

    Btw, I’m letting my followers know my blog is now private. You’ll need to ask for permission so I can grant you access, that is if you want to read me. It’s easy, you’ll see.
    Hope to see you there.

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  13. Wonderful and inspiring post, Miriam! I love it! It’s important to be happy with your life because it’s not as long as we think it is when we’re young! New challenges, good music, laughs, family… Time to start living is right now!

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  14. you sure know how to live a life! Nature does me good – and some solitude. . . moments with my loved ones, art and music -time with my dog-may sound boring, but so authentic to me. The older I get, living my truth authentically makes me feel very alive.

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  15. Such an inspiring post Miriam and a great read to start the week. Glad to hear you are feeling better, especially since you have a lot to do this week but also for a selfish reason… I want you well so you’ll write more amazing posts! Have a fabulous week ahead Miriam. Keep spreading your wings and doing the things that make you feel good.

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    1. You’re so gorgeous! Thank you for such a lovely comment Dominique and yes, I’m definitely catching up and doing the things that make me feel good this week. Keep smiling lovely you. xx

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  16. I feel alive when I see deer walk right up to my patio and snack on the treats I’ve put out. When I listen to Peter Gundry’s music and I’m inspired to write songs…when I hear you sing and put music to words I wrote, when I paint a canvas especially when I use my fingers!! I would love to try that zip-lining over the ground. I know I’d be soooo scared but how exhilarating. Oh and finally winning the lottery jackpot…lol. Big Alive Hugs my lovely lady xoxo 💚💛

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    1. Aww Deb, it’s so great to hear from you. I love all the things you mentioned, especially the deer (how gorgeous) and me playing and singing your songs. I haven’t forgotten your latest, it’s sitting there waiting for me. Big hugs and good luck with that lottery! 😊 xx

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      1. Well someone in another state won…I’m sure I must be related to them…lol!! Thanks foe the good wishes…next time. I’m working on another song too…have a few lines written. Have a Fearless Friday!! Big Hugs xoxo 💜

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        1. Oh gosh, you’re churning out the songs now Deb (which is fabulous) but I can’t keep up with you. Create away, miracles do happen. 🌈 🎵 Bummer about the lottery winner, yep, I think you’re right, you must be related. 😊 Big hugs back xx


  17. Life is definitely too short to be lived halfway. I feel particularly alive when I face up to me fears, challenge myself outside of the box and go on adventures where I don’t know what’s around the next corner. An excellent post, Miriam.

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  18. Beautiful words of inspiration, Miriam! So many things make me feel alive… hiking in the mountains, being at the beach, writing, cooking for my family… and so many more! Music is a huge one! I’ll have to reflect on this more. So important to do what we love, are passionate about. And like you said, do things out of your comfort zone, and live to the fullest!❤️

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    1. Oh, absolutely Jenny, we think very much along the same lines! Everything you’ve mentioned makes me feel alive too. And now, I’m just about to go into the kitchen and serve up a delicious roast lamb dinner to my lads, another thing that makes me feel alive! 😊 Have a great week. xx

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  19. Hi Miriam, I’ve just stumbled across your blog. – and wow! I’ve only had a chance to take a look at a couple of your posts so far, but I can see I’m going to be inspired to live a fuller life by your writings. Music, nature, travel, yes, they work too.

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    1. Hi Chris, what a wonderful comment. Thanks so much and I hope you continue to enjoy my posts. It’s all about living life to the full isn’t it? Cheers.


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