Following the music

Who would have thought I’d fall for him so completely, yet feel so distant. To see him in a church and leave smitten. That we’d meet in yet another place, far from home, spend an intimate night together and then have to leave again.

Between you and me, I have a confession to make.

Image from Liormusica Instagram

I first saw Lior in Melbourne last month at the beautiful St Michaels on Collins. The setting was (dare I say) heavenly and the acoustics exquisite.

Lior Attar is a Melbourne-based Israeli-born singer-songwriter who burst onto the Australian music scene more than ten years ago with his stunning album Autumn Flow. However it’s only recently that I’ve discovered his music.

Between you and me is the name of his new album and, as you’ve probably gathered by now, Lior is currently touring Australia.

I loved his Melbourne show so much that I had the fabulous idea to go see him again in Ararat, two hours from home.

I convinced the other half, calling it research for another article, covering regional areas and town halls as music venues. That sounds plausible enough for a travel article, doesn’t it?

Of course it was partly true but he knows me well!

Going in at 7pm
Coming out three hours later!

This former gold mining town with wide streets and elaborate buildings is usually just a pass through, as it was last weekend en route to the Grampians.

However it warrants a stop. There’s history and heritage and a spectacular lookout at One Tree Hill. By day the town hall, having recently undergone major upgrades, is the grandest building in the town and when darkness falls it literally shines.

It was here last night, in the refurbished state of the art theatre, that we saw Lior again.

A man and his guitar, in a small intimate setting of just over 100 people. We were in the front row, so close to him we could almost touch the music.

Time disappeared as we were immersed in his pure vocals, his musical storytelling and his guitar, which he changed often. The intimate show was reminiscent of an old salon caberet style show.

Lior in Melbourne with a string quartet was pure magic and in Ararat his solo performance, with accompanying artist, and talented songstress, Domini Forster was equally spellbinding.

When music hits you deeply you feel it to your core. It’s a true connection. “Music is life, that’s why our hearts have beats.” In a world that’s peppered with chaos and challenges music so pure is food for the soul and a seamless comfort.

May we all go after our dreams, follow the music, whether that’s literal or not, and find our bliss in life. 

Life’s too short to settle for anything less.

So the travel research is done, another live music performance has been enjoyed. More memories have been made and, bonus, after the show, look who got to meet him!

May the music always continue.

In love and light

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117 thoughts on “Following the music

  1. Wow Miriam, isn’t it wonderful too when dreams come true, pure happiness radiating out from that hug you got..
    Loved the music, and what a beautiful town… ❤
    Sending continued love as you walk your dreams..
    Hugs ❤ Sue ❤

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  2. Miriam, your smile and laughter with Lior in the last photos says it all … you look wonderfully smitten and he’s so sweet! Thank you so much for introducing him to us here … I’m listening to his moving album from google music. A beautiful start to my day. How true that music reaches into our very hearts, and for a while everything else fades into the background. So … will you travel and see him on any more tours? All in the interest of research …of course! 😀❤️

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    1. Haha, I love the way you think Annika and, well, if I had my way I’d be in Portland tonight and Warrnambool tomorrow night but, alas, the real world and family responsibilities rule. 😉 Still, I’m happy. A girl can’t be too greedy hey. Enjoy his music and your weekend. ❤️

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  3. Hi Miriam, a wonderful post you given this morning. I am smiling at your enthusiasm and your smitten smile. I have a similar photo of me and a wonderful singer in Nashville. 🙂 I look smitten too.
    Music is indeed universal as is rhythm. No language barriers. I have listened to the songs and am especially taken by the song with Domini Forster and Lior.
    You go and drink in all music you can.


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  4. I can understand your enthusiasm about Lior’s music. He has a voice that goes deep into your soul. I’m a music lover, mostly classical music. It’s so fun to go the the backstage to meet the artist. I’ve done that and had people come to backstage to meet me also. Thank you for this post to bring us the energy and enthusiasm to go two hours from home to do something you love to do. ❤

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  5. Oh look at you…you got to meet him and take a pic…you’re simply bursting!!! I love it! That building is gorgeous and the setting inside wow. Front row seats…that must have been so spectacular. I can only imagine not only being so close to someone you love listening too…but then to meet them too…heaven! I’m so glad you were able to convince Doug to go! What an amazing treat! Big musical hugs xoxo ❤

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    1. It didn’t take much to convince Doug to go but yes it was a wonderful treat. If I could’ve I would’ve gone onto his other tours too, down by the coast. Turn into a real groupie lol 😁 Hope you’re well Deb, I’ve loved seeing all your rascally visitors. Hopefully we can chat soon, miss you and lots to catch up on. Big hugs till then xx ❤️🙂

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      1. Ohhh a groupie…what fun! I could easily be a Taylor Swift groupie. I know aren’t those squirrels just adorable!! Yes we’ll have to chat soon, i think we might be 16 hours apart now, we just turned our clocks back an hour. Right now it’s almost 10 pm. How’s your thumb doing? Big hugs xo 🙂💜

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        1. Hi Deb, it’s Monday morning here now, 8.22 so I think it’s 4.22pm your time. A new week begins. Who knows what it will bring. I’m having my hand surgery this coming Friday so I have to try and get a few things done this week cos I’ll be out of action for awhile afterwards. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday. Big hugs back xo

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        2. Yes you are right, now its 7:36 pm. Wow that makes us 20 hrs apart!! Is your surgery an outpatient surgery or are you staying overnight? Did they say how long the surgery will be? I will say prayers all week for a successful and painless outcome!! Big prayer-filled hugs xo ❤

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        3. Aww, Deb, thank you my dear friend. I’m not sure of the finer details yet but it’s a day surgery so all going well, I’ll be back home that night. Thanks again, I appreciate you! Big hugs xx ❤️

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      1. I am hopeless with knowing who Musicians and celebs are. Yes I’m fine, working longer days at work. Trying to get things in order before Christmas too. I am getting a post ready but very slowly. I can’t handle being on the computer all day at work then all through the evening. The trek was good and next level. xxx

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  6. “When music hits you deeply you feel it to your core.” Love this! This is exactly how I feel about certain music, when I hear it i feel like my soul literally dances and my heart wants to burst out of my chest! I’m so glad you shared this, I’ve never heard of Lior but I really like his sound. And how cool you got to meet him afterwards!

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  7. Just listened… what a beautiful tone! Beautiful voice. So glad you got to see him in person, and front row!! Love the pics, you look sooo happy! I know what you mean about totally connecting to music. That’s how I felt when I saw Josh Groban at a local fundraiser, before he got famous. His voice was spellbinding to me. Still love it! xx

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  8. I’m so envious. I love his style of music. I first stumbled upon him on late night tv when Waleed was interviewing him and Waleed was only known for his radio work back then. They jammed together and I was hooked. Does this mean you’ll be dragging poor Doug to Tamworth for another ‘assignment’?

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  9. I had not heard of Lior, but his music sounds wonderful. Thanks so much for introducing him to me. I agree with your sentiment about music hitting your core. I could just get lost in so many songs. 🙂

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  10. Hey Miriam ! just read your post and I was being caught by the way it’s written and the pics and videos all kept me engaged . I hadn’t heard of Lior before but your post makes me feel that I need to hear this star.

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        1. 😫😫😫😫😫!!!!! Miriam Literally! Literally! I told myself that I had to finish part 2 of the novel (I am 2 chapters away) !! and I can’t believe I am back to page 1???????? I am screaming because I am still making changes and I am crying because I want to finish ! Lol!

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        2. Just write and let it come to you. Sounds like you’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself Oristel. We can be our own worst critics sometimes can’t we. Trust it will flow. And it will. 😌

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