Airing out the BnBs

Spending a few days in the bush or by a beach and cooking succulent steaks over hot coals, sitting around an open fire with a glass of red while listening to the river nearby is my idea of bliss. Hands up who agrees?

There’s something infinitely therapeutic about time spent outdoors and star gazing at night. Funnily enough, I’m going bush again this weekend.

Yep, I need it and camping is way cheaper than therapy.

However, sometimes an unexpected overnight occasion out of town doesn’t warrant taking the van. That’s when Plan B kicks in.

In the past year, for different reasons, we’ve booked AirBnBs and I have to say I’ve had nothing but positive experiences.  AirBnBs are now worldwide so it doesn’t matter where you live you can find something that suits.

Here are the ones we’ve discovered most recently.


Comfort away from home

For our wedding anniversary last year we stayed in a slick little apartment in the heart of St Kilda. It was within walking distance to the Esplanade and the beach, restaurants and the Palais Theatre (where we were seeing a show that night).

The apartment had loads of personal touches including a full kitchen and breakfast and a bottle of sparkles to help celebrate our occasion. Who doesn’t like the odd pamper?

When you’re searching for an AirBnB you can specify exactly what you’re looking for.


Last month we travelled to Mansfield where our daughter’s boyfriend was celebrating his 21st birthday. I found an old farmhouse AirBnB, on a huge property where we had our own room and balcony looking out onto beautiful gardens.

Friendly owners and farm dogs, sheep, jacaranda trees and an old engineering shed for hubby to check out completed the picture for an easy night away. All ten minutes away from the party. You can choose an exact location that suits.


Last weekend it was a funeral. A sudden and unexpected one. Taking the van was never an option. Instead, we found a country cottage in the heritage village of Wandilagong, just twenty minutes away from the funeral. Surrounded by chestnut trees, mountain ranges and lush valleys it was the perfect place to soothe the soul.

Our room on the first floor of the 100 year old country house looked out onto mountain ranges and valleys. The huge luxurious bed was the comfiest I think I’ve ever slept in.

Out the back yard was a character filled miners hut, built in the 1850s, the oldest structure standing in the valley. History and heritage that won’t be found in any old shoe-box motel!  It was comforting and peaceful (even with hub bursting the water pipes but that’s another story!) The best thing was, I booked it online barely an hour before the funeral. And the tap was fixed!

Next week I’ve booked us another place and I’m looking forward to sharing not so much the destination but what we’re doing there. Let’s just say that this happy little camper may have turned into a Groupie!

Benefits of staying in an AirBnB:

  • You can see at a glance what’s available and look immediately
  • You can refine your search to suit your specific needs
  • Payment is secure and swift
  • Owners respond immediately and are usually very flexible with check ins
  • Value for money and generally much cheaper than motels
  • You can book a private room/shared room or an entire apartment
  • There’s way more character, charm and warmth than a motel
  • Choice of interacting with hosts and sharing their home or going fully self contained.

I love camping but there’s a time and a place when convenience wins hands down and AirBnB gives you a world of choice.

Here’s to enjoying the best of both worlds. Maybe one day AirBnB will open up a camping option. Wouldn’t that make travel interesting?

Wherever you are, hope you get to enjoy some time out, whether it’s under the stars or under someone else’s roof.  I’m off camping this weekend, this time with the van, near the mountains and a lake, as I’m needing some time out. Therapy calls and so does nature.

Keep smiling and keep enjoying the journey.

In light and love.

Window at Wandilagong
The best of both worlds at Wandilagong

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69 thoughts on “Airing out the BnBs

  1. I agree Miriam, sometimes they are just what you need! Ive only ever had positive experiences too. My camping days are limited these days, but give me a nice Airbnb and I’m a happy camper. Enjoy yourselves 🙂

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  2. The thing I love about staying in another house for holidays is pretending that I actually own it, especially if it has a view of a beach, sad but true. I haven’t tried an air b’n’b yet but I must give them a try. Enjoy your weekend, hope it’s happy and peaceful. ✌🏻

    Liked by 2 people

  3. You found some really good places!

    I’ve stayed in air bnbs a few times, and always really enjoyed it, but they were always chosen and booked by friends for large groups of us. We stayed in one in Porto that had high ceilings, covered in art. It was stunning!

    Another one was in Berlin, and I loved staying there…until I found out that all the airbnbs in the area, were pushing out local people, who couldn’t compete with the high rental prices that tourists could afford. 😦 I guess we all just have to be careful not to book places that can mess up the local economy like that!

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  4. I, for one, have never tried Air BnB but your post is tempting!
    Nature can be a great healer. And yes, it is cheaper than therapy! Enjoy your camping trips, dear M. Keep smiling 🙂


  5. I’m not really a camper, Miriam (I hope you will still be my friend after that statement :)). I’ve not discovered AirBnbs either but the photos of where you have stayed has certainly convinced me to take a closer look at using them. Although it was a sad occasion for you, the stay at Wandilagong would have been good for your soul I’m sure. Have a beautiful week and thanks for the info.

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    1. Haha, I won’t hold it against you Sue for not being a camper. 😊 A lot of people aren’t. It’s not even about where we stay but whether we go in the first place! Have a wonderful weekend. xx


  6. My hands are in the air, Miriam. Your idea of bliss is also mine. Camping is a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy! I Airbnb’d for the first time last year, and it was terrific and so easy to navigate. I had the whole place to myself and didn’t even have to see another human. Hooray! Looks like you found yourself some good ones over there. Hope your heart is aching a little less and you are enjoying your weekend. Lots of love and a b​ig hug, beautiful. xoxo

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    1. Hi Tanya, thanks so much for your gorgeous comment and sorry it’s taken a while to reply. I’ve been off the grid camping and immersing myself in nature. AirBnBs are great and convenient yes, but my heart will always be in camping. Big hugs to you my friend xx 💕✨

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  7. This Airbnb looks truly magical. I am so sorry about the unexpected funeral ❤ But what a great time and beautiful views. We need to use Air Bnbs more for sure! Thanks for listing the info too- so helpful!

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  8. I haven’t tried AirBnB, but used the similar, HomeAway, because they happened to have exactly what I was looking for at the time. Sorry to hear about the unexpected funeral. Being in nature is definitely my refuge. xx

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  9. I’ll be honest, I’ve actuakky never used Air B&B! A lot of my friends have, and recommend it, but I’m a little spoiled and don’t want to clean up after myself on vacay, am nervous that the owner will be weird, or like the convenience of a lobby bar 😜🍷. But your pictures are so amazing I’m starting to rethink that! Especially if I’m going somewhere out in nature, that farmhouse and old cabin had so much character! Your pictures are great, as always, and im thinking I need to step out of my comfort zone.

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    1. I’ve just read your latest post about grape stomping and you seem to be doing an awesome job of stepping out of your comfort zone! 🍷 But yes, give AirBnBs a go, they’re so varied and you get to meet some amazing people. Keep smiling! 😁

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  10. Youve stayed at a few nice Airbnbs there Miriam, not sure about Wandilagong though as that’s obviously not a real place just a made up name!! We’re huge Airbnb fans as have stayed in them everywhere.

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  11. You’re right, Miriam. Spending time outdoor is better than going for therapy. The nature lift up our mind and spirit. I can go on a day trip, haven’t done camping for a long time. You photos show how much fun you had.

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  12. I agree with your post, we love getting away in our camper, especially when we are able to have a campfire! On the other hand we also use Airbnb when we cannot get a campsite near somewhere we need to be. We have always had great friendly service and value for money.

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