In Memory of Minaxi

She was a pink haired, wonder lusting advocate for living life to the fullest. Forever inspiring me, and countless others, with her high spirited love of adventure and all things colourful, choosing magic and following her bliss.

For those who didn’t know her, Minaxi was a beautiful, unique individual who weaved her own brand of magic through her words and pics. Aside from her sparkling personality she was also an advocate for female rights (“wonder women” she called us) and equality for all, regardless of race, colour or creed.

One of her greatest gifts was her desire and passion to spread positivity and love. Despite battling her own demons of depression, especially this past year, Minaxi had a special ability to uplift and inspire others. She loved the man in her life Vishnu, she loved her friends and she loved her road trips.

That’s how I met her, through her blog here on WordPress HolidaysandHappilyEverAfters. We instantly connected and our friendship continued on Insta. We exchanged many texts and conversations and I considered her my friend.

When I heard the news today it guttered me. When I saw the photo of their happy smiling faces I was in shock. Minaxi, my vibrant, pink haired fellow adventurer, who waltzed with words and captivated me with her colourful images, was gone.

She’d left this world as she’d lived it, taking chances and living life to the max. She died with the man she loved.

I’m still barely comprehending how two young vibrant lives could be gone so instantly and tragically.

I never expected this and, like many others, am still trying to get my head around it.

Then an unexpected distraction.

From my kitchen I saw two magpies land on my decking. I haven’t seen any here for ages. As I stepped outside they looked at me and at each other. The timing was uncanny and I felt they were there for a reason.

I rushed inside to grab my phone but when I returned they were still there, as though waiting for me. They flew up on the roof and I captured a short video before they flew off.

They left me in tears yet with a profound sense of peace.

I looked up the symbolism of magpies and, with goosebumps, read that “seeing two magpies equals joy in union.”

So, amid this tragedy, I have to believe that Minaxi and Vishnu, you are both in a better place. I believe with my whole heart that you’re looking down on us and telling us you’re at peace.

Perhaps you’re telling us to live our dreams and not to wait until tomorrow to find our joy.

Or maybe you’re telling us to shine our light, just as you shone yours on the world you left behind.

Today it shines a little less brightly.

Rest In Peace my wonder lusting sparkling friend. You will be missed but never forgotten.

Just like the two magpies you’ve flown away, to the ultimate magical destination. May you forever shine your light from heaven.

In light and love 🙏


150 thoughts on “In Memory of Minaxi

  1. Miriam, so hard to comprehend such a tragic loss of life; from your photos and description here Minaxi was bursting with life and energy… a terrible accident and I feel for their family and friends. Your sighting of the two magpies and their symbolism would give me goosebumps too. Hugs xx

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  2. So sorry to hear of the tragic loss of your friend, Miriam. Sometimes we can just have the wind sucked out of us when we hear of an unexpected death. It must have been a terrible shock to you. What a beautiful symbolic appearance of those two magpies though. I hope that helped ease your grief in some way. 🙏

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  3. Condolences and deepest regret at their tragic demise. Some souls literally love living on the edge for it’s one life and one journey. Prayers for them and their families.
    It’s never easy to adjust to a loss however close or far. May they rest in peace.

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  4. I’m very sorry. That is awful. I did read about the tragedy, but no names or anything were mentioned. Interesting that the magpies showed up at that time. Nice bit of symbolism for you to remember this wonderful woman.

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  5. Miriam, I have tears stinging my eyes and a huge lump in my throat. I am SO sorry you lost such a dear friend. How tragic these deaths are! Yet … those Magpies I KNOW to have been Messengers to tell you both are together, and still going after life with one adventure after another. I however, understand what it is to receive news like this. Just hang in there. Grieve, cry, mourn, but then you must go on bringing the “spirit” of your friend with you. Much Love and HUGE HUGS!!! 💝💝💝

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  6. Dear Miriam, I feel deeply with you as the story of these young and vibrant people evolves.
    The shock to you, to their family and friends must be tremendous.
    The two Magpies and the meaning of this sighting must have come as a chock in a different way.
    This has happened today me too and although it can’t be explained I am sure the birds offered

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      1. I had to stop typing before because I was crying so hard I couldn’t see what I was typing anymore. 😥 I’m sorry, too. She was a beautiful and amazing young woman and I will miss her more than I can express. I know it’s the same for you. *hugs* I’m glad you posted this. xoxox ❤

        PS – I grabbed some screenshots from her blog so I would always have a picture to remember her by.

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        1. I know that you knew her. And I’m so so sorry. It was such a shock for me too when I heard, I couldn’t stop crying so I totally understand. She was a gorgeous soul and I feel blessed to have known her. So sad that their lives were cut short.
          Sending you big hugs my beautiful friend xx 💖
          P.S i know what you mean about the photos. I’ve been listening to her stories on Insta so I can hear her voice.

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        2. I’m so glad I grabbed those pictures and went to listen to her stories! Thank you for suggesting it! I spent all day on her sites, and now they are gone as her family has been taking them down. 😦 She is allllll over the news here now, even on the front page of my Bing home page. I swear, a dozen videos at least, not to mention regular news articles. Someone is sure they caught a shot of her in the background of their own selfie. It’s eerie.

          She’d be so giddy to be so famous, wouldn’t she? I can see her twirling with glee over it. ❤ xoxox

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        3. I didn’t realise her site was down. Are you talking about her actual blog, that’d be sad, cos their insta page is still up.
          I haven’t seen anything about this on the news over here, only stories and video stories from the internet.
          Yes, she’d definitely be in her glee to be famous. Heavy sigh, what not the ideal way is it? Life is crazy. xxxx ❤️☺️

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        4. Earlier when I checked (and the news sites were saying it too, which is why I checked) both her blog and IG at HolidaysandHappily.. were gone. Perhaps they have restored them? I hate to think of her not being on the ‘Net, where everyone can see how wonderful she was. I know – heavy sighs here too. xoxox ❤

          and also here

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        5. There’ve been so many stories everywhere, it’s getting a bit overwhelming but I just want to remember her and how we spoke and the laughs and smiles we shared. She won’t be forgotten. She was amazing and now she’s immortalised isn’t she? Big hugs xx ❤️

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  7. Your words are just beautiful Miriam! I feel for you as you try to get your head around this sadness. I love the symbolism of the magpies visiting you and hope their visit can alleviate some of your despair. Take care x

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  8. Oh my god, Miriam. I read about this on twitter, and my heart broke at the thought of what happened to the two of them. What a small world it is, that you knew her. I am so sorry for the pain you are feeling and the loss you now have to process. Life is so short and so unexpectedly painful. The lesson is to live with all of our might and extract every morsel of magic and love we can. We just never know when it is going to come to an end. It comforts me that those two birds stopped by to see you, to let you know that they are okay. I am devastated for them and for you. So much love from me, Miriam, and a massive hug. xoxo

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    1. Thank you Tanya. Your words are so true. Life is way too short and we never know when our time is up. Minaxi and Vishnu were two gorgeous souls who absolutely lived life to the full and extracted the magic you spoke about. I feel so sad for their families and what they must be going through. I hope they get some sort of sign too because I honestly believe that those two birds appearing when I was at the peak of my grief was a sign telling me they’re okay. Thank you for your warm words and for caring so deeply. Hugs back xx

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  9. OMG Miri, I can’t believe this!! When I saw your flower on Insta I thought you were paying homage to it…then as I read what you wrote I could not believe what I was reading! I’m dumbfounded, at a loss for words, this is just unimaginable. Wow! I will join you in wishing Minaxi & Vishnu an eternal, blissful life together…they’re vibrancy and zest for life will be missed…may they rest in peace, although I don’t think peace is quite Minaxi’s style so may you now enjoy fairytale dreams and magical wishes all coming true in your land of happily ever after with the one you love!! We’ll miss you Minaxi & Vishnu!! So blessed to have had a moment to know you. xoxo ❤

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    1. Aww Deb, it’s just the saddest news isn’t it. So young, so vibrant and so full of life. It still doesn’t feel real to me that she’s gone. I’ll always remember her sparkling comments, her voice and the way she embraced everything with a passion. Yes, for them two lovebirds now their adventures will be eternal. Big hugs to you my dear friend xx 💕🙏

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      1. I know, I was stunned when I saw your post!! Yes she was sooo vibrant and I loved how she would say hellloooo…I believe those magpies were them letting you know they are ok. I feel so sad for they’re families…how very sad for them. Big hugs back my sweet soul xo 💙

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  10. Hello dear Miriam, I only heard this devastating news yesterday from Cynthia. She added the link to your post in my message she sent me. She knew we also had made a connection, but through Instagram.
    You have done Minaxi and her loved husband a great service with your beautiful tribute.
    Your story about the Magpies is amazing and so timely, and equally as beautiful…
    Much love and gratitude, Dianne 💕😘

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    1. I wondered if you’d heard the news Di, I only found out the other day as well through Cynthia. Such a shock and so very sad for their families. Thank you for your kind words my friend. Sending you much love and hugs xx. 💕

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  11. I’m so sorry, Miriam! For you and for all their friends and family. I agree they are in a better place…those magpies had to be a sign…but it is still a deep loss for those who loved them. I’ll be thinking of you!

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  12. Oh dear Lord. I cannot believe what I’d just read. 😥

    Minaxi was such an amazing young woman. I had the pleasure of “meeting” and getting to know her shortly after I started blogging. She was so sweet and funny. She and Vishnu were always off on some amazingly fascinating adventure, somewhere across the globe. I’d like to think they’ve experienced a full lifetime’s worth of adventures in their short time on earth. This is such incredibly devastating news. 😦

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    1. I’m so sorry.
      I agree, devastating news. It was a shock to me as well. They were such a gorgeous couple and she was so funny, positive and inspiring … they’ll be sadly missed. 😔🙏

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  13. I had not heard about this until I just saw the link to this post on facebook. My heart is just broken. Minaxi was one of the first people I connected with on WordPress. She was so sweet and kind and yes an adventurous soul, but also grounded and loving and so supportive to those lucky enough to cross her path. I am so shocked that I’m not sure I’m even making sense.
    This was a beautiful tribute Miri. ❤

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  14. What tragic news and such a waste of two young lives. It’s so difficult to comprehend how someone can be here one second and gone the next. Hopefully they are both together in a better place. Sad news.

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  15. Dearest Miriam,
    So sorry to know about the tragic deaths of this lovely couple. Thanks for sharing your
    moving heartfelt tribute to them. It saddens me to hear how they passed. These selfies photos tragedies seem like the norms these days. Ten deaths in the same location, hope they have warning signs there. But then I read there are no accidents in death. One goes at a Devine timing. Felt the birds were them, to tell you they are ok, together, and still flying around for adventures.
    Love & hugs,

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    1. Thank you Melo. Perhaps you’re right about divine timing, who really knows. All I do know is that the world has lost two beautiful souls. Still, I do feel as though they’re okay, those two birds that appeared, the timing was just too coincidental. Hugs back xx


  16. I just heard about this and am still reeling in shock. She one of the first bloggers that I met through Nikki’s page back when I was a newbie blogger. She was always spreading her light even in the midst of her demons. She always had kind words and worked on building others up. She lived life so fully and I am so saddened that she is gone. xx

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    1. I feel the same way Amy. I was just remembering this morning all the kind, funny, inspiring comments she used to leave with all her 🌸💖 sparkles and 😊💕✨love infused. She was a very special lady and we’ll all miss her. xx

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  17. Omg Miriam!!!! I cannot express the shock I had last night when I saw their pictures everywhere on social media news….I was like wait…. I know that couple! That is sweet Minaxi & her husband!!!! I couldn’t believe it….. I read it several times & still refused to believe!!!
    Minaxi was the sweetest heart… full of positivity & vibrant for life! I think their time on earth has ended & I know they r in a better place & most importantly they left together!
    May their souls rest in peace! They will forever stay in our memories!

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    1. Hi Maja, that’s how I felt yesterday, and still to a degree today. Such a shock and one I never expected. They were so young and full of life and it’s still hard to believe they’re gone. I’ll miss her beautiful bigger than life personality but, like you, believe they’re in a better place and at peace together. xx

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  18. Oh Miriam, such a beautiful tribute you pay here to your dearest friend and fellow writer… I do not know Minaxi, but through your beautiful words I feel her essence and spirit 🙏🏻🌸 Such a tragic accident… my thoughts are, all of the angels needed above leave this lifetime in a way that leaves us all in utter shock…their presences missed, yet still felt, always astounds us. To Minaxi and her sweetheart, peace be with you 🙏🏻💗💙 holding you tightly Miriam in the warmest of hugs 🤗 xx

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    1. They’ll forever be angels Hayley. She weaved her magic and sparkle here on earth and I’ve no doubt she’s sparkling up above too. Thank you for your warm heartfelt words my dear friend. Big hugs back xx 💕

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