Time spent in self reflection is never wasted. It is an intimate date with yourself.” Paul TP Wong

The past few weeks have been a time of quiet contemplation.

Alone time. Photo courtesy Seals by Sea Tours

Although I’ve been busy writing for a number of magazines things have been otherwise quiet. I’ve had some ups but also a lot of stress that’s taken up much of my energy.

The huge bike fall I had back in September has also taken its toll. Last week, after many tests on my thumb, it was confirmed I need surgery on my hand, within the next three weeks.

Torn and severed ligaments, a fracture and lasting damage equals a weak hand, which means I can’t ride in the Great Vic Bike Ride planned in late November.

I won’t pretend I’m not disappointed. I’d been training hard and looking forward to the challenge.

But shit happens. Life takes unexpected turns, and I’m not just talking about the bike ride and my hand.

I’m a big believer that things happen for a reason even when we can’t figure out what they are. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and self reflecting.

Some days fear, confusion and negativity shifts into the mix.

However, I’m determined to part the curtain on those dark brooding, uncertain clouds.

Without rain nothing grows. Learn to embrace the storms in your life.”

So here’s what I intend to do:

Go find some nature

Sit in quiet reflection

Take some deep breaths

Lower my shoulders

Relax the jaw

Tune into my body

Keep my face to the sun

Pause and be grateful

Connect to the moment

And accept what is.

When times get tough and life throws us curve balls, we often forget a simple truth … to still the mind. That’s when we can find the strength within, when answers start to appear and the clarity comes.

And peace returns.

Reflection is a gift for the spirit. It allows us a deeper understanding of who we are and gives us a chance to discover and create ourself all over again.

Sometimes we have to let go of our old way of thinking. We have to trust the process and believe that everything is unfolding, just as it should be.

So now I’m off to take my own advice.

Have a good week ahead, trust in your truth and enjoy the journey.

In light and love.

In response to TPC: Reflection

Keep your chin up. Pic courtesy of Seals by Sea Tour

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147 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Well said. Often when the world is churning around us and dark skies seem to be prevailing, that just step back for a moment; breath and reflect can give us the strength to face the challenge before us. New growth never occurs without a little rain. Same for us. New growth doesn’t happen without some rain in our lives. Like that – ‘need to trust the process.’ Yes, have a great week yourself!

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  2. As always your photos are wonderful, a reflection in themselves. Well, by now you know how I share love for nature in all its forms.
    I think we all meet things in life that stops us short and make us reflect and see deeper. Alternative is to be sour or bitter and I am sure you also agree that is no alternative.

    I am also away a week at my retreat and have wonderful time for just that – reflection. Letting answers present themselves.

    So let us go sister, refect ……


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  3. Beautiful words Miriam, and as always so true. Things do happen for a reason and sometimes it’s best not to even wonder what that reason is. Just accept life’s challenges and hiccups and learn a little from each one. Enjoy your quiet time.

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  4. Aw,
    So sorry to hear about your accident Miriam but I suppose the outcome could have been a lot worse and I agree whole heartedly on your comments about things happening for a purpose.

    Your post seems quite relevant for me at present and I will revisit. Thank you and take care 🙂

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  5. You have such a lovely style of writing, it flows so naturally through your posts, and always leads to a positive message. I never feel that you are pushing anything, just chatting to your friends about life, and that is a worthy and wonderful talent.

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  6. Hey I thought you were recuperating from that fall injury. Didn’t have an idea it was that bad. Take care and do not delay the surgery at all.
    I second your thoughts on this post. It is good to stop and take in the sights and relax rather than pushing yourself all the time. Get well soon friend ☺.

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  7. Hugs, hope you get better soon. I so agree with you, time for reflection, time for self, time just to be, it is so necessary, time just to go slow. it has been so up and down for me too. Challenges that seem non stop. but, we are sent what we can pass, or see how much more we have to learn. it will pass and we will be stronger for it.

    have a fab week a head, enjoy reflecting and I wish you good health and a speedy recovery,

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    1. Hi Bella, you’re right, life is full of challenges isn’t it, so many ups and downs that we just have to ride through. And we always get through them, one way or another don’t we? Take care my friend and thank you for the warm wishes. I wish the same for you too. x

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  8. Beautiful words Miriam. I am so sorry to hear about your needed surgery and the impact that has on your riding. I always feel that when things happen like this, it’s a waste of energy to think of the whys, it just reaffirms for me that so much is just out of our control. You know I always turn to nature, it is healing, and helps me me feel more grateful. Heal well my friend ❤

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    1. Thanks so much Lisa. Wise words you’ve written here and you’re so right, it IS a waste of energy to think of the why’s. Everything is a learning experience and I agree nature helps to focus on the gratitude. Thank you. x ❤️

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  9. What a beautiful philosophy of life Miriam… Yes we have to have the rain to allow things to grow.. Sorry about your hand.. and the race.. But you are viewing life from the right angle.. and seeing this as an opportunity not a set-back… And with the writing talent you have, who knows what inspiration you will gain from your amazing reflections…
    You always inspire me..
    And OH.. those photos were just stunning… and cute.. ❤

    LOVE and Hugs my friend..
    Sue ❤

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  10. Listen to both your heart and body and give them what they need. Remember that the Tao does nothing, yet leaves nothing undone. Enjoy this new journey just as you have the previous one. And don’t forget to add a thankfulness circle to your daily reflections. Sending love.

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  11. Whenever I make a list of my favorite things (you know, when working on my personal mission statement or what have you) I always list “self-reflection” or “time alone” among my faves. As much as I love a good social outing with the posse I love time with Tom just as much. What does that mean? I don’t know. I’ll have to reflect on that. ☺️

    Good luck with the surgery. Many more bike days ahead!

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    1. Thanks so much Tom. I think we all need time alone and reflection time, it’s important, otherwise we end up losing ourselves and not knowing what we want. Thanks for your musings and kind wishes, I always enjoy hearing from you. 🙂

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  12. I’m sorry about life’s latest curveball Miriam, but I sincerely applaud your attitude. Using such (forced) downtime is the perfect time to reflect. I’m going to use your top quite too. I love that! Keep taking care of yourself. 💓

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  13. Hello dear Miriam,
    What a beautiful and well articulated post.
    I’m so sorry to learn of your disappointing news about the bike ride but you seem to have given yourself the encouragement and wisdom after some quiet contemplation and I’m sure, some sad and teary days. They hold their own goodness for sure.

    Reflections often show the details we miss in the real view…
    All the best for a healthy recovery after your operation, Miriam.
    Much love, Dianne

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    1. Oh, I love what you said Di “reflections often show the details we miss in the real view”. That’s profound and food for thought. As always you give me something to think about and make me smile at the same time. Thank you my dear friend. Hope life is treating you well. xx 💕🙂

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      1. Hello my dear friend,
        What a gorgeous reply. Thank you. And I’m so happy it gave you a smile…
        All good here, thank you. The new little family are back tomorrow after a couple of weeks in Italy with Grazi’s family.
        Busy days again.
        Love, hugs and best wishes from me 😘💞

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  14. I can imagine your disappointment, sadness and perhaps frustration at not being able to take part in the challenge you have trained hard for. And the fear of upcoming surgery too. It’s a wonderful perspective you have, seeing this as an opportunity for reflection and self awareness. So much growth seems to happen from our setbacks but naturally we’d rather they didn’t occur because they’re at the very least, a bloody nuisance! 😄 Your words resonated with me on this sunny morning. A beautifully written post, Miriam and I wish you all the best with your surgery and recovery. 💜🌻

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    1. Thanks so much Kim. A big YES to everything you said, it’s disappointing and frustrating and yet I feel like there’s lessons here too so I have to be grateful for all of it, however it plays out. Life’s all about falls and getting back up again. Thanks again and I hope that all’s well in your life. Always great to hear from you. 🙂


  15. That’s really bad news about the thumb, Miriam. I don’t recollect you doing that but I know you were enjoying the riding. Some things are just not meant to be, are they? You have my admiration for the way that you face up to all the hiccups and disappointments. Hoping that something good comes your way soon.

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    1. Thanks Jo, yeah I had a big bike tumble back in September. Haven’t been back on it since but I guess, for whatever reason, it wasn’t meant to be. That’s okay, life’s all about falling and getting back up again. I’m sure there’s something good around the corner. Gotta stay positive hey? Hugs and thanks x 🙂


  16. You have had your share of curve balls my dear. Something really good must be coming your way. Stay strong. Go to the event anyway, Photo, write, follow. Just cause you can’t ride, doesn’t mean you can’t cover it. Take Harry, and provide the color commentary. 😊. You are unstoppable.

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    1. Oh Wendy, how is it that you know me so well!!! All things going well with the surgery that’s exactly what I aim to do. Thank you my wise, wonderful, all seeing friend.
      ‘Unstoppable.’ I love that word. 😊

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  17. I’m so sorry to hear this news Miriam, you must be disappointed that you can’t ride in the challenge in November! I hope you can find some peace and get back to feeling yourself very soon. Reflection is very important and never a waste of time. Take care and all the best for your surgery, it is amazing how much we take our thumbs for granted!! I’m sending positive thoughts your way, really loved your post. xx

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    1. Thanks so much for your good wishes Deb. Yes, I was very disappointed but I’ve come to terms with it. Now I just have to wait for surgery in a few weeks and hopefully heal in time to be able to at least cover it for a feature story. We’ll see what happens. Interesting times ahead. Thanks again xx

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  18. So sorry to hear about your hand injury Miriam and that you won’t be able to take part in the bike ride next month. Taking a step back and reflecting is a great way to see a bigger picture and trust, just as you say, that everything is unfolding just as it should be. Sending love and light on your healing journey 💖 xxx

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  19. Oh no, Miriam! Sorry to hear about your hand. I hope the surgery goes well. I had a hand injury after a fall a few years ago and found an excellent hand therapist who really helped. Maybe there is a physio who specialises in hands nearby who will be able to help your healing post surgery.

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  20. I’m sorry to hear you won’t be able to participate in the bike ride in November, Miriam. Take care of yourself. Your posts are always so honest and authentic… thanks for sharing your journey with us (smooth sailing, rough patches and all).

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  21. So sorry about your hand, Miriam. And about the bike ride. I appreciate your honesty, and love this post. Because I get what you’re feeling, the need for self reflection. I love the quote at the top, it’s so true. I’ve been feeling a little “lost” lately and need some self reflection. You motivate me to do that, and to know it’s okay to want/need to do that. Good to take a step back and reevaluate sometimes. Sending you good thoughts and hugs! Jenny xx

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    1. Thanks Jenny. I know what you mean about feeling a little lost, especially when things don’t go as planned and there’s no clear path ahead. But yes, a step back to reevaluate always helps. Take care. Hugs back xx

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  22. Miriam, injuries can be discouraging but, like always, you are looking for positive ways to get through this. I take comfort in the words, “this to shall pass.” Find your quiet space and keep healing.
    Thank you for message. I am always inspired by your words.

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  23. That’s bad about the surgery, but you’ll be back and active afterwards, I’ve no doubt, and with the positive mindset you always aim for. It’s a challenge to remember to be reflective – thanks again for the reminder!

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  24. Miriam,
    As you know, life’s been “weird” here as well. Besides my own stuff and the stress and injuries you’ve been going through, I have two other beloved friends, one who just had surgery on her spine this past Tuesday, and one who was just diagnosed with Wernicke’s aphasia. This seems to be a season of slowing down, re-adjusting to life changes and, of course, reflecting. I rely heavily on humor to get me through these interesting times, often as a result of reflection. Laughter helps, but sometimes it takes a minute. I send warm, healing wishes and love your way, my friend — and if a giggle wafts your way as well that brings a smile to your face, then even better! You wrote a wonderful, positive post, Miriam, one I will re-read many times! Please take care of yourself, you mean so much to so many, including me! May this “weirdness” be over soon! Also, always remember — purple panties rule! *starts humming The Byrds “Turn, Turn, Turn”* Mona

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    1. Haha, Mona you certainly know how to bring a smile to my face. I’ve only just had a chance to read your gorgeous comment as I’ve been out of town to a funeral. More tears than smiles today though tonight gathered with family we shared a few laughs. Life’s definitely been ‘weird’ no doubt but I guess that’s all part and parcel of this crazy journey. Thank you for being here and your very thoughtful comment, especially when your own life (and those you love around you) are obviously also filled with challenges. Keep smiling, big hugs and warmest wishes to you my friend. xx 💕😊

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  25. First, I’m so sorry about your hand. I hope the surgery is as painless as possible though I’m assuming it won’t be easy. But second, I love this and the attitude you gave! I definitely know for certain that days that start out with quiet centering of my spirit and meditation always go better than the days I don’t. I also did a little solo getaway the past few days. I went up to wine country to learn and work so at night I explored the towns all by myself and had an absolutely amazing time! Self reflection and time solo really can nourish the soul. I hope it’s doing the same for you and I’m sending light and love for your quick recovery.

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    1. Alone time is so important. The problem with me is that sometimes I get too much of it and I get caught in a trap of introspection. But mostly it’s good and necessary and I’m better for it. Good on you for making the most of your solo wine outing. And thank you for your kind well wishes, I really appreciate it. Take care and have a great weekend.

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  26. Oh Miriam, I completely hear you. Some days (and some weeks!) can just feel hard. I acknowledge you for showing up with a commitment to yourself to see the blessing and to accept. God, that is so powerful. 💜

    Your list is so great, and I love what you said about peace and stillness. Funny, because I participate in a peace prayer where the 9 words of peace are, “I love you. God bless you. Peace, be still.”

    It looks like you wrote this about a week ago. I hope your reflection time has been sacred for you. And from my pov, take all the time you need. 💞💜💞💜💞💜

    I am sending you big hugs from LA, Miriam! So glad you commented on my Instagram post. Please know you can reach out to me anytime. 💞💜

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    1. Hi Debbie, thank you for your beautiful and supportive reply. It comes at a time when I’m feeling particularly vulnerable. But that’s life isn’t it? We all go through these challenging times and I need to take my own advice and step back into that stillness a lot more.
      Thank you again for your hugs, friendship and kind words Debbie. It means a lot. Hope you’re well and sending you big hugs in return from sunny Melbourne. xx 💕💜

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    1. You are so very kind. Unfortunately though I’m not really in a position to accept this award (and to be honest I went award free ages ago). But thank you so much Glen, I really appreciate you thinking of me.

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