Tee Pees and Glamping

Not everyone loves the idea of camping. For some the thought of setting up a tent and sharing the ground with squilllions of unknown creatures is akin to torture.  However, as seasoned campers know, that’s not the case at all.

GrImage result for funny camping cartoonsanted we have our nice Outback Camper and a very comfortable bed however, for those who don’t have the convenience of a camper or caravan, there’s still a way to enjoy a night under the stars without roughing it.

Why settle for five stars when you can have a million stars?

It’s called glamping and it’s not new. It’s been around for years, but it’s a great alternative for anyone who wants the ‘hard work’ done for them. After all, the tent’s already set up, the beds are made and often consist of plush and comfy coverings. You have all the luxuries of a hotel in the lap of Mother Nature.

Then it’s just a matter of following the camping rules: camp, hike, cook, drink, eat, watch sunset and the campfire, repeat.

As you’ll see below, just as there are different tents and caravans, there’s also varying levels of “glamping”.

Tee pees and tranquility

Tee pee

At Wakiti Creek Resort, about 230 kms north of Melbourne (near Echuca), it’s like stepping into a cowboys and Indian movie.  Within this resort, there’s an Indian reservation complete with five authentic Indian teepees set in a semi circle. In the middle is a fire pit for those requisite campfire and marshmallow nights. At the other end of the park is a designated spot for horse riders.

The teepees are carpeted and have battery powered lighting and mattresses. The only thing you need is bedding and food, so it’s an ideal introduction for first time campers.

Tee pees and Tranquility

The park, which has creek frontage, offers a perfect blend of serenity and relaxation. There’s bush mini-golf, a pool, archery, tennis, volleyball and canoes for hire. My favourite memory was canoeing down the river at sunset with Doug, Harry and the kids.

A Jungle Safari

Tucked away down a country road and nestled in the hills behind Mitta Mitta is a jungle safari camp and a little slice of India called Bhartralia.

We left the camper at home and brought Doug’s parents here a few years ago. It was the perfect combination of comfort and gorgeous scenery. The story I wrote appeared in On the Road magazine back in 2013.


Inside each cosy Indian safari style tent it’s like something out of Lawrence of Arabia with plush beds covered with colorful doonas, billowing roof tops and gaslight bedside reading lamps. There are four tents, permanently erected, which sleep up to 12 people.

Outside the safari tents overlook rolling hills and an array of exotic wildlife.

There’s an outdoor open air garden room/ covered eating area where you can prepare meals and relax with a drink at the end of the day. The owners Chris and Sandy can even cook a full on Indian banquet for those who want a break from cooking.

From the Coast to the Outback

At Wilsons Promontory National Park you can book a wilderness retreat and enjoy creature comforts in the middle of one of the most spectacular parks in Victoria. Inside these eco-friendly tents the outside truly comes indoors, well, except for the numerous roaming wombats, who thankfully stay outside.

There’s a gorgeous bedroom, a private ensuite, a timber deck, a bbq close by to cook on and all super close to the beach.

From the coast to the outback, for the ultimate glamping experience the Northern Territory is hard to beat. Think indulgence under a five million star outdoor restaurant, fine dining and waking up to a sunrise over Ayers Rock.  The Pavillion at Longitude 131 is truly the star of the luxury camp.

“Longitude 131 is the closest accommodation to Ayers Rock. With only 15 luxury tents onsite, each with an uninterrupted view, you’ll feel equally humbled and in awe of the enormous red rock and its ever-changing moods.

Of course a luxury tent isn’t complete without oversized rain shower, complementary in-room bar, iPad with preloaded entertainment and air-conditioning. Ah the joys of combining old world with new!”

Ultimate tent views – photo Longitude 131

Sounds great, though at $1,300AUD a night, I’ll stay with our humble camper. We enjoyed our own version of ‘glamping’ at the Ayers Rock campground last year with a peaceful ambience of music, red wine, steak and mood lighting, aka outdoor candles.

It was just as good as any glamour tent.

It’s all relative isn’t it?

Camping or glamping, which ever takes your fancy, there’s nothing better than combining some minor creature comforts with some majorly spectacular nature.

Sometimes simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

How do you like to camp?

Live, laugh, camp and stay happy as we continue the journey.

Home is wherever we park our camper
Wherever we park our camper, we’re home.

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73 thoughts on “Tee Pees and Glamping

  1. Wow, what incredible places! Very cool! Thank you for sharing!!! My hubby and I tent camp quite a bit in the boundary waters. He sets up a campsite unlike no other… we have a huge tent with a double height air mattress, rugs, colored lights, camping grates and pots for the fire pit… he’s a great guy to camp with, so I feel like I am glamping while I’m camping with him!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow. That sounds terrific! If we ever camp with an electric hookup, I will add colored lights to our packing list! Currently we have a few solar-powered lights that we stick into mother earth along various paths for night-time illumination/guidance. And a small rug inside the door of our tent to dry/clean our feet when we enter…

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I wouldn’t be averse to trying the glamping – the teepees look so inviting. As a child I tried to make numerous teepees, with varying success, this way my dream could be fulfilled. Lovely post, Miriam and enjoy your camping – it always looks so cosy and happy! xx

    Liked by 2 people

  3. My sister and I had an opportunity to try out a teepee, however, Texas/New Mexico/Arizona was HOT HOT HOT so we opted for the air conditioned cabin instead! Camping in a teepee is high on my “want” list.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Okay, I’m going to come out and say it – I’m a glamper. I usually throw out the old line ‘I love camping as long as it is under 5 stars’ LOL:) So I’m off to book into Latitude 131 because firstly it looks amazing and secondly I want to see Uluru. I didn’t realise that there were the other options just outside of Melbourne that can provide an pleasurable experience and I love the name ‘Teepee and Tranquility’ – that’s what it is all about isn’t it – The Tranquility! Have a great day, Miriam xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Latitude 131 sounds incredible doesn’t it. And there’s so many other amazing glamping locations, all over the country. We’re spoilt for choice. Hope you get to Uluru one day Sue, you’d love it! Happy glamping and happy Wednesday. 🙂🌋 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It looks fabulous Miriam and yes Uluru is on my bucket list. I think it would be so special at sunrise or sunset. Happy Wednesday to you and feel free to link up at Midlife Share the Love Party with us xx

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi, Miriam – I love camping, and thought that my husband and I were one of the last remaining “regular tent campers.” Although I haven’t yet tried it, I’m not adverse to Glamping. Your post has inspired me to explore this further!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Go for it Donna. And no, I definitely don’t think you’re alone. There’s still a lot of tent campers out there but there’s definitely something kinda nice about the odd touch of luxury. Enjoy.

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  6. We camp with family for two weeks each summer. Every year the thought of a trailer gets more and more attractive… For now we use a very long and tall tent plus a screen house (for cooking and eating and playing cards before bed time). Hurrah for seeing stars at night away from urban light pollution!!! I like your camping agenda: “camp, hike, cook, drink, eat, watch sunset and the campfire, repeat.” Since we camp near the atlantic ocean on Cape Cod, I would add swimming and conversing (from a respectful distance) with large seal population to your list of daily activities…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds absolutely wonderful Will. Yes, there’s always something that can be added to the camping rules but they all fundamentally revolve around one thing, relaxing. Enjoy.


  7. Well when I win my millions we are going glamping at the Longitude 131 wow is that gorgeous and that view!!! I love where you say instead of 5 stars why not a million stars…great point and just thinking about it made me smile…yeah a million stars. I’ve never been a big camper but I love the idea of being in touch with nature and such a part of it this close up. That canoe ride down the river looks so peaceful…I love Harry in the boat too!! What a wonderfully, relaxing story…makes me want to sleep outside tonight…with the critters….wonder if they would mind? Lol…big starry hugs xo ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah Deb, I’m always happy when I make you smile. Yes, you’ve got a deal. Win your millions then we’ll go stay at Longitude 131, I could definitely handle that!
      You could sleep outside with your critters, I doubt they’d mind. In fact they’d probably love the company. Are you up for a chat on later tonight your time? xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok deal!! Sleeping with the critters is fine, just as long as Stinky doesn’t spray. We had a lot of rain and storms today and right now there are a bunch of fireflies out there…it looks so magical! Yes let’s chat…eat some lunch first so you’re not hungry. We’re 14 hours apart, right now its 9:15 and I’m about to have my ice cream…what’s a good time for you? xo

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Brilliant timing! I’ve just walked in and I’ll have a bite to eat first cos I am hungry. How about 11.45 here which makes it about 9.45pm there I think. xx

          Liked by 1 person

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