Prolific cheeky Birdlife

Why do seagulls live by the sea? Because if they lived by the bay they’d be a bagel!

Sorry, I know that’s pretty corny but it reminded me of some cheeky seagulls we met on a recent trip.

They were everywhere.

Come to think of it I seem to be attracting a lot of birdlife everywhere I go lately.

A few months ago it was black and yellow cockatoos, then it was lorikeets and lately it’s magpies.

Today at home I was visited by three of them. One took a particular liking to me as you’ll see on this short video I shared on Instagram today.

The birds are not only prolific but cheeky in my neighbourhood. When I’m camping and don’t want to be woken up, the cockatoos and galahs are louder than any alarm clock.

It’s like they’re saying “get up, it’s a brand new day. Don’t waste it. “


I don’t mind, not really.

At home, I’m loving my early morning walks around the wetlands. It’s a calming and relaxing way to start the day.

There’s something special about watching birds in flight.

They fly with the seasons, flow with the breeze and don’t seem to have any trouble adapting.

Yet, they’re also grounded when they need to be and seem to have their own rituals.

Maybe we can learn a few lessons from them.

This bird stands at the same place every single day. I see him at 7.45am when I walk around the wetlands. He almost looks like he’s meditating!

I wonder what he does when he leaves this plank.

Maybe he has a complete other world that he goes to, one that offers him everything he needs. Maybe he’s the early worm that gets the worm and then goes fishing as well.

In order to fly, you have to let go of the world that you’re hanging onto.” Kurek Ashley

Aint that the truth. We all get hung up on the ordinary everyday mundane stuff and forget what we’re capable of.

Here’s to flying with the masses yet knowing when to step out alone and find our own wings.

Dream big, fly high and be awesome.

Life’s too short to just sit and watch. Get out there and do what you love.

And keep enjoying the journey.

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118 thoughts on “Prolific cheeky Birdlife

  1. Miriam, lovely post. I would say though that if you put out such tasty morsels just by the sea you have to forgive the seagull for thinking it was his dessert. 😊 . Where I come from there are many seagulls and they go mainly fishing. Their dives are awesome to watch as are that of the terns.

    Have you rgot ad Jonathan Seagull by Richard Bach. Great book. I do love Jonathan.

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  2. Great photographs Miriam, especially the last one! We are surrounded by seagulls where we live (not the cheeky kind) and they make great neighbours ;o) xxx

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  3. Do you suppose that bird you consistently see on the plank says to himself, “I see that same female featherless biped in the exact same place every morning at 7:45. I wonder what she does the rest of the day.”? Another great post, Miriam!

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  4. The magpie seemed to think it was on a catwalk … ready for the applause! Then so cheekily landing on the washing line and it didn’t want to shift! Beautiful reflections in our feathered friends and the peace and harmony within them. You have a gift for photographing them, Miriam. A lovely, reflective post on the prompt of prolific! Happy Monday, enjoy your quiet early morning walks! 😀🌺❤️

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  5. We have black birds. They love to remind our cats that they are the ones in charge. They are fearless and they always run in pairs. One is always on the lookout while the other looks for food. Our cats seem to know this. They are smart enough to keep their distance. Thanks for the video. That was great!

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  6. I love these shots Miriam and that magpie seems very self-assured. lol. Yesterday, I had about 5 (what I think may have been) sparrows land on my back porch. They were right on the deck, not the railings, and sounded like they were in a large argument. I didn’t even know if the sound was real until I walked to the back door!!

    That Pelican shot is amazing. My hometown and many of the beaches that we travel to have brown pelicans. I can’t recall if I’ve seen one with that coloring.

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    1. I just find the birds around here so amazing Amy. Even right now as I’m writing this, the lorikeets are so noisy. They certainly make their presence felt, much like your sparrows. Have a great week. xo
      P.S Pelicans really are amazing

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  7. I love this insight into your wetlands Miri and fabulous photo’s/video! It’s all go here on the bird front too Miri – Not quite so exotic – blackbirds, robins and sparrows are all making nests in the garden. However, we’ve also got some cheeky magpies hanging around ready to steal from their nests and a few days ago, hubby noticed a sparrow hawk sat very still on our neighbours shed waiting to pounce!

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    1. Oh yes, those birds are prolific and cheeky, doesn’t seem to matter what side of the ocean they’re on. Hope you’re well my friend and that life has settled after your trip away. xx

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      1. It has Miri – I’ve come back much refreshed with some new goals to get my teeth stuck into. Yep the break away and some fun with our gorgeous girlie was just what the Doctor ordered!! I hope you’re well too Miri – looking at your photo’s today you certainly look fabulous! xx

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        1. I just found this comment. Better late than never hey! I’m so glad you’ve come back refreshed Wendy. You sound determined and raring to go with your new goals and some inspired action. Good for you! Look forward to chatting more with you soon. xo

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  8. I love it! We do have a lot to learn from birds, don’t we? I don’t live near any wetlands, but I am lucky to have a owl, a few hawks, some cardinals, doves, and assorted sparrows living in my neighborhood. It’s wonderful!

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  9. Yea i loved the idea of bayguls 😆😄 lol!
    “There’s something special about watching birds in flight.”
    I do agree with this! It’s just Awesome and there’s a different feeling! A happy different feeling 😀😀
    Nice post dear!

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  10. Love your bird post. I love the birds in my life too. Funny in different houses we have lived in I associate with different types of birds. Willy wag tails at my family home, swallows in Milano etc. Here in Melbourne we have quite a few birds frequent our garden like you must have too. But a favourite would have to be the maggies. I like the little video Check the third para under the meditating bird.

    Keep flying high Miriam and reminding us we should be looking at the big picture. Louise x

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks Louise (and for the edit too, I can always count on you!)
      Funny cos I used to be so scared of magpies when I was young, scared of them swooping etc but I love them now. Have a great day. x

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  11. I’ve also been noticing birds these days along with flowers. Your video made me smile. I have a feeling the bird must have liked you. You do have a way with animals! 🙂 I guess they can sense it? Lovely captures as always! xo

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  12. Who needs clothespins when you have magpies!! Wow that was amazing how he was not at all afraid of you and just stayed right there…how very cool!! And great shot of that pelican at the end! Love this post as I too love my birds…I now talk, well actually whistle, back and forth with a cardinal every day. The cardinal does a cat-call kind of whistle, you know the whistle that a man might do as a pretty lady walks by…yup so we go back and forth. When I bring the food out I’ll start and he’ll be off in the distance and he will answer and then eventually fly over to where I am…I love it! Yes we must fly….let go of what we’ve been hanging onto and be free!! I’m finally starting to emerge from where I’ve been, we’ll have to figure out a time to chat…we have so much catching up to do, I’m sure!! Miss you so much my lovely lady…Big bird hugs xo ❤ 🙂


  13. Loved your video.. Such lovely birds, A little like our Magpies, who are also noisy and cheeky and will take shiny objects..
    I love Watching the birds in our garden and when out walking..
    Where I used to live as a child we had a Rookery of nests in the high beech trees in and around our garden. Each morning you would wake up to the squawking.. 🙂 And the Dawn Chorus was like a symphony 😀

    Wonderful to see them all lined up too..
    We have two pairs of black birds and some sparrows nesting in our shrubs.. And have loved watching Mrs Blackbird gather up the moss we raked up from the lawn to dip it into the mud from a heavy rain fall to take to line her nest..

    Happy Bird watching..
    Love Sue ❤

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    1. Aren’t birds just amazing. Even as I write this (at 8.30 in the morning) I can hear a cacophony outside my window. They’re so prolific at this time of the day. Thanks for sharing your bird stories with me Sue. Happy watching as well. Big hugs xo

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  14. A bagel! Bahahahaha! Oh that was funny!

    The little laundry lover was kind of funny, too – what with not wanting to leave the clothesline. 🙂

    So good to see YOU flying free, my sweet friend! Blue skies ahead for you now!

    *hugs* ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  15. There was a telephone wire right outside my window in the house I was growing up in. Every morning and evening, birds would land on that wire and I used to imagine the extensive meetings they had there. Your picture brought back memories of those “meetings”. Haha, they were such a noisy comfort.

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