Prolific cheeky Birdlife

Why do seagulls live by the sea? Because if they lived by the bay they’d be a bagel!

Sorry, I know that’s pretty corny but it reminded me of some cheeky seagulls we met on a recent trip.

They were everywhere.

Come to think of it I seem to be attracting a lot of birdlife everywhere I go lately.

A few months ago it was black and yellow cockatoos, then it was lorikeets and lately it’s magpies.

Today at home I was visited by three of them. One took a particular liking to me as you’ll see on this short video I shared on Instagram today.

The birds are not only prolific but cheeky in my neighbourhood. When I’m camping and don’t want to be woken up, the cockatoos and galahs are louder than any alarm clock.

It’s like they’re saying “get up, it’s a brand new day. Don’t waste it. “


I don’t mind, not really.

At home, I’m loving my early morning walks around the wetlands. It’s a calming and relaxing way to start the day.

There’s something special about watching birds in flight.

They fly with the seasons, flow with the breeze and don’t seem to have any trouble adapting.

Yet, they’re also grounded when they need to be and seem to have their own rituals.

Maybe we can learn a few lessons from them.

This bird stands at the same place every single day. I see him at 7.45am when I walk around the wetlands. He almost looks like he’s meditating!

I wonder what he does when he leaves this plank.

Maybe he has a complete other world that he goes to, one that offers him everything he needs. Maybe he’s the early worm that gets the worm and then goes fishing as well.

In order to fly, you have to let go of the world that you’re hanging onto.” Kurek Ashley

Aint that the truth. We all get hung up on the ordinary everyday mundane stuff and forget what we’re capable of.

Here’s to flying with the masses yet knowing when to step out alone and find our own wings.

Dream big, fly high and be awesome.

Life’s too short to just sit and watch. Get out there and do what you love.

And keep enjoying the journey.

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