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Yesterday I returned from my overnight camping trip, feeling rejuvenated and utterly at peace. Whilst there was no blazing campfire, as it was hot, windy and a ‘total fire ban’, I returned home to find a virtual fire burning within this sphere.Tanya, aka The Incurable Dreamer, an inspiring writer who always captivates me with her unique humour and heart, shared a quote on Instagram which resonated with me.

sign where we're going

From this tag a challenge arose, one that feels serendipitous for me as, lately, a driving force seems to be propelling me forward. My goals are set for the year ahead and I have renewed energy and focus that’s been missing for a long time.

However, sometimes it’s good to step back and see where we’ve come from, so this prompt was particularly timely for me.

So, back to the fire. This virtual heatwave was started by Tanya’s friend Brooke who wrote an inspired poem from a prompt, Where I’m From.  Since then she’s fuelled the outpouring of the poet within many of us here by linking it on her blog and challenging her talented friends to write a poem about where they’ve come from.

Since then it’s been passed forward to Tom who challenged Wulf who challenged Susan who challenged Bojana.  There are others too, so many inspiring poets amongst us. Do check out these writers, each and every one of them is captivating.

We all have a story and poetry buried within us.

And now, it seems, it’s my turn. I don’t claim to be a poet, my posts are down to earth and based on the ordinary moments and I rarely do written challenges these days but Tanya sparked something in me that I couldn’t pass up. “Miriam, will you please stoke the flames and keep this luminous, magical fire burning?”

How could I possibly refuse? So, Tanya,  consider this fire well and truly stoked my lovely friend.

Lake Hart (800x600)

Here is my contribution and a glimpse of where I’m from.

From the fields of Calvene

I am from Calvene
the fields of labor
and the force of nature
which did not break her.

I’m from a ship to a new land
of songs and awakened longings
the hope of new beginnings
yearning to belong.

I am an unexpected accident
the youngest of three
though I was welcome
I was told with certainty.

I am from hard work
barriers of burden
when words were unclear
yet intentions were certain.

I am from love
and hand embroided blouses
bikes, bruises and apple trees
hiding in makeshift cubby houses.

I am from faith
and low lying ambitions
honesty and affection
and a range of inhibitions.

I am from good stock
brodo, cotoletta and homemade wine
a mix of limits and insecurity
a life judged by action and lines.

I am apart of dreaming
of music and pretend microphones
chewed nails and whispered secrets
held close and alone.

I am from a staid pattern
not to step out from the norm
fit in, don’t chase the stars
to bleached hair and torn.

I am from high morals
but a rebel in my heart
from choices and sliding doors
my whole became fractured parts.

I’m a stargazer, an angel
I am a devil in disguise
an actress whose parts of me ache
for miracles that never die.

I am from far away
my soul is wild and free
forever learning who this woman is
this soul who is me.

I am flawed, imperfect yet limitless
dancing to life in every way
though I’ll never forget where I’m from
what matters is truth today.

Thank you Tanya for allowing me to be part of this amazing challenge and for making me think, delve and share my poem. We all have our place in this world and something remarkable to share, wherever we are.

I’d like to pass this challenge onto my dear friend Wendy who’s inspired me so much over the past couple of years and been such a catalyst for change in my own life. Wendy I hope you’ll add your special touch of poetic life wisdom and experience to this challenge.

Wishing you all an inspiring week ahead. Here’s to appreciating where we come from and looking ahead to all that we are and can be.

In light and love

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99 thoughts on “Where I’m From

  1. Ahh, Miriam. I had tears in my eyes as I read your words. I cannot tell you how much it means to me that you accepted the challenge and then immediately ran off to the races with it. You have channeled these words from the depths of your heart and soul, and written something so incredibly moving.

    I am from far away
    my soul is wild and free
    forever learning who this woman is
    this soul who is me.

    I love this! From reading your blog, I know that you are on a quest, always searching for meaning and purpose, and with your eyes wide open you accept everything, the good and the bad, and seek to learn from all of it. These four lines capture the essesnce that is you so well. Since day one, when I stumbled upon your post about Lambie, you have inspired me. Your perspective is one that we should all aim to emulate because you are pure beauty. Again, Miriam, the world is what this means to me. You are a treasure, and one day, I sure hope we get to enjoy a sunset and a glass of wine together!! Honestly, what a memorable moment that will be. So much love to you, my beautiful friend!! xo

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    1. Now it’s me that has tears in my eyes Tanya, as I read your beautiful words in response to my poem. How is it that you seem to know me so well, that you see beyond the ordinary moments and the camping trips to the very core of what I’m seeking? Maybe it’s because you’re a seeker yourself and you’ve also bared your heart and soul and vulnerability within your writing. Thank you again, so much, for letting me into your world and embracing me with such love and acceptance. Big hugs back my lovely friend and yes, here’s to that sunset and glass of wine which I look forward to toasting with you one day. xo

      Liked by 5 people

    1. Hey, thanks David, I am in a good place but it’s taken a while to get here. So nice to hear from you and yes, I hope you check out the other bloggers, they’re all amazing.

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  2. well now we know that you write poetry so well and so deep we/I would like to request more … you’ve bared your heart and shared it all, have to agree with Dreamer’s comment above 🙂

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  3. Miriam, your poem is motion and freedom; I feel your spirit in your words. I love how it begins with so much strength, revealing that you come from a foundation that is unbreakable. Your poem uses the beauty of language to convey a wide open journey. I can feel from this poem that you face life with, as Tanya says, acceptance and open eyes. Yours is a poem that unfolds with a delicate fearlessness. I absolutely love it. What an extraordinary way to begin to know you.

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    1. It takes a true artist and poet to decipher words and hidden meanings as eloquently as you have here. Thank you so much Susan for your beautiful comment. I’m looking forward to getting to know you more too through your blog. 🙂

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  4. After reading this, I have to say that you are indeed a poet! With just a few stanzas, you said so much about who you are and where you came from, and all of it was so meaningful. And so I’ll repeat the comment above: “Well done, Miram!”

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  5. Wow Miri that was incredible!! You are most definitely a poet, the way you expressed yourself, described yourself, put forth yourself, absolutely beautiful! You should put it to music…you really should. What a magnificent song it would be. I love this stanza, it that’s what it’s called. I love how you describe your arrival to Australia, it’s truly fabulous!!
    I’m from a ship to a new land
    of songs and awakened longings
    the hope of new beginnings
    yearning to belong.

    When looking at that pic of you in front of that lighted animal from that White Night, it looks as if you and the animal are moving…it’s very cool! Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday, talk soon…big hugs my gorgeous poet!! xo ❤

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    1. A song? Hmm, I like the sound of that, in fact I can almost hear a tune form in my head. Thanks for the idea Deb (whether I actually have the time to do anything with it is another thing!) and thanks for your lovely words here. I must admit I really enjoyed delving and putting this together. As for that lit animal from White Night, it actually was moving!! Big hugs back and talk soon xo 💖

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      1. Ha! The pic is an optical illusion and very cool to look at! Yeah you’re so busy right now but I would save it for when you do have time, it would be a beautiful song!!! Big song hugs, talk soon xo ❤

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        1. Thanks gorgeous, yeah you’re right, now’s not the time for my song but who knows, it may well be one I’ll revisit. Big hugs back xo ❤️


        2. The study’s going well Deb, pretty full on but all good. Life in general is flat out busy at the moment. Hope all’s well with you. Look forward to chatting soon. xo 💕

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        3. So happy to hear you’re enjoying your studies. Yeah I’ve been so busy too!! I’m actually home today with a migraine…I think it might be the weather system. Are you going away on a trip next week? I saw your insta post. Big hugs and chat soon!! xo ❤

          Liked by 1 person

        4. Aww Deb, sorry to hear you’ve had a migraine, they’re so nasty. I hope you’re feeling better now.
          Yes, we’re going away over Easter, we’re joining a convoy of a few other cars which should be fun. I’ll tell you more in person, hopefully by Skype soon. Take care. Big soothing hugs xo 🙂

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        5. Thanks Miri…yeah it’s better, just feeling tired from it. I redesigned my banner for my page, that was fun and wrote a post, but that exhausted me…now I’m gonna go relax. Think it might have been a weather system going thru, that does it sometimes. Oh yes I look forward to hearing all about it soon!! Loved the soothing hugs, big ones back xo ❤

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        6. Glad to hear you’re feeling better. Ooh, I’ll have to go check out your page, I’m on my phone now and just about to go out but later when I’m home I’ll look forward to reading. More hugs xo 🙂❤️

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  6. Outstanding! Miriam, you are so fun to watch unfold. You seem to take life on with an understanding and tame it. It belongs to you. You write its lyrics. Play its song. Thank you so much for taking on the challenge and making it reflect you in that special way that you do.

    You and your chewed nails and whispered secrets have won a place in my heart. I always look forward to your next adventure … and this one … this adventure in verse … absolutely outstanding! 👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. What an eloquent way you have about you Tom. Thank you so much for the heartfelt compliment. I’m so happy you enjoyed my contribution to this amazing challenge. Here’s to the poet in all of us. 💕🙂

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  7. Hello dear Miriam,
    I have seen Tanya’s beautiful response to your post and your poem.
    I think she has said it way more eloquently than I could. But I’ll just say that I believe you have sold yourself short of your poetry writing ability…it’s gorgeous my friend.

    It’s so wonderful you can see the path laid out for you this year. As always, I wish you all the best with where you are heading as well as aiming for.
    A kind thing you have done to include as many others in your writing too.
    Another special post and I’m honoured to call you a friend…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As am I beautiful woman, so honoured to call you a friend. Both your words here and Tanya’s words (and so many others, I’ll be honest) have really touched me deeply. Thank you as always, for believing in me Di and for being wonderful you. Love and hugs xo 💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hello dear Miriam, it’s beautiful to watch someone so touched by positivity and encouragement. There comes a time in our life that we all just want to barrack for each other and watch each other grow. I’m thrilled to be just one small part of your beautiful friends here who wish you well on your fulfillment of your dreams…
        You go girl. And I’m not sure if I told you but we saw The Greatest Showman and lived it like you said I would…
        Have a happy new adventure next week.
        Much love from me 🙋🏻💐🌎🌎💜💜


        1. Thanks again Di. And I’m so happy you enjoyed The Greatest Showman, it’s such an uplifting show, I just loved the music. Keep smiling and enjoying life my lovely friend. xo 🙂

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  8. Miriam this is so beautiful!! My 18 year old was given a similar poem to write when he was 13 or 14. Though much shorter and the pieces not diving quite as deeply, it is one of my most cherished pieces of his work. Thank you for sharing this piece of where you are from. It is such a touching piece of work! xx ❤

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    1. Thank you Amy. How wonderful that your son wrote a similar piece. I’m sure it was straight from the heart and how lovely that you’ll get to keep that always. Very special. ❤️

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    1. Aw, thank YOU Brooke because without you there would have been none of this. I feel so honoured to be part of this collective breath of life. I hope the fire continues to burn.

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  9. Ohhh Miriam I was so looking forward to hearing your version of this poem as I too read those of each talented writer who was challenged! When I saw you were asked to keep the fire burning I echoed a silent “Yes!!!” I knew your words would be nothing short of magical and I was proven right. A poet you are my dear friend, of life and of the heart! Simply magical and divine 🙏🏻💫 thank you for sharing these parts of your soul xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re so kind Hayley. Thank you for your beautiful and very supportive words here, they mean so much to me. Big hugs and love to you and have a wonderful week ahead xo ❤️

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  10. Hello dear!
    I am a little late in reading your posts but, hey! It’s great to be able to scroll down to March…
    I just read your poem! How divine and full of nice allegories it is! And I like the style you used to define yourself….I have a feeling like it was written fom another era…One millenium ago!

    Keep writing those and maybe it will make it as one of your songs…Or maybe it already is one! HAHA!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Frankie, thank you so much and you’re quite right, the memories were stirred from a lifetime ago . So fitting you read this today too because today is the two year anniversary of the passing of my mum and she was the one who inspired me. Hugs to you and thanks for reading 💕


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