How could I not reblog this?

It’s not every day one’s son has a birthday poem written for him by a talented wordsmith.

Thank you my friend and happy 17th birthday gorgeous boy.

Make sure you visit her blog for regular words that challenge and entertain.


Dan is a smart young man

he studies hard, a tech natural

gets his fun rip sticking

Swaying from side to side,

doing loops and wiggles

he made me giggle

A good heart and gentle manner

catch him when he starts to date

coz he’ll make a really great mate!

PS He is Miriam’s lovely son who I had the good fortune to meet during their travels!

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56 thoughts on “Dan

  1. Happy Birthday Daniel!! Rip sticking? Hope all your birthday wishes come true! Eat lots of cake & ice cream for me please… oh and your Mum has a present for you from me!! 😉

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    1. Hey gorgeous, I gave Daniel the birthday kiss from you and passed on your birthday message. Big smiles from him. He’s had a lovely day so far (though extremely busy for me), he’s enjoyed not one but two cakes and now I’ve just dropped him and his best friend off at the cinema. So it’s almost time for me to think about getting ready for tonight. 🙂 Big hugs

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      1. Oh I’m so glad he liked it!! Wow 2 cakes, lucky him. What movie did he go see? Well you are flapping right now, the party is either at it height or winding down. Either way I hope you are having a marvelous time with all your friends! I’ve just woken up, off to feed my birdies and then shower and go to work. Big hugs xo 😚💕

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        1. Not much fun working on a Saturday Deb but I hope you still have a good day. I had a fabulous time at the party. Will email you at a later stage. It’s nearly 2am now and the party dress is finally off. Big hugs back. Talk soon xo 😊💕

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        2. So happy to hear that you had such a great time!! Work was blah!!!!! Oh well it’s over now and I’m comfy, cozy, watching my ghost shows and soon to have my ice cream…now that’s fun!! hehe Big hugs xo

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        3. Sounds perfect. Well you enjoy a relaxing night, especially that ice-cream, sounds like you well and truly deserve it. Just about to have a late lunch here with all the gang. Big hugs xo

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        4. Just finished my ice-cream!! Oh so deserved it!!! You must have read my email…lol! You enjoy your lunch with the gang….hey hey the gangs all here…oops there goes my laundry again.. Big Hugs xo

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  2. I was lost there for a minute. Thought it sounds like Miriam’s son. Should’ve read the intro. What a great poem – Daniel down to a tee or so I’ve heard. We are having lots of internet downtime thanks to the NBN being worked on in the area. Like out for a day at a time….I read your last lovely post and listened to the great song but haven’t responded as yet because we lost connection. I will contact you by SMS soon. Louise x

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      1. You’re welcome, Miriam. All we have to do as moms are to be there for them. I have been the greatest cheer leader for my daughter even many weeks after her baby was born.
        We’re going back to see the previous granddaughter in less than 4 weeks!
        I’m glad Dan is full of energy and enthuse in technology!

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