Coming Full Circle

It’s not very often I write a blog post about food but last night in my kitchen everywhere I looked I saw food in circles. And I thought it was so apt for Frank’s Tuesday Challenge: Circle that this post is the result.

Everything comes full circle.

Let me elaborate.

This sleek blue round non stick frypan was mum’s. I brought it home last weekend and it’s fantastic. She’d love that I’m now using it.

I can cook twice as many schnitzels in it!

Or, as she called them in Italian, cotolette.

Topped with lemon and salads on the side, everything on the table looked round.

Or is it just that when we focus on something we see it everywhere?

Having mum’s whizz bang frypan in my kitchen rendered flashbacks of meals she loved to prepare.

Massive trays of lasagne, that took a day to make, gnocchi to die for, home made pasta made with love.

Then there were the luscious desserts: the tiramisu, the pavlovas and chocolate hazelnut strawberry torte so full of layers it resembled the Eiffel Tower.

I remember the first time I brought Doug home to meet my parents. At the table he had yet to learn the Italian way of eating and went back for two big helpings of mum’s lasagne before realising it was just the entree!

Of course he managed and he settled into the Italian way of life beautifully!

Eventually what goes around comes around.

Years later I enjoyed baking for mum.

This was a creation I loved to make when she visited. My peach and raspberry tart.  It’s still one of my favourite things to bake.

She loved it, just as she adored the Spanish Tea Cake, the last cake I ever baked for her.

Perfectly round, crusty on the outside and moist on the inside it’s one of the easiest recipes I’ve ever shared.

These days our meals are more simple and salads are the order of our hot summer days.

Topped with sliced mangos, nuts, roasted mini spuds and tomatoes and whatever else I can get my hands on, preparing food is a joy, especially in the great outdoors.

Food tastes so good outside.

Whether we’re at home or camping nothing beats a meal cooked on the barbecue.

By a lake, river or sea there’s always views and good wholesome food to be grateful for.

Followed by a dash of dessert of course.

It doesn’t have to be much. Even a small custard tart can be divine when camping.

Love it.

Just like the food that mum taught me to appreciate and cook, life is like a full circle, whatever you give out will come back to you one day.

I’m not simply talking about cooking but friendship, kindness, love and the way we interact with each other.

Treat each other well, nourish, nurture and look out for each other and watch how life just gets better and better.

So spread joy, food, wine, hope, friendship and inspiration.

Remember, just like a Circle, the end of one journey simply means the beginning of another.

In light and love.

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164 thoughts on “Coming Full Circle

  1. Lovely way to look at life Miriam. Your food looks amazing, especially that raspberry and peach tart and I completely agree with food tasting better when outdoors. It is funny I here people say that a lot.

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  2. Well said Miriam. We were only discussing last night how we spend much more time preparing and eating food when on holidays and worked out it’s all about sharing the love and appreciating the fresh foods we have.

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  3. Awwww! What a great post! I love how you incorporated the theme. Your mom sounds like a fantastic cook. I married into an Italian family…dinner for 4 looked like a meal for an army! That’s why I exercise everyday, do I can eat! 🤪

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  4. I love the way you built your “Circle of Life” theme first around food, lovingly honoring your Mum, and then closing in a fashion that gave your readers deeper food for thought. Call me impressed, ’cause I so am. Gorgeous!!!

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  5. Your mum’s nonstick frypan must be a delight to use for cooking. It makes me smile when you said you brought Dough home to meet your parents and he has yet learned the Italian way of eating. When we attend Chinese wedding banquets, I remind my husband not to fill his plate with the first course because it’s a 9-course banquet. Every course is a main dish. Your food makes me hungry. Very nice post to celebrate life. Happy New Year again, Miriam

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  6. Very well-rounded post, Miriam! 😏

    It’s 6 am where I am, but your post makes me want a veal cutlet, a custard tart, and a large glass of wine. Is it late enough right now, where you are, to make that appropriate, for me, where I am? 😎

    To joy and hope, and circles and circles of it, then! 🥂

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    1. Hi Tom, hmm, well considering I’ve just got up and am contemplating breakfast, it might be a tad odd. 😏 But I’ll always raise a glass (or cup of coffee in this case) to joy and hope. 🙂

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  7. Great post! Hearty salad, cake and wine – you’ve got it covered! Lovely that you can continue producing memorable meals using kitchen items passed on from your mum.
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  8. Hi, Miriam – I do indeed see the ’roundness’ in your photos. I also love the line “Treat each other well, nourish, nurture and look out for each other and watch how life just gets better and better.”
    Now. I’m suddenly very hungry for Italian food!

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  9. What wonderful memories you have of your mother and your family! And I love how using her dishes and cooking the meals you ate with her as a family brings back those memories, and also means you are carrying on her traditions. I can’t think of a nicer way to honor someone that to carry on in the ways they have taught you.
    And I completely agree that life does come full circle….what we give, we tend to get back. And that’s a wonderful thing!

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  10. That’s special to have your mum’s frying pan to cook in. I must feel like you’re cooking with her in a way. Your food looks delicious. I love a salad put together with whatever is lurking in the fridge. Yours looks yummy! Lovely message at the end, Miriam. So true.

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  11. Thank you for this lovely post. Brings so much souvenirs of my mom, her recipes and jewelry pieces that she left to me are treasures. Precious indeed as they remind me of her and the good times we had. So I can relate to what you are saying and totally agree with your message: It’s all about taking the time for what’s important and sharing the love! One day our own kids will bake the same recipes and think of us with keen eyes and warm thoughts. Great read, Miriam.

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    1. Thanks Dominique. I’m glad this post bought back some special memories of your mum. You’re right, one day it’ll our kids sharing our recipes and as you say, “thinking of us with keen eyes and warm thoughts”. Such lovely words. xo

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  12. Ok first…I was the 111 like…woo hoo love it!!! So you’re Italian…well I love fettucine alfredo, can you make that? That would be fabulous to have when I come visit. All of your food pics look so delish…I wish I weren’t such a fussy eater. I will have some of that peach and raspberry tart though…hehe. That custard tart looks yummy too. Yes things to come full circle don’t they…funny I was just thinking about how in high school I loved writing poems and even contributed to a school magazine with a poem and now here we are today, I’m writing more and you’re singing them!! Life is wonderful and so are circles!!! Big full circle hug, xo 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I’ve got goosebumps reading this. I saw the number 111 and of course there you were! I shouldn’t be surprised. Love it!
      Yes, I’m Italian and I love cooking my pasta so I’d be happy to indulge you when you come visit. That tart is so much fun to make too and it’s divine.
      Ha, I loved writing stories and poems too in high school and I sang and played in a couple of concerts but I never thought it would go anywhere. When I was clearing out my room I found some old adjudicator reports from concerts etc. so funny to look back on. Now look at us, in sync again. Life is indeed wonderful. Big hugs xo 🙂

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      1. But of course!!! Seriously though isn’t it amazing all the messages we are receiving…ask and it is given…words of Abraham!!! Oh goody…look forward to some home cooked alfredo….yum. I also like rigatoni bolognaise…
        Isn’t that funny, I have that magazine with my poem in it still too…it’s a rather sad poem but I should pull it out and maybe elaborate on it and make it into a song.
        Love how much in sync we are!!! Well it’s almost midnight here so guess I’m off to bed. Have the best time at Lily’s and talk soon!! Big in sync hugs, xo 🙂

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        1. Ooh, rigatoni bolognaise is my specialty. You just have to come over here now, I’ll cook you up a feast!
          Well sleep tight and sweet dreams and enjoy your Sunday when you wake. I’m off to Lily’s very soon. I’ll send you that song at some stage so stay tuned. Big weekend hugs xoxo 🙂


        2. Ohhh yum…I’m on my way, forget sleeping!!
          Have a safe trip and magical time at Lily’s. Look forward to receiving the song. I had my carousel of our songs playing at work today, it was awesome!!
          Big weekend hugs to you xo 💓🎶🎸

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  13. Miriam, I love this post – thank you for bringing your cooking & baking to us. The cakes look sumptuous and so tasty – and I’m touched by how the Spanish cake was the last one you made for your mother. Her frying pan is in good hands with you and will make you countless of delicious meals, always filled with love. I agree, food outdoors tastes divine; alas it seems so long ago! Wishing magical times with family and friends, enjoying a meal, memories and moments! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Annika, yes mum’s pan is in good hands. I do so enjoy a good campfire meal and in fact, we’re off again in another week to experience some more of that outdoor cooking, one week of summer holidays. Your turn will come around again too my friend. Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend. xx

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      1. Have a lovely break away in the outdoors, my friend! We had a fun weekend – one day spent shopping for birthday presents in Cambridge. It’s almost like going abroad with so many visitors from far flung places and the buildings never cease to awe me.

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  14. Miriam, wow. We were really on a similar page with this blog, weren’t we? I love reading your experiences with your mum. My hands paused in typing this, because words don’t quite express it. Thank you. She must have been an amazing cook! Lord knows, you seem to have picked that up from her. 🙂 🙂 What a great and tasty group of photos!!

    I am sending you continued love and Light with your healing around your mum. It’s amazing to see how you are bringing the good into your life – this is an amazing testament to who you are. As per your notes on “full circle”, I see the good coming back around to you multiple fold! Hugs and much love, Miriam.
    ps – great story aabout your husband going back for the second serving of lasagna. 🙂

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    1. Aww thanks so much Debbie, you’re very kind. Yes mum was a great cook and I did inherit her love of food and I’d like to think some of her cooking skills too. Have a fabulous week my friend. 🙂


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