Finding Peace in a new Perspective – (Almost) Unsalvageable

I love this post of Gabe’s, not because he’s shared my latest animal antics post or creatively remastered my photo of nature’s steps, but because he touches on things that matter to me.

The connections we make through our blogging, the way it changes us and the unexpected experiences that open up to us through the journey we’re on … I can relate to this on so many levels.  If you haven’t yet visited Gabe, do yourself a favour and head on over to his blog (click on the link below). You won’t be disappointed.

This isn’t a real post, but I recently finished visiting Miriam at Out ‘n About and got distracted. If you haven’t read it yet, here’s a link. Prepare for surprisingly profound animal-inspired wisdom and plenty of grins.

One point she makes that really resonates with me are the surprising relationships that spring from being open to new experiences and unexpected encounters.

You can almost tell something magical is about to happen…


via Finding Peace in a new Perspective – (Almost) Unsalvageable

28 thoughts on “Finding Peace in a new Perspective – (Almost) Unsalvageable

  1. What a great guy and interesting blog…there is such warmth and care out there – a real joy getting to know others, sharing, finding similarities. It does change us…for the better I’m sure! hugs to you, Miriam ❤️

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  2. I love Gabe’s blog, and I completely agree with what he says! Blogging has been a terrific experience, encouraging personal growth, connecting us to people all over the world and helping us find our true voices. And who knew there would be such a community? I always love it when I realize how inter-connected we all are! The support is simply amazing!

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    1. I couldn’t agree more Ann, with everything you said here. Blogging has brought us all so much closer together,it’s simply amazing. Such is the positive power of social media and the age we live in.

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