Cheeky Life Lessons

With all of our dramas and flooding issues at home lately, life’s been a bit full on. But enough’s enough! 

We all have our hard times so a big step back is sometimes necessary. Time out from the serious stuff where we can take a few deep breaths and focus on something lighter.

What better way to do that than through the cheeky antics of our pets and the animals that share our world.

Their ability to adapt and survive can help put a new spin on things and teach us a few light-hearted lessons on resilience. 

After all, things always work out in the end, even in challenging times.

1. Life isn’t about accumulating stuff, it’s about experiences.


These roos on the beach at Cape Hillsborough aren’t bothered by too much. They’re a bit watchful but otherwise couldn’t care less that I was taking their photo.

They remind me not to be so attached to our things. We can survive on so much less than we think.

2. Be determined and fearless

Check out this eagle, the determined way he’s standing. “I’m gonna crack this egg if it’s the last thing I do”.

Be determined and go after what you want, but don’t let it be ‘the be all and end all’. Have other options and know that you’ll get there in the end, whatever the challenge. 

After all, there’s more than one way to crack an egg.

3. Be open to new experiences and unexpected encounters

Camel 2

Ah, the places we go, the people we meet.

I love meeting like minded souls but this camel at Kings Creek Station was a little bit too friendly for my liking.

Came 1

What started out as a bit of a kiss ended up as him trying to eat me. What a cheeky, frisky beast!

I suppose it’s flattering to know you’re the object of someone’s affections, even if they’re not entirely honorable.

4. Live in the moment

Who doesn’t hanker to escape it all sometimes? But whether we’re on the road or at home amongst routine, we can still make the most of it all. 

Feel the wind in your hair, the rush of a new day, embrace whatever the weather is doing. Enjoy the moment and the ride.

Harry is expert at this. Dogs are like furry gurus. They know what makes them feel good. We need to take a leaf out of their book.

Live and love like there’s no tomorrow, with all of your senses. 

5. Find those who share your passion

Lamby taught me a few lessons while she lived with us. Now she’s living like a real sheep in the high country and, as of this weekend has a new paddock buddy, Reggie.

Life is so much better when we have a good friend to share it with, especially someone who thinks the same way we do.

It’s not so baaaaaad.

6. Don’t take life too seriously

Cheeky cocky

Cockatoos and kookaburras know not to take life too seriously. 

Actually most birds do. They greet the morning with a song, fly freely and don’t hold themselves back. 

Tweet, smile, chatter, do what it takes but I bet you’ll find if you laugh the world laughs with you.

7. Fake it till you make it

If all else fails don some glasses, put on a cool face and know that you can bluff your way through anything. Yep, anything.

Just like my daughter’s dog Tilly.

After all, isn’t everything about perception?

Stay sane, keep smiling and don’t be afraid to be a bit cheeky. It makes life so much more fun, plus it makes everyone wonder what you’re up to! 

Keep enjoying the journey.

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