Ten reasons to visit Australia

There are so many reasons to love Australia. Yes I know I’m biased,  I’ve lived here all my life. I love exploring the world and there are still many places I want to see, yet I unabashedly love this land of Oz. Here’s why:

1. Our beaches are amazing

It’s not surprising that, with over 36,000kms of coastline, we have some spectacular beaches. From the east to the west coast there’s a beach to suit every mood, from secluded rocky coves, pristine white sands and dramatic shores. 

Drive on some, play on many, surf and swim, laze in the sun and soak them all up. Each one is unique and they’re all waiting for you.

2. Immerse yourself in the Outback


I fell in love with the Red Centre earlier this year. The spiritual hub of Ayers Rock, the majesty of the Olgas and Kings Canyon are awe inspiring places to lose yourself in.

From the West MacDonnell Ranges to the arid colored spectacle of the Painted Desert along the way, it’s an immersion that takes you to the heart of this country.

Long straight roads and never ending horizons enhances what feels like a journey of meditation.

3. Tackle a mountain

Explore the craggy peaks of the Grampians or immerse yourself in the wild landscape of Arkaroola and the beauty of the Flinders Ranges, surely one of the best places to star gaze underneath magnificent night skies.

Next year we plan to walk the Three Capes Track in Tasmania, reputedly one of the most spectacular coastal walking tracks in Australia. I can’t wait.

4. Lower your stress 

Silence is good for the soul and with all our wide open spaces there are countless places to reconnect with our inner calm.

Soak up the spiritual silence of Mungo National Park, detox on vast salt lake plains, or in a rainforest away from the hassles and cacophony of life.

Better still, laze in a hammock with just the sound of the ocean as company. Bliss.

5. Increase your energy levels

Ramp up the action with some invigorating extremes. Take a birds eye view in a Cessna over Fraser Island, go white water rafting down the Tully River in Far North Quensland or be thrilled on a jet boat ride in Tassie.

Whether it’s bungy jumping, sky walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge or swimming with sharks in West Australia there’s plenty of ways to get the endorphins flowing. 

6. Be amazed at our Natural Wonders


Australia has more than it’s share of natural wonders. Off the coast of Queensland is Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island to explore, one of my favourite adventure playgrounds.

Dive into a magical underwater world off the Great Barrier Reef and, of course, no visit to Australia is complete without a visit to the sacred and awe inspiring Uluru.

Whatever your passion you’ll find plenty of places to bring out the photographer in you.

7. Learn a new lingo

cya later sign at Tobermoray

What do you say if someone says “wanna come over Saturday arvo for a barbie?”

If you speak English you might not think you need a dictionary, but learn a few choice phrases and you’ll be ready for almost anything over here.

Okay, here are a few basic words  worth knowing:

Owya goin = how are you?
Arvo = afternoon
Fair dinkum= true
Ripper = really great
Biccy = biscuit
Choccy biccy = chocolate biscuit
Chockers = very full
She’ll be right = everything will be alright

Understanding us should be easy as pie now. And you should be right to head out to that barbie. Good on ya mate!

8. Barbeque and beer

DSCN8056 (800x600)

Did I mention a barbie?

The barbecue is quintessentially Australian. Nothing is more social than a backyard full of mates, snags and steaks.

When camping our barbies are usually over the coals. Eating and cooking in the great outdoors is half the fun. And of course it’s best washed down with an ale or a glass of red.

A Drop of Wine


 We have some fabulous wine regions … the Barossa Valley near Adelaide, Margaret River near Perth and the Yarra valley near Melbourne, just to name a few. 

Cheers to exploring all the great wine districts. Chalk it down to research!

9. Our vibrant cities


Who doesn’t love a great latte and pub meal or just listening to a good band over a few drinks?

Exolore the culture of our bustling cities, who knows, you might end up like me and become centre stage/assistant in a busking act!

Indulge your inner foodie in hidden laneways lined with awesome coffee places and experience local and international talent at our great music venues. 

Ed Sheeran, Robbie Williams and Pink are coming to Australia in 2018, good enough reason to visit. 

 10. Take a road trip and Make new Friends


What better way to discover Australia than to hit the road?  Imagine the freedom, just you and the open road in front of you, stopping whenever you want to.

Hire a camper, or if you prefer to have the organising done for you, take an organised tour. There’s so many ways to see this country.

me with kooka (600x800)

We’re a friendly lot over here.

Whether you’re a young backpacker or a grey nomad there’s always like minded people traveling similar roads.

Hit the road and chances are you’ll meet people along the way, who may turn out to be lifelong friends.

So there you have it, just a few reasons why Australia is such an awesome place. 

If I haven’t convinced you, perhaps you’ll have to take the plunge and just do it. 

If you do, who knows, we may even meet up. Stop in and say gidday or, better yet, come over for a barbie!

Wherever you are and wherever you’re going, love life and enjoy the journey.

Wishing you happy and fun travels. Remember, you only live once so you may as well enjoy it!

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200 thoughts on “Ten reasons to visit Australia

  1. Brilliant Miriam, our friend went out to live in Australia two years ago now, to join her two sons that work and live over there, She also lives in Melbourne. though for now she rents a place.. She loves it..
    And your amazing ten reasons, just added more icing to the cake.. πŸ™‚

    Wonderful.. ❀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I was a lifeguard at the Bourke, The Gateway to the Outback, for about 6 months. It was 100 miles from nowhere, but full of dust and magic and blood red earth that somehow made you look deep inside of yourself when the sun hit it in just the right way.

    We lived in a 1977 kombi on the Darling River and the experience created some of the fondest memories I have. ❀

    I love Australia so much!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. What a wonderful experience. And you explained so beautifully the feelings that the outback conjures up in us, even just as visitors. I can only imagine how special it would be actually working there. Thanks so much for sharing your memories.


  3. We had the great pleasure of visiting Australia for the first time last year. With only two weeks we saw so much and yet so little of your beautiful country. Would love to come back sometime and explore more. On that trips we met with six different bloggers and stayed with one of them in Tasmania. We can definitely say we found Australia to be incredibly friendly and welcoming.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. How wonderful Sue. Sounds like you had a great time and, with such awesome memories, have even more incentive to come back and see all the sights you missed the first time. Glad you found us hospitable 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Your love for your country shines so brightly! I love your pictures! And if I ever get that travel fund going, I am so going there.

    But, you forgot the most important thing to see in Australia on your list – YOU!
    *hugs* ❀

    Liked by 2 people

  5. This certainly seems like a great place to visit, and I’ve only heard great things from those who have spent some time there. From the stories they’ve shared, it sounds like it a very warm culture and the people are friendly and welcoming. Thanks for sharing with us and happy traveling!

    Share your adventure with us and earn. Check out our site to see how you can become a featured writer.


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for reading and your comment … I have your email in mind for a future feature. Australia is indeed a very special destination. Feel free to share this post on your website if you’d like to share it with your readers.


    1. Hi guys, let yourself indulge on beaches as well as this beautiful mountain view. But before entering the country you need a travel visa. Migration Expert Australia is a great help for providing you visa both ETA and NON- ETA eligible country. Just visit their site at https://www.migrationexpert.com.au/ or call them at contact us.

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