Champagne, Roses and Wrong Turns

Lightning flashed as we stood looking up into the dark evening sky. Mother Nature was being feisty. Then, like she was playing a game of ping pong, two meteors appeared, directly below each other and I watched, mesmerised, as they shimmied across the sky and disappeared.

That was last Saturday, also the time of the New Moon. It was a night of celestial signs from above and human fun down below, with wine and champagne flowing.

Seems everywhere I go lately  I’m seeing wonders in the sky … shooting stars while camping and unexplained lights at night.

No, I haven’t drunk too much!

In my last post Music, Miracles and Meditation I mentioned that I was spending last weekend with my good friend Lily, helping her celebrate her 50th birthday.

Ours is a friendship that spans 30 years, yet through of all of life’s dramas and the different paths we’ve taken, it’s the first birthday we’ve ever spent together.

It was very special. We shared a lovely lunch at the Rose Cafe in Kilmore, enjoyed sumptious cakes and drank wine and champagne infused with strawberries. After her family left Lily and I talked into the early hours of the morning.

We spoke of hopes and dreams and new directions, fueling a sense of expansion that’s been growing inside me for months.

The next morning over breakfast the talking continued. Sitting outside, by her beautiful garden, we stopped our busy lives and made time to smell the roses.

Later that day on the way home, just out of Whittlesea, I accidentally took a wrong turn.

My trusty GPS recalculated but it took me way off course.

I ended up along back tracks that I’d never driven before, up and down steep hills, along dirt roads and, for a good fifteen minutes or so, I had absolutely no idea where I was.

Yet I wasn’t worried.

I had plenty of fuel and the direction was plugged in so I turned up Ed Sheeran and relaxed. I knew I’d find my way home eventually

And of course I did.  Before long I was back on familiar roads and my own navigation system took over again.

It’s a bit like life isn’t it?

How often do we get side tracked and find ourselves unexpectedly going down a different route than what we planned. How often do we doubt our decisions and have to adjust our own GPS system. In the end though, if we relax and trust in the process, we always end up where we’re supposed to be.img_0937

I just spoke to my hubby who’s in New Zealand for work this week. He told me about his dinner out in Christchurch last night and how whilst at the restaurant he ran out of phone data. As his phone was also his GPS he had to rely on his own navigation skills to get back to his motel. 

We laughed as he told me of his impromptu ‘sightseeing tour’ as he navigated around Christchurch. It took him over 30 minutes but he got back eventually.

We’re never truly lost.

We just venture off course, but I guess that’s the adventure and fun in life. We’ve all got an internal GPS and it’s called INTUITION.

(Though, after reading his Facebook post tonight I had to laugh, clearly his needs honing!)img_0970

Isn’t it a good feeling when we stretch ourselves and venture out of our comfort zone, even when it’s unintentional and even when things don’t go as planned

Follow your intuition and who knows where it will lead.

We realise we’re capable of so much more.

Just like a butterfly it reminds me that this journey we’re on is one of metamorphosis and growth.  It’s one of transformation. We just have to believe and trust.

If we keep an open mind and embrace new opportunities, we’re allowing ourselves to change in the process, often in the most beautiful way.

That’s when life opens up to us.

Embrace the change. Be receptive to the signs that point to growth and keep your eyes open to the small simple things. 

For that’s where miracles are found, in the beautiful ordinary moments along the way.

Wishing you light and love (and a good navigation system) as we all continue the journey. 

82 thoughts on “Champagne, Roses and Wrong Turns

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend. yes I agree… you get there eventually. AS long as you have a full, enough daylight and are heading in the right direction. Love that Delbard rose, I had one very similar. Lovely that you that time with an old friend. Louise

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  2. Recently I visited my dearest friend for a week. The morning I was to leave I had to phone her to check something and we started chatting. My husband reckoned we wouldn’t have anything left to talk about when I arrived…how little he knows us. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s easy to talk all night with a special friend. Glad you and your husband both found your way, Miriam.

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    1. So you know exactly what I mean Carol. Yep, we were just getting started when I had to go home, even though we’d been talking all night. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it was all good and we’ve already said we’ll do it again soon. x

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  3. Isn’t it wonderful when we look up and the sky brings us her own symphony. What a lovely weekend you had with your friend.. Its wonderful to sit into the small hours with a friend and talk about anything and everything under the sun.
    And Oh those roses, I could almost smell their fragrance.. Just beautiful
    Sometimes the detours in life set us on the paths we were meant to find.. And yes you are so right, No one is ever truly lost.. And ALL roads lead us home.. No matter where life may take us..

    Another outstanding post Miriam. Late arriving as per normal.. But Oh what a joyful time I have had reading what I missed..
    Sending Hugs and I know your own in built compass will never lead you astray..
    Sue โค xx

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    1. I love what you wrote “sometimes the.detours in life set us on the paths we were meant to find … All roads lead us home”. How very true. There are some roads I would never have dreamed I’d take but they’ve all lead me to a lesson of some description. ๐Ÿ’• Thanks for all your heartfelt comments Sue, I always love hearing from you. Hugs and warmest wishes to you xo โค๏ธ

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  4. Miracles are always just under our toes, those little things in life that we overlook so easily. I’m glad you “got found” though! And your hubby, too, lol. How funny, even when apart you’re still doing the “same things,” hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  5. I can hardly believe you’ve witnessed another magical and heavenly sighting – wow!! I absolutely love this post Miri and you’re right – we may fall off track a few times on our journey but we get there in the end, when we start to listen to our internal GPS – I love that analogy! x

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    1. Thanks Wendy. More signs from the heavens tonight except this time it wasn’t quite so magical. We had a torrential storm with veins and rain ferocious it came down our walls, into the house, flooded the laundry which then spilled into the carpet of the spare room which is also Daniel’s study and computer room. What a night, just before our big weekend. I remind myself it’s all “stuff” but far out, we really didn’t need this!!! xo

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      1. OH NO! I’m not sure what positive spin I can put on that one Miri… but I am thinking about you and hoping you manage to get everything sorted before the weekend! Yikes… Yep – some things are simply sent to try us and sounds like this is one of those moments! Good luck and a BIG Hug xxx

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        1. Oh yes, some things are definitely meant to try us and this one was a biggie. Still, today’s a new day, the carpet will take weeks to dry out but life goes on. More important things to think about a the moment. Thanks for the hug. One big one back xo


  6. Venturing off in unknown territory is always fun – if you can trust the process, as you say, and know you will eventually find the way back. With or without GPS the world has plenty of side tracks that shouts to be explored. Great, inspiring post, Miriam.

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  7. Wow! A beautiful post, Miriam! First, I’m so happy that you had an opportunity to celebrate with your dear friend, Lily! It sounds the closest of times, true friendship where the hours slip away talking, catching up, enjoying good food and champagne…and the wondrous roses in her garden – stunning.

    What a wonderful celebration also of intuition, reinforcing how we are never lost, that the road we are on is maybe not the one planned but one that will take us where we need to be. I love how you draw an analogy with your temperamental GPS and your husband’s non-working satnav. I’m all for ditching them when out and about and have ended up in some quaint old villages, up high on the moors with no one around – bliss and just what the heart and soul required. Wishing you many happy adventures off the map! ๐Ÿ˜€โค๏ธ

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    1. As always I love the pictures you evoke with your words Annika and I can so relate. We’ve found some amazing places too, just from taking the road less travelled. Thank you for your kind words and sharing your own adventures. Wishing you many more as well. x ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ’•

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  8. Great story. I love serene, not-in-a-hurry getting lost experiences. Our last really memorable getting lost experience was in Florence, Italy. We were (not intentionally) taking the long way around to return a rental car when the GPS directed us to turn left. Weโ€™ll never know for sure if she meant a frenzied โ€œnot here, stupid!โ€ or if she was a teensy bit confused herself, but we found ourselves nose-to-nose with another car, going the wrong way down a one-way lane. Fortunately, the other car was stopped at a red light. My husband, reacting quickly, pulled into a break in the shrubbery along the side of the road which turned out to be the place where pedestrians exited the park we happened to drive into.

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    1. Ouch, well, so long as he didn’t hit any pedestrians! That was a close call and somehow I’m not surprised that you had that happen in Florence. From my own experience Italian cities are mighty easy to get confused and lost in. Thanks for sharing your story Lisa. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  9. Thanks for this post, Miriam. It was very timely for me (and, I suspect, many of your other readers), as I have been very tense lately, and finally realized it is because I am nervous about several changes that are heading my way. But you are so right: change is really nothing to be worried about. We may not know exactly how we are moving forward, but we need to trust that we are going in the right direction and will get where we need to be in the end. Thanks for the reminder! (And happy belated birthday to your friend Lily. Old friends really are special.)

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    1. Thanks Ann, they are indeed. As for change, I guess it’s normal to be nervous about the unknown, but the thing I’m realising is that change is also about the lessons we learn about ourselves along the way. All the best with the ones in your life Ann and thank you for your lovely comment. xo

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  10. Wow what gorgeous roses…so pretty!! I love that your GPS took you off track and you turned up Ed Sheeran, do you remember the name of the song? Love him btw. Isn’t that something that 30 years and you never spent a birthday together…well I’m glad you finally did…sounds like a magical time too, both in the time spent with Lily and your travels home. That’s funny that Doug got lost too…love his Facebook post!! Oh I saw another meteor or shooting star Saturday night…that’s 4 times now…the Universe is definitely talking to us and you are so right…it’s in the smallest of things that we need to pay attention and listen. Yup even when we’re taken off our path we really aren’t, it’s all part of the journey! Love the butterfly too. I’ve named my caterpillar Fuzzy…I kept trying to feed him different leaves and grass as that’s what it said they eat. Finally I found some brown leaves that came off my pear tree and they are the same color as Fuzzy is…well apparently that’s the one he likes. I layed out several of them and moistened them as that’s how they drink water, and when I came down the next morning he was lying on top of one of the leaves and it had curled closed over him like a blanket, it was sooo cute! So he’s down there now with lots of leaves surrounding him. I wonder if he will cocoon and turn into a butterfly in the Spring…that will be so cool if he does. Oh and there were 111 likes before mine…Big transformational hugs my lovely lady xo

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    1. 111. Love it!
      Oh Fuzzy sounds so cute. Love the way you said the leaf curled over him just like a blanket, I can just picture him all curled up. You’ll have to keep an eye on him. Mine disappeared, I don’t know where he got to.
      I saw another shooting star on the weekend too. I can’t remember if it was Friday or Saturday night. I had an urge to go outside before bed and I looked up and wow, there it was. Love it! By the way it was “Perfect” that was playing on the radio when I got lost. Love that song, love all his stuff actually. Here’s to enjoying our path and creating new ones too. Big hugs xo ๐Ÿ’ซ

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      1. I know right?!
        He was so cute, I’m relieved that I finally found a leaf that he liked…I was afraid he’d starve. It’s amazing all these shooting stars we’ve been seeing. Oh of course Ed’s song was Perfect!! What else would it be? I love his music too. Cheers to our paths and new ones too!! Big hugs. xo Sweet day!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  11. I am seriously โ€œdirectionally challengedโ€ I get lost in some of our shopping centres!!! I often wonder how I ever managed when I travelled around Oz on my own without a GPS, but then I did have some unexpected and quite delightful adventures when getting lost along the way. Yes definitely take time to smell those gorgeous roses, especially when you do it with a special friend


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