The Calm Hour

Most people have heard of  ‘Happy Hour’ but how about the calm hour.

That hour, on sunrise or sunset, when light illuminates the beauty around us, when anything seems possible and everything feels right and balanced. 

Now, more than ever, we need that calmness and balance in the world.

There are so many places where calmness seeps into the soul … where we feel connected to the earth and the light and beauty seems more pronounced. 

Yet there’s also places where this isn’t the case.

Peace at Lake Hart

I don’t want to bury my head in the sand or become oblivious to what’s happening in the world. We’re all connected and feel the pain and suffering of others.

Yet I prefer to focus on where peace and happiness is prevalent and help to spread that feeling.

A salt lake oasis

Like here, on the pristine salt lake plains of Lake Hart in South Australia. This landscape felt surreal, in fact I’ve never felt such stillness and tranquility.

It was as though Mother Nature had taken a temporary nap.

Maybe we all need that, a bit of a wake up call to what’s important.

Outback serenity

It’s easy in nature.

In the vast plains of outback Queensland the never ending horizon epitomised tranquility.

And on this pristine solitary beach in North Queensland the sands of time stood still and for a few blissful hours all was well with the world.

Calm shores (800x600)

But you don’t need a vast salt lake or a remote beach to feel calm and it doesn’t have to be a certain hour of the day to slow down. 

We can access peace and a state of calm anywhere, in our home, our office, in our busy lives.  You can find your own calm in an hour … even if you only have five minutes.

Try it and see.

  1. Stop what you’re doing, right now, and take a deep breath.
  2. Close your eyes and count backwards from fifty, then …
  3. Let your body relax, loosen your jaw, soften your face, lower your shoulders, feel the tension drain away.
  4. Let it be. Don’t force anything, just know that all is well.
  5. And when you eventually open your eyes, smile. And breath.

Simple I know, but sometimes simple is best.

Just like water droplets on a leaf after rain, watching a river flow, losing yourself in music or patting your pet.

Maybe it’s a hug, savouring a steaming cup of coffee on a cold day or greeting the dawn sky that stirs your soul … the simple things in life are soothing and can lead us to our calm centre. 

We just need to notice.

Be mindful, just breath. 

Feel the calm that lies within you, it’s there. 

After all, there’s nothing more natural than breathing

Floating on a lake of bliss

As I write this I’m into Day 32 of my 90 Day Change a Habit Challenge run by Wendy at Brilliance Within. 

Slowly meditation has become part of my life, it’s no longer a chore and no longer something I wonder if I’m going to fit into my day.

It’s my calm hour, even though sometimes it’s only ten minutes in my day.

It’s become part of it. Just like every day that breaks, I can’t imagine it not being there.


Wishing you all a calm mind, a peaceful heart and the time to nourish it, whether it’s an hour or merely five minutes a day.

Breath deeply. 

Be calm. Be well.

You deserve it.

In response to: Where’s my Backpack: Travel theme: Calm 
and also sharing for Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge: Hour

113 thoughts on “The Calm Hour

  1. Awe inspiring post, Miriam! The stunning photos with the meditate encouraging was exactly what I needed. Thank you soo very much. Our world has gorgeous beautiful we need to bring into our lives. Hugs and thanks! ❤️

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  2. Beautiful and inspirational as always!! Isn’t it amazing how mediation, that seemed to be a chore in the beginning, turns into something that’s as much as part of us as breathing. And the days that follow, how they change for the better and more and more positive and wonderful things flow into our life! Yes there are unimaginable events that take place that are quite disturbing and sad, but we need to keep that light bright and not let the darkness take over. I do have one question what is a “per”…stroking your per. Lol…I now it’s supposed to be pet…it made me smile and wonder what’s a per? I thought at first it might be Aussie slang for something…just teasing! Keep the beauty flowing my sweet friend…big peaceful hugs xo

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    1. Haha, well firstly, thanks for picking up my typo, it’s fixed now. 🙂 And yes you’re right, meditating has definitely changed the way I look at things. I feel this ever so slight shift in my mindset which I’m really welcoming. Thank you my lovely friend, teasing and all, you keep me on my toes! Big hugs xo

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  3. I love sunrise and sunset and always try to take a moment to take them in, wherever I am in the world. I often think that dawn is even more still and calming than sunset a lot of the time – before the day has ‘come to life’ 🙂

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  4. I am in total agreement and observe calm hours. Your pictures are stunning-I especially love the salt lake plains one. I do not feel a bit guilty in turning the news off-What good is there to hear horrible tragedies that we can not fix or sometimes even help? I pray for this world and every precious soul on it. I help everytime I can, but still it is depleting to hear of sorrows. So restore, as you do. We just must.

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    1. Thank you Michelle, why am I not surprised that you don’t feel guilty about turning the news off, just like me. I pray for this world too but also choose to focus on the good and the positive. Thank you for your lovely comment. I hope you have a happy weekend. x

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  5. I love this Miri! I neeeeed this. We move in one week. ONE. Things are so hectic. I can’t wait to enjoy my new home and when I’m settled I will be practicing my calm hour….ok maybe 15 minutes but you get my drift. 😉 ❤

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    1. So great to hear from you Nikki and to know that you’re back at A KinderWay. I’ve just left a couple of comments over there. Good luck with the move. Soooo excited for you. x 😊❤️


  6. What a beautiful post, once again, Miriam. I love the way you write and describe things. Your post made me breathe deeper and look up, look at the fresh green of the bushes outside, the fresh yellow of the lemons. And it made me listen to the birds singing. Thank you 🙂

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  7. Those are some breathtaking photos. If the camera lens could capture so much beauty, I can imagine how beautiful it must be to view all that in person. ❤ You’re right.. we need to let go and unwind before all of worries become too much for us to handle. A moment to take a deep breath and relax without anything weighing us down. I hope you have a great weekend!

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    1. Hi Shweta, thank you so much for your lovely comment. You’re right, all of that beauty in person was very special. How lucky we all are to live in this abundant world. Have a wonderful weekend yourself lovely lady. xo


  8. Love the idea of a Calm Hour Miriam, the world can be a noisy crazy place sometimes so any chance to slow it down is well worth the effort. We try and lead a calm life to be honest but doesn’t always work out.

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  9. I definitely need to practice the calm hour more often. I tried your tips and realised I can’t count backwards! lol. The other tips worked beautifully. 🙂 Love your writing (so soothing) and your pictures make me want to go with you. Hope you’re having a wonderful, wonderful weekend my friend! Long holidays will finally come to an end tomorrow. xo


  10. Wow, some of those photos look like they could have been taken in heaven, as if you’re floating over the clouds. Such beauty! I felt calmer just looking at them. Thanks for the reminder to breathe.

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  11. This is just what I needed to read tonight. I’m going to work on being more mindful and peaceful this week. Last week was really hard (Vegas shooting) and I want/need to feel calm and at peace. So thank you for this Miriam! I actually stopped to do my deep breathing exercises while reading your post 🙂 Take care, and have a wonderful week!

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    1. Aw Jenny, I’m so glad if this helped you in any way. Sometimes it’s really hard, with everything that’s going on in the world, to switch off and regain our inner calm. But I think it’s so important. Take care and I hope you have a good week too. xo

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  12. Oh what a beautiful post. I actually do feel calmer for reading it. Thanks again for the shout out to the challenge!! I took my deep breaths and smiled… As for those photographs of the salt lake – they really are mesmorising…. it really looks like heaven on earth!

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    1. Thanks Wendy, glad my post made you smile and feel a bit calmer. Mission accomplished! As for that salt lake, it really was the most amazing place. I’ve never experienced anything like that sunset on the lake floor. Heaven on earth is just what it felt like. Big hugs xo

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  13. Lake Hart is definitely a place I want to see one day, it looks so magical and peaceful. Fabulous photos!! This post was just what I needed, Miriam. I am going to work at making time for a ‘calm hour’ daily as well, and just breathe. You are lovely! 😘

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  14. Oh Miriam, I feel we are somewhat connected. I too have been focusing on stillness lately, taking opportunities to just savour the simple and honour my heart and soul with timeless experiences. Thank you for sharing this magical post full of beauty and wisdom. I did the meditation too – so simple yet powerful! Have a wonderful Sunday Miriam – much love to you my friend ❤ xx

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    1. Hello beautiful woman, I’ve literally just finished my evening meditation now so how lovely to find all your comments here. Yes, stillness and time to just “be” is making such a difference in my days lately. So glad that you’re also experiencing this. Thank you lovely. Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. Big hugs xo ❤️

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      1. Beautiful Miriam, that warms my heart 🙏🏻💗 thank you ☺️ I have just finished listening to a Ho’oponono meditation (you can find them on YouTube) – it’s a beautiful, simple yet profound Hawaiian prayer for forgiveness! Sending you much peace and joy gorgeous lady 😍❤️😘 love and hugs xx

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