Fearless at 52

Do you remember when you were young and all your dreams lay before you? When getting a car licence at 18 was thrilling and at 21 you felt ready to take on the world.

Being 50 seemed so old.

Older and raring to go

Well, I can tell you it’s not. Welcome to the frisky fifties!

Okay, my eyesight and memory might not be as sharp these days, but I can still hold my own on the dance floor.

I’ve also achieved some of my long ago dreams.  I’ve travelled, become a published writer, married a great guy and raised two well adjusted young adults.

Yet somewhere along the way, amongst all the growing up and raising a family, my dreams began to fade. Does anyone else feel like this?

We play so many roles and wear so many hats that we forget what we love, and what makes us tick. In a nutshell, we get caught up in life.

Fast forward 31 years and I’ve been …

Saluting to the forest… a daughter, a sister, a student, a rebel, a traveler and a searcher. I’ve been an office worker, a professional, a girlfriend, a vagabonda (as my mum used to call me) and a wife.

I’ve been a mother, a nurse, a cook and a cleaner, a stress-head, a taxi driver, a garbologist and psychologist and many things to many people

Amidst all the roles I’ve played, and still play, I feel like I’m returning to the one that fits me best.

Today, as I turn 52, I am simply me.

Raw, authentic, imperfect, flawed, passionate, highly-sensitive, frisky, emotional, vulnerable, powerful, fearless me.

I feel like something’s woken within me.

And I’m ready to take on the world again.

Who’s ready to join me?

Who’s ready to break out of the limiting beliefs and doubts we place on ourselves?

Who’s ready to grow and get to know themselves again, beneath all the layers?

Maybe shedding these layers is all an evolving process, an ongoing journey we’re on.

creating yourself

Right now I’m in the process of creating a new focus board and honing in on those new dreams.

It’s taken a while but, through a lot of soul searching and writing, I finally know what I want and it feels exciting.

Life, for all if it’s imperfections and bad hair days, feels like it’s just beginning again, just like a new dawn.


My gift to you on my birthday is a song, written by my dear friend, the beautiful and talented Deb from Once Upon a Hot Flash.

Here is it, a little bit of sas and attitude that fits my mood. Hope you enjoy it.

Whatever age you are, feel frisky, fearless and invincible.

Yes, the role playing will no doubt continue but, if life is a big show, we may as well choose a starring role.

roles in life

Be the amazing version of you that you are and dare to shine. 

Here’s to reclaiming our dreams, embracing our true selves and enjoying the journey.

Wishing you a fabulous and fearless week ahead.

223 thoughts on “Fearless at 52

  1. Wow – I’m dancing!! How utterly amazing to feel your excitement and then to hear your lovely voice! I love the song – what a fabulous collaboration between you and Deb.. and I’m with you – I’m feeling frisky tonight!! FANTASTIC.. I’m excited for you.. Can you see my smile? xxx

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      1. Oh MOST definitely – We’d be ‘triple trouble’ – watch out cos anyone around would need to clear the path!! Yee Haa One of the first blog posts I wrote was ‘Fab and Flirty not frumpy’ – Now I’m thinking I need to write one Frisky and Flirty not frumpy and grumpy! Maybe we should set up a Facebook Group: Fab and Frisky 50’s with your song as our theme tune.! xx

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        1. Oh, now I’ve got the biggest grin on my face. Love it!! It’s no wonder we get along so well, I’ll have to go back and read that post of yours. As for FB, haha, yeah, that’d be priceless! xo

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  2. Am i too late to say happy bday Mirriam?

    Well happiest birthday to you…and i love your post…fearless at 52…wow..when i am 52, i wish i could say the same thing too..you are truely an inspiration..

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  3. Frisky Fifties? Sounds brilliant. Great to hear that you’re living life the way you want to, so liberating. We changed our lives a few years back when we were mid-fifties and haven’t looked back. Good luck Miriam. Go for it.

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  4. Such a brilliant post my friend. I can feel a new you that you are discovering, or perhaps just rediscovering what has been there all along, just buried under the many roles you have played for others. It’s your turn for you now.
    And such a wonderful song…
    Thank you and…go you!

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    1. Aw, you made me smile Di, thank you my lovely friend. 💕🙂 A new you, that has such a nice ring to it, although I think you’re right, perhaps this is me coming out from under the many roles I’ve played. It’s a liberating feeling. Hope you’re well. Sending you big hugs xo ❤️

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      1. I’m glad I could make you smile, dear Miriam.
        Yes, I feel the same way so I could really identify with that description. I think we are always here…we never left…
        Very liberating.
        Enjoy your new journey my friend 💕💕🌈🌈

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  5. A great inspirational post, Age is nothing to worry about. On the contrary, we get wiser and more self-confident without necessarily more self-centered. And do I think a lot of us feel that we are more ourselves rather than playing a handful (or more) roles.

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  6. Well, Happy Birthday Miriam, and welcome back through that door, I call life. I found it again just after I retired a few years ago. I went back and bought some of my dreams back with me, and am now making my way through them. Loving every moment. As my Grandmother once said to me, ‘Cherish every moment.’

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  7. Wow… First Miriam a belated Happy Birthday greeting to you.. And you look fantastic… And I loved hearing you singing.. Lovely song.. You are both very talented.. 🙂 I loved all your roles

    … a daughter, a sister, a student, a rebel, a traveler and a searcher. I’ve been an office worker, a professional, a girlfriend, a vagabonda (as my mum used to call me) and a wife.

    I’ve been a mother, a nurse, a cook and a cleaner, a stress-head, a taxi driver, a garbologist and psychologist and many things to many people”

    And yes, now is the time to be YOU… And we never feel any different from those teenage years.. And I remember once asking my grand how old she felt.. She said I am as old as I want to feel.. Today she said I am 30 again… tomorrow I may be 80.. lol..

    I remember my 50th some thirteen years ago now.. And I thought I would dread that one the worst.. In fact,, I never felt so good and My 60th wasn’t that bad either..
    Loved All your amazing photo’s Miriam.. And I see I have much to catch up on.. xxx 🙂

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    1. Your Grand was a wise woman Sue. Yes, we are as only as old as we feel, some days like today we feel young and fearless, and others not so young. It sounds as though you’re also living your life to the full, good for you Sue. Enjoy it all my friend. And thank you kindly for your lovely comments. xo 💖

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  8. Just. Wow. I felt like I was in a smokey bar! Listening to you sing Miriam, was oh so sensual and delicious! 😍 what a stunning voice you have, and you play like a dream 😘 here’s to new beginnings at 52 🦋🌈❤️ xx

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    1. What a nice compliment! 😊Thank you so much Hayley, that’s so sweet of you to say. I must say I really enjoyed myself with Deb’s wonderful lyrics, it was lots of fun to play and sing. Now we just need you over here with some dream beats! Hugs my friend 💕🙂🎧

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      1. You’re welcome Beautiful 🦋 I feel quite compelled to learn some softer African drumming after hearing your soothing tones 💕🌸 how wonderful would it be to sit around a campfire 🔥 drums and guitar in hand and just free play? Oh the playful possibilities 😘😍🌈 Much love to you Miriam xx

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  9. Love this Miriam! I recently turned 53 and can relate to you so much. Except I’m a year older, haha 🙂 It’s wonderful that you’re at such a great place in your life, it feels wonderful, doesn’t it? Happy belated birthday! Pretty song, too! Can you tell I’m just getting caught up on your blog? I finally have some quiet time (Sunday night here). Have a lovely week ahead!

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    1. Seems that we’re both catching up on each others blogs Jenny! Thanks for your kind wishes here. Yeah, I have to admit I’m feeling better than I thought I ever would at this age. Seems that the old adage “older and wiser” really is true (most of the time anyway!) 🙂 keep smiling my friend, life’s too short not to xo

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  10. Yay, Miriam!! Congratulations and happy birthday. I so acknowledge you for honoring yourself and claiming your magnificence. That song is amazing, and definitely quite frisky. You are BEAUTIFUL and I see you stepping with Spirit (or love or joy, take your pick 🙂 ) every step of the way. Love love love, Debbie

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    1. Hey Debbie, thank you soo much for your gorgeous comment. I really appreciate it. Love the quote you sent me this morning too, it was beautiful. Big hugs, blessings and hugs to you xo

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  11. Living…not waiting for it to pass by, I love it!

    As a soft tissue specialist, movement analyst and performance coach who runs his own clinic, I commend your honesty and subject matter.

    I don’t often say this to many people and am not the type of person to usually comment. Spoken from the heart and you have my respect.

    I have a recent post you may enjoy called “I used to be a body builder, before I grew up,” it’s a 6000 word spiel, but it deals more with the clinical element of soft tissue principality, biotensegrity and psychology.

    Give it a read some time if you are ever free. If you like it, if you agree with it, then let’s work on some online ideas together? I have a platform through my clinic and I’m looking for more people’s stories to be able to share for motivation, to help others.

    If not…then take care and keep doing you!

    From reading the comments on this feed you are obviously inspiring people, which inspires me.



  12. Love this post!! These words especially spoke to me “Raw, authentic, imperfect, flawed, passionate, highly-sensitive, frisky, emotional, vulnerable, powerful, fearless me.” You go gurl!!! Frisky Fifties – YES!!

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