Weeds, Seeds and Finding lost dreams

Last week my veggie garden was overgrown and full of weeds.  The passionfruit vine had gone wild and its roots were strangling potential growth.

Not that there’s been much growing there. In fact, there’s been nothing there for over a year.

How have I let it get so run down and neglected?

The soil underneath is good. The potential is there for so much abundance, but it’s lacking.

It feels a little bit like my mindset lately. I’ve become complacent and ‘stuck’ in my comfort zone.

Our big road trip to Central Australia recently was my focus for a while. I loved the planning of it all. I dreamed and planned it and it became a wonderful reality.

But, like everything in life, be it good or not so good, it passed. And I’m wondering, what do I do now? What happens when you forget your dreams and you feel in limbo?

I read a post by my good friend Wendy of Brilliance Within recently, and in it she wrote:

“Maybe there are some of us who think our dreams aren’t even BIG ENOUGH or we’re unclear what our dreams are so we simply stand still and remain in our limbo land, waiting for the BIG DREAM to suddenly make itself clear to us  …”

Oh yes that’s me.

She continues “There is no perfect time or perfect dream and taking those small steps toward something – anything…. is better than continuing to live in limbo land.

 Allowing one small step to lead to another and before long, things look much clearer than they did when I was simply stuck in limbo.”

Now is definitely the right time to start taking action toward any goal or dream, no matter how large or small …

You can read Wendy’s full post here.

So that’s it.

It’s time for new growth.

Spring has sprung here in Melbourne and, whilst the warm weather still hasn’t arrived, I’ve nonetheless caught the fever.

And I’m digging deep. 

Turning that soil, making room for growth …

Gloves on, shovel out, the weeds have come out. It’s been invigorating to get my hands in the earth.

I drove down the road to my local nursery, and bought punnets and seedlings of various vegetables, as well as a new lemon tree.

Lamby has done a thorough job of pruning our other one. It’s time for new beginnings.

Two days ago I joined up for Wendy’s 90 days Change a Habit Challenge.

My change is to meditate every day. It’s something I’ve always struggled to keep up regularly but I’m determined this time, as  I know it’ll bring me clarity.

That and taking action in my garden … and my life.


So now, the soil is ready and I’m feeling a sense of quiet excitement and anticipation.

A lot is going to be happening in that soil before any vegetables appear, a lot of changes underground that I won’t even be aware of, but I trust the process.

I know it won’t happen overnight. Growth needs nourishment, daily care and awareness of the potential within.

I have to be patient, attentive and kind to it.

Good things will come, they  always do. They’re all around us.

Yesterday I met with Melbourne blogger friends, Di and Hayley, two beautiful women and  inspiring writers. Our time together was as special as the start of Spring.

Friendships like seeds and flowers, need cultivating. How wonderful it is when we meet like minded souls that nourish us and allow us to grow and feel supported and valued.

Whatever season you’re in I wish you abundance, love and friendship. 

May you have wisdom to know that good things come to those who both wait, and take action.

How are you cultivating your garden? I hope it’s with love and an attitude of abundance.

Have a wonderful September. 💚

109 thoughts on “Weeds, Seeds and Finding lost dreams

  1. An awesome post. I have discovered that the greatest enemy of the next step is the accomplishment of the last step. I am familiar with that limbo feeling. It is very disconcerting. Like you I am moving on to something new and I keep hearing the voice of God remind me “It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be.”

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  2. I saw the small lemon at the start of the post and thought yes Lamby ate the lemon tree. I am big fan of focusing on the days. Special things are about moments. I think it also a good practical thing to think of projects. Looking forward to the garden photos blooming. You met the fellow bloggers in a garden centre I love it. xxx

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    1. Thanks Louise. Actually the lemon tree is still alive and it might come back but I thought, what the heck, I’d get a new one. Projects, hmm? Yes, lots of thinking going on with what to do next. Guess I need to finish some articles first. When are you off to Sicily? xo

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  3. Oh, how I identify, and what an inspiration you are, Miriam! If my rut gets any deeper I might not be able to scramble back out. It’s so easy to drift, isn’t it? I regularly divert myself with little trips (not that you haven’t noticed 🙂 🙂 ) but there’s no focus whatsoever behind it. It’s all maybe with me… I need to commit to a project. We’re off to the Algarve for a more extended period than usual next month and I keep putting my life on hold for that. It’s ridiculous! Thanks for the kick up the bum 🙂

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    1. Don’t be too hard on yourself Jo. There’s nothing wrong with little trips (hey, we’re already looking ahead to our next one in October). But I do know what you mean. It IS easy to drift and a lot harder to find that real long lasting focus. I guess that’s what I’m hoping meditation might bring me. Here’s to both of us finding a bit more direction. Enjoy the Algarve in the meantime. Hugs to you 🙂

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  4. Goodluck on the “revival”Miriam!
    You are Springing there and its almost Fall over here in Germany.
    Spring always signals growth and renewal so a positive thought can spark a great leap.
    Excited for you on this happy season!

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  5. Oohh my garden has been partly washed away by a flash flood in our place last month and i am starting to grow them again.
    .you inspired me to cultivate further..

    And ohhh wow you met Di again..i am thrilled…

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  6. I love this post Miriam and can feel how you turned to growing and creating.
    I often find that a big journey where you have been immersed and experienced deeply will leave you in limbo for a while.
    So continue to tend that garden and watch your plants grow whilst you take “small steps”.
    You inspired me to do some more planting as well

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    1. Thanks Miriam and I think you hit the nail on the head, small steps. I think that’s the key to making change. I’m looking forward to doing that and watching new things unfold. Happy September to you.


  7. I am so glad you are digging and planting Miriam. You will have a wonderful harvest. It was so nice to see you meeting up wth Di and Hayley. I was so blessed to win a prize from Wendy of her Brilliance Within stationery. I cant wait to use it. 🌼🌼🌼

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  8. Wendy sounds very wise! I think I will check out her blog and see if I can learn a few tricks too! Thanks for sharing Miriam! Good luck with your garden, I just spent 3 and half hours dealing with mine today 🙂

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  9. I can totally connect with your post, Miriam. I often feel the same way after a big trip! What next? Although, our last two trips took quite a toll on me. It was super stressful and I’m looking forward to the calm. I absolutely enjoyed your road trip (and much needed holiday) across Australia. My home garden, in our studio apartment, has survived 2 trips! We did lose 5 plants. I’m glad it’s spring there. We’re inching towards fall. 🙂 Winter is coming…

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    1. Hey Cheryl, why aren’t I surprised that you can relate, we’re so often on the same wavelength. Sorry to hear that you’ve been so stressed, sounds like you beed another holiday to get over them. Just kidding of course. Seriously though, take care and hope things have settled down a bit for you. x 🙂

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  10. Good on you Miriam. I need to start paying my veggie patch a bit of attention too, but this cold seems to be putting me off!!
    How lovely to meet up with Di and Haley. I have not met her yet, so I am going to check out her blog now. Enjoy the rest of the week. X

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    1. Yeah I have to admit, Lorelle, that the cold’s not exactly inspiring me to go out. Can’t wait for it to warm up a bit.
      Hayley, like Di, is gorgeous. And she has a beautiful blog. Have a great rest of the week. xo

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  11. Hello dear Miriam,
    Such a lovely surprise to see your thoughts included here about our wonderful catch up with Hayley. You have tied in so beautifully the theme of new growth including friendship, and cultivating positive things through clearing away that which doesn’t serve us any longer. The analogy of clearing weeds to make room…very profound.
    Thank you again for another thoughtful and lovely piece of the world through your gentle eyes…
    Hugs from Di💕💐

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    1. Ah Di, you know how much I appreciate your kind words. It was such a lovely day we shared and, being in that gorgeous garden setting, it seemed very fitting to include the photo of us 🌺 Thank you for your beautiful comment. Big hugs back xo 💕

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      1. Yes, I’m making progress of getting my gardening done. Replanted some flowers, trimmed overgrown date psalms, dug up dead plants. A few of my new flowers died before the roots are established… so have to wait for the heat is over. *•♥•*


  12. Terrific post, Miriam! We do need to move towards our dreams, even when they seem small and even when we aren’t entirely sure what they are. All too often, I find myself stuck in limbo. Posts like yours help me remember to always, always move forward. I may not know exactly where I’m going, but I do believe that when I get there, it will be somewhere good! And I am sure the same thing will happen with you…

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      1. Oh Dear, that’s very frustrating… grrr grumble grumble … In short, I thanked you for another thought provoking post which provides a gentle (and timely) reminder for us all to tend to our gardens ❤ We can all benefit from discarding those tangled weeds to cultivate space for new flowers to bloom… I also mentioned what a wonderful photo of the three of us! Such a beautiful day to treasure always ❤ Much love to you my friend xx

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        1. It really was a very special day wasn’t it Hayley. So nice to get to know you better. 💕 Thank you for your beautiful and wise words here. Wishing you a happy end to the week. Big hugs and love back to you my lovely friend. ❤️

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  13. As you head into your Spring and planting time we are into Autumn And well done Miriam, You have put in a lot of work clearing weeds and getting things ship shape.. Loved your photo of your blogging friends and Happy Gardening and choosing lots of lovely plants to fill that space..
    Hugs Sue xx

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  14. Awww – thanks so much Miriam. I feel so bad now for not catching up on your blog earlier this week.. I know you’ll understand though. What a wonderful post to be associated with Miri and how fabulous that you had a great meet up too. Sounds like there’s lots of ‘growth’ around one way or another!! Thanks again and the link is VERY much appreciated xx

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    1. Hi Wendy, there’s absolutely no need to feel bad. Of course I understand and, if anything, you should feel good because you were my nudge and inspiration that’s helping me move forward. Today is Day 7 of the challenge for me and whilst it’s early days, so far I’m feeling good and really enjoying the motivation. Big hugs my friend and have a wonderful weekend. xo

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      1. Aww – thank you!! Well done you – and doesn’t 83 days sound so much better than 90! For the first time in a long time I’ve actually been enjoying my daily exercise and I’m also feeling better for doing it too! Big hugs to you and hope you’re enjoying a brilliant weekend too xx

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        1. Thanks Wendy, I’m having a lovely weekend so far and right now I’m writing to you on a lazy Sunday morning in bed with a cup of tea! And you’re right, 83 days does sound much better, though I hadn’t even thought about that to be honest.
          Good on you for embracing your exercises, yay, must say that I too am enjoying even just the feeling and prospect of meditating, if that makes sense. Go us!!!! Hugs xo

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        2. Yay go us!! and I’m also sat in bed with a cup of tea Miri – synchronicity and I’m holding my cup up to you for rising to this 90 day challenge! Enjoy your day and I’ll be snoring shortly… haha xx

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        3. Ah, good morning sleepy head, these time zones keep me on my toes … you must be almost awake again now as I settle into a lovely afternoon here. The sun is shining, I!m sitting outside on my decking and I’ve just finished planting some cuttings of native flowers. Hope you slept well and you wake to a beautiful Sunday. Ciao for now. xo

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        4. This sleepy head overslept and is now sat with another cup of tea in bed looking out on a gloomy day and looking forward to all the family turning up later for Sunday Roast.. I really should get up and start to tidy up….. or maybe a few mins more ahhhh zzzz… Sound like you’ve had a lovely peaceful day.. Enjoy the rest of your evening if your not already tucked up! xx

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        5. No, not tucked up yet. In fact I’m in the car coming home from a lovely family dinner celebration. Doug’s twin nieces turned 21,. It’s been a lovely day but I must admit I’m almost ready for bed now. Enjoy your Sunday. xo


  15. Miriam, it’s hard to know when to wait and when to take action!😀 After a long trip the garden decides to take matters into its own hands and grow as it wants! Now it the time for you to take charge and you’re doing brilliantly by the looks of it…it’s always heartening and soulful to work the ground, prepare and plant for the new season. Find peace and your new road ahead whilst working! Oh, I see Lamby is till around!! So happy for you meeting your blogger friends – you all look lovely and so close and contented! ❤️

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    1. Thanks Annika, always love hearing from you and you’re right, the overgrown garden often has a mind of its own. Today I was out there again, planting new seedlings and feeling like there so much potential. Lamby was here but is gone again, better that way. Hope you’re well. Have a living weekend. x

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        1. Sounds good, ivy has a way of taking over everything doesn’t it? Hope you had a satisfying day in the garden. I’ll be heading outside again myself later on. Here’s to clearing space and healthy gardens.

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  16. Ok so first let me start with, there were 111 likes prior to me being 112!! Goosebumps! Boy I guess you sure did get the bug and dig in…there’s nothing like working with nature, feeling the soil, planting the seeds and plants…it’s a wonderfully therapeutic process. Yes we all accumulate weeds over time and it’s always good to stop and de-weed ourselves. Wendy is brilliant, isn’t she? She’s so inspirational, I don’t spend nearly enough time over at her blog. I had the biggest smile on my face when I saw the picture of you with Hayley…I remember when I told each of you about the other and thought that maybe some day you could meet…and you did! That’s amazing….what a small world afterall. One day it will be me meeting up with you and Hayley…perhaps it will be when we go on tour…hehe! No dream is too small, ever! I downloaded a meditation app a month back called Calm, I love it!! I ended up subscribing to it…but it’s not very expensive at all. Or there are many many meditations on YouTube also. Yes if we give attention to that which we want, nourish and cultivate it and most importantly trust the process we will realize it! As usual such an inspirational post! Big Hugs xo 🙂

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    1. Ooh, goosebumps indeed. Seems to happen fairly often with us doesn’t it? Yes, I agree, Wendy is inspirational and has been such a catalyst of change for me, but then so have you. Yes, I remember when you introduced me to Hayley and straight away I felt she was someone I’d one day love to meet. And we did, just as we will one day too Deb, yep, on tour, love it!
      Love the sound of all those meditations and Calm sounds worth checking out. You’re right, there are so many out there. Thank you my lovely friend for your words here. It’s a cold dull Spring day but, as I’ve been feeling lately, the sunshine is all inside me. Big hugs to you xo

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      1. It happens almost all the time!! I love it. That means there’s a definite vibrational connection, but then we already knew that. Definitely check out Calm, there are some parts of it that are free and then if you want to experience all it has to offer you can subscribe. Well maybe it’s cold and dull but it is Spring…that’s the good news as well as you being filled with sunshine, that’s even better news. I’m glad to be of inspiration any way I can…and your posts do the same for me…they make me stop and ponder the points you make and think yeah she’s right. I have to go create my post for tomorrow, it’s getting late and I have to get to bed soon!! Talk real soon my dear friend…big sunshiny hugs xo 🙂

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        1. Oh yes, there’s a definite vibrational connection, I’ve no doubt. I will check out Calm, it sounds like just the thing to listen to, particularly just before bed when my head is often full of ideas and I need to wind down. I really need to get away from the screen earlier than I do.
          Sleep tight and sweet dreams Deb. Big dreamy calm hugs to you xo

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        2. I know what you mean, I feel like I don’t have any time to relax when I get home from work. I make supper, eat, cleanup, answer my comments, maybe talk to my parents, create my post for tomorrow and bam it’s time for bed. Oh well I’m not complaining…am I? Oh yes do check out Calm there are also sleep meditations on YouTube too. Thanks Miri and you have a sweet day!! Big dreamy calm hugs to you..oh btw you were my inspiration for tomorrow’s post. 💗 xo

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  17. Miriam, your posts always inspire me. I’m sure the warm weather (which arrived today) is going to continue and your veggies are going to be wonderful. Nothing like a bit of gardening to get you feeling calm, and such an accomplishment when you have cleared a small space. I do look forward to seeing your veggies growing with abundance. X

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