Sea Shells, Love and Letting Go 

If you love a flower don’t pick it up. Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love. So if you love a flower let it be. Love is not about possession. It’s about appreciation.  Oslo

I love flowers as much as the next girl but I have to admit, nothing is more natural than a flower in the wild.

I found this banksia near our camp site at Ilaroo in the Yuraygir National Park. The wind had blown it lose and set it free.

It was a tangible reminder of my dear late mum who loved them and I couldn’t resist picking it up  and placing it on the table.

There it became our “natural centrepiece”, pretty but probably not necessary.

I’ve always loved decorating my home with beautiful things but these days it’s not as important.

‘Things’ are just that.

Maybe that’s why I love camping so much. It’s minimalistic.

When I return home I’m always struck by how much stuff we have. And how little we actually need to live on.

Do we really need half of what we accumulate in our lifetime?

Like these sea shells I found on a rocky Queensland beach, all washed up by Mother Nature. 

I used to love collecting them.

I’d put them in a jar, bring them home, display them for awhile, then eventually the shells would gather dust and be relegated to a back corner, adding to my clutter.

But not anymore. These amazing creations of the sea belong on the ocean floor, not in my home. 

Everything has its place.

Yes, reminders are nice, but the best souvenirs, at least for me, are the photos I take and the words I journal every day.

These are the reminders that leave tracks of time and place in my mind.

In due course I’ll turn these words into articles, that will eventually, hopefully appear in Australian travel magazines.

Today I’m letting go of what has built up at home … papers, clothes, household items I rarely use. 

But more importantly, I’m letting go of old thinking habits and negative patterns that no longer serve me … my focus has shifted. 


I’m on a purge and it feels right.

It might take a while but I’m finding out what I love and what I need in my life to make me happy. 

This is my new mantra. “Let go, let go, let go. “


Sometimes we can hold on so tight to something in our mind that we lose sight of everything else. We become consumed with an illusion.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. 

We always have a choice. And we shouldn’t be scared to let go of the old to embrace the new. That’s what I intend to do.

It will take time, and I know it’s a long road ahead of me, but I also know that, with faith and focus, everything will become clear again. 

Let go of whatever doesn’t serve you and watch your world change, for the better. 

As a dear friend said to me the other day, “You will only get better and better and better.”

letting go3

Do everything with a mind that lets go … If you let go a little you will have a little peace; if you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace; if you let go completely you will have complete peace.”
Ajahn Chah

“Let it go or let it be … just as the flowers grow wild and the sea shells fade out to sea, so will our negative thoughts. ”  Me

Here’s to finding peace, a mindful heart and looking forward in the journey.

137 thoughts on “Sea Shells, Love and Letting Go 

  1. Dear Miriam, your post is absolutely beautiful. Coupled with the evocative and stunning photos I cannot but drink in the truth of every word.
    I just had a friend over for some refreshments and we sat in the sun talking quietly. Looking out with love on all that nature displayed. Thinking like you; how little we need.

    I will join you in the purging slowly and gently as I get back in two days.

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  2. Lovely Miriam 😊I absolutely get this! My big clean up and purging is still going on since our holiday and simple life, but I must confess I still pick up shells and beach glass. I’m still trying to see my big picture but I have certainly found things I want to delete from my life! Here’s to working out what really matters 👏.

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    1. Well, I have to confess Glenys, that the shells were still a temptation to me too. 😏 Mostly though, I can do without … and yes, I couldn’t agree more, here’s to working out what really matters. xo

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  3. This is a really lovely post Miriam. I can empathise with the way you write, what you write and how you view life. Experiences and self-expression are what count in this fragile life which we are so lucky to have. Our mind and heart often want to grasp but by letting go we gain so much. Keep writing kindred spirit 🙂

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      1. I am still feeling it and have a deeper view than I have ever experienced. I didn’t buy-but have accepted stuff others didn’t want-now I will pass things along very quickly and not end up storing them. My house is not a closet. Best wishes my dear.

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  4. Sometimes we can hold on so tight to something in our mind that we lose sight of everything else……….my favorite of all other things i’ve read from you…

    And the wild flowers and shells are really beautiful..i have a small flower garden..unlike others, i do.not cut down the flowers in a vase…i love to see them bloosom and die on its natural state than seeing it withered in a flower vase…

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    1. Aw Mich, you and I sound so alike. Yes, that’s exactly how I feel too. Enjoy your garden.
      As for that line I wrote about holding on tight, it was straight from the heart. Take care my friend. x

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  5. This is such a lovely post! It really is freeing to let things go.

    The one thing that I find really hard to let go of is photos. I think of them as a window into my memories. When I look at old piccies, they remind me of the smells, feeling and giggles of the day I took them.

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    1. Oh, I totally agree with you. I’ve still got countless photo albums from when the kids were growing up (and even before) and now even more digital photos on my computer!
      What I’d love to do one day is create some hard cover books with my favorite photos. Yes, maybe more clutter but these sorts of memories are priceless. Thanks for your great comment.

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      1. YES!

        I love doing that! You can fit sooo many more photos into a book than you can in an old-school-style photo album!!

        I used to use iphoto to make them and the quality was excellent. I haven`t worked out what alternative program to use now I swapped to a non-mac.

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        1. Hmm, yeah, I’m trying to work out the best way to go about it. Of course there’s always the easier option with Snapfish who can tailor make them for you. Maybe I’ll look into that. 🙂

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  6. This whole post has a beautiful feel to it Miriam.. Yes letting go, feels right, just now.. Maybe the Luna eclipses are having that effect.. But we spend a life time accumulating ‘stuff’… Things that we only hold onto temporary.. For when we pass from this life, we take none of our possessions with us, only the memories of our hearts..
    I have been clearing out draws again this week.. I have yet to work upon my hubby who has had several attempts of clearing the garage.. LOL, But when we let go and clear out, we are also helping clear our thoughts.. Its liberating and cleansing..
    Also others benefit too.. As I fill charity bags, and donate to worthy causes..
    Wonderful post.. So pleased I caught it this evening in the reader.. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank you Sue for sharing your thoughts and what’s in your life at the moment. It’s so true that when we clear out clutter we clear our thoughts. I always feel like the energy is lighter around me and I can breath easier.
      Oh, and I know all about reluctant hubbies and garages, but slowly slowly. 🙂 All takes time but it’s so worth it to get that positive energy flowing again. I wish you peace and a happy rest of the week. 🙂💕

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  7. That sounds a wise philosophy, Miriam. In a way I’m letting go just a little tonight. 🙂 🙂 We’ve just got back from a lovely couple of days away. Normally I pitch straight in to WP, trying to visit everyone Immediately, if not sooner! Tonight it’s me, a glass of red, and some tennis on the telly. The other half has earned his freedom tonight and I’m being selective at home.

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    1. Good for you Jo. Must admit I used to be the same. I’d come home from being away and couldn’t wait to launch straight back into WP. But lately I’m trying to get that balance back which means sometimes choosing to put other things first. Enjoy that red and chilling out. 🍷

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  8. You go girlfriend!!! Yes let go of what does not serve you…let go at the speed that is comforting to you. Some days you may let go a lot other days a little, it matters not. What matters is how you feel. Purge those negative, unnecessary thoughts, those old out-dated beliefs, those disillusioned ideas. Often we see something in our minds that is totally different than reality, I know, I’ve done it myself. When I finally faced reality it was quite surprising at how much better I felt when I realized that what I had believed in my mind for soooo long was not actually how it was and I was so ok with how it was. I didn’t think I would be but I was, life is funny like that. We live in one world in our heads and another outside of our heads. It doesn’t matter where you live if it brings you joy, that’s what matters. I love all the quotes you put down, especially yours!! See your tomorrow today!
    Oh and by the way….you will most definitely be writing articles for many Australian travel magazines…they’d be wonderstruck at any article you wrote for them! Big hugs my sweet friend xo

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    1. Hey my lovely friend, in between playing with your song (again) I find your wonderfully comforting message. We are soo on the same wavelength. Thank you so much for being such a good friend and for your infinite wisdom. You’re quite right, inside our heads we often live quite a different world to the real one outside. We’re so good at overanalysing everything that we sometimes forget to check in with what’s real. I’m so glad I have friends like you around to help keep me in check. 🙂
      Thank you again. Now I’m off to have another go at that sassy song of yours. Have emailed you by the way. Big warm hugs back and we’ll talk real soon. xo 🙂💕

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      1. I too am so glad to have you as my friend, I love your honesty and straight-forwardness and you have such a gentle, caring heart xo
        I just finished hearing the song…you are truly amazing!!! Listen don’t go by me for keynotes…HA! I think the reason I sing so low is due to my age…my voice seems to get deeper the older I get…I’ll sound like a guy by the time I’m 70…hehe…
        Anyway it is a fantastic start and you can do the la la’s and ooo ooo’s however it fits best for you. I thought of another word today too…I’m feeling whimsy today…I like that one too…I’ll add to it we can tack it on…and again feel free to change it up or add some more just guitar playing into it without words, I like it when you do that!
        Gee I hope your cold gets better soon!!
        Have fun with the song…send my as many versions as you feel like doing…I absolutely love hearing you sing…it brought tears to my eyes!! Big frisky, sassy, perky, whimsy hugs xo and talk real soon!! 🙂

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        1. Aw Deb, you’re way too kind! Honestly. I’m having the best time with this song. Have sent you through a couple more versions, though not with ‘whimsy’ in it as I’ve just now got this comment. The cold’s hit me pretty hard this afternoon so I think it may be an early night.
          Thanks again for your gorgeous words and look forward to chatting again soon. Big musical hugs from afar xo 🙂

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        2. No not kind, it’s the truth!! Yeah I like the word whimsy so I’ll see what I come up with to go with it. Boy I hope you are feeling better today and that your cold doesn’t have you feeling bleh. You are kind!! I love every version and have more thoughts about it. We can discuss. Big frisky hugs!! xo 🙂

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        3. No fun today Debs, I’m feeling bleh, bleh, bleh. Haha. Which means no singing and guitar for me either unfortunately, but hopefully very soon. Yeah, we’ll discuss, definitely, in fact I just sent you an email. Big hugs xo

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        4. Oh I was afraid of that…usually it progresses a bit before it subsides. Well drink plenty of fluids, take some aspirin, and get plenty of rest. The song can wait. I’ll go check it, thanks!! Big Healthy Hugs xo

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  9. I can relate to this so much! I used to want to collect momentos of my trips, but now I just take photos. Those evoke the memories, and that’s all I really need. I also love how you are purging, not just material things, but also old ways of thinking and doing things that no longer serve you well. You are so right, we don’t need to be afraid of change, and we can’t go through life clinging to the old ways. Thanks for this….I needed to be reminded of this right now, as I sometimes hang on to the past just a little too tightly. And I would much rather walk boldly toward the future.

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    1. Oh Ann, you and I sound so alike. What a shame we’re not closer so we could sit down and share a long chat over a nice hot cuppa. Well anyway, I’m glad you could relate to this and that I’m not the only one that doesn’t collect momentos. Here’s to walking boldly into the future. Great words. I love that.

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  10. I, too, am not collecting things and leave them where they belong. I have lots of flowers in my garden. They live longer and maintain their beauty and strength longer than to be cut flowers inside of my home. I appreciate your sharing of our journey and all the insights!

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  11. I just finished reading some essays on letting go and now, here is your very beautiful post on the same subject – every word you’ve written is an echo of where I am right now on this wonderful journey called life…thank you for this very lovely reminder.

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  12. Wow – what a wonderful post to read Miri. For so many reasons.. I’m also going to show this to my sister who has a problem ‘letting go’ of the clutter – I’m hoping this may inspire her a little (or a lot!!) too. I’m so glad you’re seeing some chinks of light!! xx

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    1. Thanks so much Wendy and I hope this helps your sister, even if it’s just a little bit. Letting go is not always easy and can take some time but I’m learning it’s the only way forward. Hugs to you my dear friend. xo


  13. Hello Miriam,
    Such a beautiful post and such truth.
    The thing is, part of me wanting to move is to escape the clutter. I’m in the process of clearing out now and choosing what to take. People are quite surprised when I say ‘barely anything’.
    Clutter has been on my mind too! How strange. Your post has cemented my decision even more.
    Thank you for gentle reminders and gorgeous images (I love the bubble one best of all though..)
    Warmest wishes from Di 💕💐💕

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    1. I’ve been wondering how preparations for your move are going Di. It’d be an interesting exercise deciding on what to take and I’m not surprised to hear you say ‘barely nothing’. Sometimes starting with the bare minimum is the best way to begin a new adventure and stage in life. All the best my friend. Big hugs from me 💕

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      1. Thank you Miriam. They are in full swing. More de-cluttering today….🙂
        Yes, so true. And then just buying things we really have a need for.
        Thank you for your lovely hugs… received gratefully.
        See you soon 💕✨💕

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    2. Di and Miriam, I so appreciate this!

      When I moved from LA to NY, I let go of so much stuff. Then when I moved back to LA, I let go of even more.
      It put a lot of things in perspective for me. What is really important? What do I give my attention to? And most of all, what can I do to focus on LOVE.

      Anyway, I love the both of you. Di, good luck on your move. Miriam, I love this post.
      Debbie xo

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      1. I always love it when you drop by Debbie. You’re so right, at the end of the day, what’s really important, what really maters is not the material things but love. Thank you for your kind words, such exciting times for Di ahead and for you too my friend. I wish you well. Hugs and love from down under. 💕

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  14. This is beautiful Miriam, I resonate deeply with your post. Such a wonderful feeling when we let go. I love the quotes, especially yours. Spring is almost upon us! The perfect time to replace the old with the new 🙏🏻🌺 here’s to new beginnings 💗 xx

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    1. Oh, I can’t wait for Spring Hayley. It’s so nice to see all the wattle out and the blossoms starting to bloom. Absolutely, I agree, here’s to new beginnings my friend. Thank you. 💕 xo

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  15. Miriam, this is a beautifully powerful inspirational post wiwith magical photos! 😀 I can hear the peace that resides within you and your writing touches me deeply. After five weeks away with very little with me, I come home to so much…but all the time so contented what I had when away. Also life threatens to turn into a spin again, so a quick break to read your post settled my mind and emotions again…finding equilibrium from your shared words and experiences. Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Ps. I love the table laid so prettily, the wine looks chilled to perfection and the banksia is just right and meant to be. ❤️

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    1. Hi Annika, five weeks away with very little sounds very similar to our six weeks in the outback. It’s a wonderful feeling, stepping away from al the clutter and the busyness of life isn’t it? Thank you for your kind words here and I wish you well as you settle back into the whirlwind of everyday life. 💜

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  16. Beautifully said and illustrated. My husband and I moved last year from a larger home and it felt SO wonderful to purge so many things we’d accumulated. Now my promise to myself is to keep it simple and not accumulate more clutter! good for you for both the physical and mental downsizing!

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    1. Thanks Tina and good for you too. I imagine it would have felt wonderful to purge. My husband and I often talk about downsizing when both our kids move out. I must say the thought really appeals.


  17. Hi Miiram,
    I already commented on Di’s comment, and I wanted to add a little more. 🙂

    Just wanted to say I think it’s a great idea to get your blogs into articles for Australian travel magazines. You have a gift of writing, of connecting, and of a genuine caring that can bless the world. (It already blesses us here at our wordpress community!)

    Anyway, that was it. 🙂

    It is lovely to reconnect with you. Funny, because I’d just been thinking about you. You have a special place in my heart, Miriam. Blessings, Debbie xo

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    1. Thanks for your support and kind words Debbie, it always means a lot to me. Yes, hopefully my articles will find their way into print (have to write them first!!). There’s a lot of competition out there and so many travel writers, but all I can do is try hey?
      Lovely to reconnect with you too. Big hugs and warm wishes for a wonderful week ahead my friend. xo 🙂

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  18. Ah, letting go, my life’s mission. Reformed perfectionist, constantly life presents me with opportunities to let go.. “When I stop struggling I float. That is the law” A great post! Thank you!

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  19. I love this. I used to have tons of sea shells that I picked up and that were given to me. I still have one jar sitting above my tub while the rest were given to artists to make stuff out of. Now, I make sure than any “memory tokens” as I call them can fit into a small shoe box I have. There are a few letters, about 100 tickets I’ve collected since I was young (entry into festivals, movies, and other memory making places), a broken gold dipped rose, a broken key chain, and similar items. I have a flash drive of all the photos I love in there as well. I hope to keep that box with me as I (in a long time) grow old and begin to forget.

    Once MadMan and I realized that more stuff just meant more to clean and more clothes meant more time stressing we tossed half of the house. Now life is so much easier. I have about 40 articles of clothing and I love each one. We have very few decorations and keep our window shades open instead. A mad life made simple is how we look at life.

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