Whatever the Weather 

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods?  Such a typical conversation starter, isn’t it? 

Secondary maybe to “how are you?”. Though I’ve often thought when people are in a rush, they don’t really want to know how we are. Not really, unlike the weather.

The weather is easy, factual.

It is what it is.

Stormy, calm, sunny, wet, hot, cold, frosty, hazy … sometimes it’s a mix of everything.

Just like us.

Why the fascination with the weather anyway?

We can’t control it, yet we still try and predict it, adapting ourselves to its extremes.

I can’t think of a better way to adapt to winter than throwing a snowball at my daughter!
As much as we often complain, sometimes the best thing to do is throw caution to the wind, say “what the heck” and make the best of it.

Open your arms to the breeze, play in the snow, savour the sunshine, give thanks for the rain … it might sound corny but why let the weather dictate how we feel.

Nature constantly changes but we always have a choice as to how we react.

The fickle changeable sky from my decking this afternoon
Australia is renowned for its extremes in weather. In outback central Australia in summer the temperatures can hit 50C.

In winter it gets below zero, which is probably mild compared to some places.

This morning I stepped out into a wet and cold Friday.

But, true to Melbourne’s “four seasons in one day” label by this afternoon the sun was shining.

I sat outside on my decking and looked out over the back paddock where a family of kangaroos seems to have taken up residence. 

Yesterday, one came up just beyond our gate. He was obviously enjoying the sunshine after a frosty morning.

Seemingly content yet curious he watched me for ages, before bounding off with his mates.

Roos are so unpredictable, just like our weather. 

In two weeks we head off for our Northern Territory adventure. I’ve been checking the weather up there and it’s dropping below zero at night but the days are mild and sunny.

I’m already wondering what to pack. We’ll have to be prepared for anything.

I snapped this intricate cobweb on my decking the other day, as the dappled sunshine made it sparkle like diamonds.  It was beautiful and it reminded me how tenuous life is and how we need to make the most of it.

Whatever the weather is in your hundred acre neck of the woods I wish you peaceful conditions. 

Today’s forecast is looking good … bright and breezy with a high chance of contentment. 

Next time someone asks you about the weather maybe you can simply reply with …

snoopy weather

May the moon restore you, the sunshine revive you and the rain wash away all your worries.

In response to Frank’s Tuesday Challenge: Weather

136 thoughts on “Whatever the Weather 

  1. absolutely delightful weather post with stunning photos Miriam …. Mum has roos and bunnies grassing on her block 🙂
    Frankly I love the outback extremes, expect nights of minus 5-10 where you are headed but days should be sunny. And if you get rain on the rock you are truly blessed it is magnificent … can’t wait to precariously join in your travels 🙂

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    1. Thanks Kate. I must admit I do love our rural outlook even though we’re technically still in suburbia .
      As for our Outback trip, I’m soooo looking forward to it. I remember the impression Mungo made on me years ago so I’m really excited about this, cold weather and all. And yes, I’ll be sharing as much as I can. 🙂

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  2. Four seasons in one day?! Whoa. Gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘layers’ when it comes to clothing. I’m sure your trip is going to be a fun one. Have a safe trip ❤️❤️ Looking forward to reading about it too 😉

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  3. Your post is great Miriam as are the photos. Glad to hear and see how life is “down under” 😊 .
    I really laughed when I read your take on “how is the weather” and “how are you”.
    I absolutely agree, the first is factual and the easy conversation topic. How are you……I think it is just a courtesy unless it comes from people nearer to you.

    All the best
    Miriam from the now sunny north

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    1. Thanks Miriam, glad you could relate, and I agree, mostly the question is just a courtesy, at least from passerbys.
      Have a lovely weekend 🙂


  4. Nature constantly changes but we always have a choice as to how we react.

    I love that one Miriam..this is i guess the answer to our current state of emotions having to loss a dearly beloved Zoe at only 13..

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  5. I had no idea it actually got cold in Australia! Do you get snow? It is summery here and I love it! I do like winter too yet ours is so long. Love the kangaroo in your backyard Miriam! What will you be doing on your upcoming holiday? Camping?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes we get snow, lots of it, but not where I live. Further up in the mountains.
      And yes we’re camping, taking our camper van right up the Red Centre of Australia and back along the east coast. Counting down the days.
      Enjoy your Summer Nicole. x

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  6. Great collection of photographs – love the kangaroos! Summer is here, so warm (for us!) temperatures, and tornado warnings to the north and east of the city.
    Thanks for another fine post, and enjoy your weekend!


  7. Miriam I love the quote at the how perfect. I am fond of saying Melbourne has five seasons in a day. I’m not sure what to call it but it diffidently has five! Oh and yes teh clouds were lovely yesterday afternoon and at sunset, Miriam you should not worry too much about your blog while you are away. Unplug as much as you can, it will be good for you. Just take a notebook. All the photos will trigger the memories for the posts. Great post. x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Louise. You’re right, it’ll be a great chance to unplug and disconnect though I also know I’m going to find it hard not to resist the urge to share. A fine balance. 🙂 Have a great weekend. xo


  8. Incredible photographs, Miriam. Truly stunning. It’s June in New England, USA, and until today it’s been cold enough that I want to put the heat on (but I can’t, due to one of our radiators being disconnected while we do a reno). I just returned from several weeks in Prague and it was much warmer and sunnier there, though a bit further North on the globe. Go figure. That’s why we call her Mother Nature, moody and does whatever the heck she wants. Unpredictable.

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  9. Rounded off so beautifully with a Snoopy, Miriam! 🙂 🙂 As always, so much truth in what you say. I’ve been in and out like a weather lady this week, trying to watch the French Open and snatch a few rays when they’ve mysteriously appeared. Bet you’re really looking forward to those hols.

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  10. It would be so much fun to look out my window and see kangaroos!! As for the weather, you are so right. We can’t control it, and rarely can even predict it, so we just need to accept it. And enjoy it when we can. Have a wonderful time on your upcoming trip! I hope to read about it (complete with photos) when you return. And pack for all kinds of weather!

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    1. Oh yeah, I’ll definitely be doing that. My bags will be bulging with coats and winter woollies I think. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend Ann, whatever the weather. 🙂

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  11. Lovely to meet you Miriam here… beautiful blog you have created… love your zest for life… it seems you are experiencing similar extremities as southern Spain… which is quite unsettling for many, but a good excuse to get to know yourself and dear ones better. Much love barbara x

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  12. Wonderful post again Miraim. We’ve been enjoying an unseasonably cool spring here in Romania. Gotta say I love it. Weather absolutely has a big impact on my mood (despite your encouraging words to resist), so I’m LOVING the reprieve from the heat wave that typically assaults us this time of year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I have to admit Gabe that, despite my words to the contrary, the weather does impact my moods. Who can resist sunshine after all, when its been grey for days or a cool change after rain. Have a good day whatever the weather brings and enjoy that reprieve x 🙂


  13. I wholeheartedly agree!! We have the four seasons in one day weather too and our winter days can sometimes reach 40 below 0. It has taught me so much, I feel immense gratitude for those lessons. Truly loved this post, Miriam! Thank you for sharing~ Your posts brighten up my day! x

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  14. AW, what a cute post. Bring clothes you can layer. That’s my advice. Loved your pictures and all you wrote. It’s easy to talk about the weather … simple and fast. Now we on the other hand …. mankind … c complicated. 🤓 Enjoy your trip, Miriam. Lucky you!! 💖🌸🌹💖

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  15. I loved this post, Miriam! I keep checking weather updates before I head out. Sometimes a bright day might turn gloomy and that’s just the day I forget to carry an umbrella. lol. We’re having varied weather these days. Sun and rain and cool winds. As long as there’s light till 7 pm, I’m not complaining! How have you been? How many days for the trip?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Light till 7pn! That sounds blissful. Here now it’s dark at 5pm which really cuts our days short. Today it rained but I still managed to get out for a long walk with my sister which was nice. Hope you’re well Cheryl. 13 days till our trip! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re expecting some rain today. I’m doing good. Been a little busy with a Korean handicraft class I’m taking. 🙂 It leaves me little time to blog. Your trip isn’t very far away. 🙂 We have a short trip planned, in July, but things are going so slow and I’m hoping it works out. 😦 Fingers crossed.

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  16. Hello dear Miriam…
    What a beautiful analogy… your captures portray so much that is changeable within ourselves as well as the weather.
    I wish you many peaceful days on your awesome adventure, but I now know that you will find sunshine even in the wettest of conditions….
    Thank you for the hugs at the end of another of your beautiful posts…
    sending some your way too 🌈💕💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Di, that’s such a beautiful comment. Funny because I actually went out for a long walk with my sister this afternoon, through the cold and rain, and it was indeed wonderful. I hope you’ve had a happy relaxing weekend in Daylesford my friend. Enjoy your evening. Big hugs 💕💖

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are very welcome my friend. And what timing then! It’s an honour to perhaps understand your heart and thoughts…
        Yes thank you, it was lovely. Such a special place.
        Enjoy your evening too and thank you for your kind hugs 🙋🏻💜💜

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  17. Love this, Miriam! I love what you shared about how the weather is like us….. I was thinking that too, and that we can love it all. What you shared about having a choice to respond …. about throwing caution to the wind … and about contentment …. that really touched me this morning. (I’m reading this first thing in the am and it’s a great start to my day).

    You brighten my day. Thank you so much, Miriam. Love you.
    Blessings, Debbie xoxo

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    1. Thanks so much Debbie. Glad to hear that you enjoyed this and I hope that since you’ve written this comment, while I’ve been sleeping, you’ve had a great day. Hugs to you. You brighten my day too.🙂 xo

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  18. As always Miriam, you capture the essence of what it is to be in the world. To accept whatever comes our way and to make the most of it. You were blessed with a visit from a kangaroo, who spent time with you, just because he could. That would have made my day. No sunshine for us in Melbourne today, but I just love this place anyway. Have a wonderful trip.

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  19. A photo may be worth a thousand words but for a photo plus a few words is a story. And I love stories. Thanks for sharing the stories behind the photos.

    > it might sound corny but why let the weather dictate how we feel.

    For me, lack of sunshine, especially during the winter months, causes physiological changes that affect hormones that affect mood. It’s the number one reason I hate the dull dead grey cold of winter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally get that Khurt, in fact I often feel the same way. Despite my words I wouldn’t be human if continual grey skies didn’t dampen my mood. Thanks for your great comment.

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  20. What a great perspective on the weather! I had one very soggy day in Scotland that I didn’t let dampen my spirits…or my slow down my exploration 🙂 I hope that your preparation for your adventure is going smoothly. -xo Amy

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  21. Your writing is so beautiful, inspiring and positive. It’s no wonder you got recognized at the blogger bash. Many congratulations Miriam. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts. 🙂 Much love.
    PS: Found you through Instagram. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Harinie, thank you so much for your very kind words and for taking the time to check me out through Insta. Lovely to connect.. Hugs and warmest wishes to you 💖


  22. The British are known for their weather speak, I love the diversity the unpredictability, except when knowing wht to pack. My cup is set at a permanent half full so my response is often of gratitude. Fab post and great roo shots. Before I go ‘A hundered acres! We’d be lucky to have a hundred feet in most places. Happy blogging Miriam 😇

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Ellen, yes, knowing what to pack is always a dilemma here. Love the fact that your cup’s permanently half full. I can relate to that. Thanks so much and lovely to connect. 🙂

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