Music in the Air

I’ve done this walk with Harry many times before. Yet this morning there seemed to be something special in the air.

Around the misty wetlands the birds were especially loud. Black and white cockatoos, galahs, magpies, lorikeets, they all seemed to be singing in unison.

It sounded like a chorus, a concert of nature with all the wild birds playing their own part.

I felt surrounded and immersed, it was eerie and strangely moving.

As I walked I remembered the dream I had last night. It was a strange, electrifying dream that’s had me thinking.

Everything seems to be shifting in my world, and sometimes I feel a bit off kilter but I think I’m heading in the right direction.

As I walked the sky was lighting up and the silver lining and golden tinge hinted of a day of possibilities, despite the cold air.

I had a sudden urge to get back to my car and drive to the Kangaroo Ground Memorial Tower, barely fifteen minutes away.

From there you can see over the valley and the city skyline. I felt a strong pull.

So after my walk, instead of going home that’s where I headed.

On the way there I had the radio on and, changing stations, came across Ariana Grande’s live version of “One last time” she performed at the benefit concert in Manchester.

As I listened to the crowd join in with her singing, my heart felt like it was expanding.

So many people, united in song, music and love, sang out her words. It was spine tingling.

In that moment, alone in my car (except for Harry) I shed some tears, thinking of the reason for the concert, thinking of the innocent lives lost in London. 

Then I wiped them away. And I sang along, loudly, crazy woman that I am, as though I was in that crowd.

I rejoiced in being alive and for my world. It might be simple and ordinary but I give thanks for all of it.

Arriving at the Memorial Tower I walked through the grounds. I’ve been there plenty of times before but never so early in the morning and when the day was so still.

The views were the same, peaceful, sprawling and punctuated with Aboriginal art work and dew on the grass, yet it felt new.

Take a moment and view this special place through other eyes” reads the art work.

It felt like I was seeing it for the first time. Perhaps I was.

The artwork on the viewing platform seemed particularly poignant for my mood.

“Singing, Dancing, Ceremony, Celebration” the art read.

I thought of the benefit concert in Manchester and everyone united in compassion and love.

Dancing, singing and celebrating life.

I even thought of my recent Zumba night at Arthur’s Creek and how uplifted and energised I felt amongst new friends and music.

By the time I left the viewing platform, the sun had well and truly risen. The birds seemed to have flown leaving an unpredictable canvas and new day ahead.

I had such an urge to get home and write this post and I realised, while driving back, what a gift we all have.

In our own small part of the blogosphere and each of us with our own unique voice, we have such power.

We have the power to spread love, to inspire, to make others laugh and cry, and think and ponder, all the time spreading kindness in the world.

As we head into June my wish is for love to triumph over fear, for music to move us over mayhem and a sense of love and friendship to unite us all.

Let’s all continue to do our bit.

In light and love and strength.

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112 thoughts on “Music in the Air

  1. It was a lovely Summer’s night here in the UK last night. I turned the concert on, open all the windows and sang my little heart out. I cried, and sang, and smiled, and just hoped all those lost in recent attacks could hear us celebrating their lives. I’m with you and your wish Miriam x

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  2. I still have a lump in my throat when I think back to the concert, Miriam. It was heart rending yet life affirming. Why does the worst have to happen to bring out the best in us? And I hear what you’re saying, and singing, so beautifully. Thank you for sharing this with me. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    I, too, stand with Manchester.

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  3. absolutely stunning post Miriam πŸ™‚ your photos are eerie but calm and your words so profound … I heartily agree with your expressed sentiments:) It is such a privilege to have this medium to reach so many and spread good will to all πŸ™‚

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  4. Miriam, it’s an inspiring post and the walk surrounded by pigeons and trees reminds me of my college in India where I would walk past the gate at night and feeling the soft breeze. Divine feeling that I miss terribly. Gorgeous pictures. Let all do our bit for humanity to triumph.

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  5. Miriam. What a profound experience you shared with us through those beautiful photo’s and thoughts..
    Each photo caught some magic of what you were feeling in the eerie misty light.. And I watched the concert live from home of the One Love Manchester Concert. and cried nearly through each song as new meaning was given to each lyric..
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your heart and your tears..
    I know we will come together through the Power of LOVE..
    Love and Blessings to you ❀ ❀ ❀

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    1. Hi Sue, I’m still watching the recorded concert here in Melbourne late tonight and it’s very emotional and moving. I can only imagine the energy that must have been present.
      Thank you for your beautiful comment. We WILL come together through love. xo β€οΈπŸ’•

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  6. I couldn’t agree more. Hope, joy, kindness, community (near and far), and love. All of these things, every day if we can. Wishing you a wonderful day today and all the days going forward filled with all of these things. Here’s to spreading kindness, empathy, and love.

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  7. Thank you for writing this post Miriam. There are mixed feelings over here in the UK. The concert in Manchester provided some hope in amongst the anger over events in London at the weekend. We can only keep trying to share the love and show there is only one way to live as human beings.

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  8. Isn’t it wonderful to be able to follow your instincts and go where you are supposed to be? Great post. Arianna Grande has been so classy to her fans after what happened. I’m glad she went through with the concert.

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  9. Miriam, you are a wonderful person. It’s been a very difficult week for so many. Without detracting from the moment, or compounding anger so many feel, I finished reading your poignant words, and remembered that we will endure because we’re together, and because we have so much to unite us.

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  10. How true it is that each and every one of us has the power to bring a unique gift to somebody else’s day, whether it be through sharing laughter, wisdom, or a heartfelt story. Sharing kindness and compassion makes the world go round. 😊

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  11. I share your wish for June! What a beautiful post, Miriam.
    We do all have a voice, and we an join with others to make this world a more compassionate and loving place. The ugliness and hate will always be with us, but I honestly believe that there is more love than hate, more tolerance than fear, and more reasons to celebrate than despair. We all just have to do our part to make it happen, as individuals and as a group. Thanks, Miriam…for being one of those positive voices in my world!

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    1. You’re most welcome Ann. You’re one of the positive voices in my world and that’s all we need to keep focus on isn’t it? As you said, the ugliness will always be there but I share your sentiments completely that there’s more beauty and good out there. Thank you my friend.

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  12. I felt the same way when I watched those videos on YouTube. I sang along, my heart filled with so many emotions and I did shed many tears for all those innocent lives that were lost. And yes, in our own small part of the blogosphere, we have so much power. Let’s hope that we’re using it the best way we can. Take care, Miriam.

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  13. Hello beautiful Miriam,
    What a post to match your heart. You have captured the essence of what we must focus on and not allow our heart to harden from atrocities.
    I can just imagine you singing with a tear in your eye too. So honest, and the monument had some profound messages too. You were meant to visit to be further inspired, I do believe.
    Another stunning look at life through your eyes…
    Hugs, as always from me πŸ’πŸ’•πŸ’•

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    1. Hi Di, already you know me well and I do believe you’re right . I felt so drawn there as though the place would further inspire me, which it did. Thank you for your heartfelt kind words, which I deeply appreciate . It’s been an emotional week. Big hugs to you my friend. Hope you’re having a lovely week. Big hugs back xo πŸ’•

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      1. Hello my dear friend,
        Thank you for your lovely reply. Yes, I like to think these impulses come to us for a reason and it’s good to go with them if we can. I was so delighted to see that you chose to follow your heart there.
        It’s been a very big week… and I hope you feel good today after your dentist visit.
        Hugs and love to you Miriam πŸŒˆπŸ’•πŸ’•

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        1. Thanks Di, feeling much better today, in fact it’s been a very musical day. I hope you’ve enjoyed yours too. Big hugs to you my friend as we head into Thursday. Hugs and love back πŸ’•πŸŒ·

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        2. Hello lovely!
          I’m a bit behind today, but I’m glad to see you had a better and musical day yesterday. That always helps to have a sing along.
          What a stunning weather day today is and I hope you can enjoy a bit of winter sun.
          Love and hugs to you from me πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  14. I get shivers reading this and it’s as if the force of all us here, celebrating life, remembering the loss, across the globe becomes its own energy…beautiful thoughts, Miriam. I feel comfort and strength reading your words. hugs xx

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  15. Yes, we all have that power to bring about a change in our lives and to feel content with what we have. There is enough around to motivating and inspire us to do so.
    Glad you took that path that made you realize!

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  16. OMG! That’s it, that’s all I have to say!!
    Ok I’ll say more…I watched that concert and I was so moved by it too. Many times tearing up as you did and also singing along. What a wonderful gift Ariana created.
    You’re morning was amazing. So fascinating the Universe is, in the way that it speaks to us. I would say yours is shouting at you, not speaking. There’s no way you can’t hear it! I think you’re heading in the right direction too. I love the way the clouds are reflecting off the pond, that in itself is making a statement, self-reflection. Like the sign says, we need to look at our lives through other eyes…and I think you are doing that and that’s why you are feeling the shift. I was shaking my head in again utter amazement with the Universe for the sign that stated Singing Dancing Ceremony Celebration. Actually I’m no longer amazed by what the Universe delivers but rather I expect nothing less and am always grateful. You were pulled for so many reasons of which I believe you know. And as always you have left me with so much inspiration. You are one beautiful soul Miri, I’m so blessed to have you as my friend. Much love and Musical Hugs!! xoxo

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    1. I’m blessed too Deb, in so many ways, and to have you as my friend is amazing. Seriously, you’ve had such a profound effect on me, I hope you know that. In getting to know you, sharing our confidences and our latest collaboration I’m so happy and so grateful. Thank you.
      Yes I think I’m where I’m meant to be too. And you as well, the Universe has a funny way of guiding us doesn’t it? Hope your Wednesday has been a good one. I’ve not had a chance to sit down with Masquerade again but hopefully within the next day I might have another version for us. Stay tuned. Big musical hugs and love to you too dear friend. Talk soon xo

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      1. I love that we have had such a profound effect on each other. We are definitely kindred spirits, that I know for sure. The Universe is always showing us so many paths that we can take, every one the right one, it’s just a matter of our seeing them. No worries on the song I didn’t have any more ideas but I did sing it all day long. You’ll know when the time is right to sit down with it again, there’s no hurry. Let it marinate…I’m off to dreamland now. Have a stupendous Thursday. Much love and warm hugs lovely lady!! xo πŸ’

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        1. You have inspired to write more…your just banging these out one after the other…it’s awesome. I had three different ideas pop into my head this morning, so I recorded them onto my phone so I wouldn’t forget. I hope you slept better last night!! My Thursday night is going well so far. Ate my supper, did the dishes, now I’m catching up on comments. Then I’ll meditate, write down some more song ideas, watch tv, have my ice cream, create my post for tomorrow and then it’s off to bed! My, my what a busy night…as usual. hehe
          Hope your Friday is entertaining and we’ll talk real soon!! Hugs & kisses…xo

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        2. Glad you’ve been inspired Deb. Writing things down is always a good idea, I do it all the time otherwise I’d forget everything. I even keep a notepad by my bed now too. I had such a better sleep last night, thanks, and woke feeling quite motivated. I’ve tackled a big heap of paperwork this morning and thrown so much out, letting it go so to speak, which has been great. And hopefully more music making as the day goes on. It’s wet and cold here so a good day for indoor stuff.
          Enjoy your evening Deb. Sounds lovely and relaxing. Yes talk again real soon. Hugs back xo

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        3. That’s funny I keep my little journal book, one of many, by my bed too! Sometimes if I don’t hurry and write it down right away it’s like, now what was I thinking? So the decluttering is on again…I love clearing stuff out…makes room for new stuff! HA. Brrrr cold and wet, it’s been rather that way most of this week, you would never know it’s June the way it’s been so chilly. Enjoy your decluttering and other indoor activities today Miri. Much love sweet lady…xo

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  17. A beautiful post of the beautiful things in life to appreciate. Even in the saddness of last weekend there is beauty in the benefit concert. I work very close to london bridge and Monday was quite a day.. there was a cold calm of shock in the air.

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