Female and Fabulous

Don’t rub me up the wrong way. I can be feisty and a bit temperamental, but stroke me just right and I’ll purr in your hands.

I’m not overly fussed about pedicures and manicures but I do like the odd pamper. Oh yes, I’m a sucker for a massage.

Must be a female thing.

Give me space to be myself and I’ll be open and chatty. But I like to make up my own mind about things.

Don’t corner me or expect me to be something I’m not.

I am who I am.

I’d prefer you didn’t mention my bad hair days.We all have those right?

Life can get too serious. And we can get too caught up in appearances.

Does it really matter how we look?  Mostly it’s about how we act.

I like to occasionally lose those inhibitions … it doesn’t hurt to play like a kid again.

Life’s too short not to be a bit silly, to jump and run and smell the roses.

Does it really matter if we make a mistake now and then.

Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself. No one’s perfect.

I figure we’re all doing the best we can for the ones we love. That has to count for something.

Tell yourself you’re beautiful inside. And you’re unique. There’s only one you.

Oh, us females, we’re all the same aren’t we?  Or are we?

Lamby (from all accounts) still thinks she’s a dog!

For all our flaws and imperfections and quirky individual ways we’re all perfect the way we are.

Love yourself, embrace the fabulous female that you are (and guys, embrace the fabulous female that you have).

You’re all beautiful. Believe it.

Celebrating in a light hearted way all things female for Paula’s Thursday Special: Female


125 thoughts on “Female and Fabulous

  1. That’s so true, the females are just that bad hair days and all! Great to see Lamby. Is she chasing the other sheep like a dog? Hope she likes her new home.

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    1. She loves her new home from all accounts. And she’s still standoffish with the sheep. It’s like she’s saying, “what are you, I’m not one of you”. And she hangs around and walks with the dogs. How funny!

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  2. Hilarious! What is that bad hair day bird? You can read attitude written all over her face! I would love to have one of those around all the time!! Oh cats are the ultimate aren’t they? This is such a fun and fantastic post! Ahhh Lamby, miss her, have you heard any more news on her? Not that you would but just wondering. Let’s embrace our womanly selves and all the wondrous things about it. We are naturally intuitive, smart, funny, multi-taskers and we can take on anything we choose and slay it! Here’s to you my sassy sister of soul!! Big female hugs xo

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    1. Hey Deb, your comment’s just put a huge smile on my face. Yes, we are all those things aren’t we and more!
      That bad hair day bird is a kookaburra, they land in our gum trees in the back yard and every so often come down and visit on our decking. They have the most amazing laughing call, you’d love them Deb. As for Lamby she’s doing well. We know the people whose farm she’s on so we get regular updates. She’s living a good life.
      Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday evening of your long weekend. Big female hugs to you my co-conspirator sassy sis in crime. πŸ’œ xo

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      1. I would love the Kookaburra, I love their name and I so love the look on their face. It’s like a “just try it” kind of look or “don’t even”. HA! Oh I’m so happy to hear that Lamby’s doing well, what a sweet soul she is. I just put new flowers outside on either side of my garage door, so pretty and I put my glider and rocker on my front porch. As you hibernate inside I’m ready to hibernate outside!! It’s going to be rainy and quite cool tomorrow…I see a couch, a blanket, and a movie in my near future!! Oh and possibly a nap!! Wishing you a magical Monday my sweet sassy co-creator sis in crime and music!! xo

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        1. Hot diggity dam girl, that sounds so good! 😊 What a nice peaceful picture you’ve painted. I’m missing the warmth already, our winter has well and truly snuck up on us. But I’m still going to be out and about today, lots to do. No rest for the wicked as they say. Well you enjoy your evening and the next two days off Deb. Big hugs and we’ll talk real soon. xo

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        2. Yes I can paint them very well, now I have to feel them so I can live them!! πŸ˜‰
          Well bundle up as you are out and about today!! I will enjoy my evening and you have a marvelous day!! Talk soon and big hugs…xo

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        3. Exactly. Keep writing them down too, you’ll feel them soon enough and before you know it, they’ll be real! I’m off now … to see the Wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz, haha, sorry, couldn’t resist, I’m feeling a bit silly this morning. Must have been that post I wrote yesterday, it’s rubbed off on me. Hugs and smiles Deb. Talk soon xo 😊

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        4. That’s a great idea…I will write them down. I often do and then I stop for awhile and then start again! Silly is good…head on down, head on down the road…from The Wiz…a more updated version! Have fun…hugs & smiles to you Miri!! Talk real soon. xo

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  3. Hello dear Miriam,
    Such a depth to this beautiful piece of writing from you.
    Yes, we are too hard on ourselves for sure, and ‘life can get too serious’.
    Playing something over in my mind today that I wished didn’t happen but your little reminder about not having to be perfect and hoping others don’t expect that of us… the little tonic I needed. Thank you. And I’m happy to read that Lamby is doing well. Great to see him again.
    Sending a hug to you with this ‘post’ box πŸ’•βœ¨βœ¨

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    1. Hey Di, glad this post could help in some small way to whatever happened, it’s far too easy to over-think things in our mind at times. At least I know I do that but I’m learning that it’s okay to make mistakes.
      Big hugs to you too and look forward to our catch up very soon. πŸ’•

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      1. Thank you for your kind reply and it really did Miriam…
        And you are certainly not alone in the over thinking department at all…
        And I’m learning it too, but don’t beat myself up as much these days… baby steps…✨✨
        Yes, see you in a short while, lovely πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ’πŸ’•

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  4. Wonderful advice for all females, both the two and four-footed kinds! The photos were perfect, the touch was light, but the advice is rock solid. Thanks, Miriam, and I hope you have a wonderful week, being uniquely you!!!

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  5. I was chuckling before I even scrolling past the feature image Miriam. Brava u fabulous female! It took some time but I figured out how to share this post on Pinterest. (Hope you don’t mind. I think more people could use some meaningful moments of “adorable” to break up their pinning routine)

    Now… I’ve gotta say howdy to the Out ‘n About mascot. LAMBY you lucky dog you!

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    1. Oh, you make me laugh Gabe! And of course I don’t mind you shared, in fact I’m flattered. Any chance you could share me the link or something? I’m not that up with Pinterest. πŸ™‚

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      1. hehehe I’m still figuring out Pinterest too Miriam (I scheduled your post to go out via an app called Tailwind that magically decides the best time to publish stuff to Pinterest, and it also lets me add a little teaser below the photo so people will know that they’ve gotta head over to your place to get the rest of the good stuff).
        But once it goes out, I think I can copy a link, and if I can, I’ll add it to a comment. (you’ll probably find me lurking in ur spam folder though;))

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        1. Sounds good Gabe. I’ll look forward to hopefully hearing from you at some stage then (and yeah, I’ll check my spam folder too). Thanks again.

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  6. I absolutely love this post Miriam. And so wonderful to see Lamby again along with all your other gorgeous critters. I’m so pleased Lamby is still able to be his/her doggy self. What a life eh!

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    1. Haha, you made me laugh Barbara. Yes, Lamby is most definitely in a good place being her doggy individual unique self. πŸ™‚ Have a wonderful week . x


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