A Slow Burn in May

The smoke was like a whisper of the fire it once was. Slowing down after a ferocious start, burning down a large pile of branches.

Now it teased knowing its heat was dying out but still understanding it had power. For a gust of wind could turn it around and whip it up again.

It reminded me of how quickly things can change. And how, sometimes, it’s important to slow it all down.

That was last Sunday in the back paddock, just beyond our yard, a bonfire lit by our neighbors that eventually petered out to a wisp.

That afternoon we walked down to where the last of the embers were still smouldering.

We sat on the cool green grass with our cup of tea and savoured the last of the warmth of the fire.

It was good to sit and relax. Has anyone else felt a shift, a slowing down of energy in May? I’ve felt in a constant state of slow-mo lately.

It’s been a time of quiet contemplation and I’ve not fought it or forced anything this month.

Sometimes it’s necessary to slow down, not to stop completely but just to ease up.

We see it in nature every day.

I see it in the buds on my chrysanthemums.

Ever so slowly they’re turning to pretty pink flowers.

I love it when they bloom. They remind me of mum, who always loved them.

Then there are the mushrooms that sprout out of the earth of their own accord and the green lemons that take so long but ultimately ripen.

Around town the last of the Autumn leaves are falling from the trees. Slowly they’re releasing themselves to the earth.

I walked Harry and let him stop and sniff without rushing him.

Dogs teach us how to slow down and appreciate the moment.

Back in the paddock, the fire eventually burnt out to a slow simmer.

There is no rush.

My mantra for the remainder of May is simply to “go slow”.

I have a feeling that next month the pace will pick up again and I’ll be ready.

go slow frog

So for the next week let’s all take time out to chill a bit.

  • Don’t rush so much.
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Take time to do what you love
  • Savor each slow moment
  • Embrace the word ‘yet’ – if you haven’t done something you feel you should have, perhaps it’s not the time … yet.  But always be open to possibilities.

On Monday, as the sun rose and the sky exploded in color, I stood and watched in wonder. It was fleeting, like a slow burn in the sky and then it was gone.

It’s the same in life. 

Beauty arrives then it fades and it’s up to us to cherish every moment of it, every feeling of happiness as it happens.

Slow down your life from the inside out and your outer world will become more peaceful.

In love and light.

101 thoughts on “A Slow Burn in May

  1. It’s always nice to just take a moment and enjoy whats around us 😊, and ye sthe dog teach us to slow down and a lot more of lessons 😊 this is a great post Miriam πŸ˜ŠπŸ’«

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  2. Miriam, i am always slowing down and going inside it is so important and healing. Enjoyed your post it was calming and reflective. I am having a crazy May and busy ..but I take slow where I can as i have noticed rush leads to mistakes, errors and tension and errors. Loved this post of yours beautifully written great photos. As you know i meditate and brings me back and starts me off right , slow, calm and thoughtful. I dont miss it even if we r out and about…

    Speak soon.

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    1. Thanks Bella, I know how much you meditate. Good for you as it sounds as though you’ve had a super busy crazy month. You’re right, rush does lead to mistakes snd tension and isn’t good for us long term. Hope things start to slow down for you. Take care xo

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  3. Yes, it’s so important to recognise when we need to slow down and take care of ourselves. I heard someone say this the other day and it really resonated with me. “Make sure you put your own oxygen mask on before you take care of others. “

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  4. I do sometimes feel as if I’m clutching at straws, Miriam. So many lovely moments but I sometimes struggle to weave them together into something meaningful. I’m glad you’ve found a peaceful place in your life. πŸ™‚

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  5. You have a goood storytelling ability!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    “The smoke was like a whisper of the fire it once was. Slowing down after a ferocious start, burning down a large pile of branches.
    Now it teased knowing its heat was dying out but still understanding it had power. For a gust of wind could turn it around and whip it up again.
    It reminded me of how quickly things can change. And how, sometimes, it’s important to slow it all down.”

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  6. Yes!!!!!

    “Don’t rush so much.
    β€’ Be kind to yourself
    β€’ Take time to do what you love
    β€’ Savor each slow moment
    β€’ Embrace the word β€˜yet’ – if you haven’t done something you feel you should have, perhaps it’s not the time … yet.Β  But always be open to possibilities.”

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  7. It’s uncanny what we notice when we stop to smell the roses. Life seems to open up. People write about “being in the moment,” and we often see memes and photos about this. Somehow we’ve gotten away from simple paying attention to what is around us in each moment. A friend was driving directly behind another woman yesterday morning, the woman apparently on her cell phone. The woman crashed into a man on a motorcycle who was stopped in front of her and the man was killed. Yesterday. On the highway we all travel frequently. We are preoccupied to the point of distraction and even death. I hesitated to add the part about yesterday’s tragedy, but it reminds us that when we pay attention, we live and we let live. ❀ Thanks for a beautiful post, Miriam.

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    1. Oh Karen that’s really sad, so awful and it could so easily have been prevented. You’re right, we’re often distracted and preoccupied, thinking about other things when, as cliched as it sounds, we should simply be focused on what’s happening right now. Thanks for your comment. Take care x ❀️


  8. Thanks for the reminder to slow down.. May is a Spring month where I live, but still a good time to slow down and enjoy all that it has to offer. The heat and humidity of summer aren’t quite here, but the winter cold is long gone. It seems as if far too much of my life is spent “hurrrying” and I hate that! I’m going to follow your example, slow down, savor the moments and just be still.

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    1. It’s not always easy when all around us it seems like the world is traveling at such a crazy breakneck pace. But I think all the more reason to slow it all down, whenever we can. Hope you’re keeping well Ann. Enjoy that Spring weather. x

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  9. Hello dear Miriam,
    I could feel myself slowing down just by reading your beautiful words. I love your photos, the quote and your musings on life as you made your way gently through May. Thank you and all the best for what June may contain. Hugs to you and congratulations on another stunning post πŸ’πŸŒŸπŸ’•

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    1. Thank you so much Di, it certainly has been a slowish month for me. My son keeps telling me that slow is no good and that we should be moving all the time. Maybe it’s time I went back to Zumba!
      Hope you’re having a lovely week Di. Big hugs back xo πŸ’•


      1. Oh Miriam… I understand about sons and their thoughts!
        Time to just smell the roses and there is no harm in that… you sound like June is busier anyway so just enjoy….
        Thank you for my hugs back…πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•

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        1. Guitar! That’s wonderful Miriam. I’ll look forward to hearing about it when we meet. Well, I guess you could call mine slow too. But a good slow. I did the early mountain walk then home writing and catching up on blog posts. I enjoyed it πŸ™‹πŸ»πŸ’•πŸ’•

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  10. I love the way you roll and the way you see the world, Miriam. Your home looks like a sanctuary and a little slice of heaven. You always fill my heart and soul with magic and reading this post was the perfect way to kick off my day. I am going to breathe, take is slow and enjoy every second.

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  11. This was just what we need. To sit, slow down and enjoy nature in all her wonderful glory.. I felt the Peace of your words, and yes, May for me now is slowing down.. It began hectic as Spring is here and planting had to be done before our Holiday in Scotland.. But now its slowing down, as I have today finished getting all my home bedding plants in.. So now the rest of May and June can be more relaxed as I enjoy the fruits of our labours more and sit within the peace of our garden..
    Beautiful photo shares too.. Love and Hugs to you Miriam
    Enjoy a wonderful weekend to come..
    Sue ❀

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    1. Thanks so much Sue. Glad to hear that the pace is slowing down for you. It must be a good feeling to have all those plants in, knowing you can now relax and enjoy all the fruits of your labour. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend ahead yourself. ❀️

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  12. A moment in time is just that, a moment. Never will the sky look the same, never will the breeze smell the same, never will our perceptions of our close environment be exactly the same as that moment. Lock it away as each moment is to be cherished.

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  13. Oh Miriam how you always speak to my soul! Love this post. I like the gentle reminders to slow down and enjoy each day and how every moment is a fleeting one. I’ve been struggling with unknown anxiety lately. Ever since I became a mom I tend to go through phases where I just feel overwhelmed. I remind myself to be kind of myself and not work so hard. When I let go and relax I feel so much better! 😌 Keep inspiring us with your lovely words. Xoxo

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    1. I know what you mean Nicole. I think motherhood profoundly changes the way we think and view the world, and life, when we look around and envisage the future of what’s to come. Yes, be kind to yourself my friend and allow yourself to relax. I’m glad my words helped a bit. Hugs xo


  14. I was just reading in astrology that there was a major shift May 10, so perhaps that’s what you are feeling. Tonight is a Supermoon New Moon, so even though you can’t see it you can still feel the effects of it. New Moons represent New Beginnings….so perhaps you have a New Beginning in site. That sky is gorgeous…love the smart sense of Harry, we need to pay attention!! Yes we must definitely slow down and appreciate the moments now…each moment and what it represents. Enjoy your slow down, perhaps you need the slow down before you gear up for next month!! Big slow hugs xo

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    1. Thanks Deb! A Supermoon New Moon hey? That sounds pretty powerful, I might have to leave my crystals out. Makes me think that lots of new and exciting possibilities are on the horizon … what an interesting time it is. Yes, I think you might be right, slowing down before the big gear up next month. Thank you for your gorgeous words. Big slow hugs back my dear friend xo

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      1. Yes I think leaving your crystals out is a great idea. I agree, there are many new and exciting possibilities and we seem to be manifesting them…like attract like and we are doing a great job on focusing!! Well I’m finally off to bed, almost midnight here…You’re most welcome my gorgeous lady…Powerful Super New Moon Hugs to you xo Have a fabulous rest of your Friday!! πŸ™‚

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        1. We’ve had a big night of co-creating and focusing haven’t we? Well, sleep tight and sweet dreams and hope you wake up to a lovely Friday, first day of your long weekend break. Enjoy xo ❀️

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        2. We certainly have, what fun it was and shall continue to be!! Thank you, it will be a lovely Friday! Enjoy the rest of yours xo πŸ’ž


  15. A beautiful peaceful post, Miriam. I can feel the calm in your words and the lovely photos…I like the one of Harry exploring the leaves! I’m cherishing every moment, particularly since hot summer weather came to us out of a cold Spring, I don’t trust it will stay so am out as much as possible and wonderful to be able to have meals outside for the first time this year, go for walks later in the evenings. Bliss! Ahh…I love the frog image and the quote on it – how true! Wishing you a lovely relaxing weekend, my friend. πŸ˜€β€οΈ

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    1. Oh Annika, your words take me back to the warmth of summer. I miss it already, the balmy evening meals outside, late walks … enjoy it all. Have a lovely weekend yourself. ❀️

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  16. That’s a great message.. It’s something that we forget (for want of a better word!) to do. We’re so busy getting on with our lives that we stop to look and appreciate these little, significant moments.. so inspiring. I loved it! Oh, and I loved that picture of the sunrise too. It’s so beautiful!

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  17. What a wonderful fall tribute Miriam. While we’re technically well into Spring over here, we’ve been enjoying fall conditions with rainy, cool weather and plenty of “lay around” days. I feel like we’re on the same page regarding the need to sit back and relax.
    Enjoy the tea!

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    1. Thanks Gabe, at the moment we seem to be experiencing Melbourne’s iconic four seasons in a day. It’s been a bit crazy though predominantly I can feel winter creeping up. Have a great weekend.

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    1. Good for you. I bet you feel better for it. That setting was where I took the photo of your birthday sign with Harry and Lamby. πŸ™‚


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