Changes in the Air

It’s nearly winter in Melbourne but today, on the second day of May, I got an overwhelming urge to spring clean. 

I felt something calling me to clear out clutter, to open up the windows (even though it’s cold outside) and let in the breeze.

There seem to be signs of change  all around me.

The clock that’s hung in our kitchen for 15 years, that our daughter crafted at kinder when she was three, has finally been taken down and relegated to the garage.

 It was such an imperfect clock with childish numbers misaligned and it was never easy to tell the time. I loved it.

To me it seemed somehow symbolic of the fact that time doesn’t really matter. Yet suddenly, as the years fly by, I realise it does.

It matters if we’re to make the most of what we have in our lives today.

I culled through an old cane basket, filled with old cards and paperwork. Travel papers relating to our Maldavian honeymoon were discarded, after nearly 25 years.

Old birthday cards were re-read and tossed, it was nice to reminisce and feel nostalgic but ultimately it’s what’s happening today that matters.

All the while I was listening to Ed Sheeran, feeling emotional and misty eyed.

So much is changing in my world.

Some days I feel as though I’m simply riding with the tide, not knowing which way it’s taking me. But maybe that’s the best way. There’s no point in fighting against it.

“Take me where you want. I’ll enjoy the ride.”

Then I went outside. I took my phone, snapping a few pictures of my garden, marvelling at the fact that everything has greened up so much, so quickly.

The grass is so long, the weeds are bigger than ever and I thought longingly for Lamby, my lawn mower extraordinare.

I picked some grass, as I do daily, to feed my daughter’s three guinea pigs. As I opened the door to their hutch I noticed Pandora lying flat and for a moment I thought she was asleep.

But she wasn’t. She was still, already starting to cool, her little furry body lifeless. She’d died, presumably during the night, I’m not sure of what, perhaps old age.

I cried. My daughter (now living away from home) loved her pigs, and so did I.

I know some might think she’s just a rodent, but it’s amazing how attached we get to our pets. To us she was a squeaky little fur ball with a personality all of her own.

 I buried Pandora this afternoon, in the side garden, close to the grass she loved.

Change. It’s all around us. I felt it today, felt it in my bones, sure as I changed the clock, culled the cards and then found pretty Pandy lying in peace.

It’s inevitable, it’s part of life and although we can’t control the forces, we can control our thoughts and emotions.


As May begins my wish is that, no matter what’s happening in our life, what struggles or internal battles we might be facing, that we can embrace whatever is before us.

Every thing that happens to us is a wake up call telling us to live life now. Not to look back, at least not for too long, or to put off things.

There’s no point in waiting. Pandy savoured the grass while it was green, it’s our turn to savour each day as it appears.


As I looked out this afternoon, amid the greyness, there were slithers of blue. Amid all the uncertainty of life that’s what I choose to focus on.


Yes, everything is changing but that’s the nature of the world.

As changeable as the clouds that passed overhead today.  One minute grey, the next silvery and fleeting moments of blue sky and dazzling sunshine.

May your clouds in May be lined with plenty of silver linings. 

Have a mindful and beautiful May.

Snjoopy go with the flow

140 thoughts on “Changes in the Air

  1. I have tears just reading your words Miriam. I’m sorry about the loss of your sweet Pandora. Our pets lives are inextricably interwoven with ours.
    I have been purging as well. I’m pretty sure I read a horoscope about May 2nd being a time to clean up life starting with your home. I definitely felt a change about the air.
    Much love to you this May day and may there be more blue skies than gray. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your beautiful comment Amy. Happy purging to you as well, it’s liberating isn’t it, sometimes hard but always worthwhile. Love and hugs back. xo 🙂

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  2. So sorry to hear about Pandora. We get very attached to our pets and I feel that’s something only people who’ve had pets can truly understand.. I was heartbroken when I lost mine. Now, more than a year later since he passed​, I’m able to remember him without breaking into tears. It’s sad that they have such a short lifetime. So all we can do is cherish the good memories and live with the peaceful knowledge that we did everything in our power to help them lead a happy life.
    Change can be a bit hard but we have to get used to it. I loved the way you described it. You have such a way with words. Do keep writing. 😊

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    1. Hi Shweta, yes it is hard losing a pet, sounds as though you know all too well what it’s like. And you’re right, change is all around us, every day, it’s something we just have to accept. Sometimes I just wish it wouldn’t happen quite so quickly though. Thanks for reading and your great comment. Really appreciate it. 🙂

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