Wonderlusting Around Australia 

Since I started my blog, two years ago, I’ve become so much more mindful.  Little things often take on a new light and big things can take on a whole new world.

In my somewhat ordinary (though contented) life I’ve always sought out the extraordinary. One constant has been my sense of wonder.

Perhaps that’s why I love travel writing so much, it’s allowed me to capture those moments.

So what a perfect theme for this week’s WPC: Wonderlust and what a great chance to again share my passion for my home country.

I recall our trip to the Flinders Ranges, a colored landscape, the ultimate artist’s backdrop and a photographer’s dream.

I remember  jumping out of the car to take this photo (below) and feeling surrounded by majesty.

There were mountains rising in front of me and red earth grounding me.

Wonderlusting (800x533)

Stopping and snapping memories like this is like a moment captured in time, when otherwise we’d be on full speed through life.

Me on the rocks (800x600)

From the red earth to the ocean I’m continually inspired by the ever changing forces of nature as we explore our epic coastline.

The  South Australian Eyre Peninsula is a rugged patch of coast that I fell in love with.

Sunset at Mundi Mundi (800x600)

In the outback Mundi Mundi plains outside Silverton, we watched the sun go down over the vast reaches of the horizon and marvelled at the curveature of the earth.

Sights like this take my breath away and humble me as I’m reminded of how small we are in the grand scheme of things.


Just as we’re small beside nature’s teardrops.

Here we are underneath the might and power of Trentham Falls.

We jumped a fence and trudged to the bottom on a path that had been closed to reach the falls. What’s life without taking a few risks along the way?

I still remember marvelling at the color of the salt crystals within the Pink Lakes in the Murray Sunset National Park with my kids.

mungo and pink lakes 262

It was such a peaceful landscape and so calming, an oasis of colored wonder.

Seek out your own place of quiet. It can be anywhere.

Spend time away from the noise of life and quieten the soul.


I’ll never forget the bliss and the freedom of floating on Lake William Hovel in the King Valley, my worries completely washed away, at least temporarily.


Opening our arms to the world and living with an open heart means we’re more receptive to everything around us. Like here in the Redwood forest in Warburton.

Being open to wonder takes us out of ourselves and allows us to feel more compassion and empathy towards others. And the world.

My silhoette at Port Germein (800x600)

We don’t need to be always seen, so long as we feel. Here I am, in silhouette, in the shadows and feeling the coastal breeze near Port Germein.

I still remember the glow, the quiet and the warm balmy air and the feeling of peace within myself.

I hanker for that these days.

Harry in racing head out the window mode (800x600)

Even Harry knows the joys of wonderlusting. 

Feeling the rush of wind in his motley fur he surely knows the feeling of letting go and just being … if we could only take his lead and feel the freedom of accepting what is.

May we all live life to the full, where ever we are in the world and enjoy every precious moment.   May we all see the wonder of venturing from our comfort zone, exploring new places and creating memories. It doesn’t have to be far.

Live, love and travel with no regrets

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  Mark Twain

144 thoughts on “Wonderlusting Around Australia 

  1. the waterfalls is breathtaking. …the road…the beach…the sunset…ahhh i am just in awe looking at them..but I love the most the picture of Harry his head stretched out of the car..beautiful always Miriam

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  2. “Being open to wonder takes us out of ourselves and allows us to feel more compassion and empathy towards others.” I cannot agree more. Although at the moment I am staring at the pictures in awe and jealousy 😁

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  3. Wonderful post, Miriam. You have seen some magnificent sights all around our beautiful homeland. Long may your travels (& writing) continue.
    And that Mark Twain quote is the perfect ending. I love that quote.

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    1. Me too Kim, love the quote that is! There’s still so much of Australia we’ve yet to see, but we’ll be working on that in a couple of months when we head off to the Red Centre. 🙂 Have a great weekend my friend.

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  4. Ok, your post has just sealed my thoughts for next year-I am going to start bugging my husband to get back to Australia again. This time we are going to get to Melbourne! Your pictures are just too inviting!

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  5. Miriam once again you’ve led me to a place where I needed to go. Your enjoyment of nature is beautiful in itself. No wonder you are in such a magnificent country. GreAt post.

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  6. Delightful deep words and stunning photos of our beautiful country … you took me on a journey physically and mentally, thank you Miriam!
    I did a lot of caving around the Flinders and Eyre Peninsula; equally love our coastline and the outback … Australian Tourism should be paying you for these posts to sell our country and our spirit, well done

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    1. Haha, no payment from Australian Tourism but your lovely comment will suffice. Thanks Kate. And yes there’s something very special about the Flinders and the Eyre Peninsula, it’s very easy to get caught up in its magic. Caving sounds amazing.

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      1. They are definitely high energy spots but the Christmas extension in Flinders … AMAZING … I’ve travelled and seen a lot and it must take 1st prize! Tiny pristine crystal creations every where … enter by a freaky deep shaft pass a huge calcite covered underground lake that glitters like a million diamonds and then … pow

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  7. Another tremendous post full of wise words and beautiful photographs. You live in and visit wonderful places, all eye catching in special ways, but that photo of Harry hanging out the car window is priceless – what a character!

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  8. My favorite pic is the giant nest…what lives there and where were they while you were standing in it? 😉
    The pink waters were my second fav. Peggy just got back from Flinders Island, you probably saw her post. Ahhh it’s so nice to look at places that bring us such peace and joy. You must have piles and piles of pictures from all our travels. So how close are you to where Crocodile Dundee did his walk about, loved that movie…actually both of them!! Wishing you a peaceful and joyful weekend my sweet friend. Giant nest hugs and waterfall kisses… xo

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    1. Love your comment, it put a huge smile on my face. Yep, we’ve been to a lot of places but there’s still so much we haven’t seen that I’d love to. Crocodile Dundee, hmm, I’m not sure if that was filmed in the Northern Territory but if so that’s where we’re heading in June, to the Red Centre. Can’t wait though it’ll probably be so remote that I’ll be off the grid for awhile. Anyway have a great weekend Deb. Big giant hugs and love xo

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      1. I hope it didn’t hurt when you smiled…;-)
        I googled it and here is where Crocodile Dundee was The Walkabout Creek Hotel at McKinlay, in Northern Queensland, will you be near there? I bet you can’t wait for that…what an exciting trip that will, definitely filled with more pics!! Yeah you probably will be off the grid, but that’s a good thing. Hope your Saturday was relaxing and not too painful!! Big giant hugs and love back…xo

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        1. I think McKinlay will probably be too far north for us but who knows? At this stage our focus will be Uluru and the Red Centre but we’ll be a bit flexible with our plans. June will be here before we know it, yikes!
          My Saturday was quiet Deb, just getting chores done and usual domestics. Off to bed soon, it’s nearly midnight and, despite not doing much, I feel drained. Hopefully you got my return email. Hugs xo

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        2. Good morning! I’ve just sat down for a bit, been doing my groceries and laundry and odds and ends. Hope you had a restful night’s sleep and that your tooth/mouth isn’t too sore. I’ll be having my supper soon as you are having your breakfast. Enjoy your morning my dear friend. I’ll be back later. Warm hugs & love xo

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        3. Hi Deb, you’re right, I’m just having my first cuppa of the day. Hope you’ve managed a bit of nice stuff too amongst all those chores. My tooth’s feeling ok this morning, so far so good. Yes, we’ll definitely chat later. Big hugs xo

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        4. Enjoy! I’m not a coffee or tea drinker but I love the smell of coffee. I drink OJ, my shower is my cuppa. Oh I have, it was a beautiful and warm day today, I opened up my windows and created a cross breeze. It’s been too long since I’ve been able to open the windows. I moved my couch back some so that I can look out the window and watch the birds & squirrels at the bird feeder. I put some seed on the ground in a plastic dish because I noticed the blue jays, which are kind of a bigger bird, seemed awkward at the feeder and I thought I would make it easier for them by letting them eat from the ground. A chipmunk enjoyed it, but the blue jays kept trying to eat from the feeder. I love watching them. I just looked out the window now and what lands on the feeder but a blue jay…he seems to be doing pretty good with his balance and eating. It’s funny they are the largest bird that comes to the feeder and the most skiddish, I think they are afraid of their own shadow. Anyways have to go finish folding my last load and then I’m done for the night!! Yay…happy, happy, joy, joy! That’s our mantra!!! 🙂 Happy Hugs and Joyful Kisses to you my sweet and saucy friend!! xo

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        5. You’ve painted such a vivid picture that I feel as though I’m there with you. How wonderful. Those blue jays sound so pretty but I just can’t imagine chipmunks and squirrels in my backyard. How cute though I imagine they could be pesky too, like the occasional possums that we get here at night here. All so different isn’t it? Here, beyond our back gate we have open grassland and right down the bottom a creek where kangaroos often come and graze. I love watching them too. Anyway I’m off to do some Sunday morning chores. Enjoy the rest of your night. Happy hugs back xo 🙂

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        6. Wish you were, it would be so fun to share this with you! Funny I can’t imagine kangaroos grazing…although I would love too! Beyond your back gate sounds wonderful, so free. Enjoy your Sunday chores! I about to have my ice cream and watch my ghost show!! Thanks, enjoy the rest of your day!! Do something that makes you laugh today. Hugs..xo

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        7. I’m just back from a lovely birthday dinner for my 11 year old nephew, so the day’s definitely ended on a light note and laughter. Thank goodness, cos it didn’t start that way. Your Sunday must be just starting Deb, I hope you have a relaxing day ahead, whatever is planned. Keep smiling my dear friend. Talk soon xo

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        8. Oh I’m so glad, birthdays are always fun. We need to remember back to the imaginations and fun that 11 years olds have and recapture that, don’t we? I’m actually planning to wash some of my windows today. It’s a beautiful sunny day, perfect for window washing. There’s an apple tree in the woods of my backyard and it’s been blossoming all week, so pretty. I love seeing it everyday and I tell it how pretty it is. Did the same when the willow was blossoming, she’s all green now. I love willows, they’re kinds of scary and enchanting all at the same time to me. They way they hang, just love it. Enjoy your evening tonight Miri. If you’re not already asleep and even if you are. So happy your day ended on such a light note!! Happy Hugs & kisses. xo

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        9. All sounds so pretty Deb. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday my friend. I’m just about to write you an email, check your mail soon! Big hugs back Deb. xo

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  9. Once again you have made me smile. I love your photos, your vision and the profound meaning within this post. Thank goodness two years ago you made the decision to begin writing this blog – its impact is far reaching. You Miriam, are a gift. Thank you for bringing so much light to this world. Have a wonderful weekend with your family! 💕

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  10. Your love for Australia shines through this post! I love the photos and really do hope that someday I can see it for myself. Meanwhile, I am very grateful for your blog, which is has introduced me to so much of your country’s natural beauty.
    And I’m glad that your blog has made you more mindful. Isn’t it wonderful how much we learn and grow simply from being a part of the blogging world? Personally, I’ve gained more confidence in exposing my true self, but I think that each of us tends to get what we need from the experience.
    Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!!

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    1. Thanks Ann, your comments always make me smile. Yes, you’re right, we each take what we need from our blogging and for me, aside from sharing my writing, it’s the wonderful connections and friendships I’ve made, like the one with you. Makes me realise the world’s not such a big place after all. You enjoy your weekend too. xxo

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  11. So inspiring and that quote was my late father in law’s favourite. In a summarised version he always said “You won’t regret what you do in life only what you don’t do”. Which is so true because even when we make mistakes we learn valuable lessons.

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  12. Miriam, thank you for letting us come along on your Wonderlust travels! 😀❤️ The peace, joy and familial happiness resonate from your photographs and words.The landscape in the first two photos is awe-inspiring and I love the one of you and your son by the pinkish salt crystals. All magical experiences which are so precious, form us to the core.

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    1. Hey Hugh, so very true, how could I possibly resist this theme or leave Harry out of it. 😊 Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Hope all’s well with you.

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  13. Because of your Blog, I felt like I’ve gone to Australia! Lol! 😊
    You never fail to amaze us with your wonderful pictures Miriam. You have shown the beauty of Australia in each one of them!
    Harry is the luckiest ever! 😊💛

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  14. Mariam! What a wonderful place it is. I would just love to go around the places.
    “May we all live life to the full, where ever we are in the world and enjoy every precious moment.   May we all see the wonder of venturing from our comfort zone, exploring new places and creating memories. It doesn’t have to be far.

    Live, love and travel with no regrets”
    I loved to read these lines so beautiful a feeling.
    Let more days like this shower on You all.😄

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  15. Gorgeous post Miriam!! I think you are revving up for your trip ahead!! favorite photo: you in the redwood forest!! (when I was a kid we camped in the California red woods every summer). Beautiful to see your travels!! xox

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    1. Aw, thanks so much Rhonda, must admit I love that photo too. It’s always so nice when you drop by, love your comments. Take care and have a happy month ahead. xo


  16. “Being open to wonder takes us out of ourselves and allows us to feel more compassion and empathy towards others. And the world.” Quite true, I believe. And for that reason it’s precious. Excellent post!

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  17. This put me in awe on the beauty of AUS.
    Reading your blog I kind of relate with how I feel when I get in touch with nature…
    “How small we are in the grand scheme of things” just to qoute your nice blog post =)

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