Wonderlusting Around Australia 

Since I started my blog, two years ago, I’ve become so much more mindful.  Little things often take on a new light and big things can take on a whole new world.

In my somewhat ordinary (though contented) life I’ve always sought out the extraordinary. One constant has been my sense of wonder.

Perhaps that’s why I love travel writing so much, it’s allowed me to capture those moments.

So what a perfect theme for this week’s WPC: Wonderlust and what a great chance to again share my passion for my home country.

I recall our trip to the Flinders Ranges, a colored landscape, the ultimate artist’s backdrop and a photographer’s dream.

I remember  jumping out of the car to take this photo (below) and feeling surrounded by majesty.

There were mountains rising in front of me and red earth grounding me.

Wonderlusting (800x533)

Stopping and snapping memories like this is like a moment captured in time, when otherwise we’d be on full speed through life.

Me on the rocks (800x600)

From the red earth to the ocean I’m continually inspired by the ever changing forces of nature as we explore our epic coastline.

The  South Australian Eyre Peninsula is a rugged patch of coast that I fell in love with.

Sunset at Mundi Mundi (800x600)

In the outback Mundi Mundi plains outside Silverton, we watched the sun go down over the vast reaches of the horizon and marvelled at the curveature of the earth.

Sights like this take my breath away and humble me as I’m reminded of how small we are in the grand scheme of things.


Just as we’re small beside nature’s teardrops.

Here we are underneath the might and power of Trentham Falls.

We jumped a fence and trudged to the bottom on a path that had been closed to reach the falls. What’s life without taking a few risks along the way?

I still remember marvelling at the color of the salt crystals within the Pink Lakes in the Murray Sunset National Park with my kids.

mungo and pink lakes 262

It was such a peaceful landscape and so calming, an oasis of colored wonder.

Seek out your own place of quiet. It can be anywhere.

Spend time away from the noise of life and quieten the soul.


I’ll never forget the bliss and the freedom of floating on Lake William Hovel in the King Valley, my worries completely washed away, at least temporarily.


Opening our arms to the world and living with an open heart means we’re more receptive to everything around us. Like here in the Redwood forest in Warburton.

Being open to wonder takes us out of ourselves and allows us to feel more compassion and empathy towards others. And the world.

My silhoette at Port Germein (800x600)

We don’t need to be always seen, so long as we feel. Here I am, in silhouette, in the shadows and feeling the coastal breeze near Port Germein.

I still remember the glow, the quiet and the warm balmy air and the feeling of peace within myself.

I hanker for that these days.

Harry in racing head out the window mode (800x600)

Even Harry knows the joys of wonderlusting. 

Feeling the rush of wind in his motley fur he surely knows the feeling of letting go and just being … if we could only take his lead and feel the freedom of accepting what is.

May we all live life to the full, where ever we are in the world and enjoy every precious moment.   May we all see the wonder of venturing from our comfort zone, exploring new places and creating memories. It doesn’t have to be far.

Live, love and travel with no regrets

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”  Mark Twain

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