Mystery of the Earth

Up above
the moon mystifies
so far away, yet reminding us
that under the one sky
we’re all connected.

The pink moon this month had me spell bound. How could the smallest moon of the year appear so large, even amidst the clouds and from the inside of a moving car.

Down below
the sprouting bud
and simplest flower
bursts out in color
and proves there’s resilience in nature. 

My garden is rejuvenating and I marvel that, after Lamby devoured everything not long ago, there’s so much life underneath the earth.

We’re all like that, untapped potential ready to thrive.

Clinging to nature
the changing fickle seasons
ablaze with vibrant leaves
before falling to the ground,
becoming one with the earth

It’s Autumn now and the vibrant colors signal a change as the warmth is dissipating to slowly make way for winter. The cold air is seeping in.

I feel like a bear with a bad toothache. The days are getting shorter, I’m sleeping worse than ever and waking heavy headed. 

At times the stresses seem as unending as this vast landscape at Mungo.

However I keep reminding myself that, in order to grow, we have to push ourselves through tough and often challenging times.

It’s only then we can appreciate the warmth again. And then us grouchy bears can roar again.

No one knows
what lies around the corner
down a detoured road
beyond the mountain
and over the dunes
but I like to believe it’s something special.

In front of us
a new day wakes and beckons
with possibilities
we have yet to embrace
and we hope
in the mystery of a new day.


Can you spot the kookaburra perched up in the tree, so steady and sure of himself.

Sometimes it feels like there’s nothing to guide us but our faith and perseverance. And resilience, never forget, we’re all braver than we believe and stronger than we think.

Amidst all the uncertainty and challenges we need to face, we always have a choice.

We can choose to be grateful for a new day and embrace the unknown. 

We can choose to trust that no matter what obstacles we face and mysteries darken our days light always follows a storm.

We can choose to focus on the positives and the big picture.

Life is a gift

Life is a mystery we don’t often understand but it’s also full of wonder and magic. Let’s keep our eyes open to it.

May we always strive to see beauty in the miracle of life, on this Earth that is our home. 

Sharing for Franks’s Tuesday Challenge: Mystery
and also WPC: Earth

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