I had an extra passenger in my car yesterday. A totally unexpected  one.

I was driving to work when he made his presence felt. There he was, on my half wound down window, inside, a big fat hairy Huntsman, the size of my hand, looking me straight in the eye.

My first thought was “stay calm Miriam, no one ever died from a spider in the car. Stay in control of the car, just stay calm“.

That lasted maybe three seconds. The next thing I knew he was scuttling towards me.

Any pretense of calm vanished as he did Olympic moves to catapult himself from the window onto my seat belt, heading towards my head rest, and me.

That’s when I screamed. I don’t consider myself a hysterical woman but spiders in intimate proximity are not my thing.

And this guy was definitely invading my personal space.

Somehow managing to keep a semblance of sanity, checking to make sure no cars were behind me, I slammed on the brakes, spun the car off the road and did the quickest park in history.

With the engine still running I flung the door open and  jumped outside. I stripped off my cardigan and shook it out like a woman possessed. 

I was sure it had landed either in my hair or down my top.

Shaking and now late for work I had no choice but to get back into my car and keep driving, but I was keeping a close eye out for him.

Sure enough, within minutes there he was, on the side window.

He’d done a lap but was circling back to me. I swear he was stalking me, and he was fast.

Feeling slightly manic I swung the car into the nearest driveway, jumped out and finally, with a prod and the flick of a stick, managed to evict him. I was sweating and my heart was racing.

I don’t mind surprises but this was ridiculous. 

Anyone else share my phobia?

I don’t think Merlin is overly bothered by spiders. And as for Harry, he seems to have a healthy respect for them.

He’s always a bag of surprises with what he gets up to but, unlike the eight legged arachnid variety, his surprises generally put a smile on my face.

Wishing you a light heart and a tranquil journey and may your surprises be happy and peaceful ones.

Safe driving and don’t forget to check underneath your visor. 

In response to WPC: Surprise

158 thoughts on ““Surprise” 

        1. Hi Rhonda, I’m just recovering from another visit to the dentist. I’ve had excruciating tooth pain all week and got news this morning that I need another crown. 🙁 A double doozy. Hope you have a good one my friend. xxo


  1. I definitely imagine your story in my mind Miriam! I could picture you and mr.spidy! Lol!
    I don’t like spiders too and I probably would have had hit break in the moddle of the road without checking if a car was behind me. You definitely handled the situation better than I would have! 😄

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