Morning Moods

She is tantalising
fleeting and
breath takingly scary in the same moment.

She is changeable
in the unknown dawn of possibility.

She is light
and hopeful
of what’s yet to pass.

Mornings … love them or not, morning person or not, they’re inevitable. The beauty of a golden sunrise is especially intense but once it’s gone the day is waiting and often grey.

How do you approach it?  With hope and optimism or with doubts and gloom?


I’m a night owl by nature, not a morning magpie, and there are times when I wake with worries still fresh from the night before.

Unlike those magical sunrises we often witness when we’re camping, back at home there are mornings that make me want to crawl back underneath the covers.

But even in the greyest morning I remind myself there’s something to be grateful for.

At some point we have to step out of our cosy safe place, into the new day.

Whatever we wake up to, it’s a new chance to seek out the life we want.

While the streets are still asleep is the best time to step outside and welcome the day.

It’s in these quiet times we can find peace. The perfect time to take that deep breath and prepare ourselves for the day ahead before stepping out into it.

Like my walks with Harry, when it’s just the two of us and the sounds of nature.

I love having something to look forward to, whether it’s my early morning walk or a healthy (or hearty) breakfast.

When we’re camping it’s those big wholesome cooked breakfasts that I love and that hubby cooks so well.

The sizzling aromas of a barbecue breakfast in the bush is a perfect start to the day.

After the storms last night in Melbourne I wasn’t sure what we’d wake up to. But that’s the uncertainty of life isn’t it?

Today there were no spectacular sunrises, no golden canvases in the sky. It was dark and a bit of a mess outside.

I woke to a stormy unpredictable Autumn day in my patch of the world and the wind and rain continued today.

However I’m still thankful.

snoopy sunshine

Sometimes we have to create our own sunshine.

Sunshine in which to show those we love how we feel.

Sunshine to show forgiveness to others and ourselves, to love deeply and live truthfully.

Sunshine to be our own best friend and stilling that negative voice in our head.

Sunshine to live without regrets, even if we’re doing what we don’t particularly love.

Sunshine to focus on what we’ve accomplished instead of what we feel we haven’t.

This rainbow appeared last night after the first storm passed in Melbourne, living proof that there’s always a colored lining amid dark times.

Let’s always remember that every morning is another chance to get it right. To switch our attitude from one of doubt to one of hope.

Wishing you all a peaceful mind as we wake to the wonders and possibilities of a new day. 

In response to Frank’s Tuesday photo challenge: Morning.





175 thoughts on “Morning Moods

  1. Yes Miriam, it was a dark and dingy few days in Melbourne, thank you for the reminder to look for the sunshine in other ways. Lovely post much enjoyed.

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  2. Good evening/morning Mims!! Beautiful as usual, love the beginning, the words, emotions and how you enter into your thoughts. Boy hubby’s breakfast has me hungry for my own…one protein Ensure drink coming up. I like his offering much better. I too am a night owl rather than a morning person…I’m telling you it’s kismet! Gorgeous photos, particularly love the quiet street and the rainbow. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter weekend, hmmm is it Easter for you, I would imagine it would be but now I’m not sure with these opposite worlds we live in!! It’s like time dimensions and time travel, I think we are on the leading edge of this time, space reality!! Well I’m off today hooray and am about to go shower and get dressed for the day and then see how I’m going to spend it! Have a lovely night’s sleep Mims, hope you wake to a beautiful, sunny morning!! I had to smile when I saw your Good Morning Sunshine post and thought hey, that’s what I sent to my sister…same wavelength!! Great big Sunny Hugs to you my dearest lovely friend. xoxo

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    1. Aren’t you just the best Debs! Love you lots my dear friend as I write this response days later. I hope you’ve had s lovely few days off over Easter. As I said in my earlier comment I look forward to catching up and chatting more to you once I get home and settled from our big Easter camping trip. Hugs and much love to you xo 💕

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      1. Look forward to your inspirational story that will come from this camping trip. Much love and warm hugs to you. I’m off to get ready for work, yes it was wonderful having 3 days off, looking forward to every day off!! ⚘♥

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        1. That day will come Deb, I have no doubt. You have a great day okay, keep those peaceful thoughts in your mind. Yes, I’ll be working on a post soon to somehow tie my weekend into a travel theme. Hmm, something to get my teeth into, maybe. Big hugs to you lovely lady. xo

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        2. Yeah, I’m just hoping sooner rather than later. My sister retired on Thursday and she is living out her dream. That’s why my post today was Happy Sails. That picture is her boat and she is traveling what she is calling the Great Loop. She’s starting out in Florida, going up the east coast into Canada, west across Canada, south into Michigan and south down to Louisiana then east to Florida. Living on the boat the whole time. Talk about rest and relaxation. They have been planning this for two years and today they finally started their journey. I’m so proud of her, I tear up every time I tell this story. Many people dream of doing things, but she’s actually doing it! Big boat hugs to you my dearest friend!! xo

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        3. Oh Deb, that sounds absolutely fantastic. Your sister is living proof that we can all live our dreams, I’m so excited for her (and I don’t even know her). My husband and I often talk about (once Daniel has finished school) just packing up and traveling around Australia with no time frames or limits. The Great Loop, wow I’m so impressed and in awe of your sister. I have to get myself over to your blog and do some reading. I have some serious catching up to do. My head is not in a great way today, I had a bad night sleep and have so many worries on my mind. For me, for my daughter, things that are happening here, everything feels slightly overwhelmed. Easter was such a great distraction but now it’s reality again and dealing with a lot of things that need to be dealt with. Anyway, I’m off to read your sailing post. Happy sails to your sister. May the wind blow happiness in her way always. Love and big hugs to you my dear lovely friend. xo

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        4. She is living proof, it’s so inspiring!! You and your husband should do it, start planning now, little by little and then when the time comes if you still want to do it, you’ll be all set to go! Oh Mims, I’m so sorry to hear you had a bad night’s sleep and so many worries on your mind. Try to believe that all is well and that everything will work out as it’s supposed to. I know that’s easier said than done. I don’t know if it’s your daughter’s headaches, if so were you able to find the 5mg Zomig Nasal Spray, it’s prescription only, but it so works. If it’s something else, then it’s not of my business. If with you it’s your job, and you can afford not to have it, then don’t let it ruin your life, it’s so not worth it. I know it’s so hard when feeling overwhelmed to step back from what’s going on, but try to do just that. We always preach to others that everything happens for a reason and it really is true. Even when things seem so bleak, when we look back on them later from we’re we end up we understand why they were as they were. I’m always here if you need someone to talk to, you can always email me if you’d like too. I’m going to keep you in my prayers and meditations and send extra good vibes in your direction to turn things around. I thank you for your kind wishes for my sister and I will convey them to her. You know what’s funny, when I first started my grateful post she was using it as a way to answer her questions. And it was the grateful post that convinced her to do the Great Loop, buy the boat, she also bought a cabin in the mountains in North Carolina to live in after the traveling is done. Each day she would see what it had to say and somehow it answered her and now look where she is today! Much love and warm hugs to you my sweet friend. Always on my mind and in my heart!! xoxo

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        5. You’re so kind Deb, I read your words and couldn’t help but shed a few tears, not so much at what you wrote but the fact that you so seem to understand me and have just the right things to say. Perhaps I’m just in a very low mood today. Maybe it’s that menopausal thing that creeps up on us. I think I need to take my own advice, and yours too, and change my perspective on things, step back and take a look at the bigger picture to realise that things aren’t as difficult as they seem. I always was a big worrier and these days life does seem more complicated than ever. I won’t go into details here Deb, maybe I’ll email you at some stage and we can have a more private chat. Thanks for being such a great friend and listener. Wish you were here so I could give you a big warm hug, but here’s one sent from afar. Love you lots. xo

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        6. The best thing to do today is to pamper and comfort yourself as you would when someone you cared about was feeling down. Don’t try to solve anything today, give yourself a break, listen to some music that soothes you and makes you happy. Take Harry for a walk, step out into nature and just be still. Yup some days are meant to do just that. I wish I were there too, then we could commiserate together, cry, laugh, hug and then feel better once it was all over…til the next time! Boy Abraham would have none of this, depression and sadness are the furthest points from the Vortex…oh dear. He would say to go general to make yourself feel better. Say things like, where I am right now is where I’m supposed to be, and I don’t have to decide anything right at this moment, I appreciate the contrasts so that I know what I do want, I like that I know I can think about things and decide later, I’m very good at seeing the big picture, there’s nothing that I have to do right now, I like the ease that I feel knowing I can think about things, I like the feeling of ease, I like the feeling of peace. I like when we are camping and the sense of peace that brings me. I’m going to take a deep breath and just relax for a while and think about things that are easy and make me smile. Like Doug’s breakfasts’ and Harry’s snuggles. Keep it general for today. Oh listen to some Abraham if you can, that will help. Soothing hugs and much love. xo

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        7. You, my dear friend, are a breath of fresh air to me and just what I needed today. Yes, I have music on (Phil Collins right at this very minute), Harry is at my feet and your words are in my head. Oh and I’m just finishing a post. Thank you Deb, from the bottom of this little vixen’s heart. Love you lots xo 😊

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        8. And you make me smile!! Everything sounds just as it should be. Now I’m off to sweet dream land, knowing that I have your post to look forward to tomorrow. You are most welcome my sweet vixen!! It makes me happy to know I could help you feel a little better. Have a wonderful rest of your day. Love you lots too. Give Harry a kiss from me. Kisses all around!! 😚 xo

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        9. Kiss just given to Harry and here’s a big one for you too. 🙂Sweet dreams my lovely friend as the sunshine here is now streaming through my window. Time to go outside I think. Talk soon. G’night Deb. Big hugs xo

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        10. Lol, good morning/evening Mims. I’m up and at em once again. Today is the last day of tax season here, which means I will start working less, hooray. Wishing you sweet dreams. Hope the rest of your day was relaxing. Big hugs and much love!! xo ❤

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        11. Last day of the tax season, that sounds like a good reason to celebrate to me! I hope it’s a good day for you Deb. I’m winding down here after going to the board meeting tonight (only stayed for two hours though). Bed for me soon,I’m stuffed. Big hugs xo ❤️

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        12. Yes it is a wonderful reason to celebrate only I’m too tired to do so…but see this smile on my face….it’s celebrating! Hope you had a restful night’s sleep and a beautiful day today!! Big celebration hugs!! xo

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        13. So glad you’re happy Deb, even if you’re tired, at least an end is in sight with the tax. I’m currently sitting at my desk finishing lunch and having an okay day so far. I didn’t sleep well last night, kept waking at ungodly hours but I’m managing fine so far. Big hugs to you lovely lady xo

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        14. I’m in bed about to go to sleep. Enjoy your lunch, go for a walk if you can and put your feet up tonight when you get home. Sorry you didn’t sleep well last night. Be still my friend and listen for your guidance. Know that this is just temporary and will bring you to the next stop. Every stick has two ends, which end do you want? I’m with you even if not physically. You have the muster to handle this. Caring hugs for you my sweet “sister” xo ❣

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        15. Oh Debs, your words warmed my heart. I’m home now after another big day of learning and my head feels heavy but it’s good to be home. Dinner soon and then, yes, feet up. I’m appreciating everything at home so much more now, just a shame I don’t have the same energy for blogging I had before. Hopefully in time that will return. You’re right Deb, this is temporary and things will (hopefully) get easier. Thank you so much for your support, it means so much. Big hugs back my dear soul sis xo 💕

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        16. Hope dinner was yummy. I appreciate everything here so much too. It’s hard to work and blog, too tiring, save it for the weekends or if you’re feeling inspired. For now rest and relax. You’re most welcome, I only hope my words give you a little bit of relief and maybe ideas for moving towards the answers. Big hugs and much love xo

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        17. Yes on both counts Deb … dinner was good and, more importantly, your words provide me with lots of relief and food for thought … more than you can imagine … for that I say a huge thanks my lovely friend! Lots of love and hugs xo


        18. I know exactly what you mean as your words do the same for me! Isn’t that wonderful, how we can truly help each other. I love that…you pick me up, I pick you up!! I can imagine. A huge thank you back my special lady!! Lots of love and hugs too… xo 🙂


  3. Oh how right you are about the stunning sunrises we view when camping in comparison to the grey skies at home. What a beautiful reminder to create our own sunshine in those early how’s of the dawn! I shall remember your post tomorrow morning when I’m snuggled under my blankets ☺️ xx

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