Morning Moods

She is tantalising
fleeting and
breath takingly scary in the same moment.

She is changeable
in the unknown dawn of possibility.

She is light
and hopeful
of what’s yet to pass.

Mornings … love them or not, morning person or not, they’re inevitable. The beauty of a golden sunrise is especially intense but once it’s gone the day is waiting and often grey.

How do you approach it?  With hope and optimism or with doubts and gloom?


I’m a night owl by nature, not a morning magpie, and there are times when I wake with worries still fresh from the night before.

Unlike those magical sunrises we often witness when we’re camping, back at home there are mornings that make me want to crawl back underneath the covers.

But even in the greyest morning I remind myself there’s something to be grateful for.

At some point we have to step out of our cosy safe place, into the new day.

Whatever we wake up to, it’s a new chance to seek out the life we want.

While the streets are still asleep is the best time to step outside and welcome the day.

It’s in these quiet times we can find peace. The perfect time to take that deep breath and prepare ourselves for the day ahead before stepping out into it.

Like my walks with Harry, when it’s just the two of us and the sounds of nature.

I love having something to look forward to, whether it’s my early morning walk or a healthy (or hearty) breakfast.

When we’re camping it’s those big wholesome cooked breakfasts that I love and that hubby cooks so well.

The sizzling aromas of a barbecue breakfast in the bush is a perfect start to the day.

After the storms last night in Melbourne I wasn’t sure what we’d wake up to. But that’s the uncertainty of life isn’t it?

Today there were no spectacular sunrises, no golden canvases in the sky. It was dark and a bit of a mess outside.

I woke to a stormy unpredictable Autumn day in my patch of the world and the wind and rain continued today.

However I’m still thankful.

snoopy sunshine

Sometimes we have to create our own sunshine.

Sunshine in which to show those we love how we feel.

Sunshine to show forgiveness to others and ourselves, to love deeply and live truthfully.

Sunshine to be our own best friend and stilling that negative voice in our head.

Sunshine to live without regrets, even if we’re doing what we don’t particularly love.

Sunshine to focus on what we’ve accomplished instead of what we feel we haven’t.

This rainbow appeared last night after the first storm passed in Melbourne, living proof that there’s always a colored lining amid dark times.

Let’s always remember that every morning is another chance to get it right. To switch our attitude from one of doubt to one of hope.

Wishing you all a peaceful mind as we wake to the wonders and possibilities of a new day. 

In response to Frank’s Tuesday photo challenge: Morning.





175 thoughts on “Morning Moods

  1. Oh I love this, Miriam! It’s so beautifully written and it really resonated with me. Like yourself I often awake in the morning with the worries of the previous day still fresh in my mind, it can be such a struggle! The photos are stunning too.

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  2. I don’t think there is anything better than breakfast cooked outside. Growing up, on weekends, my family would go up to our trailer, and Dad would cook breakfast on the fire. Even on weekends we weren’t at the trailer, Dad would often fire up the BBQ, and we’d sit on the deck around the pool, eating bacon and eggs.

    As for mornings, I enjoy them when I get to wake up at my own pace, and enjoy them on my terms. I’m not a morning person when my alarm goes off at 5 am. But, if I wake up at that time on my own, I’ll enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee and a couple of crossword puzzles.

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      1. I will confess, I haven’t thought about the trailer in a very long time (I can’t remember for certain, but I think I was about 14 when my parents sold it).

        Of course now that I’ve started thinking about it, all these lovely memories are resurfacing:

        1. Finding out my mom was pregnant with my youngest sister (and even though I was only 10 at the time, I was the first person she told).

        2. Getting our first dog, a black lab named Licorice

        3. Picking wild chives that grew next to our trailer

        4. Catching frogs in the creek nearby

        5. Picking wild strawberries at Buddy and Betty’s trailer down the way

        6. The Children’s Olympics that happened every summer

        7. My first boyfriend was a fellow camper. His name was Austin and he kissed me at one of the dances the trailer park organized (Goodness, I haven’t thought about THAT in YEARS!)

        I could go on and on….and instead of rambling any longer in a comment on your page, I think I’ll make a full length post on my page. 🙂

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        1. Oh Kathleen, I’m actually thrilled that you wrote all of that on my page. Sounds all so nice and innocent and it kind of set me off thinking about my own childhood memories.
          Go and write that post and have fun reminiscing. I’ll be back to read it. 🙂

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  3. I absolutely love that first photo, Miriam 🙂 🙂 I do tend to be a morning person. I wake with my head full of stuff and can’t bear to lie there mulling it over. Up I spring and the thoughts come tumbling out onto the laptop. (once I’ve got coffee, that is 🙂 ) Just back from the Algarve last night and trying to get my act together. Surprisingly lovely in the UK this weekend but set to plummet again. I find it much easier to get on with chores when it’s grey but I put the good face on today and did Sunday lunch. Thank you for your sunny advice and I hope that the new job is suiting you.

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    1. Hey Jo, lovely to hear from you. I’m burning both ends of the wick at the moment, staying up late and getting up early, which is probably not great. Like you I wake up with a head full of thoughts! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed your time at the Algarve, have a good week ahead. I’m going part time this week so only a two day working week for me before Easter. Take care xo


  4. Miriam, great poem, post and pictures. I find mornings tough sometimes and sometimes i love them. I cant do winter mornings in the uk. But we have a few days of beautiful summer weather in spring and its been great. But all the sun goes for the rest of the week..

    Nice post and nice way to enjoy the weekend.

    Have a good made it to week three .. have a great week 3 and a new normal.

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    1. Thanks Bella, yes week three begins and strangely enough, even though I’m not working today, I’m up early! Guess my body’s got used to this new wake up time. I hope you have a good week ahead my friend and I hope the sun stays out for a bit longer. xo

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  5. WOW! WOW! WOW!! Miriam, this post you have written is so beautiful and inspiring, and I feel so blessed to have read it! I wake up every morning at 4:30 am because it is my absolute favourite part of the day. Many of my mornings have begun with a sunrise so magnificent it has made me feel as though anything was possible. I love the mornings, even when they are gray, and know that every morning when I wake, I am lucky to have the opportunity to live another day – and have the chance to get it right. There really is always something to be thankful for, and right now, I am super thankful for you!

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    1. Ah, you’re a true morning person by the sounds of it Tanya. I so admire people who can get up at the crack of dawn every day, you must feel as though you’re watching the world wake up. Such a quiet contemplative time. Beautiful. Thank you for your lovely heartfelt comments here. I really appreciate them. 💕 Have a wonderful week ahead.

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        1. Thanks Tanya. By the way I just wanted to let you know that i just left a long comment on your post about your flying high plane crash dream and it wouldn’t let me send it. Not sure why but it’s happened before when it won’t let me post a comment. Anyway I loved your post. I’ve always found dream interpretation fascinating and from reading yours I’d say that, despite your self doubts and insecurities, you can achieve anything you want. You just have to believe it!

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        2. Aww, Miriam thank you for writing this to me. I appreciate you taking the time to write another comment, especially after the frustration you must have felt when it wouldn’t let you send the first one – it means a lot that you did! I am not sure what is happening, but I will most certainly get to the bottom of it!

          So many planes have crashed in my dreams over the years, and I am amazed I have not sought out the meaning before having this particular dream. Honestly, though, I believe I wasn’t meant to know until now. The message probably would have derailed me. The belief in myself I needed was in short supply, and I wouldn’t have been strong enough to handle it. I would have viewed myself as a failure. But I believe now. And I am going to do everything I can to keep reaching. Thank you again, Miriam. Your words and encouragement mean more than you know! xo

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        3. I guess that’s what recurring dreams are all about, sending our subconscious mind a continual message. Maybe now that you’re understanding and accepting yourself a lot more the dreams will change. Maybe you’ll be the pilot in control in the cockpit flying to the stars! xo

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    1. I can relate all too well. This morning is a classic example. I’m not working today, it’s raining outside and the lure to stay in bed longer is strong. 😊Love and hugs back my friend. xo

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      1. It seems to get more challenging as I mature, ironically! As a child, I was often so ready to seize the day! Snooze was not in my repertoire just a few years ago… seems I’m regressing =) Hope you get traction on your day when it’s time to do so. Xoxo

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  6. I like to wake up before sunrise, it’s like sneaking up on the day. Great post Miriam.
    That breakfast looked amazing. You sure know how to camp!

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  7. I woke up feeling grey this morning which is very unusual of me… I’m a little grumpy too. Guess I need to have my “me time” and do some kind of self-evaluation… Thanks for this post, Miriam. A very good reminder that we can choose to approach a rather gloomy day with our own sunshine!

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  8. Hello dear Miriam!
    Thank you for a gentle and beautiful post. Being a morning person, I can relate to your serenity in the early walks with Harry. It’s quite a treasure to watch the world come to life. I watch in wonder every morning.
    I love your creating ‘our own sunshine’ piece of your post too. Such a stunning way to see it. Thank you.
    Another gorgeous post from you my dear.
    And I see you have the same issue as I do commenting on lovely Tanya’s posts…. I know what it’s like when you’ve written a lot (is that just me??) and it won’t send. So I’m aiming to remember go to her actual blog now ‘before’ I’ve written my essay and not through notifications. Those seem to make it through..
    Nice to see you writing again🌹🌹
    Sending love and best wishes to you, lovely 🙋💕

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    1. Hello Di, thank you for your lovely words here. So you’re another morning person, seems there are many of us who love watching the world wake up (mind you, I’m better at this when I’m away camping!)🌿💕
      So I’m not the only one having troubles commenting on Tanya’s posts. There are a couple of other blogs where the same thing happens. I’ll have to remember to comment directly on her website next time. Sometimes it’s just easer from my phone though, which is a shame. Thanks for the tip.
      Hope you’re managing to create your own sunshine today Di, as there’s not much of the real thing around today. 🙂 Take care and have a lovely week my friend. xo

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      1. Hello again Miriam!
        Yes, I’m most likely out and about when you’re out walking Harry in the early mornings…
        And yes, what a damp day. I see you have today off so it’s a good day for that 🌝
        And no, I still get to Tanya’s site from my phone. Somewhere up next to the name are the three little dots. Or under the post there is a ‘visit’.
        When you click on the dots it gives you the option to visit site. That’s how I get to her page for comments. Hope that makes sense…
        Bye again from me of few words 🤔

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        1. Hi again, lady Di of few words (haha) . Yes, I can get to her site that way, via the visit button, but then when I get there it crashes and kicks me off. Not sure what’s going on, which is why I was commenting via the notifications and reader. But I’ll work it out. 🤔 Thanks xo

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        2. Yes that’s me, lol 🌝
          Oh so you’re already in that area, Miriam! Well that’s a strange one. Hope it rectified itself soon. It does ones head in!
          Enjoy the evening my friend 🙋💜

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  9. Such a positive, beautiful and inspiring post Miriam, love it!! Your photos are gorgeous and I agree with you that mornings are such a quiet beautiful part of the day. I hear it’s a bit cooler down there?? Enjoy yourself.

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    1. Thanks so much Deb. And yes, it’s been very cold down here. I think summer’s well and truly over. Time to break out the jumpers and scarves unfortunately. Enjoy the northern sunshine. xo 😊

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  10. Oh Miriam, I love this entire post! Great photos (love the one of your hubby), great use of snoopy (isn’t he lovely?), and your eternal gratitude touches my heart.

    This would be a wonderful contribution to Forgiving Fridays, if you are called. What really inspired me was your list of sunshine notes. I got a clear message that to nurture me today, I could sing ‘You are my Sunshine’! Anyway to participate, all you need to do is add a pingback to my latest Forgiving Fridays post (link: and do #forgivingfridays. Either way, your post put a smile of sunshine in my heart.
    Love you, Miriam – Debbie

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    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this Debbie. And you’re right, it would have been perfect for Forgiving Friday’s, I just need to remember! Big hugs to you xo 💕


  11. What a great post, Miriam! I was shaking my head in agreement when you said some days you didn’t want to get out of bed. Oh yes I relate. I stay in that bed until prayer gets me calm, then I get out of bed. Your photography is so beautiful and the one of the sunrise with you (I presume it is you) standing there looking at it had me in awe. Wow!!! Thank you for this post! ❤

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  12. Terrific post, Miriam! I’m also a night owl, but I still love the possibilities that each new morning brings. And your words and photos (both very good and each enhancing the other) make me realize that I need to appreciate the mornings even more….

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  13. I love this line Miriam.. Whatever we wake up to, it’s a new chance to seek out the life we want. Oh how true and what a lovely thought that every day brings new opportunity no matter what happened yesterday… And… I’m definitely looking forward to tasting one of your hubbies ‘full monty’ breakfasts – he get’s my vote! x

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    1. Aw, thanks Wendy. 🙂 Well, that bed is waiting and all made up for you when you come over here and I’ve no doubt Doug will be more than happy to cook you up an absolute banquet of a full monty breakfast! 😊☕️ xo

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  14. Beautiful Miriam. I am not a night owl and am at my best in the morning but better when we have the sun rising early like in spring and summer. Winter mornings are hard because they are dark late and cold. How is the new job going? I hope you are well. Love the post as always. xoxo

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    1. Thanks Nicole. I agree, winter mornings are harder. That’s when I just want to snuggle up in bed. As for the new job, lots to learn … just taking it a day at a time. I started part time this week so I’m home today. x

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  15. Words and photos together make your place such a wonderful visit. Morning is a chance to start anew, but with some momentum, if you have it, from the day before. We have the choice to take with us what we want and leave what we don’t need behind.

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  16. Miriam, I agree that each morning comes with a choice. A choice to be grateful or ruminate on yesterday’s sadness. I just love the way you weave your writing with your photos. I always feel like I am traveling through life with you. Thanks for the uplifting message.

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  17. My website would make a good complement to yours, dear. Sorcerygod and Miriam.

    I cover the urban world thoroughly — and that matches what you do with the great outside.

    If you want to read about cinema and business, crime and detective fiction, come check me out at my site:

    I’ll try coming here more often to lend my unique viewpoint to your virtual harbour. If you want leave a comment or two at my virtual abode, pls do so.


  18. Miriam– those skies!!!! All so different and at the same time stunning. — And don’t you think breakfast tastes even better eaten outdoors?? Fun post!!! Hope you’re doing well– thinking and praying about your job… hugs!

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    1. Thanks so much Rhonda. Mum used to say that ALL food tastes better outdoors, and I’d have to agree. Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family. Big hugs to you xo


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