Forward Thinking Friday

We walked straight into the storm. It wasn’t a particularly long walk yet our mid-season saunter along a stretch of the Great Ocean Walk was invigorating and memorable.

When we got out of the car the sky was ominous and we knew Mother Nature was about to unleash her fury.

But we were there and we were going to reach that lookout, come rain or shine.

Into the storm

So we donned our rain jackets, wrapped them tightly around us and went for it.

Sometimes life’s like that.  Even when things appear calm, there are challenges ahead, even when we can’t predict them or see what’s around the corner.

Today I flipped back in my Gratitude journal and read the intentions that I set for myself, at the start of the month, as I “marched forward into March”.

I realise that I achieved them all.

My mindset was in a great place.

But somehow recently, my positive thoughts have slipped. Those annoying doubts have crept back in.

Why do I doubt so much?  Why do my thoughts flit, so randomly, like butterflies in a whirlwind, from hope to gloom.

Yet I keep going, and push myself forwards, because the alternative is to stop and give up.

And then who knows, what could have been, just around the bend.


If we can get through those dark and uncertain moments we’ll eventually emerge into something amazing.


But it doesn’t happen overnight. And I have to remind myself of that.

Sometimes it feels like I’m not getting anywhere so I try and race on ahead. That’s me, Miss Impatient.

It can feel like everything is within reach, but then suddenly it’s elusive and I’m sinking.

Worse yet, is when we feel like we’re stuck, unable to move forward or even sideways?

Di you ever feel like this?

But there’s always a way through and there’s always blue skies ahead.

It’s all about keeping that positive mindset in charge and having faith in our own abilities.

It’s about taking it slow and steady and trusting that we’ll get there in our own sweet time.

It’s such a learning process, but I’d like to think I’m getting there.

I hope you are too.

This has become one of my favorite quotes “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” How true it is.

On this forward thinking Friday, and the last day of March here in Melbourne, my wish is that we can all feel a sense of moving forward, even if it’s only a step at a time.

We don’t always get where we want to quickly. And, in fact, sometimes our intended journey might take us off course.

However, I like to think that, so long as we’re doing our best, taking those teeny steps, we’ll get to where we need to be.

Let’s all be like this echidna, content, steady and focused, as we purposefully move forward.

Where ever we are, may we savor each day and keep taking those little baby steps that lead us forwards.

Wishing you all a calm, steady journey and a beautiful month ahead.

In response to Frank’s Tuesday Challenge: Forward

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144 thoughts on “Forward Thinking Friday

  1. Debbie –absolutely love love that first photo of you all bundled up in the stormy weather!! So intrepid!!! And– I’ve never seen an echidna before– incredible. I’ll keep him in mind when I need to soldier on… great post. hugs!

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