Out and About by Miriam

I intended to reblog this a few days ago but the week has got away from me, a crazy busy time settling into my new job.
This is a fun interview I did recently with Kate (Ginger) who I met through her other blog, Aroused. When she approached me to be interviewed on her brand new blog here, I was delighted, having already warmed to her poetic and engaging style of writing. Many of you may already know my story but still, I feel honored to be her first guest.
Head on over and watch her space as more bloggers are interviewed …

Meet the Bloggers

Miriam’s natural warmth and friendliness appealed to me on glancing through her posts but the one that really caught my attention was her post about meeting up with a couple of other bloggers in Melbourne. She is a published travel writer and photographer whose posts often have a ‘moral’ or more shared from her open heart. The comments following her posts are genuinely like relaxed catch-ups with old friends in this café called “Meet the Bloggers” … and her friend pipped me at the post by featuring her on her blog … today?!  And we have been working on this for a few days.


Please share some details about your life – where you were raised, family, education, travel, etc?

I was raised in Sale, a large country town in Victoria. My parents’ had emigrated to Australia from Italy so I grew up in a large friendly Italian community…

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35 thoughts on “Out and About by Miriam

  1. Congratulations, Miriam! You gave a terrific interview, and even though I’ve been following your blog for quite some time, I still learned some new things about you. And I agree that the relationships we form with other bloggers is one of the best parts of blogging! Keep on writing, and I hope the new job is going well, too!

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  2. Hello dear Miriam!
    This one escaped me but I have caught up now.
    I would have been so disappointed to have missed reading about your life and how you arrived at blogging.
    What an honour to be chosen.
    I thoroughly enjoyed learning about you, your family, love of adventure and…your nail biting. Just so you know… I used to bite my nails for much of my life too!
    Lovely to ‘meet’ you lovely friend 🙋💜💜

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      1. Yes I bet it was an honor, Miriam. And yes, I had a little smile too when I learnt that…kindred indeed🌷
        I wish you a really good week, my dear friend 😘🌈💕

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  3. What fun to read your interview article Miriam– I feel like I know you a lot better. We had a geeky son too. At 16, he was always at his computer teaching himself new computer languages and doing things I didn’t understand. But it paid off– he was one of the original crew at facebook– first designer. So he got to do what he loved. And I’m looking forward to more of your travel posts!! Especially your big trip this summer!! so glad you linked to this! take care, blog-buddy! xox

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    1. Oh wow, first designer at Facebook, how awesome Rhonda. I often wonder what my son will end up doing. I often say to him ‘the world’s your oyster’. Yes, I’m looking forward to more travel mid June, it’ll be hard to blog though, in the outback with no signal! Should be quite an experience. Thanks for reading my interview Rhonda. Hope all’s well with you. I’m writing this on my lunch break at work! Take care xo


        1. Thanks so much Rhonda. Hope you had a very happy Easter Rhonda. I’m just returning now from a few days of off the grid camping xo


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